How To Conference Call On Android for Business

How To Conference Call On Android

Ever wished you knew how to conference call on android stress-free?

Well, Santa Claus decided to visit early this year to grant that wish.

But just in case you do not believe in Santa, I guess this post will change that in the next few minutes.

So, stress is inevitable in the world of business, and the goal is usually to minimize workload to its barest minimum while maintaining a high level of efficiency.

But trust me, having to hold meetings at different locations consistently makes this impossible to achieve.

Teleconferencing, however, fixes this, allowing you to connect with your employees and hold meetings with your business partners, notwithstanding their different locations.

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Yea, cool, right?

What’s cooler is the fact that this can be done on your android phone with a decent level of efficiency, convenience, and versatility.

However, just knowing this gets us nowhere, hence the essence of this post, which gives you a break down on how to conference call on android.

One crucial point, though, before we continue, there are two sides to a conference call. You can either be the host or a participant.

With that out of the way, the checklist below makes it easier to conference calls.

Register with a good Conference call provider

You would agree with me that a general put-off with conference calls is noise disruption and frequent disconnections. So to get ahead of this problem, getting the right conference call provider is your best bet.

Conversely, understanding how challenging this could be, a good provider ensures you experience the convenience that comes with conferencing. Also, ensuring you work with an easy-to-navigate interface on their apps which makes it easy to either host or join a conference call with just a few clicks.

However, there are a few options out there like expressCONNECT that meet these criteria. Express Virtual Meetings’ app gets you set up in the shortest time possible. Also, this app automatically gives you access to their 24/7 customer service should any problem arise.

Hey, that wasn’t an endorsement of any sort, just an example that came to mind from my experience with them. Plus, I guess we would have to use them as a model in the course of this post.


Schedule a conference call from your android phone.

With the registration on a good conference call app checked, scheduling a conference call is the next step to mastering how to conference call on android. Scheduling a conference call, however, makes you the host and every other person joining, participants.

Furthermore, all hosting entail is sending out invites to attendees with a simple email from the app while keeping in mind the difference in time zones. Although, this is after you have gotten the dial-in number and access codes for the meeting. So the email content basically consists of the dial-in number, access code, time, and date.

Establish the call.

Two clicks on expressCONNECT get you started on your conference call. All you have to do is get your mobile phone, open the app, click on Join a Conference and confirm that request.

This commands automatically initiates the call giving other participants access to join the call with their access codes.

However, after your first conference call on this app, it saves your information, access codes, and dial-in number. This means that on subsequent calls, you would still be able to use the same access codes. But all that changes is the dates and time.

Conclusively, expressCONNECT is just one of the excessively great apps out there for conference calls for androids. With the right approach, you might just get one that does the job better.

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