SAM’S CLUB BUSINESS CREDIT CARD: Requirements, Benefits & All You Should Know


Sam’s Club® Business Mastercard®, issued by Synchrony Bank, is the perfect credit card for Sam’s Club members who operate businesses. It offers no yearly fees and pays cashback on petrol, dining, and other expenditures made at Sam’s Club. The amount of payback varies on both the type of card you have and the purchase category. The card is accepted at Sam’s Club and Walmart outlets countrywide. In this post, we will be discussing Sam’s Club business membership MasterCard by synchrony bank and its credit card payment.

What is Sam’s Club Business Membership?

You can join the wholesale retail warehouse at Sam’s Club and then shop at the retailer by purchasing a business membership.
With a membership, members receive benefits such as instant discounts on specific items and a higher cash-back percentage on purchases made with the membership.
you may also add up to 16 users to your account at a discounted rate and avoid paying shipping fees with a Plus membership. Additionally, you get rebates on glasses and prescription drugs.
There are more options besides these credit cards. Small business loans are a fantastic resource for business investment.

Benefits of a Sam’s Club Business Membership

Members have access to member-only discounts and early access to sales with this reasonably priced membership.

Similarly, you can reduce your dining expenses by getting cash back or buying discounted gift cards when you take clients out to lunch or host an employee holiday party.

Getting big discounts on products and buying them in bulk decreases your business expenses, especially when you purchase consumables.
By paying wholesale costs, it’s feasible to save 20% to 40% compared to retail pricing.

In addition, you might be able to cut down on travel costs by buying most of your company’s supplies in one place. You may even order something online and have it delivered without ever leaving your desk.

Sam’s Club provides goods for a range of commercial sectors, including vending and concession items, flowers, food and drink, janitorial supplies, restaurant equipment, and flowers.

What is the Sam’s Club Business Mastercard Credit Card?

This is essentially the same as other business credit cards, except for this specific retailer (if you are already a Sam’s Club member, then the Sam’s Club credit business card will double as your membership card).

Why Go for the Sam’s Club Business Credit Card?

The Sam’s Club business Mastercard by Synchrony Bank details are all laid out in front of us now, so it’s time to pause and ponder what they imply for you. How will the information on Sam’s business credit card impact your search for a business credit card?

First, let’s focus on the positives and cover the main draws of Sam’s Club business Mastercard by Synchrony Bank. The following benefits of using Sam’s business credit card for company purchases stand out:

#1. Bonus Cash Back Spending Categories

As you spend with Sam’s cash-back business credit card, you’ll be able to earn cash back at a very astounding rate. Your annual cash-back returns are limited to $5,000, but if you’re the appropriate kind of spender, you may still earn that much, which is an impressive sum of cash back.

Overall, even though the Sam’s Club business Mastercard by Synchrony Bank credit card has a cap on your cash-back rewards, the cap is quite high, and the cash-back rates that will get you there are excellent.

#2. Easy-to-Access Welcome Offer

Spending just $30 will give you access to Sam’s business credit card welcome. That is pretty uncommon for a business credit card; many others demand a minimum spending amount of $3,000 to $5,000 before you receive a welcome bonus. Spending $30 on a single day will seem manageable in comparison.

The introductory offer for the Sam’s Business credit card is, admittedly, low cost for minimal reward—$30 is among the lowest welcome offer values available. However, it’s better than nothing, which is what you’ll receive if you can’t spend enough to qualify for other, bigger welcome incentives.

The Drawbacks of the Sam’s Club Business Credit Card

Sam’s company credit card, like every other business credit card available, has drawbacks in addition to its benefits. What is the credit card offered by Sam’s Business’ most noteworthy flaws? Although there are plenty, let’s focus on three in particular:

#1. No Balance Transfers

Existing debt from another account cannot be transferred to your new Sam’s business card. You won’t be able to use your new Sam’s business credit card to consolidate your debt from your company as a result. In the end, this will disperse whatever business debt you may have and make it harder to keep track of payments and interest accruing on numerous accounts.

#2. Fairly Limited Welcome Offer

Simply put, the welcome bonus on Sam’s business credit card is insignificant in comparison to those of its top rivals. The Sam’s business credit card of a $30 statement credit, albeit accessible straight away, could appear unsatisfactory for business owners who are used to card providers who lay out the red carpet and pop the champagne on a signing.

#3. Annual Membership Fee

Even if there aren’t any fees associated with this card, you’ll still need to set up $45 to $100 for a Synchrony Bank Sam’s Club membership credit card.

Don’t get us wrong; if you buy at Sam’s Club frequently enough, this membership price might more than pay for itself in the bulk discounts you’ll have access to for your company. However, if you don’t anticipate doing a lot of shopping at Sam’s Club, this membership price can be an unnecessary expense for your company each year.

As you’ll soon learn, many business credit cards also don’t have any annual fees and offer cash-back benefits that are comparable to, if not better than, Sam’s business credit card.

Who the Sam’s Club® Business Mastercard Credit Card® Is Best For

  • Sam’s Club members: It comes with a variety of perks and doubles as a membership card for Sam’s Club members. Businesses must generate at least $5 million in annual sales income, be operational for at least two years, and have more than 10 workers to be eligible for this card without a personal guarantee.
  • Individuals who frequently travel for business purposes: If you frequently travel for business purposes, such as to see clients or perform tasks, you can earn rewards when you use the card at Sam’s Club gas stations.

How to Make Payments on the Sam’s Club® Business Mastercard®

Cardholders must make at least the minimum payment by 5 p.m. Eastern time on the due date shown on their statement  Your overall minimum payment is calculated as follows:

  • $15, 1/24th of the new balance on your account, or 1% of your new balance plus the total of finance charges and late fees, whichever is higher.
  • Any unpaid balances

Five different payment methods are available to you:

  • Internet: When you sign up for Internet access, you can not only make payments online but also extend your credit limit and keep track of your usage.
  • Autopay: On the Sam’s Club online account management, you can create recurring payments.
  • In-person: Make a payment at any Walmart or Sam’s Club location.
  • Phone: Call the number listed on the back of your card to pay your bill over the phone. It should be noted that this option is not accessible for direct accounts and that payments typically post to the account on the same banking day.

Sam’s Club Business Credit Card  Benefits and Drawbacks

Sam’s Club credit card for business has benefits and downsides, just like everything else. Here are some benefits and drawbacks to help you determine if this business credit is ideal for you and your company:


  • Simple sign-up – Opening a business credit account at the store is simple and quick.
  • Variety of goods – You can buy a wide range of different goods to support your business.
  • Cashback – Getting cashback on purchases is significant, particularly for businesses.
  • The ability to add authorized users – If you don’t want to make all of your purchases yourself, you may add users who can use your account and even view their spending data.


  • Not a business credit card – Unlike regular credit cards, the Sam’s Club business credit card can only be used at Sam’s Club and Walmart.
  • It restricts your purchasing alternatives. Sam’s Club is fantastic for stocking up on household essentials and will be very beneficial for your business many times, but any credit store will only let you buy there, and it’s quite probable that you won’t find all your company needs there.
  • You’ll add debt to more firms. If you’re in charge of a small or medium-sized business, you must be aware that having debt with several different organizations is not a good idea.
  • You Might Not Save That Much Money – Depending on the card and your transactions, a business credit card may not save you much money.
  • Membership Required- Although the credit card has no annual fee, you must have a membership to obtain one, which costs $45.

Is the Sam’s Club Mastercard for You?

This card offers valuable perks if you already have a Sam’s Club membership credit card from Synchrony Bank and/or you frequently buy gas. But if you just occasionally shop at Sam’s Club and spend little on petrol, you might discover that another card is a better fit overall.

Does Sam’s Club Have a Business Credit Card?

Yes. Your Sam’s Business Credit Card is accepted wherever that Mastercard is accepted. Basically, this refers to any business that accepts credit cards.

What Credit Score Do You Need for a Sams Club Business Credit Card?

Keep in mind that to be eligible for the Sam’s Club® Business Credit Card, you must have a credit score of at least 700. Whatever method you select, it’s important to know that you have the choice to apply without providing a personal guarantee.

Does Sam’s Club Business Credit Card Require a Personal Guarantee?

Not really. This card can be applied for without a personal guarantee by companies that have been legally established for at least two years and generate at least $5 million in annual revenue.

How Much Does a Sam’s Club Business Card Cost?


Business owners can benefit from the Sam’s Club Business Membership program to get the most financial savings possible on purchases.

Does Sam’s Club Business Credit Card Report to Personal Credit?

There is no direct reporting to Dun & Bradstreet for the Sam’s Club Business Store Card. It submits reports to TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian, the three main consumer credit reporting agencies.

Can You Use Sam’s Club Business Credit Card Anywhere?

Yes. Anywhere Mastercard is accepted, the Sam’s Club Mastercard can be used as a more versatile payment method.

Can I Use My Ein at Sam’s Club?

Yes. The Sam’s Club® Business Store Card can also be applied for with an EIN.

What Are the Benefits of Sam’s Business Membership?

Additionally, you’ll have access to exclusive advantages and bonuses like concierge services and cash back on business purchases.


When you buy petrol and other items at Sam’s Club, the Sam’s Club® Business Mastercard®, which has no annual or international transaction fees, gives you cash back. Although it’s a great credit card for Sam’s Club customers, keep in mind that benefits can only be obtained when using the card to make purchases at the retailer.


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