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These days, going to the grocery store might be pricey. Of course, you could always just buy less, but none of us want to be forced to substantially reduce our grocery store spending, especially if we were already struggling to afford food before the cost of goods began to soar. Knowing where to find inexpensive groceries to buy is crucial for this reason. To help you understand where you should shop if you want to save your hard-earned money, we’ve gathered some of the most well-known national and local grocery stores in the nation. To make sure you’re getting the greatest prices possible, these stores employ a variety of strategies. Let’s check out the cheapest grocery stores in the USA.

Top 10 Cheapest Grocery Stores Here In The United States

The top 10 cheapest grocery stores in the US have been compiled, ranging from local businesses to national and even international names. You may get everything you might need for your grocery shopping without paying a hefty fee at these stores.

  • Aldi
  • Market Basket
  • Foods WinCo
  • Lidl
  • Costco
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Food 4 Less
  • Walmart
  • H-E-B
  • Sam’s Club

#1. Aldi

Looking for the best bargain ever? Go to Aldi and get a quarter (you’ll need it to rent a cart)!

How They Maintain Low Prices

German-born Aldi is well-known for its aggressive cost-cutting tactics, such as asking customers to do duties that normally fall within the purview of employees. Recall how their shopping carts were rented out. Aldi won’t have to pay employees to collect them as a result.

And you’ll have to pay for paper or plastic bags if you forget to bring your own, or you’ll have to do without. Yes, Aldi requires you to bag your own groceries. At other retailers, these cost-cutting difficulties might seem strange, but Aldi customers don’t seem to mind. Most likely because Aldi is among the cheapest grocery stores because it focuses heavily on cost-cutting, and everyone loves to save money.

Best Items to Purchase

Baking supplies, fresh produce, wine, chocolate, cheese, and, of course, canned goods—which can be purchased for as little as $0.65 per can—are some of my favorite items from Aldi.
Advice: Check for the weekly changes to Aldi’s promotions. Search their website using your zip code to see what’s on offer nearby as you make your grocery list and plan your meals!

#2. Market Basket

A supermarket with more than a century of history, Market Basket is located in New England. You’re right, you won’t find one in the neighborhood where I live in Nashville. However, you’re in luck if you live in the Northeast.

How They Maintain Low Prices

How does Market Basket live up to its slogan, “More for Your Dollar”? Well, compared to other grocery chains of comparable scale, they have significantly smaller corporate personnel. Additionally, they virtually identically stock all of their stores, which means they streamline purchasing for their establishments and pass the savings forward to the customer.

Best Items to Purchase

You must try the regional New England products if you visit Market Basket. Check out the clams, maple syrup, and specialty local produce from Rhode Island, including pears from New Hampshire and apples from Maine.

#3. WinCo Foods

The employee-owned WinCo Foods is a physically enormous grocery store with sizable bulk sections, with an average footprint of 90,000 square feet. However, they don’t demand memberships like their warehouse relatives Sam’s Club and Costco do. There are shops for everyone!

How They Maintain Low Prices

WinCo Foods doesn’t use baggers, take credit cards, pay transaction fees, or spend any money on advertising. The Idaho-based chain transfers those savings down to you, and their business model appears to be successful as evidenced by the fact that they currently operate 134 stores and are expanding.

Best Items to Purchase

I’m aware that you’re looking for the cheapest grocery stores. Check out WinCo Foods if you live in the Pacific Northwest for its incredibly low prices on bulk and organic goods. You won’t regret it!

#4. Lidl

Lidl (which rhymes with bug, not idle) aspires to become your go-to, high-quality, inexpensive grocery store. This East Coast retailer sells more than just grocery items; you may also get toys, gardening supplies, small kitchen appliances, and even power tools.

How They Maintain Low Prices

Due to their deliberate efficiency goals, Lidl made the list of the cheapest grocery stores. They can sell more things to more customers since their stores are made to allow customers to come in and leave quickly. Additionally, they do away with “any unnecessary costs,” such as hiring workers to unpack produce. They merely added a fresh carton of produce to the stand in its place.

Best Items to Purchase

Families trying to eat healthfully on a budget have good news: Top-notch vegetables is what Lidl is known for. They also have a fantastic spice rack with prices as low as $0.85 for cinnamon, onion powder, and other spices. You’ll be pleased to learn that Lidl items are beneficial for the environment and your wallet at the same time if you regularly purchase certified seafood.

Visit one of Lidl’s more than 100 stores on the weekends to take advantage of their “super deals,” if one is located close to you. Meal planning is the most crucial step in saving money on groceries, so frugal shoppers can use their My Lidl app to uncover amazing deals in advance.

#5. Trader Joe’s

A Trader Joe’s would be created if you combined a convenience store, a produce stand, and an international market into a grocery store with an island theme! For those who frequent this tiny grocery store, shopping there is an adventure rather than just a transaction. At TJ’s, children push charming little carts, and the staff is referred to as the “crew.” Additionally, managers and supervisors (also known as “mates” and “captains”) wear vibrant Hawaiian shirts. Not an awful uniform, in my opinion!

How They Maintain Low Prices

How did Trader Joe’s get on the list of the cheapest grocery stores? Since the majority of their products are store brands, they can accept low costs while rejecting middlemen.
Additionally, they eliminate supplier shelving fees in return for discounts from vendors on their goods. And they never accept coupons. Yes, I can feel myself starting to cry a little inside. The good news is that everything is always offered at the lowest feasible price.

Best Items to Purchase

What are the top products available at Trader Joe’s? They definitely win in the strange food category, though. Unusual food is what Trader Joe’s refers to as its product offerings. Whatever you’re searching for, Trader Joe’s offers it whether it’s vegan chickpea masala salad (whatever that is), sweet cinnamon-filled Korean pancakes, or honey-roasted pumpkin ravioli. Why not combine some food that is new to you with my suggestions for a romantic dinner for your next date night by taking TJ’s up on their invitation to try experimental products?

#6. Costco

Prepare yourselves, guys, because Costco is the most amazing place on earth! Because of all the excellent items they provide, I utilize my Costco membership every single week. Be careful; it’s simple to run in for water and come out with a patio set, a charcuterie board, and ten gallons of milk. Believe me.

How They Maintain Low Prices

Costco is constantly looking for ways to be more productive. And have you ever watched a Costco advertisement? Nope! They hardly ever use conventional advertising and pass the savings on to their clients.

They also don’t employ anybody to unpack crates. If you’ve ever visited a Costco warehouse, you know that little thought is given to how the actual store appears and that items are bought in bulk and put directly on warehouse floors. Costco’s membership fee, which ranges from $60 to 120, also serves to offset prices.

Best Items to Purchase

This is one of those sites where you can save a lot because you’re purchasing in quantity. Additionally, their Kirkland Signature brand is a fantastic method to save money while maintaining the caliber of your preferred name brands. Ocean Spray produces cranberry juice sold by Kirkland’s. coffee from Kirkland’s? from Starbucks. And although you can save $10 on each box by purchasing at Costco, their diapers are made by Huggies (all the moms say amen).

And did you know that you can even get real American Girl dolls on sale over the holidays? (I am aware that is not covered by the grocery budget; I just think it’s cool.)
I’ll end my love letter to Costco by praising their dining area. Their $9.95 18-inch pizza is the unsung hero, even though they are known for their $1.50 hot dogs. Thank you very much.

#7. Walmart

The biggest retailer in the world, Walmart is renowned for its enormous stores, wide variety, and, most all, affordable rates. It’s convenient that Super Walmart is a one-stop store where you can buy food, clothes, jewelry, gifts, and lawn and garden supplies. Or maybe it’s not so good because my $5 trips for frozen pizza could result in $40 trips for toys.

How They Maintain Low Prices

Sam Walton’s first price reductions at Walton’s 5&10 made history in 1950, and Walmart was born. Thanks to its extensive global presence today, Walmart is able to negotiate lower vendor costs and then pass those savings along to customers.

Best Items to Purchase

Basics like pantry essentials, toiletries, laundry detergents, and cleaning supplies are what many associate with Walmart. You health-conscious eaters will be pleased to know that Walmart now has organic, keto, and gluten-free foods, even if I generally eat like a 5-year-old.

#8. Food 4 Less

Food 4 Less is a low-cost grocery business with locations all around the West Coast (but you already knew that—it made the list of the cheapest grocery stores!). When you enter a store with a prominent yellow Food 4 Less sign, you can be entering a Kroger-owned or independent establishment. They are not just affordable, but some of them offer meat departments that are styled after Mexican carnicerias. A deli serving Mexican food? Take all of my cash!

How They Maintain Low Prices

Count on having to bag your own goods. Efficiency is king at the grocery Food 4 Less, which is designed like a warehouse.

Best Items to Purchase

Shop at Food 4 Less for your essential health, beauty, and grocery needs. Additionally, I’ve heard that they have a significant assortment of gluten-free goods and a fairly reasonable organic produce area!

#9. H-E-B

This one is for all you Texans! The grocery behemoth H-E-B, which has more than 420 stores in Texas and Mexico, will give you a tortilla to munch on as you shop. (Winston, get the children packed; we’re going to Texas.) With its prideful Don’t Mess With Texas merchandise, the store that has been serving Texans since 1905 has won over the hearts, minds, and wallets of citizens of the Lone Star State.

How They Maintain Low Prices

According to H-E-B, they are “relentlessly dissatisfied with the present” and are constantly seeking new methods to provide their customers with goods at lower prices. The Texas supermarket places a strong emphasis on regional foods, which reduces the need for shipping.

Best Items to Purchase

Through its Totally Texas regional items, H-E-B promotes the Texas way of life. Put on your boots and visit H-E-B for Clint’s Texas Salsa, Whataburger sauces, San Antonio’s Cafe Olé coffee, and pretty much anything else you can think of in the shape of the state of Texas. I’m not joking! All of this translates into significant savings for Texans, who already consider their state to be the best place to live.

#10. Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is equivalent to Costco in Walmart. Even if you’ve never visited the third-largest retailer in the country, you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the majority of its products are sold in bulk and off of pallets. And with so many free samples available, what’s not to love?

How They Maintain Low Prices

If you appreciate Sam’s Club, you’re probably familiar with their cost-cutting tactics, which include buying in bulk, paying membership fees, and making use of their vendor connections with Walmart, a sibling firm.

Best Items to Purchase

Vitamins, protein bars, toilet paper, and Sam’s Club’s extreme value gift cards are a few items my friends enjoy purchasing in large quantities. You may have seen these. Sam’s Club offers $100 worth of gift cards for just $75. Hello, gifts for teachers! However, Sam’s Club will supply you with more than just grocery items; consider making travel arrangements with Sam’s Club Travel, including reservations for hotels, cruises, and flights.

Trying to enter and exit quickly? One of the few grocery stores, Sam’s Club, offers “scan and go” technology in its smartphone, allowing customers to ring up their own purchases while still in the cart and completely avoiding the checkout line.

Bottom Line

To get some food for less money, you don’t have to choose shady grocery stores. These and other reputable brands offer groceries, household products, and other items for less money than their rivals do.

There is an alternative for everyone because of their nationwide and online reach. You may spend more money on what matters most if you buy food from one of the cheapest grocery stores. Which local grocery stores offer the best deals? Please tell us in the comments.


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