6 Things You Need to Check When Hiring Same-Day Delivery Services in Toronto

6 Things You Need to Check When Hiring Same-Day Delivery Services in Toronto

Toronto is the capital of Ontario and is one of Canada’s biggest cities. The city has about 2.6 million people and is also one of the most ethnically diverse places globally.

A booming population requires Toronto to be a city that can deliver goods and services like never before. According to reports, the average hourly pay for delivery in Toronto, Canada, is $18.02.

There are many options for same-day delivery in Toronto, but not all have the same terms and conditions. Here are six things to check when hiring same-day delivery services in Toronto:

#1. Check their Insurance

Insurance is an essential part of delivery work. It is the only way to know your goods are safe during transit. Not all providers carry insurance, but all licensed couriers are required to have insurance with the following levels of coverage:

  • $750,000 to protect your goods while being stored in a courier’s warehouse.
  • $2,000,000 to cover goods in transit.
  • $25,000 for any legal liability your courier may incur.

#2. Check their Pricing Rates

According to recent reports by a Toronto-based research company, about one in five people in Canada used reliable delivery service in a month, spending about 32 dollars on average per order. This statistic is why delivery services need to have very competitive pricing rates. You must ensure you hire a courier service whose rates fit your budget. You don’t want to find out the hard way that prices are too high for your budget.

#3. Check their Delivery Schedule

Delivery schedules will vary from company to company – it all depends on the size of your order and the distance it needs to travel.

While some companies offer same-day service, others only provide next-day service, and you need to find out which one will work best for you. If you work in emerging sectors like hospitals, you’ll need same-day delivery services. At the same time, you can find a suitable delivery firm for e-commerce companies that are more flexible on the timing of orders.

#4. Check their Time-Slot Availability

Different companies offer different time-slots for delivery – some offer morning, afternoon, and evening time-slots, while some also offer on Saturday and Sunday. Some deliveries can be very last minute, so you need to determine how much notice you’re required to give. The time-slot availability will depend on the courier company and the routes they have to take. If the office is a long way from your home, you can expect an order placed after 7 pm to arrive the next day.

#5. Check their Customer Service

Strong customer service is essential for the success of any business. When you’re hiring same-day delivery in Toronto, check how quickly they respond to your inquiries and what their response times are.

You want to hire a courier to give you timely and helpful responses. Look for a provider that will be easy to contact and work with – you’ll be able to tell if their customer service is good or not.

#6. Check their Packing and Handling

When you’re hiring same-day delivery services, you need to make sure your goods are carefully packed and handled. Poor packaging can lead to broken or damaged items – it’s a severe issue.

Choose a courier service with a good reputation for packaging goods carefully. It’s a good sign if a customer has been using them and has never had a single package damaged.

There are three different packaging options:

1) Courier companies in Toronto usually use standard packing.

2) Fragile or Special Packaging is handy when dealing with deliveries that are constantly being sent out and need to be packed carefully.

3) Original Packaging is a package where the product comes in its original packaging. This type of packaging is mainly used for selling products online.

Final Thoughts

Hiring same-day delivery services in Toronto can make your work more productive, efficient, and relevant. The key is finding the exemplary courier service for your business needs.

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