when is the best time to buy a car

A new car is one of the year’s most significant purchases. And with the average new car costing over $40,000, buying one requires careful research. The best time to buy a car depends on your financial situation. So, when making a purchase, the amount of money you have available and the kinds of cars within your price range are all important considerations. You must be financially prepared to buy a car and be aware of the worst day of the week to buy a car. But while there are peak seasons and discounted holidays for car sales, it is best to buy a car when you find a deal that is within your budget and that you can afford. This article will help you determine the best time to buy a car and car tires in 2023.

What Is the Best Time to Buy a Car in 2023?

#1. Month/Quarter End

One of the most important things to remember when looking for a new vehicle is that nearly every salesperson on the show floor has monthly or quarterly sales goals. If those goals are met, the sales team may receive additional incentives, but it also means that they may be more willing to negotiate on the price of a vehicle to secure a sale.

Year-end. Holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve provide the ideal excuse to hold year-end sales events, making it a good time to look for a bargain. Buyers gain an advantage because December concludes with the trifecta of year-end, quarterly, and monthly sales goals. In the past, consumers have been known to score sweetheart financing options, cash-back deals, or price reductions by waiting until the ball drops.

#2. Beginning of the Year for Used Cars.

While dealerships try to end the year with a surge in new car sales, they also try to do the same with used cars. This is largely due to the fact that buyers trade in their old vehicles for new ones in January and February. iSeeCars.com says January (28.7%), February (22.1%), and December (13% each) have the most used car sales. There are two major holidays and two long weekends. Christmas and New Year’s aren’t the only two holidays that help car dealers move inventory. Car dealers use Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Black Friday, as well as other days when many people are off work, to entice customers into showrooms. When a holiday falls on a Friday or Monday, the weekend is extended to three days.

#3. Weekdays

If you intend to negotiate, you must have the salesperson’s undivided attention. That may not happen on weekends, when dealerships are typically busier. Shopping on a Monday or Tuesday allows you to be the only one asking questions, taking test drives, and negotiating a final price. It’s also worth noting that because financial institutions are open during business hours, getting a loan may be easier.

#4. End of a Model’s Design Cycle.

Vehicles, like most consumer goods, have an expected life cycle. Manufacturers discontinue or redesign certain models over time. When that occurs, dealers will want to clear out their inventory of older models to make room for new ones. You won’t be driving the most recent model, but you might get a good deal.

#5. During a Model Switchover.

New models are typically available in showrooms in early fall. At that point, dealers want to clear out as much of their previous year’s model inventory as possible to make room for the new model. If you’re okay with purchasing the previous model, you could save money. Depending on how well the car has sold, you may be able to negotiate a significant price reduction.

#6. Extra Perks From Dealers

When a dealer is running a special promotion, it is sometimes the best time to buy a car. Manufacturers typically offer deals such as cashback, leases with low monthly payments, and low or no-cost deposits.

When Is The Best Time To Buy Car Tires

There is a sizable market for car tire sales in the United States. By the year 2023, this industry will have earned $78 billion. This means that there is a great deal of competition in the business world. The most important question on your mind may be: when is the best time to buy tires? There are methods for determining when the best deals of the year are available. Knowing when deals are available can help you save money. You’ll be able to tell when it’s time to replace your tires if you keep track of their condition. It is critical to keep up with this information to avoid accidents.

Forgetting to change your tires can result in popped tires or tires that leak air constantly. Flat tires happen on the road as well, and having a spare tire always comes in handy. The answer to “when is the best time of year to replace your tires?” is simple. The best months to buy tires are between April and October. These two months have been identified as the best time of year to buy new tires. The April sales are strong because it is just before vacation season. Summertime travel is popular, with many people opting for road trips. Because so many people are interested in purchasing tires for long trips in their cars, manufacturers compete. Because of the upcoming winter months, October is a popular month for sales. Traction tires are required to drive safely in winter conditions. Many people look for tires right before the coldest season arrives, and tire sales appear to entice people to buy.

When Is the Worst Time to Buy a Car?

There are days when you should avoid car shopping, just as there are days when you should avoid negotiating a deal. If you can wait a little longer before making your purchase, avoid the following times:

It’s early in the model year. If you have your heart set on a brand-new car before it has even arrived on a dealership lot, consider lowering your price expectations. Dealers have less incentive to sell newly manufactured vehicles than they do older inventory. In contrast, early in the model year of a new model is the best time to negotiate for a leftover model, because dealers want to make room for the new vehicles arriving.

Immediately following the introduction of a new model. Manufacturers spend a lot of money marketing their newest models in order to generate interest. Deal-making is unlikely, so either wait or investigate a previous model.

At the beginning of a new month. If the end of the month is one of the best times to buy a car, the beginning of the month is the inverse. A salesperson’s monthly sales goals are reset at the start of the month, and they are less likely to ask their managers for wiggle room on a deal. You may still be able to negotiate a better deal, but be prepared to put in work ahead of time to demonstrate your commitment to making the purchase.

5 Signs You’re Financially Prepared to Buy a Car

  • You have a consistent guaranteed income.
  • You can comfortably raise a down payment of 20%.
  • You make enough money to keep your car running for the month.
  • You’re Prepared for Emergencies
  • You are not living above your means.

Is 2023 a Good Year to Buy a Car?

Car shoppers in 2023 may need to save up, especially if they have their hearts set on a new model. While car prices may begin to fall gradually as the year progresses, we shouldn’t expect any significant progress in the first half of 2023 based on current conditions. Overall, car production needs to go up if car prices are to go down a lot by 2023. And, while that is a possibility, we cannot count on it.

Will Car Prices Drop In 2023?

Used cars are likely to become more affordable in 2023, as prices appear to have peaked earlier this year. However, if the chip shortage is not addressed, new cars may remain prohibitively expensive. Overall, J.P. Morgan Research predicts that new car prices will fall by 2.5% to 5% in 2023 and used car prices will fall by 10% to 20%. But if interest rates go up in 2023, the effect of cheaper new car prices could be lessened.

What Are the Best and Worst Months to Buy a Car?

According to a study by car search engine iSeeCars and automotive research firm iSeeCars, January is the best month to buy a used car. The best months to buy a used car are January, February, and December. According to iSeeCars, late fall and early winter are generally good times to buy a used car at a good price. “There is more inventory at this time because dealers want to get rid of outgoing model year vehicles to make room for new model year inventory,” iSeeCars’ executive analyst Karl Brauer said in the study. “In addition, there isn’t as much foot traffic in dealerships at the start of the year as there is in months with milder weather, so dealers are more competitive with their pricing to drive up demand.”

However, the months of June, July, September, and May are the worst for people looking to buy a used car on the cheap. For the study, iSeeCars examined over 32 million used cars sold between 2018 and 2019, and vehicles listed at or below 5% of their market value were considered deals. The final percentage points for each month reflect the variations from the average daily chance of finding a deal, which is 26.1%.

What is the Cheapest Month to Buy a Car?

When it comes to the best time of year, October, November, and December are all safe bets. Sales goals for car dealerships are usually broken up into yearly, quarterly, and monthly goals. Late in the year, all three objectives begin to come together.

How Much Does a Decent Car Cost in 2023?

Some vehicles are so hot right now that there is no reason for a manufacturer to consider lowering the price. There is no getting around it. A vehicle will be more expensive in 2023. You can cut costs by having good credit, shopping around for financing rates, and considering an electric vehicle. Before you sign on the dotted line, read the fine print and understand the true cost of leasing. Finally, if you don’t have the time to wait for a vehicle with all your desired features and colors, you may want to consider your second-best option.


It takes patience to buy a decent car. Time can be your ally if you can postpone a purchase. While prices aren’t favorable for buyers right now, there may be opportunities to save during the upcoming holidays. Saving thousands of dollars is possible if you do some research, narrow down your top choices, and buy at the right time of year, month, or day.


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