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PLM Software

Today’s modern products are becoming more complicated. Businesses must plan strategic procedures before releasing any product to the market in order for it to compete and also remain relevant to their users. Generally, a company must develop systematic plans to ensure that its products reach the market at the lowest possible cost and also on the most efficient scale possible in order to meet market demand. So, how can the company accomplish this? The solution is to digitize the manufacturing processes using powerful product lifecycle management software. In this post, we will examine the best product lifecycle management PLM technologies, as well as open-source management software.

What Is PLM Software (Product Lifecycle Management Software)?

Product Lifecycle Management refers to the process of managing a product’s whole lifecycle, from beginning to finish.

Product Lifecycle Management software is an application that is used to manage and integrate data relevant to the whole lifecycle of a product. Product-related data can also be managed using PLM software. It can also integrate data from ERP, MES, CAD, and other systems.

product lifecycle management PLM software

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Process

Because of technological advancements, items are becoming more complicated and complex.

As a result, a new process called Product Lifecycle management is necessary to handle all of the data linked to these new products, their business operations, engineering, analysis, and development, and so on.

Product Lifecycle Management software is an application that is necessary to follow or manage the entire process. This software will not only assist to increase profits, but it will also greatly improve accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

Who Makes Use of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software?

The answer to this question is determined by the roles, responsibilities, and also permissions granted. Many users in an organization can access this software.

Benefits of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software

  • The output of the product will be increased.
  • The product’s quality will improve.
  • The most crucial advantage is that it will speed up the entire procedure.
  • It aids in revenue growth.
  • Centralized data management

Best Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software

The following is a thorough list of the market’s most popular free, open source, and commercial Product Lifecycle Management software tools and vendors.

Product Lifecycle Management PLM Software Vendor Comparison

SoftwareRatingsLearning resourcePriceVerdict
Upchain*****eBooks, White papers, Live chat.Starting with $20 per month.Best for cloud deployment, built-in workflow management and project dashboards.
Arena*****White papers, Webinars.Contact themThe product is best for integration with ERP, item-related features, and ease of use.
Teamcenter Siemens****TrainingContact themThis system is best for its change management feature, integration with the CAD system, and it is also easy to use.
Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle****Direct support through phone, web, & remote desktop assistance. Online Resources: Training videos, Support webinars, Tutorials, etc.Pro: $965 per user/ annually,Enterprise: $1935 per user/annually.You will get real-time access to the product data and it will represent the data graphically for quick interpretation.
Windchill****Contact themIt has good features as a PLM system. The system is easy to use.

#1. Upchain PLM Software

Upchain is a cloud PLM system that enables small and medium-sized businesses to collaborate on design, engineering, manufacturing, and also the maintenance activities across their entire value chain.


The following are some of the features of Upchain PLM software;

  • KPIs and project dashboards
  • BOM Administration
  • Parts numbering that is automated
  • Viewer and markup for 2D and 3D CAD
  • Agile Project management
  • API Integrations and CAD Plugins
Pricing Information:

The following subscription plans are available:

  • Individual fee: $20 per user
  • Team: $50 per user
  • Professional: $150.00 per user

This system excels at cloud deployment, built-in workflow management, and also project dashboards. It is intended to be used in conjunction with existing legacy technologies to push and also extract data as needed via plugins and interfaces.

#2. Arena PLM Software

Basically, arena PLM combines product information, people, and processes into a single corporate platform to accelerate product design and development with cloud-based software that can be used at any time and from any location.

Features of Arena PLM Software:

The features of Arena PLM software includes the following;

  • Management of Engineering Change
  • BOM Administration
  • Management of Documents
  • Collaboration with Suppliers
  • Management of Requirements
  • Management of Compliance (FDA, ISO, ITAR, EAR, and environmental compliance)
  • Quality Control

Tool Cost/Plan Specifications: Please contact them for pricing information.

Verdict: The product excels in terms of unified product and quality processes, ERP connection, BOM management functionality, and ease of use.

#3. Siemens Teamcenter

Siemens PLM serves numerous industries, including aerospace and defense, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and so on. Small, medium, and also large businesses can all benefit from this software.


The following functionalities are available in Siemens Teamcenter:

  • Integration of suppliers
  • BOM Administration
  • Management and engineering of requirements.
  • Document administration
  • Data and process management in manufacturing

Tool Cost/Plan Specifications: Please contact them for pricing information.

Verdict: This system excels due to its change management capabilities, interaction with the CAD system, and user-friendly features.

#4. Autodesk Fusion Lifespan

Generally, Autodesk Fusion Lifespan is a platform for managing the lifecycle of a product. It will assist you in creating and also in automating procedures, allowing you to keep work flowing and product development on track.

It has a New Product Introduction, Bill of Materials, Change Management, Quality Management, Supplier Collaboration, and also Product Data Management features.


Some of the features of Autodesdk Fusion Lifespan includes the following;

  • You will be able to establish flexible and also an adaptable 24-hour collaboration with your global supply chain.
  • It will aid your engineering team in the organization, management, and tracking of product data, revisions, and also its releases.
  • Also, you will receive a robust and user-friendly centralized system for establishing and managing organized Bills of Materials and goods.
  • It includes New Product Introduction project templates that may be customized to standardize phase-gate milestones, deliverables, and tasks by business unit, product line, and so on.
  • It has basically change Management and Quality Management capabilities and functionalities.

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle comes in two editions: Pro ($965 per user per year) and Enterprise ($1935 per user per year). The product is available for a free trial.

The Pro edition offers 25GB of storage per user and no third-party licenses, but the Enterprise edition offers unlimited storage and third-party licenses.

Verdict: Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle gives you real-time access to product data and displays it graphically for easy understanding. It is accessible in three industries: industrial machinery and products, consumer electronics and high technology, and automotive suppliers and components.

#5. Wind chill

PTC Windchill is a PLM software package that is compatible with Windows, Linux, and also UNIX.


The features of windchill PLM software includes the following;

  • Data handling across multiple systems.
  • BOM with associative properties.
  • Aids in innovation
  • You will be able to work quickly and precisely.

Tool Cost/Plan Specifications: Please contact them for pricing information.

As a PLM software system, it provides good functionality. The system is also simple to use.

#6. Oracle Agile PLM Software

It aids in data centralization, workflow efficiency, and also in the creation of high-quality products. It generally aids profit maximization.


The features of oracle agile PLM software includes the following;

  • Basically, the quality control feature will provide you with instant visibility into any problem.
  • The portfolio management tool will aid in the administration of schedules, resources, and also in varieties of other aspects for a new product.
  • The cost management function will assist with the RFQ (Request for Quote) procedure.

Tool Cost/Plan Specifications: Please contact them for pricing information.

As a Product Lifecycle Management Software, it has good features and functionalities. It is a low-cost software solution for PLM.

#7. SAP PLM Software

The SAP PLM software provides all-around support for all product-related operations. It can be used in conjunction with SAP and also other products. Furthermore, it includes functionality for dealing with address-specific difficulties.


Some of the features of PLM software includes the following;

  • It offers centralized PPM.
  • It aids in product design, compliance, cost, and so on.
  • Management of documents.
  • Change management and batch management are two terms that are used interchangeably.
  • It provides lessons and organizes webinars as a learning resource.
  • Management of the BOM.

Tool Cost/Plan Specifications: Please contact them for pricing information.

Verdict: The SAP PLM software system is most renowned for the ease with which BOMs can be created. It is also ideal for ERP integration.

#8. Aras PLM

Because Aras PLM is an open-source product lifecycle management software system, you can tailor it to meet your specific needs. Even if it is modified, system upgrades are available.


The basic feature of Aras PLM includes the following;

  • The first general feature, is that the system is daptable to changes in the business.
  • Secondly, change management, BOM, Manufacturing process planning, System engineering, Configuration management, and Quality are also included.
  • The third feature is that it include PDM/PLM integration
  • Then, it involves management of documents.
  • Finally, it also includes the management of requirements.

Tool Cost/Plan Specifications: The system is ready for usage. To use the full platform capabilities, you must subscribe.

Verdict: The system is adaptable, simple to use, and also includes open-source product lifecycle management software.

#9. Omnify Empower Product Lifecycle Management Software

Omnify Software offers a scalable and adaptable Product Lifecycle Management system. The Software has the option of deploying the system on-premises or in the cloud.


The most common feature of Omnify Empower PLM software are as follows;

  • It has capabilities for managing quality, change, issues, and compliance.
  • It includes document and item management capabilities.
  • Management of the BOM.
  • You can import and export data from your current business apps using the system integration feature.
  • It offers a variety of learning tools such as white papers, seminars, webinars, and live demos.

Tool Cost/Plan Specifications: Please contact them for pricing information.

Verdict: The system is easily adaptable and also very simple to use.

#10. Propel

It makes the system available on the cloud. This software will assist you in developing, launching, selling, and improving your product.


The key features of Propel PLM includes the following;

  • Generally, includes capabilities for quality management, change management, requirements management, and project management.
  • It has a BOM management system.
  • Offers functionality for managing product information.
  • Task administration.
  • You may view the entire audit history.

Tool Cost/Plan Specifications: Please contact them for pricing information.

The system is simple to configure and also to utilize. Furthermore, it has software for quality management and product lifecycle information management.

Other PLM Software Tools for Product Lifecycle Management

#11. Uservoice:

Uservoice includes capabilities such as product prioritization, feedback gathering, administration & moderation, communication, and integration. Through its user feedback, this PLM software aids in product management.

#12. Solid Edge Siemens PLM Software:

This software is mechanically designed. It is the Windows operating system software. Solid Edge is the software product developed and Siemens is the company that created this software.

#13. Creo

PTC’s Creo is CAD software for the Windows operating system. It’s useful for product design. It is compatible with PTC’s Windchill, a PLM product.

How does PLM software improve product development processes?

PLM software provides a central repository for all product data, making it easier for different teams to access the information they need. This improves collaboration and communication between teams and reduces the risk of errors and inconsistencies. PLM software also automates many of the manual processes involved in product development, making the process more efficient and reducing the risk of errors and delays.

What are the benefits of using PLM software?

The benefits of using PLM software include improved product quality, increased efficiency and productivity, reduced time-to-market, better collaboration between teams, and improved decision-making through access to real-time data and analytics. PLM software can also help organizations comply with regulatory requirements and improve their overall product management processes.

What types of companies use PLM software?

Companies in a variety of industries use PLM software, including consumer goods, automotive, aerospace and defense, electronics, medical devices, and more. Companies of all sizes can benefit from using PLM software, whether they are small startups or large multinational corporations.

What are the key features of PLM software?

Key features of PLM software include product data management, design management, engineering change management, collaboration and communication tools, reporting and analytics, and more. The specific features offered by PLM software vary depending on the vendor and the product, but the goal is to provide a comprehensive solution for managing the entire product lifecycle.


To summarize our learning from the preceding list, we can say that Aena can work with complicated goods, and Teamcenter can be used by organizations of any size. Vault is the greatest Product Lifecycle Management platform for engineers and designers, and Oracle Agile PLM is a low-cost tool with good features and functionality.

Almost all of the software is a paid tool, with the exception of Aras free Product Lifecycle Management Software, which offers a few capabilities for free.

I hope you learned a lot about the best product lifecycle management systems on the market!

PLM Software FAQs

Which of the following is the PLM software?

Top 9 Best PLM Software In 2023 To Manage Your Product Lifecycle

  • Comparison Of The Best PLM Vendors.
  • #1) Upchain PLM.
  • #2) Arena.
  • #3) Teamcenter Siemens.
  • #4) Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle.
  • #5) Windchill.
  • #6) Oracle Agile PLM.
  • #7) SAP PLM.

What is PLM software and how is it used in industry?

Product lifecycle management (PLM) software manages data during the development of a product from inception through the manufacturing, servicing, and disposal processes. Companies use PLM software to increase productivity and collaboration, improve quality, bolster creativity, and shorten the time to market for a product.

What is the difference between PLM and ERP?

An ERP system helps a company manage the transactional activities around building a product, while a PLM system provides a complete history of past, present, and future changes to items, parts, assemblies (BOMs), AML, AVL, and more.

What is SAP PLM used for?

What is PLM in sap? Product Lifecycle Management in SAP helps organisations quickly develop and deliver the products that drive their business. SAP PLM provides all-around support for all product-related processes from the beginning of the life cycle with product ideation to manufacturing and service.

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