Trailblazing Delivery Practices and Techniques That Will Shape the Future of E-commerce

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With extensive growth in the e-commerce industry, retailers and entrepreneurs find themselves competing to stay ahead of the curve. The e-commerce business at present has seen enormous growth. 2020 alone witnessed around 4.28 trillion dollars in retail e-commerce, and the number is expected to grow in the coming years. With so many businesses shifting and operating online, the need to stay ahead and innovative with retail and delivery strategies is inevitable. Business owners are facing many challenges to improve their overall customer experience, including delivery.

Online shopping has become one of the go-to and most reliable options for many consumers. It saves them time and the hassle of commuting to their desired shop. It takes a few clicks for customers to select the item they want, makes an online payment, and get the object delivered to their doorstep. Online transactions have become so much more than electronic payments and sales. Delivery is one of the major aspects playing a substantial role in increasing the consumer base for e-commerce businesses. Many delivery trends have shaped the e-commerce industry and are continuing to do so. Global shipping is also being greatly influenced by delivery trends that are now focusing more and more on improving customer experience.

Modern-day customers have access to a wider range of features when visiting an online store, including the availability of virtual try-on and interactive videos, which enhance customer experience by multiple folds. This article intends to highlight some effective delivery strategies that will revitalize the e-commerce industry and shape its future.

#1. Delivery Drones

One of the major changes that the past year has induced in the e-commerce industry is a rise in clients’ expectations and urgency regarding the delivery of their orders. Repeated inquiries from clients, delivery requests, and lost packages are the reason many e-commerce businesses are focusing on strategies to reshape their shipping procedures, such as introducing the idea of drone deliveries.

Companies are conducting test deliveries through drones, such as for food, to check the effectiveness of this strategy. With this method, companies can ensure speedy deliveries and bear reduced freight costs. It will also reduce human errors and introduce a more environmentally friendly way of delivering goods.

#2. Same Day Delivery

Whenever a customer orders something, they wait anxiously from the time they place their order until their package arrives at their doorstep. Some secretly wish for the package to arrive on the same-day. Same-day delivery options have made it easy for people to shop for groceries and other confectionery items, even if it means paying a little extra for them.

A 2016 study by Stuart revealed that 72% of consumers shop and spend more money if they get the option of same-day delivery. Thus, it is safe to say that giving your customers the option of same-day delivery will increase your clientele and the number of sales per day, easily making one of the best ways for e-commerce businesses to boost their projected revenue and sales funnel.

#3. Pick-up, Pack and Deliver

Another way to be more efficient in your delivery strategies is to acquire the services of packing and shipping companies to speed up your delivery operations. This is something that has become popular among small e-commerce businesses. They are the best option if you want a personal courier between you and your customers.

However, businesses offering worldwide deliveries should keep in mind that there are certain restrictions and requirements linked to international shipping. Therefore, you need to discuss the duration and procedure of international delivery with the packing and shipping company you are planning to hire before you make any commitment to your customers.

#4. Carrier choices

Anyone handling the last miles of your deliveries will ultimately become the face of your company, as they are the ones handing over the goods for you. The internet has tons of customer reviews complaining about the mishandling of goods during transit, but you will never see them blame the courier company. Instead, they hold your company accountable. The lack of sufficient delivery options or the unavailability of same-day delivery services has forced many customers to rethink their purchase decisions. Research shows that approximately 79% of consumers tend to switch their online shopping or business choices depending on the delivery method they prefer for their purchases.

Thus, eCommerce businesses need to be mindful of which delivery company they hire to ensure that their customers get what they are looking for. This is because delivery does add to their shopping experience with your brand. Nonetheless, opting for carrier management solutions will provide your business with multiple options in terms of delivery choices, estimated time, and handling of goods.

#5. Order Management Systems

Thanks to the advancements in technology, businesses have stopped relying on manual operations. Automation has taken over all industries and businesses to different extents, and e-commerce is no different. Many retailers are now using order management systems to streamline their orders and deliveries. These sophisticated systems allow e-commerce retailers and businesses to link all essential data from their inventory to stores and even marketing. Doing so helps improve delivery efficiency by tying the customers’ orders to the stock available at the nearest outlet. It minimizes delivery time and makes it easy for the retailer to sort the orders and stock availability within seconds.

Order management systems can also learn about customer behavior and its impact on retailers’ stock control. Thereby helping online retailers identify the most efficient ways of moving stock, planning their delivery route, and estimating delivery time based on real-time traffic and distance.


Any business thrives on its consumer base because customers are one of the determinants for the success and failure of any business, be it an e-commerce store or any traditional brick-and-mortar business. The higher the number of unsatisfied customers, the lower will be the sales. So focusing on delivery trends and incorporating something new into your delivery strategies can help you stay ahead of the curve by improving customer experience.

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