The Ultimate Guide To Guest Posting

One of the manners by which a man’s website ends up mainstream is the point at which the individual composes, as indicated by the guidelines of the host blog and makes the best choice when required.

Such a significant number of people have gone into the “visitor posting thing” without completely understanding the approaches, and it has prompted the dismissal of their content. I am not talking hogwash, okay? One of the ways in which a man’s website ends up mainstream is the point at which the person composes, as indicated by the guidelines of the host blog, and makes the best choice when required. Along these lines, all things considered, I will start this article on guest posting by posting the sub-headings for better understanding. I will likewise do my best to make sure you make the best decision and end up as fruitful as other bloggers have been.


  1. What is guest posting?
  2. Why do we guest post?
  3.  The rules of guest posting
  4. How to find blogs to guest post for;
  5. The benefits of guest posting;
  6.  Things done that led to the rejection of content on host sites;
  7.  The ultimate guide to guest posting

So, starting with the first question, ‘what is guest posting?”. This simply means, according to my knowledge, the posting of content on other sites for the purpose of gaining benefits, such as traffic, and becoming popular. Is that enough? I guess not. Okay, I will give you some definitions from other sites for better understanding. Guest posting is the act of writing articles and sending them to the host blogs for the gaining of traffic, getting more readers to your blog, proving your loyalty and being a success. According to WritersInCharge, guest posting is the act of writing for another blog, hoping that it will be accepted and quality back links will be gotten, traffic will be gotten and relationships will be built.

What other ways would you want to define guest posting? Feel free to post them. So, what is the next tip?  

Why Do We Guest Post?

The reasons why we must guest post are all found in the definitions, so, I would do well to pick them out one after the other and shed more light on them as we move on.

  1. Subscribers: Who are these people? When new visitors come to have a glimpse of what you have for them, you can then use that opportunity to turn them into subscribers. They will, in turn, build your blog by commenting and helping you invite more people by spreading the good news. As easy as ABC, right?
  2. Traffic: Without this, it would be very impossible for you to get visitors and make money as you ought to. In this case, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend in creating the site. As long as you don’t strive to get traffic, your blog would be as good as dead.
  3. Links: This is the third reason why you must guest post. These links will help you improve your search engines and make your blog visible. It is alright for you to get free backlinks to your blog and in return, you will get three-in-one benefits.

What next?

The Rules of Guest Posting

As it is one of the freeways of driving traffic and getting new subscribers, and getting free links to your blog, there are rules that need to be followed, and some of them will be explained as we move on. So, here are the rules;

  1. Write great content: It is true that having great content in your article is one easy way to get it accepted. So, for you to get your post accepted, you must make sure you don’t have spam articles, you link to your site in your bio and not out or to any spam site and lastly, you must have a well-detailed article. Don’t crank out content to get links, okay?
  2. Own your content: What do I mean by this? When I say own your content, I mean you shouldn’t copy and paste, or re-write someone else’s content. When linking in your article, link to your own site.
  3. be choosy: Know the sites that are in your niche area and submit to them, at the same time, following their rules and regulations.
  4. Research: It is very important that you research to gain more knowledge on what you want o put down before posting. There are some points that must be obeyed before posting and they are;

<> Have a nice article title.

<> In the title, give the readers idea of what you want to do and that will make them want to know what you have for them in the body.

<> Know where the article should be placed (I think I have mentioned that before).

<> Have a purpose for your article: A goal must be set and achieved by all means (I mean the right way).

<> Advice: It is important that you advise them on what to do and what not to do.

<> Audience: This can be gotten via demographics, and information of the audience of the site like their location, age, and other things.

  1. Proofread your articles before submitting them.

How to Find Blogs to Guest Post For?

This depends on how you want your guest post to be written. It is true that finding blogs is a thorn in the flesh, but I just hope it will be easy for you once you have read this article.

  • Know your niche:  As I said before, it is very important that you know your niche to get your article accepted. Take, for example, you write on productivity and then send your guest post to a health blog. It will definitely not be accepted. So, be wise.
  • Use search engines: These search engines would make it easy for you to get sites in your niche. One of the most popular and effective search engines is Google. All you need to do is to type your niche name plus “write for us” and click “enter”.

What is next in line?

The Benefits of Guest Posting

There are uncountable benefits, but I will do well to mention the popular ones. So, here goes;

  • Gaining subscribers: This is the joy of guest posting because, in this, there would be no reason you should have links that don’t stick. It is very easy for you to get about 2,000 subscribers to your site through this and when you do what you ought to do daily, you will get the best results.
  • Quality traffic: This is one reason people rely on the guest posting thing and it really works, trust me. It has been observed that guest posting is one of the easiest ways to get quality traffic. So, I refer to it as my best source.
  • Building backlinks: Guest posting een as the most effective means of building backlinks and I agree with that. It is also an easy way to build a domain name.
  • Gain exposure: With this, you will be shown to the world and the first three benefits mentioned above will be given to you at a go.
  • It will help in the building of your brand.

Remember, when submitting a guest post, it shouldn’t be about you, but about your products and services.

Things Done That Lead to the Rejection of Content on Host Sites

Some of the things that lead to the rejection of posts are as follows;

  • Not following the instructions of the host bloggers.
  • Concentrating on yourself alone
  • Not giving out quality content
  • Not submitting to sites in your niche area
  • Doing things as you please
  • Having a copy and paste article is not worth it at all.

The ultimate guide to guest posting: How do you begin a guest post? The first things to do are; select a niche like yours, a good traffic blog, and additionally, a page rank blog. Once done, you can then focus on the ways to write a guest post. Some of the things to keep in mind are; having a clear mind that what you are about to publish is not on any site, having unique content, and getting feedback when your article is rejected. Keep in mind that it is okay for you to link to your blog or previous articles. Please, don’t use any promotional links because it won’t be accepted. Once those tips have been kept in mind, the next thing to do is to send; but before then, you will have to send a greeting message to the host blog and tell them your reason for submitting the guest post and, let them check it and get back to you. I am very sure you know how to do this. Don’t forget to be polite, okay, because that will take you a long way.

Is Guest Blogging Still Useful?

One of the oldest link-building strategies, guest posting, is still effective.

What Does Guest Posting Accomplish?

Writing content for another company’s website is known as “guest blogging,” commonly referred to as “guest posting.” Typically, guest writers contribute to sites in their sector that are similar to their own in order to encourage visitors to return to their website. Using external links from low-authority websites, increase their domain authority.

What Length Is Ideal for a Guest Post?

An excellent guest article is varied in length, on-topic, and pertinent. The average length of guest posts is 500 to 1000 words, although experts like Neil Patel argue that they should be far longer. closer to 2500 words. More content may increase your website’s chances of ranking highly in Google search results, according to data.

What Distinguishes Guest Blogging From Guest Posting?

Guest posting on a website that belongs to someone else is different from blogging on your own website.

How Are Guest Posts Made Profitable?

Direct affiliate marketing with your website is not required. A guest post can direct readers to your website, where you can use a microsite to market a particular kind of product.

So, with this said, I give you room to post your comments and ask whatever questions you have in this area.

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