Small Business Ideas for kids to make money
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Starting a business that caters to children could be a fun and educational experience for the whole family. And it’s a great way for kids to make extra money for college or Nerf guns. This article talks about the best list of cool business ideas for kids to make money.

Best Business Ideas For Kids

Here are some of the best things that young people can do by themselves;

#1. Food Manufacturer

You can also buy some edible plants and grow them in your yard so that you can sell them to your neighbors and other people at farmers’ markets and other places.

#2. Manufacturer of Bar Soap

Soap is also easy for kids to make and sell.

#3. Computer-Setting-up Service Provider

You can also use your tech skills to help adults who have just bought a computer or other device but need help setting it up.

#4. Cleaning Up After a Falling Leaf

Paying people to rake their leaves is a great way to make extra money in the fall.

#5. Getting Snow Off

After that, you can make a little extra money by helping your neighbors’ shovel snow in the winter.

#6. Journal Vendor

Kids, if you’re creative, you can make your own zine and sell it online or at conventions by making and publishing your own art, writing, and even poetry.

#7. Advertisements for Bikes

If you know a group of kids who like to ride their bikes around town, you could start a business by renting out space on your bike for ads to be seen by people walking by.

#8. Music Teacher

If you’re good at music, you could teach other kids who want to learn how to play an instrument or learn more about music theory.

#9. The Dance Steps Coach

You could also teach other kids who want to learn how to dance how to do different moves.

#10. Costumes Are Designed and Made By Kids

During Halloween, young people who are creative and like to make costumes for themselves and other kids can turn their hobby into a money-making business.

#11. Organizer of Events

Kids who like planning events can organize and run their own events with the help of an adult supervisor. They can charge people to attend or find corporate sponsors to pay for their projects.

Business Ideas For Kids To Make Money

Here is a cool list of business ideas for kids so as to make money:

#1. Costume Makers

Experts say that the global market for cosplay costumes will be worth $23 billion by 2030. Young people who are good at arts and crafts and know how to sew, sculpt, paint, or use a 3D printer might be interested in opening their own costume shop.

Since superhero media like movies, comics, and video games are so popular, the cosplay community has grown. A young person who knows how to make costumes can tell people about themselves on social media. With the help of their parents, young people can start their own online businesses by opening an Instagram store, an eBay account, or a website.

In their animated shows, Disney, Nickelodeon, and PBS KIDS all use voice actors who are children. Voice actors can learn a lot from kids who have naturally lively voices. If a young person wants to work in this field, they should talk to their parents about how to find an agent and make a demo tape. Parents will also have to get their kids to and from any auditions or recordings that may be required.

#2. Video Game Expert

Many people think that only adults should be able to play professionally. But many teenagers today are so good at games that they could make a living out of it. The goal is to focus on a specific kind of platform and game. If your child is good at video games, they may want to compete in tournaments or even live-stream their gameplay. You can make money as a gamer in many ways, like by putting ads on your YouTube channel or by testing games.

#3. Technician for Skateboards

If your child already likes to skateboard, other skateboarders may already be interested in what they have to offer.

A young person with an entrepreneurial spirit can open a skateboard repair shop in their neighborhood with a small amount of money for tools and the help of online guides like YouTube. Also, by setting up a portable shop at a skatepark, they offer a unique way to fix or replace wheels right there.

#4. Cars Cleaner

Car washing is a business that any kid can start if they have a bucket, some soap, and some water. It’s easy to start, making it a good business for young entrepreneurs. At a car wash, people could work together as a team. By forming groups with their peers, young entrepreneurs can learn how to work together and earn money for their summer plans.

#5. The Tutor Is Another Cool List of Business Ideas for Kids to Make Money

Online tutoring could be a way for a smart young person to help others and make money at the same time. They must be good at speaking and writing, have access to the internet, and know a lot about a certain field. Young people find it easier to find students to tutor now that they can use the internet. On PalFish, anyone over 18 can become a teacher, but they must have a TEFL/TESOL certificate.

#6. A Skilled Maker and Etsy Seller

Etsy is different from other marketplaces like Amazon in that parents can set up accounts for their minor children. A young person with a lot of creativity could turn their hobbies into a way to make money by selling soaps, jewelry, and other handicrafts on the internet.

List of Business Ideas For Kids

Here is a cool list of business ideas for kids to think about to make money:

  • Your kids may not be old enough to babysit, but they may be mature and responsible enough to be a “parent’s assistant.” Your child will be in charge of watching a toddler or preschooler while the child’s parents do housework or other things at home.
  • Use a community newsletter or the website for your homeowners’ association to let your neighbors know that your child will weed their yards for a fee per hour. They can use this as an excuse to play outside all summer long.
  • During the summer, a lot of people go on vacations that require their pets to be taken care of by a sitter. Word-of-mouth advertising, such as knocking on neighbors’ doors or asking friends for referrals, can bring in new business.
  • People who have full-time jobs often hire a dog walker to take their dogs for a walk during the day. Your kids will be able to earn money and keep moving at the same time.
  • In some places, you can get cash for cans you collect and bring to a city recycling center (check your city laws). Pick up trash cans all over town to get some exercise.
  • String Bracelets: There are lots of instructions for making these bracelets online. All you need to get started is some thread and a needle. Young entrepreneurs can sell their products online, to friends and family, and at craft shows. Set up an online store to sell the things you’ve made. This is great advice.

More Information on the Cool List of Business Ideas for Kids to Make Money

  • Is your kid an expert gamer, or are they just getting started? Give them the job of writing how-to guides for playing and winning popular video and mobile games, which you can then print as booklets or offer as a paid subscription service.
  • Cake Pops: It’s a great idea to teach kids about baking and business by having them make and sell cake pops for special events or birthday parties. They can easily set up a booth or bake sale to raise money for a good cause.
  • It’s easy and quick to make and sell greeting cards during the holidays and other special times of the year. The point is to be creative, so use design tools to make graphics, paint them with watercolors, or make hand-lettered signs.
  • Set up a flower stand in your yard and plant flowers that the kids can sell in bunches or on their own. Don’t go stealing flowers from other people’s gardens.
  • Master of Slime: Making slime and playing with it is a fun, but dirty, thing to do. Don’t make other parents clean up the messes their kids make when they play; instead, sell the finished product.
  • Dresses Made From Pillowcases: This is an easy project for anyone in your family who wants to be a fashion designer. They might sell them online or to friends with young kids.
  • A great way to keep kids busy for a long time is to teach them how to knit scarves and hats. Go to a craft fair and sell them to make money.
  • Kids can make feeders for birds or squirrels and sell them to other people in the neighborhood who like to watch wildlife.

Cool Business Ideas For Kids

Here is a cool list of business ideas for kids to look into to make money:

  • A popular trend is to pay for a princess to come to a small child’s birthday party. If your middle schooler goes to birthday parties dressed as a Disney princess, you might have fun and make some money. Another idea is to have a superhero party.
  • If there are a lot of kids where you live, you could help them put on a play called “A Midsummer Night’s Play” on Midsummer’s Eve at your house or at the community center. The kids who planned the event and their parents can share the money from selling tickets.
  • Makeover birthday parties are fun because a talented makeup artist can also paint nails and/or braid hair for a group of young children who are celebrating a birthday.

More Information on Cool List Business Ideas for Kids to Make Money

  • Organizing a Trip – At first glance, it might seem strange to have a teenager who can both study and offer several options for vacations. But it’s hard for many families to plan vacations, so having a teenager who can do it would save a lot of time. Your teen could use this as a chance to learn about being responsible with money.
  • If you have friends who are getting married and are looking for a cheap way to get their invitations addressed, you might suggest a teenager with nice handwriting or good cursive.
  • As kids grow out of their toys and clothes, they can have a garage sale or sell gently used items at a consignment shop to make some extra money.
  • Planning a birthday party? A child who can learn a simple magic trick quickly can entertain people for little money. This is a great job for anyone’s first job. Kids can help their parents cope with the stress of throwing a birthday party by selling themed gift bags (like “Under the Sea” or “Magical Unicorns”) as a package.

What Is a Good Business to Start as a Kid?

Kids can start their own businesses and offer a wide range of local services. Young people can start their own businesses by selling services like mowing lawns, removing leaves and snow, and running errands. Young people who want to start their own businesses can make flyers, ask around their neighborhoods, and even use word of mouth to get started.

How Can a 12-Year-Old Start a Business?

A parent or legal guardian must set up a business company on behalf of a minor. In some states, a child can be a shareholder or an officer of a company.

Signers must be at least 18 years old, so a parent or guardian is needed (someone who can make decisions about the business and has access to the money, bank accounts, and so on). Talk to an adult to find out what steps you need to take to legally set up your business.

What Can a Kid Sell?

Trying to sell to kids:

  • The dog eats.
  • Slime.
  • Pets’ playthings.
  • Candles.
  • Paintings.
  • Soap.

Can a 10-Year-Old Start a Small Business?

Even though it is legal for a minor to sign a contract, there are sometimes extra rules, and they may need their parent’s or legal guardian’s permission. Your child’s business might need money from somewhere else, but they aren’t old enough to get a small business loan on their own yet.

Can Kids Start a Shop?

Every young person has the chance to start a business that does well. Anyone, of any age, can come up with a new idea for a business and make it happen. As we get older, we might start to think that we’re too tired to try anything new.

What Can Kids Sell at School?

Things that can be sold include:

  • The colored wax is used to make bookmarks.
  • Notices that can be posted on a door.
  • Soaps with precious stones in them.
  • Crap Soap on a Stick.
  • As a lip gloss, Jelly-O.

How Can Kids Make a Lot of Money?

They can if they want to:

  • You can have a garage sale or sell your things on eBay.
  • Sell lemonade to make some money.
  • Share what you know with other people.
  • Get a garage sale together.
  • Fill out online surveys.
  • Babysitting.
  • Services for watching children and walking dogs.
  • There are crafts and home decor items for sale.
  • Grass-Cutting.
  • Stand selling lemonade.

What’s a Good Business for a Kid to Start?

  • Content Creator
  • Lawn mowing
  • Coder
  • Sell old stuff at garage sales
  • Professional gamer
  • Birthday party entertainment
  • Pet sitting
  • Pick up recycling
  • Online shop owner

How Can I Help My Kid Start a Business?

Great work encouraging entrepreneurship! After they have thought of an idea for a business, you should assist them in developing a fundamental business plan and assisting them in determining how much money they will need to start up the business, how they will market and price their product or service, and how they will manage the new business in addition to their other obligations.

What Skills Will Kids Kids Learn by Starting a Business?

Beginning a career or a business at a young age can be a very beneficial educational experience. Depending on their age, children will learn how to handle money responsibly, how to advertise a product or service of their own creation, and how to interact with paying clients.

What Is a Good Business to Start as a Kid?

Kids can launch their own successful businesses by providing services such as mowing lawns, raking leaves, shoveling snow, and running errands. Kids can make their own flyers and find customers by going door to door in their neighborhood and asking for recommendations. Alternately, with the assistance of their parents, kids can set up a basic Shopify store and use a scheduling system to sell time slots.

What Is the Best Age to Start a Business?

According to a number of studies, the early years of your 20s are the optimal period to launch a new venture. On the other hand, as a result of the proliferation of creation and commerce tools, it is now simple for anyone of any age to launch a business. Go for it if you’re a young entrepreneur who has faith in yourself and your abilities.


The business and life skills you learn by running a business while you’re still young can help make up for what you might not have learned in school. So, being an entrepreneur could give you the tools you need to follow a passion or talent you never thought you could.


Is there a way for children to earn money that doesn't involve selling something?

Traditionally, kids could only earn money by mowing lawns or doing other jobs around the house. There are a lot of things your kids can do these days, from babysitting to dog walking to filling out internet surveys. In any case, you might think about things like bikes, skateboards, video games, etc.

Can a 13-year-old start a business?

Businesses started by minors require the approval of a parent or legal guardian before they can be recognized as a separate legal entity. The legal age at which a person can become a shareholder or director of a business varies from state to state.

How can a kid make $500 fast?

  • Begin a weblog.
  • Fill up Surveys.
  • Sell Used Items Online.
  • Upkeep of the Yard.
  • Babysit.
  • Produce some jewelry.
  • Dog Walking.
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