16+ Best Business Ideas to Start in Nigeria

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Whether you have a few thousand dollars to invest or several million, this article will show you the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. These lucrative business strategies are highly rewarding. If used correctly, they have the potential to propel anyone to greatness. There is a lack of research into several of them in Nigeria.

Numerous Nigerians are out of work due to the country’s alarmingly high unemployment rate. It’s a suicide risk to go without money. But if you’re clever, you can launch your own company. If you are smart about it, you can start making money quickly. To the point of hiring help.

Starting a business does not necessitate a large initial investment. Any amount of money can be used to start any of the businesses on this page. It’s all up to you and your abilities.

Advantages of Starting a Business in Nigeria

The benefits of establishing a company in Nigeria are numerous. Taking charge of your own life is the first step. Tomorrow, no employer will come to you and say, “You are fired!” The jobs are safe and secure.

The chance to develop professionally and establish a name for yourself is still another advantage. When you run your own company, you develop a reputation. Brands expand in proportion to their owners’ success. Consider Dangote. His legacy will live on long after he is gone.

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The potential for financial success is increased when one is their own boss. Workplace competitiveness has reached unhealthy levels. Many employees stay in the same position for years at a time without ever moving up, but with your own company, no one can say that about you.

You can make a difference in the lives of your fellow Nigerians by opening up new employment opportunities and improving the standard of living for all. Everyone with a good heart should be encouraged to go into business by the satisfaction of employing people and providing them with a means of survival.

Many successful businesses have started with one of the many best business ideas in Nigeria. In search of better opportunities, however, many Nigerians leave the country without first exploring the resources available to them at home. Therefore, outsiders are seizing the openings we have overlooked and dominating the market.

Top Best Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria

Businesses in these sectors have shown to be the most successful in Nigeria.

#1. Making Fruit Juice

The Nigerians are the world’s biggest consumers of fruit juice. That’s why companies that didn’t exist in Nigeria before La Carcella and Chivita are now raking in billions of naira every year. It takes a lot of money to get started in this industry, but if you have the dough it’s definitely worth it.

#2. Pure Water Production

You are aware of its widespread use and distribution in Nigeria. This venture requires a large initial investment, but it will pay off handsomely if you handle it professionally.

#3. Agriculture business

The agriculture industry in Nigeria is not only one of the most lucrative but also one of the most resilient. It is timeless and will never lose its luster. The agriculture industry will thrive as long as people do. Because of this, it’s a crucial and strategic enterprise.

Among the many compelling features of agriculture entrepreneurship in Nigeria is the abundance of credit and funding choices currently available to would-be business owners. Each of the Ministries of Finance, Central Bank, and Agriculture contributes to the operation of our specialized Bank of Agriculture.

#4. Oil and Gas Business

The country’s massive oil reserves are both a boon and a burden, opening up lucrative opportunities for locals and visitors alike. Some simple and lucrative investments include operating a gas station, selling diesel, and distributing kerosene. In Nigeria, many people have become wealthy from selling petroleum products.

#5. Haulage Services

In Nigeria, the fare for a one-way truck ride can range from N20,000 to N200,000. The Nigerian haulage industry is thriving despite the country’s subpar rail infrastructure because of the prevalence of road transport. Hauling petroleum products and moving goods from factories to ports is a lucrative business in Nigeria right now.

#6. Hotel Business

You won’t find a more exciting way to increase your bank account in Nigeria. Get in on the ground floor with a small hotel that has just 10 rooms and see the cash roll in. There is something about the Nigerian system that makes this enterprise incredibly successful, and it has nothing to do with the country’s recent tourism boom.

#7. Fast Food Eatery

The restaurant industry is lucrative, but it can quickly collapse under incompetent management. It’s important to get all the details perfect before venturing into this industry, as it’s relatively capital-intensive and calls for competent management. However, if you succeed in every way, you’ll be rewarded with free cash.

#8. Importation of Tokunbo Spare Parts

This is a great opportunity for those located in the United States, Germany, or Denmark. Stop bringing in luxury vehicles from overseas and start shipping containers full of tokunbo parts to Nigeria instead. In Nigeria, second-hand (tokunbo) spare parts are very popular.

#9. Investing in Property

Nigeria is a country where property and real estate values rise daily. Nigeria is currently one of the countries with the highest average cost of landed property. You may achieve a 100 percent return on your investment in less than two years if you buy land in Lagos right now. You can make a profit if you buy and resell something rapidly. Another option is to buy with the intention of reselling at a later date.

#10. Dry Cleaning

There is a severe lack of reasonably priced, professional dry cleaners in Nigeria. We are forced to choose between high-quality, but prohibitively expensive, dry cleaning services and less reliable, but cheaper options. Dole out the garments now and wait a week to meet them in their unwashed state. In the right hands, this enterprise can generate significant profits.

#11. Food business

The food industry will undoubtedly be one of Nigeria’s most profitable businesses. The market for this will never die. Everyone needs to eat! No matter how bad the economy gets, food is always a necessity.

If you know what you’re doing with this company, you can become very wealthy. Similarly, gaining the loyalty of your clientele is a breeze. If your meal is good, customers will keep coming back.

A food business can be profitable if the owner can get a prime site and hire competent workers. This industry operates year-round. The daily demand for it is high.

#12. Blogging Business

When it comes to successful businesses in Nigeria, the blogging industry has more than earned its spot. The trend toward getting news online rather than in print is continuing to grow. Many individuals are switching from newspapers to news blogs. Huge doors have been opened as a result of this.

Bloggers can monetize their sites in a variety of ways, including traditional advertising, ad exchanges, affiliate marketing, product sales, sponsored articles, and collaborations. In Nigeria, wealthy bloggers can expect monthly incomes of over 20 million Naira.

#13. Furniture business

It’s no surprise that the furniture industry is one of the most lucrative in the world. The market size and demand are both enormous. The need for furnishings will never go away. Furniture is used both as seating and as a place to sleep. Furniture for the kitchen and the living room. Offices require seating. There is furniture all around us. Home furnishings are a must-have item.

You can open a furniture workshop where you create high-quality pieces for a variety of clients. Use experienced woodworkers. Furnish and sell to businesses, institutions, and private customers.

Instead of opening a shop, you might source high-quality furniture from local artisans and sell it in a showroom. Showcase them and try to sell them. Both the market size and profit potential are enormous.

#14. Transportation business

For good reason, the transportation industry is included among Nigeria’s most lucrative businesses. This is a company that can’t be ignored. Humans are a mobile species. Going from one city to another for reasons including employment, religious affiliation (church or mosque), and tourism. Change is constant. Profitable, considering there are over 150,000,000 people in Nigeria.

You can get going with very little money or a lot of money. If you want to supplement your income, you can drive for Uber. Invest in buses, okadas, or keke-napep. Airplanes included. The market is massive, and its services are in high demand. People are constantly on the move.

#15. Social media marketing

Since so many Nigerians spend so much time on social media, advertising on these platforms should be high on any realistic list of successful businesses there.

Lead generation for businesses is at the heart of social media marketing. You can work for yourself and advise businesses on how to use social media to its fullest, or you can use it to advertise and sell goods.

#16. Fashion business

There is little doubt that the fashion industry will be one of the most lucrative in the world. Weddings, birthdays, and end-of-the-year celebrations are all celebrated with great gusto in Nigeria. We still celebrate life, even in death, with a burial ritual. There are standard uniforms worn at all such functions.

There is a high need for companies in the fashion industry. Clothing is a constant in society. People require clothing in order to perform daily activities such as going to and from work, school, or even bed. The need is quite great.

You can become a fashion designer and create fantastic garments. You might expect a lot of business from many different people. Also, you can also start a clothing boutique selling both foreign and domestic wares. Shirt and cap printing services are available.

#17. Online Video business

People actually spend more time online than they do in front of the TV. Online video is slowly gaining in popularity. Particularly, streaming services like YouTube and Netflix.

The high cost of internet connectivity in Nigeria prevents many people from ditching their televisions in favor of streaming services. It’s a large market. Create a video blog on YouTube about something you’re passionate about. Various forms of advertising, affiliate programs, and sponsorship contribute to your revenue stream.

#18. Dropshipping business

The profit margins for a successful dropshipping business are high. You can start selling online without investing in a warehouse or stocking a large inventory.

Launching an online store is as simple as making copies of products from manufacturers or suppliers and uploading them. The vendor will fulfill all orders, and you will be paid upon delivery.

#19. Sales of Building Materials

It’s puzzling that so many Nigerians still have housing issues, given how quickly new homes are being built. Purchasing and selling construction supplies is a profitable business in Nigeria. Some of the individuals I work with regularly make millions of dollars.

What is the Most Profitable Business in Nigeria with Low Capital

In Nigeria, dropshipping is the best business to start with little money. Online commerce entails dealing in a wide range of goods. The good news is that neither a store nor stock is required. You earn commissions by selling wholesalers’ or retailers’ excess inventory. Among Nigeria’s youth, it’s enormously popular. The key is to zero in on an unmet need.

What is the Cheapest Business to Start in Nigeria?

Compared to other types of businesses, digital ones in Nigeria require less in the way of initial funding. In most cases, all you need is a connection to the internet to begin going. Drop shipping, video blogging, generating comedy skits, and so on are all examples of digital businesses.

What are Some Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria?

You can make a living in Nigeria by engaging in a wide variety of businesses. Sales and purchases generate daily revenue for most businesses.


The best business ideas for starting your own in Nigeria have been provided in this post. It is challenging to launch a successful company in modern-day Nigeria. It’s arduous and time-consuming. Making a lot of money in business is difficult. You need a lot of drive and enthusiasm if you want to make a million dollars.


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