SALON BUSINESS CARDS: Catchy Templates and Ideas to inspire you (+ quick tools)


Having a salon business card is one of the very vital things you need to get your salon business up and running. This is because it represents your company’s brand. Not only does it convey important personal contact information such as name, title, email, website, address, and phone number, it is also the first exposure to the overall image of the business. This makes this article very handy as it’ll teach how to design a beauty hair salon business card ideas maker, what tools to use, and some design templates you can customize for your business. Let’s get started!

Why is Salon Business Cards Important?

Contrary to popular belief, business cards are very important to every business. They serve as an advertising tool that helps to sell a particular business.

Below are a few reasons salon business cards are very important

1. Serves as a Marketing Tool

Business cards serve as a marketing tool that can be used to advertise a business anywhere. If properly designed can catch the attention of anyone who sees it. So, by just requesting to see the card, the person gets to know about the business.

All you need to do is hand out the card. And it does the marketing for you.

2. Brings referral

A well-designed business card should contain your business details as well as the services you offer. This helps people to refer you to those in need of your skills.

Consider this situation where I just finished having a hairdo at your salon. If you’ve done a good job, people will naturally give me compliments about my hair. Some may even go as far as requesting to know where I made my hair.

Now if I have your business card, all I need to do is hand it out to those who requested and like that you get yourself a new client.

3. Good first impression

One way to ensure that you appear as a professional in your industry is to have a business card. It exhibits a high level of professionalism.

So that when next you’re in the elevator with Kim Kardashian, instead of merely telling her to come by your salon sometime and receive a free hairdo, you can as well give her your business card before saying that.

Now, she’s going to know that you mean business and depending on your business card design, she’d know that you have a state-of-the art salon which you manage and you’ll like to give her a treat.

4. Serves as a networking tool

Although a lot of businesses and meetings happen virtually, some crucial business decisions still require in-person meetings. Now, imagine that you are at a conference full of the best salon managers in town. Do you just keep telling everyone to visit your salon or Is it better to hand out your business card to people you have interacted with?

Also, after a direct pitch with a prospective client, do you leave them wondering how to contact you or do you hand out your business card?

In general, a business card crowns all your efforts when you are meeting with a prospective client.

5. Build good relationship

Business cards are also used to aid client relationships. Usually, when business cards are exchanged, there’s a feeling of friendliness and warmth that helps the exchange become easier.

When spending time with a client discussing and sharing experiences, you can hand out your business card in the process and watch the magic that happens.

All of this and more makes a business card very important to a business. However, if its not well arranged with relevant information, then the whole aim of having a business card has been defeated.

So what relevant information should be on your salon business card? You’ll find out shortly.

Features of a Salon Business Card

The best salon business card is one that shows what the business is all about positively. It’s built around the brand’s identity which comprises a few things.

Here are some of the features of a good salon business card:

1. Business name


The whole idea of having a business card is to advertise your business. So, the most important information that should be on a business card is your business name.

To this effect, ensure you come up with a distinctive business name that interpretes your business just how you want it to be seen. One that is memorable, simple, clear, creative and descriptive.


For your salon business, Bonnie and Clyde is the business name and logo. They both look good together. A logo is just as important as your business name because people who can’t remember your business name will most likely remember your logo anywhere they see it.

I oftentimes get confused if there’s double C in McDonald’s but I immediately remember it once I see their logo.

Additionally, if you start making short How-To videos to engage your clients online, you can use your business logo as a watermark on the videos to prevent piracy.

So, hire a graphics designer if you can. And let them design the perfect business logo for your salon business.

3. Brand Color


Since it’s a salon, you would want to have brand colors that are more subtle and light. Of course, there are a lot of colors that fit into this description. So when choosing your brand color, make sure to select those that blend well and appear beautiful.

4. Font Style

salon business cards fonts

There are a lot of font styles to choose from when designing your business card. However, be mindful to choose subtle and less intense fonts. You don’t want to go for fonts that are intense, bold, and corporate-like.

Because its a salon, choose something more warming and gentle.

5. Orientation and Shape

salon business cards orientation

The best salon business cards are rectangular in shape with a landscape orientation. Regardless, that’s not the only way to do it. You can decide to turn tables by opting for a square, circle, or oval-shaped card with a portrait orientation.

Whichever manner you choose to arrange your card information, make sure that the details are easy to read and clear.

6. Business Details

Your salon business card should have just the most relevant information about your business. Keep the information simple, short, and direct. The main details that should be on your business card are the company name, your name, and title, address of the company, telephone number, and email address.

You may decide to add your social media handles, it’s totally fine. But don’t add so much information that makes the card appear cluttered.

7. Card Stock

The final thing that makes up a good salon business card is its quality. The best business cards are often printed on 400gsm (gram per square meter) card stock with matte, glossy, or silk finishes.

Glossy surfaces make the card look catchy to the eye while the matte and silk finishes give it a more luxurious look especially if printed on a 400 gsm card stock.

Nonetheless, you can still use the regular (200 to 340gsm) to print your business card on. They are more affordable and can still be used with glossy, matte, or silk finishes.

Where Is the Best Place to Advertise for Hairdressers?

Create an employer account on job-search websites for the salon business, such as “Salon Employment,” “Behind the Chair,” “Salon Builder,” “Salon Gigs,” and “All Salon Search.” Additionally, postings for hairstyling positions are permitted on common job search websites including,, and

The typical person listens to audio gadgets for 10-15 minutes while also reading the newspaper for 30 minutes. Television is where the audience views advertisements, second only to the internet.

What Is the Most Effective Form of Advertising?

The most efficient kind of advertising, according to experts, is word of mouth. Strong credibility, intense viewer focus, and warm audience response are all present and correct.

Who Is the Target Market for Salons?

Trendy, Status Seeking, and Singles are a few examples of target market categories for a hair salon. Families, children, and conservatism Seniors who care about the environment.

How Much Should a Salon Spend on Marketing?

There is a straightforward solution if you find that there is too much information to process when it comes to planning your internet marketing budget, determining the optimal cost versus return, etc. Spend about 5% of your revenue on marketing.

How To Create The Perfect Salon Business Card

Creating your salon business card isn’t as hard as it sounds. The most important thing is to have a particular design tool you want to use. Whether it’s Canva, Adobe Spark, or any other online design tool. The rest, I’ll show you.

1. Choose your card shape and orientation

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to your card’s shape and orientation.

Some business cards can be rectangular, square, circular or even oval shaped with either a landscape or portrait orientation.

The most important thing is to choose one that shows your brand identity positively.

2. Add Business Name and Color

After you have chosen the size of your business card, the next thing is to add your business name and color. Select the most suitable color for your brand, one that blends well with other colors.

Additionally, let your business name be one that is creative but easily memorable.

Your business logo is the ying to your business name’s yang. So, go ahead and add your business logo together with other graphics you have for your business.

4. Add details

Now it’s time to add all the relevant information about your business to your card. Information like your name and title(optional), telephone number, email, address, to name a few.

Ensure that it is just what is supposed to be on your business card that is there. Also, be mindful of the font style you use.

5. Your card is ready

After you have added all the necessary information, evaluate your work to be sure you aren’t missing anything. Check your logo position, spelling, name, details, color, and ensure everything is perfect before you print.

If you’ve done that, Congratulations your salon business card is ready to be printed and handed out.

Top Salon Business Card Ideas (From Canva and Adobe Spark)

If you can use Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, and any other graphic design tool out there, Canva isn’t so different. So, here are the top salon business card ideas from Canva.

1. Dark Violet and Peach Beauty Salon Business Card

Give your customers a warmth feeling with this dark violet and peach salon business card. Its the best fit if you want your business name and logo on one page and your other details on the other page.

2. West Glide Salon Business Card

Using this salon business card lets you showcase a sample of your services to your clients. This gives your client an idea of the services you offer.

3. Simple Salon Business Card Design

This salon business card design is pretty easy to customize on Canva. You can add your name, title and other details on one page of the card. So there’s really no need to hire a graphics designer if you want something very easy

4. Creative Salon Business Card Design

Instead of trying to customize any template, you can put your creativity to a test and come up with a business card design that’s jaw-dropping. In other words, give your clients the “wow” moment as soon as they see your card.

5. Modern day Salon Business Card

Use this modern day salon business card to create an appealing business card for your clients.

By merely looking at the color combination, logo and font style, you can easily tell that its a salon business card and all the information is direct.

You can still customize it to a better color. It’s your call.

Beauty Salon Business Card maker

There are a lot of tools and online design sites that can be used to create a good business card. But since we only care about giving you the best of experience, here are the best tools to use when designing your salon business card.

And guess what? They are all free.

  • Canva
  • Adobe Spark
  • Business card maker
  • Business Card Land
  • FreeLogo Services
  • Visme
  • PsPrint
  • Jukebox Print
  • Design Mantic

Bonus Tip

Before creating a business card, you should have a workable business plan that can help you direct your actions towards the success of your business.

Starting a salon business is a long journey. And for you to remain on track, you need a business plan that constantly reminds you what the goal is for starting the business.

In fact, before you can get a loan from the bank or an investor to invest in your business, you must present a feasible business plan.

So become one of the million business owners who have a workable business plan by clicking the button below to get a business plan properly designed and prepared for you. We know its importance and have decided to make it easy for you to get in just one click.

Get the Best Salon Business Cards

You want to attract more customers to your salon, don’t you? So, go ahead and create a business card for yourself. You’d be amazed by the endless possibilities it brings.

Go through this article and choose which business card idea suits you. And if you’re unable to find any, use any of the listed design tools above to create something distinct for your brand.

If there’s anything you’d like me to add, kindly let me know in the comment box below.

Good luck!


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Moreover, one of the major ongoing costs for salons is typically their utility rates. Credit Card Processing Fees: Although some companies can “go retro” and operate as a cash-only firm, many customers prefer to pay with a card, thus you will need to pay service charges.

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