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The key to a smooth relocation is to transport your belongings from one location to another without putting undue strain on your finances or mental health. It can be quite helpful to hire the best moving companies possible. Moving requires a lot of preparation, including packing up all of your belongings and loading them into a truck. Costs can add up quickly when you add in things like moving boxes, gas, and insurance for your new home or apartment. With age comes the realization that some things are not only essential but also worthwhile. One of these options is to hire professional moving companies. Hiring a reliable moving company is an investment that will pay off in spades, both in terms of your peace of mind and the safety of your worldly goods. Read on to learn about the best long-distance moving companies across the country.

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Best Moving Companies

The various best moving companies include the following:

#1. J.K Moving

In our list of the top moving companies of 2023, JK Moving comes in at number one. The company offers relocation services on an interstate, long-distance, and international scale. JK Moving is the local moving company to call if you’re relocating within the District of Columbia, Virginia, or Maryland. JK Moving also provides a wide variety of commercial moving services, including government moves, employee relocation, and more. Compared to the other firms we ranked, JK Moving is more expensive; however, the variety of services they offer, such as full-service packing, auto shipment, and international relocation, more than makes up for the higher cost.

#2. United Van Lines

United Van Lines is the best full-service mover because it can handle moves of any distance, it doesn’t require a deposit, and it offers a user-friendly web portal where consumers can view information about their move and contract.

They “take care of it all,” as United Van Lines’ slogan proclaims. United Van Lines has over 500 branches across the United States and can help with relocation at any distance. Custom crating is used to safeguard fragile or large products during shipping. United also provides packing and unpacking services, as well as auto transport and a variety of beneficial extras like cleaning or Wi-Fi dismantling, so consumers searching for packing and moving firms need not worry. Furthermore, this company provides special pricing for moves involving smaller dwellings, such as studio or one-bedroom apartments or even just a single room. United Van Lines accepts no deposits, which is a pleasant surprise.

#3. Atlas Van Lines

Through their extensive range of services, which includes packing help, vehicle transportation, trip bookings (including airline tickets and auto rentals), and in-transit storage, Atlas Van Lines provides customers with an excellent moving experience.

If you choose Atlas, you’ll have access to a customer portal where you can view information about your move, track your shipments at any time, get in touch with customer service, and file claims.  The company has an outstanding resource site with comprehensive checklists, geographically specific recommendations, and how-to manuals.

#4. Bellhop

In addition to local, long-distance, and interstate removals for homes, this business also handles office, apartment, and emergency relocations. Getting a price quote and making a reservation for a bellman is a breeze when done electronically. Other services offered by movers include loading and unloading, packing, some furniture assembly, and storage.

#5. PODS

PODS is an alternative to standard moving firms because it offers portable containers that the customer is responsible for loading and unloading. The business will take care of transporting your packed 8-, 12-, or 16-foot container. If you need to stage your property for sale and need temporary storage, these units can be very useful. Moving containers, or PODS, are also helpful if you require short-term access to some of your items after the move but don’t want to shell out the cash for a storage unit in a distant location.

The online storage calculator at PODS can help you determine what size container you need to rent. You can also consult with a customer support representative, but all you have to do is choose the items you wish to relocate and the tool will recommend a course of action.

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Best Moving Companies Long Distance

Moving a home or business over a great distance has unique obstacles that are rarely seen in local relocations. Moving a long distance takes more time because of all the planning, travel, and unpacking that must be done. Choosing a top long-distance moving company can make a world of difference in the smooth execution of your relocation.

Even if you hire the greatest movers in the country, they might not be able to transport you across the country due to legal or capacity restrictions. Therefore, it is important to carefully select a long-distance moving company. We looked at the best long-distance companies and gave them ratings based on numerous criteria. Thus, they include the following:

#1. Safeway Moving Inc

Safeway Moving Inc. is a veteran-owned long-distance moving company with agents around the country. The professionals at Safeway are well-trained to customize a move to meet your specific requirements, and the company stands by its work by offering a full money-back guarantee. The organization understands the ins and outs of condominium relocation and can help you avoid any hiccups.

Safeway is mostly a broker, meaning it does not offer actual relocation services to its customers. After talking to a Safeway relocation coordinator over the phone for quite some time to get a price, we were satisfied that this company would provide us with good service.

#2. United Van Lines

Whether you’re moving across town or across the world, United Van Lines has you covered. It’s a long-standing and respected business in the relocation industry. It’s easy to move anywhere in the United States because of its vast moving fleet.

United’s extensive infrastructure and comprehensive offerings allow it to manage every facet of your relocation. The business provides three all-inclusive plans, each with a unique range of services and valuation assurances. You can tailor a package to your specific needs or pick and select individual moving services like packing, storage, and vehicle shipment.

#3. North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines (NAVL) has a network of over 500 local movers that can handle any size long-distance transfer. NAVL is both a carrier and a broker, so if it is unable to complete your relocation on its own, it will find a partner firm to assist you. Even so, NAVL will be there to help you plan and execute your move, giving you the complete range of services, customization choices, and support services available from the company. NAVL’s service to remove and reinstall appliances during a move is an attractive add-on because it reduces the number of things you have to do while you get settled into your new home.

#4. Colonial Van Lines

Colonial offers comprehensive long-distance moving, packing, and storage services that are available throughout the continental United States. This moving company stands out from the competition because of its focus on the consumer. The company provides online moving rates in real-time and makes individual plans for long-distance moves. The software also gives users access to accurate price estimates and relocation information. The software allows customers to complete their move plans, create virtual inventory lists, and take virtual images of their belongings.

Colonial is also a great choice for those in search of storage space. Storage services include temporary, long-term, storage-in-transit, and business storage in secure, climate-controlled facilities. Large pieces of furniture and industrial machinery will fit comfortably in Colonial’s storage facilities. The packing services provided by the moving firm range from item-by-item packing to kitchen packing to full packing. Because of their customized methods, Colonial should be considered.

#5. JK Moving Services

Because of their flexible pricing options and dedicated relocation specialists, JK Moving Services is one of our go-to companies for long-distance moves. Your move consultant will get to know you and your needs by scheduling a virtual or in-person meeting to go over your home’s inventory and discuss the services you’re interested in. Once you’re satisfied with your quote, you can book your move through JK Moving’s easy mobile app.

Long-distance moves starting from points other than the East Coast may be subcontracted to a third-party carrier, but don’t worry; JK Moving’s excellent move tracking and customer support teams will be there to help you every step of the way. Help is available for both commercial and residential customers, as well as military families, and it is of high quality.

What Is the Average Price of a Local Mover?

The typical cost of hiring a mover ranges from $25 to $125 per person. Typically, most moves require a minimum of two movers in order to complete the job. As a result, it is reasonable to anticipate an hourly rate ranging from $50 to $250.

Is It Normal for a Moving Company to Ask for a Deposit?

Reputable moving companies typically require only a modest upfront payment. In fact, many movers do not require a down payment at all. Instead, you have the option to pay upon delivery. If a company requests a substantially larger down payment, it is probable that they are engaging in fraudulent activities.

Who Uses Moving Companies the Most?

According to statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, it has been observed that Hispanic Americans (15%) and African Americans (10%) move more frequently compared to white Americans (8%). The study also revealed that Millennials (15%) and Gen Z (12%) are the age groups that experience the highest rates of moving.

Why Are Professional Movers So Expensive?

Movers utilize specially designed machinery. Movers offer a range of specialized services, including the provision of vehicles and packing supplies, among other offerings. Moving vehicles also play a crucial role in the moving process, as they provide ample space to transport a wide range of furniture and boxes.

Should You Pay Movers Upfront?

Reliable movers will not require cash or a large deposit before providing their moving services. Payment is typically made upon delivery. If you choose to pay upfront, you will have no control over the timeline for the return of your belongings. When making a payment, it is advisable to use a credit card that offers protection against fraudulent activity.

What Is the Best Time for Moving Company?

The most suitable time for a reputable move is during the off-season, which spans from mid-September to April. This period experiences lower demand for moving companies, making it more convenient for individuals seeking to relocate.

How Do I Find the Best Local Movers?

Seek recommendations from friends, relatives, or neighbors. Word-of-mouth recommendations can be incredibly helpful in saving a significant amount of time when conducting research. Before reaching out to the company, it is advisable to read their reviews and testimonials.



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