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When you purchase full coverage auto insurance from Progressive, you can supplement your legally required basic liability policy with optional comprehensive and collision coverages. Progressive’s coverage options can fit almost any budget if you want your auto insurance to protect your vehicles. However, when looking for auto insurance, there are several factors to take into account, including whether you should choose comprehensive coverage or stick with the most basic liability policy. Read on to learn more about progressive full coverage price.


One of the most well-known insurance companies in the US is The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies (Progressive). The nation’s third-largest auto insurer, as well as the top motorcycle and RV insurer, is claimed to be this powerhouse in the insurance sector. Progressive collaborates with businesses like State. Over 13 million auto insurance policies are written each year by Farm Bureau, Allstate, GEICO, and Farmers Insurance Group.

So, if you are eligible for car insurance savings like good driver discounts or continuous insurance discounts, getting comprehensive auto insurance from Progressive is worthwhile. Having said that, it’s usually a good idea to compare auto insurance quotes from different companies before you decide on the best deal.

While no state requires full coverage insurance, the majority of lenders do finance or lease a vehicle. Even if you own your car, comprehensive coverage is often worth the money because it gives you peace of mind in the event of an accident that leaves you with no car. Full and collision coverage is a realistic alternative if you do not have the funds to pay for a new vehicle or pricey repairs out of pocket.

Progressive Insurance: Embracing the Internet

The first significant auto insurance company with a website is Progressive. In a ground-breaking step, the website was created in 1995, and by 1996, users could access online rate comparisons. Customers can now purchase Progressive auto insurance online in real-time, just one year later.

In 2021, the insurer’s successful direct-to-consumer business will be supported by a number of digital tools available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes chatbots, online policy service and management, online claims reporting, rate tickers (tools for comparing rates), independent agent locators, and instant quoting services.

Progressive Insurance: Product Lines

While Progressive is best known for its vehicle insurance products, it also provides solutions for a wide range of other personal and professional risks. Life insurance, business insurance, renters’ insurance, motorbike insurance, condo insurance, boat insurance, pet insurance, house insurance, RV insurance, renters’ insurance, pet insurance, and insurance bundles are just a few of the outstanding topics addressed in this book.

Progressive Insurance: Plan for Distribution

Progressive full-coverage insurance has had strong relationships with the independent agent channel for over 75 years. According to the company, independent insurance brokers are the top manufacturers of auto insurance products. Progressive will represent hundreds of US agencies by working with more than 43,000 agents and brokers in 2021.

Progressive supports the autonomous agent channel while always being open to new ideas. The insurance company gives customers several direct purchase options and programs to meet their changing needs.

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What’s Covered With “Full Coverage”?

Most car loan and lease contracts need “full coverage” auto insurance. It usually means collision and comprehensive coverage. Other state-mandated coverage (such as liability). Collision and comprehensive insurance cover car damage from collisions and non-collision incidents like falling objects and natural disasters, respectively. You are covered by liability for all of these things.

Lenders may insist that “full coverage” include things like roadside assistance and other coverage options. Hence, because complete coverage is not a type of insurance product, you should consult with both your lender and your insurer regarding the specific coverages that are needed of you and those that are suitable for your requirements.

Progressive Full Coverage Price 

The full progressive coverage price for auto insurance costs about $1,600 per year, which is slightly less than the national average. Hence, progressive is a wonderful option for anyone who has a speeding ticket, an at-fault collision, or a DUI on their record because it offers reduced rates for high-risk drivers.

Also, note that the price of progressive full coverage car insurance varies depending on the driver. The following is a list of the variables that affect the price of progressive full coverage price.

Does Progressive Offer Paying in Full?

If you pay for your insurance policy in full and up front, you’ll save some money. You can save money on your monthly premiums if you sign up for automatic payments to be deducted from your checking or credit card account. Take note that this discount cannot be used in conjunction with the full payment discount.

Factors That Set Progressive Car Insurance Costs

The price of your Progressive auto insurance depends on some variables. Although some of these factors are under your control and some are outside it, here are some of the most important ones that will affect how much Progressive car insurance will cost:

#1. Driving History

A driver with a clean record of traffic violations or accidents may anticipate paying less for coverage.

#2. The Brand and Model of the Car

Most of the time, people who drive expensive cars or cars without safety features pay more than people who drive cheap cars with safety features.

#3. Age

Progressive vehicle insurance costs for young drivers are typically higher than those for older drivers. Rates often increase again for individuals over 65.

#4. Gender

According to statistics, men are more likely than women to be involved in accidents, which raises the average premium.

#5. Credit score

If you have good credit, you’ll often pay less for equivalent coverage than someone with bad credit.

#6. Policy Bundling

If you combine your progressive auto insurance policy with one for renters’ insurance, homeowners’ insurance, or life insurance, your overall cost will be lower.

#7. Chosen Deductible

Low deductible policyholders will probably pay more for a Progressive vehicle insurance policy.

#8. Location

Here, your domicile has a significant impact on the cost of your Progressive car insurance. Most of the time, drivers in cities pay more than drivers in rural areas, and rates are often higher in places with strict coverage requirements.

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Progressive Full Coverage Insurance

When looking for auto insurance, it’s critical to understand the difference between the coverage you need and the coverage you want. For instance, most jurisdictions mandate that drivers maintain a specific amount of auto insurance. Hence, if you want extra security, full coverage insurance may be of interest to you. Depending on the laws in your area, you might be able to add the following types of coverage to your insurance:

#1. Gap Insurance

If Progressive totals your vehicle, it will pay up to 25% more than the market value to cover any unpaid lease or loan arrears. Progressive will only issue gap insurance if you have collision and comprehensive coverage.

#2. Value of Specialized Equipment and Parts

Any personalized accessories you install on your automobile that are damaged in a covered claim will be mended or replaced up to $5,000.

#3. Protecting Animal Injuries

If your pet is injured in a car accident, collision insurance will cover their medical expenses up to a certain level.

#4. Deductions for Savings in a Bank

If you join this program and go six months with no claims, your comprehensive and collision deductibles will be waived.

#5. Rideshare Insurance

This is provided by Progressive in a number of states. The typical insurance coverage of a ridesharing company only covers the interval between picking up and dropping off a passenger. When the app is running, this extra insurance increases your own auto coverage, protecting your security even as you wait for a ride. There are three unique accident forgiveness programs that Progressive offers. They include:

Small Accident Forgiveness

Here, your rate won’t go up if you file a claim for less than $500. In most states, consumers can get this benefit right away.

Large Accident Forgiveness 

If you’ve had coverage with Progressive for at least five years and haven’t been in an accident in at least three of those years, Progressive won’t raise your rate.

Progressive Accident Forgiveness

People who want a higher level of security now have to pay for it. This benefit can be added whenever you buy or renew insurance, and it lets you get out of paying for one accident per coverage period. The company’s loyalty rewards program accident forgiveness benefits would take priority over any other accident forgiveness benefits you might get during the policy period (described above).

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Progressive Full Coverage Deductible

You can add the Progressive Deductible Savings Bank® to your insurance when you buy protection. If you avoid accidents and traffic infractions over the following six months, this perk entitles you to a $50 decrease on your deductible. Every new coverage period will begin with a lower deductible that, for safe drivers, can be nothing. For each year they go without filing a claim, those who have policies on motorcycles, recreational vehicles (RVs), or boats can use the add-on to obtain 25% cheaper deductibles.

How Does Progressive Pay Out Claims?

They pay you its actual cash value, which is the market value of your vehicle based upon several factors, such as its pre-loss condition, age, options, mileage, etc., minus any applicable deductible if you have Progressive insurance. The actual cash value is the market value of your vehicle based upon several factors, such as its pre-loss condition, age, options, mileage, etc. help ascertain the actual monetary value, we collaborate with a third party.onTo

Does Full Coverage Really Cover Everything?

The majority of situations are covered by full coverage insurance, including weather-related damage to your car, at-fault accidents, collisions with animals, and vandalism. So, if your automobile is stolen, it will even pay you the current worth of your car.

Is Progressive Gold Level Full Coverage?

Progressive does really provide full coverage auto insurance.

Is Progressive Good at Paying Claims?

J.D. Power research from 2022 discovered that clients were less than happy with the way Progressive handled auto insurance claims and shopping. The 4th business out of 8.

Will Progressive Approve Full Windshield Cost?

You ought to be protected for auto glass repair, including a full windshield replacement, if you have comprehensive insurance. At Progressive, you won’t often be charged anything if your glass can be fixed rather than replaced.

At What Point Is Full Coverage Not Worth It?

Full coverage is a bad investment 10 to 15 years after a vehicle’s model year. Full coverage by itself probably won’t cost more than a car is worth, but following an accident, the cost of insurance is more likely to exceed the value of the vehicle.

Does Progressive Raise Rates After 6 Months?

Yes, Progressive occasionally raises rates after six months. If you file a claim or have more traffic infractions recorded to your driving record during your initial 6-month policy period as a new Progressive customer, your vehicle insurance rate will increase.

Is Geico Better Than Progressive?

While Progressive’s rates are generally less affordable for most drivers, Geico stands out for offering lower average auto insurance rates for a number of driver types. Progressive offers more to offer in that regard if additional coverages and features are important.

Is Full Coverage 1000 Deductible? 

Yes. Although deductibles of $1,000 are frequently thought of as the norm, people are increasingly choosing smaller deductibles of $500 or even $250 to reduce their risk.

Is Full Coverage the Most Expensive?

Full coverage costs more because it includes liability coverage as well as collision and comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive and collision coverage help pay for damage to your car from most kinds of accidents.


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