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As children grow from infancy to teenage age, there is this feeling that makes them want to do more than just stay kids. At some point, a child wants to earn additional money aside from the amount they get from their allowance. Some children even get this feeling before they reach adolescence. Most kids under the age of 13, who have special talents like singing or acting, might decide to pick up acting jobs or go on a reality show. And certain times, they come to you to help them get a job. Hence, as a parent, you can use the information in this article to help your kids under the age of 13 find jobs that are right for them both online and in their neighborhood.

Jobs for Kids Under 13

Introducing your kids to the workplace in a fun and safe way can result in lifelong memories. They will pick up new abilities, boost their self-esteem, and comprehend the value of money. Even a small income will open up possibilities for teaching your child about personal finance in a real-world setting. For instance, you might open a custodial Roth account for your child as soon as they begin working.

If you have a 13-year-old at home who is looking for a way to earn money, take a look at one of these 13 fantastic part-time jobs for young teenagers that will enable them to develop a good skill set and earn more money.

Above all, it’s difficult to find an employer who will hire a 13-year-old for a “real” job where you’ll work for a company. This is because few venues are legally allowed to do so, which is the reason. Although there are some places that start hiring people as young as 15, this is the youngest they can go. The US government has actually established various state laws that are specific to each state and govern child labor.

The US Department of Labor protects children’s right to work. The Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which places restrictions on the age at which children can be hired and the amount of time they can work, is the law that has had the biggest impact on child labor.

Children under the age of 14 can still work and gain useful experience. However, there are legal limitations on the types of jobs they can do. According to federal law, children under the age of 14 are only permitted to assist at home and in the following occupations:

You can check your state’s child employment laws here.

kids between the ages of 9 and 12

Giving kids under 13 years of age simple jobs to do online or at home for money is a great way to teach them about business and the value of money because they are naturally helpful.

However, since your preteens are most likely not mature enough to be left on their own, the best jobs for 9-year-olds are ones that can be completed with some parental supervision. That said, it doesn’t negate the fact that your kid can still be accountable for the work they do.

Each job on this list aims to strengthen your child’s work ethic and teach them a useful skill, whether they’re mowing the lawn or using their imagination to create something.

#1. Mother’s Helper

It is not advisable to employ kids of this age as babysitters, but they can be of great help to a mother. As a mother’s helper, they take care of the children while the mother is at home, so she’s able to do house chores without distraction.

#2. Tutoring

Kids under the age of 13 who perform well in school can pick up tutoring jobs and tutor other students online or at their various homes to make extra cash. Your children can tutor other pupils in subjects such as math and science or help them with other types of learning, such as giving piano lessons or coaching a classmate in baseball.

#3. Rake Leaves

Give your child a rake in the fall and demonstrate how to use it to remove leaves from the yard. Your kids can grow their business by asking friends and family members if they can rake their yards once they feel confident in their raking skills.

#4. Pull Weeds

Pulling weeds is another straightforward task your nine-year-old can do for cash, whether they do it to clean out your vegetable garden or flower beds. Additionally, it’s another outdoor job that can grow. Just make sure your child is watched as they offer their services to neighbors in the area.

#5. Vegetable Stand

Kids can make money by gardening, which is a simple activity. After planting the garden with your child, let them take care of it all summer. They can set up a vegetable stand to sell their fresh produce to friends, family, and neighbors once their plants begin to bear fruit.

#6. Selling Baked Goods

Does your child enjoy baking? Encourage them to sell their baked goods so they can make more money. You can assist your child in creating a menu and baking the desserts before helping them sell them. The baked goods could be sold by:

  • In your backyard, erect a stand.
  • Go door-to-door in your neighborhood, and sell the baked goods.
  • Create a booth at the farmers’ market in your area.
  • Advertise the baked goods on Facebook.

#7. Renting Toys or Games

If your nine-year-old have games or toys they don’t want to sell but would rather lend to their friends, they might start a rental business. To make a little extra spending money, they merely charge their friends a fee for using their video game console or checking out a book from their library.

For Kids at the Age of 13

There are many jobs available for 13-year-olds at home and in their neighborhood that can help them gain useful skills and make some extra money. The majority of these jobs demand some local connections.

Prior to looking for job locations, it’s crucial to be aware of the positions that are available.

#1. Babysitting

Babysitting younger kids for friends and neighbors can help teenagers make money. To prepare 11 to 15-year-olds for babysitting, the Red Cross offers classes in the subject. Babysitting as a mother’s helper, where the parent stays at home while the child is being watched, may be appropriate for younger children.

#2. Pet Sitter

For young children, this is frequently an excellent first job. The duties typically involve visiting a neighbor’s home several times per day to feed an animal while the owners are away. Additionally, they can offer to water any indoor plants and bring in the mail or newspaper.

Teens who are introverted should consider jobs like house sitting and pet sitting. Most of the time, house and pet sitters look after the client’s home and/or pets while the client is away from town. This is best done by 13-year-olds during the summer, but they can offer their services all year long. Aside from hard skills like taking care of a pet or indoor plants, this job also develops soft skills like time management.

#3. Lemonade Stand

When considering kid-friendly business ideas, the lemonade stand is typically the first thing that comes to mind. Even though the cost per cup has increased, kids can still greatly benefit from these lessons on a hot summer day.

Your tween can make some extra cash using this well-liked method when they need it.

Kids can gain knowledge about managing a business through a lemonade stand, which may be helpful if they decide to launch their own enterprise in the future.

#4. Lawn Mowing

This might be a good job for your kid to try out if they enjoy being outside and mowing your lawn frequently. If the homeowner can’t or doesn’t want to cut their lawn themselves, they may hire someone to do it once while they are away or for the entire summer. Decide whether your child will use your mower or the homeowner’s mower before you let them out. Asking your neighbors is a great way to get kids interested in lawn mowing. In addition to developing soft skills like negotiation and time management, this job also requires the ability to operate heavy machinery.

#5. Yard Work

In addition to summer lawn mowing, there are many other tasks that homeowners might need help with throughout the year. Depending on the season, children can investigate activities like planting flowers, raking leaves, and shoveling snow. Both the homeowner and an independent contractor can complete the tasks.

#6. Dog Walker

13-year-olds who want to work should consider dog walking. If your child enjoys playing with animals, doing this activity with the dog could be a wonderful way for them both to exercise. Before letting your child take the animal for a walk for the first time, make sure that they are both at ease. They can work this job year-round by taking neighborhood dogs for walks after school and, in the summer, during the middle of the day when their owners are at work. For teenagers who enjoy animals, dog walking is a fantastic career option. It aids in the development of qualities like patience and management.

#7. Family Business

Frequently, having your own business is the best situation for this job. Your kids can assist with office tasks like mailing letters and filing paperwork. It’s a great weekend job for kids because you can work around the school schedule with flexibility.

#8. Lifeguard

A great summer job for kids is lifeguarding, if they enjoy swimming. They will have the opportunity to spend time in the sun at the pool or beach. Additionally, if there are indoor swimming pools nearby, your child can work as a lifeguard in the winter.

#9. Bike Mechanic

As a 13-year-old who is proficient in disassembling and reassembling bikes, you could offer your services to others by working as a teen bike mechanic. As a result, in order to handle a variety of tasks on bikes, you’ll need the appropriate tools, and you’ll need to know where to find replacement parts if you ever run out.

 #10. Car Washing

Car washing is a great career choice for preteens and is another enjoyable job for a 13-year-old who enjoys being outside. Your teen might start a car wash in a busy area or visit the residences of devoted clients. They could also clean the insides of cars if they had access to a vacuum. The fact that this job frequently necessitates developing a client list makes it ideal for a 13-year-old with an entrepreneurial spirit.

#11. Newspaper Deliverer

A job delivering newspapers might be an option for your 13-year-old if they want to work but have a busy schedule. While your teen will need to get up early for this job, it has a set schedule that frees up the afternoons and evenings for other activities. Time management and organizational skills are developed through this work.

#12. Fence Painter

All you need to paint a fence as a teenager is a paintbrush and some paint! After that, all you have to do is find neighbors who need their fences painted and offer to do the work for them. Although you should enjoy working outside, it’s a great job for 13-year-olds because it’s simple and you don’t need any painting experience to complete it.

#13. Household Assistant

For any kid who wants to be paid for performing easy tasks around someone’s home, becoming a teenage household assistant is the ideal job. A busy mother might need help cleaning her home, or you might offer to organize the basement of an elderly couple. If you put in the necessary effort, you’ll always have work as a teen household helper, whatever you end up doing.

#14. Mascot

A 13-year-old who excels at igniting crowds and isn’t afraid to act foolishly is the ideal candidate for the position of teen mascot. As a teen mascot, you’ll probably need to do some sort of costume and either support a sports team or stand on the sidewalk holding a sign for a company to draw in more customers.

#15. Author

A 13-year-old who enjoys painting or drawing may be a teenage artist. This might be the ideal seasonal or summer job for you. As a teen artist, you could either produce your own unique works of art to sell at craft and art fairs, maintain your own website, or accept commissions from friends and family members to produce specifically for them.

#16. Actor or Model

One of the few jobs available for kids under 13 that doesn’t require them to work in the community is acting or modeling. For young teenagers, getting into this field requires some research and dedication, but it can be a very rewarding job. However, kids under 13 who pick up acting jobs will definitely need support and encouragement from their parents or guardians. Acting and modeling build skills like negotiation, organization, and resilience.

Jobs for Kids Under 13 Online

One of the best parts of getting online jobs for kids under 13,

#1. A Video Game Player

This is one of the most fun jobs kids under the age of 13 do online. The enjoyment of playing video games can lead to a lucrative career for your child. Online game streaming is the most profitable way to earn money while playing video games. Additionally, they can start their own YouTube channel, record themselves playing video games, and upload the videos.

#2. Make YouTube Videos

This is one of the most educational jobs kids under 13 can do online and make a fortune from it. Given how much some young YouTubers make in a year, this particular job may be worthwhile despite requiring a lot of adult supervision. If your child has a special talent or simply enjoys being in front of the camera, you might want to videotape them and post the recordings on YouTube. After you have checked them for offensive or rude comments, your child can be in charge of deciding what to put in their videos and how to respond to comments on their channel. Have you ever wondered what your child could post on their YouTube channel? Consider these ideas:

  • playing video games
  • unpack toys
  • Cook or bake
  • Create crafts
  • Dance or sing
  • playing with toys
  • Discuss your children’s preferred games or toys.

#3. Selling Toys Online

You and your children can make money by selling toys online in a number of different ways. They can sell their own toys on Craigslist or the Facebook Marketplace to make a little extra cash. To keep your children safe, you can deliver the toys and gather the proceeds when they sell. However, if your young child wants to launch a business, you might set up an eBay account for them and assist them in listing toys there. Along with selling their own toys, they can purchase used toys at garage sales and thrift shops to list in their online store.

#4. Get Paid to Stream on Twitch

Do you like to discuss or play video games? There’s an audience for that on Twitch. Children who are at least 13 years old, under the supervision of their parents or guardians, can set up live streams on the gaming platform and make money through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, donations, and other means. Find out more about what it takes to succeed on Twitch.

Acting Jobs for Kids Under 13

Acting jobs for kids under the age of 13 are very different from those for adults. However, an adult going into acting should have tested himself on confidence and probably had some training. Who or what are child actors? According to Wikipedia, it appears to be “an actor who was younger than 18 years of age at the time the role was played.” Therefore, kids who started acting jobs under the age of 13 and are now 16 are no longer considered child actors. Despite receiving lower pay than their adult co-stars, some child actors have appeared in blockbuster movies. While some people start much earlier or later, child actors typically start their careers between the ages of 4 and 14.

Therefore, you must have realistic expectations for your child if you want them to pursue this field. In any industry, talent is obviously important, but talent alone is insufficient.

Finding the right courses is essential if you want your child to pursue an acting career. Participating in extracurricular activities at school allows your child to develop public speaking skills, practice for auditions, and gain confidence. Kids under the age of 13 are known to be more playful and might not take acting jobs seriously. Therefore, to help them improve as a kid actor, you must ensure they also complete additional, more specialized training. Finding a company or theater that hosts workshops will help them learn from experts.

What Is the Best Job for a 10 Year Old?

  • Bake sale
  • Painting
  • Lemonade stand
  • Dog walking
  • Paper route
  • Fence painting

What Are Five Summer Jobs for Kids?

  • Work on a local farm
  • Water plants for neighbors
  • Wash the family car
  • Weed flower beds
  • Become mother’s helper
  • Door to door sales


While kids under 13 might not be able to get jobs with a “real” company just yet, it is still possible to work for yourself and make money. Relying on your skills could be very beneficial, so if you have a talent that you consider to be pretty good, this could be a great chance for you to earn more money. Although the law places limitations on the types of jobs that kids under 13 can hold, there are still a lot of opportunities online for kids this age to earn money. In the movie industry, kids under 13 get opportunities and make a lot of money for acting jobs. Your child is permitted to earn money as long as they follow all applicable federal and state laws.

Job for Kids Under 13 FAQs

How can an 11-year-old get money?

10 Summer Job Opportunities for Preteens

  • Mother’s Helper
  • Rake Leaves.
  • Pull Weeds
  • Babysitting
  • Pet Sitting
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Vegetable stand
  • Selling Baked Goods
  • Renting Toys or Games

What jobs can you apply for at the age of 13?

List of great jobs for 13-year-olds

  • Babysitting
  • Pet Sitter
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Yard Work
  • Dog Walker
  • Family Business
  • Lifeguard
  • Bike Mechanic
  •  Car Washing
  • Newspaper Deliverer
  • Fence Painter
  • Household Assistant
  • Mascot

Can a 13 year old work at McDonald’s?

No, McDonald’s hires at the age of 16.  Above all, it’s challenging to locate an employer who will hire a 13-year-old for a “real” job where you’ll be employed by a business. This is because few venues are legally allowed to do so, which is the reason. Although there are some places that start hiring people as young as 15, this is the youngest they can go. The US government has actually established various state laws that are specific to each state that governs child labor.

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