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As is already known, all transaction information is gathered by your POS system. Many systems keep track of stock, control personnel, and show current sales figures. It can also address problems brought by discrepancies between sales and inventory figures. POS systems are used by small business owners to monitor sales, inventory, and customers. Mobile small business point-of-sale systems make shopping easier for customers by letting them check out quickly and connect to other services.

POS systems replace traditional cash registers with software that can collect payments in more ways than cash registers.

Best POS Systems for Sales for 2022

#1. Toast POS

Toast is an easy-to-use point-of-sale system created specifically for bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and pizzerias with the goal of increasing sales and interacting with consumers in innovative ways.

It integrates with important platforms and systems like Grubhub, OpenTable, HotSchedules, and MonkeyMedia. Toast has unique hardware and operates on Android software.

#2. TouchBistro POS

TouchBistro is an iPad point-of-sale system that has been created by restaurant professionals for use in more than a hundred nations.

Users that run full-service or quick-service restaurants, bars, clubs, food trucks, or breweries will find TouchBistro to be an ideal fit. Its enhanced tableside ordering is its key feature for boosting sales. Integrates with leading accounting programs including Xero, Sage, and QuickBooks.

#3. Lighting Speed Retail POS

Lightspeed Retail is included on the list as a reliable POS system that serves restaurants and retail establishments while also helping to create a strong eCommerce platform.

For users that sell clothing, bicycles, pets, jewelry, gadgets, and more, Lightspeed Retail is perfect. It’s perfect for cafes, restaurants, whether fast service or fine dining, pubs, and hotels, according to people in the food industry.

More than 90 third-party products, such as 7Shifts, BPL Digital Online Ordering, and Mobi2Go, are integrated with Lightspeed Retail. It offers specialized hardware, and its software is compatible with Windows, Mac, and iOS. Lightspeed Retail has a $99 monthly minimum.

#4. Sapaad POS

As it runs on web browsers, Sapaad is a POS system that doesn’t need any special software or equipment.

Cafeterias, casual eating establishments, delivery restaurants, chain restaurants with several locations, franchises, quick service establishments, fast dining establishments, food trucks, centralized kitchens, kiosks, and drive-ins are all excellent candidates for Sapaad.

With Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, Sapaad is a web-based application that works with any OS. Since Sapaad does not offer specialized hardware, customers are free to use their current gadgets. At $59 a month, plans are available.

#5. AB POS

A flexible system that works for both restaurant and retail establishments is provided by AB POS. AB POS is an excellent program for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, food trucks, franchising organizations, and all types of retail establishments because it is a flexible and all-purpose tool.

Employees are provided a unique PIN login for secured access, and multi-access is permitted. With already installed POS hardware and software, AB POS connects with ease. It offers unique hardware and utilizes Android. The monthly subscription rate is $39.99.

#6. Cybersys POS

Kuwait-based POS software vendor Cybersys receives positive reviews and suggestions for their worldwide vision. Cybersys is the finest solution for growing your company abroad because it’s available in 12 languages and can handle various currencies. 

Retail stores, restaurants, cafes, sporting goods stores, mobile phone stores, booksellers, greenhouses, supermarkets, and bakeries can use Cybersys. Cybersys also supports Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. It doesn’t require extra hardware, so users can use their existing gadgets.

#7. Vend POS

Vend Zone is an online retailer and through customized marketing and loyalty programs, it improves sales. It’s ideal for fashion boutiques, home goods stores, sports shops, food and beverage retailers, health and beauty retailers, bike shops, shoe stores, fitness and supplement merchants, toy and hobby stores, jewelry stores, pet stores, and cafes.

Vend integrates PaymentSense, Tyro, PayPal, WorldPay, Square, and PaymentExpress. It also provides an API for third-party integration and programming. Vend works on iOS and Windows. Neither supplies nor demands specialist hardware. $99 a month.

#8. Square POS

Square is a POS system that combines hardware, software, and a payment platform into a single unit. 

For all types of retail establishments, including clothing boutiques and sporting goods stores, Square is the best point-of-sale system. Restaurants and coffee establishments can both use it. It is compatible with spas and salons thanks to a unique feature for arranging appointments.

It has its own hardware, but customers may also use their own iPads by simply connecting them to a Square Stand. Even iPhones can be used by users by simply attaching a Square Reader to act as a handheld device. Employee management is integrated into the POS system by Square.

Vend, TouchBistro, Wix, Lavu, WooCommerce, GoCentral Online Store, and 3dcart all have integrations with Square. Both iOS and Android devices may run Square, which also offers unique hardware.

#9. Miva Merchant POS

Miva Merchant is POS software for smooth, guided eCommerce with over 20 years of experience. Small and large enterprises can use Miva Merchant. Omnichannel retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers love Miva Merchant.

Miva Merchant rules e-commerce. It helps build online stores. It engages customers during browsing, payment, and delivery.

Chase, PayPal, FedEx, UPS, Amazon Payments, and Square work with Miva Merchant. Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac are supported. Web-based Miva Merchant requires no specific equipment. Quote-only Miva Merchant pricing.

#10. Lavu POS

Lavu’s 300+ features include reports, menus, check-splitting, employee scheduling, and payment processing. The company’s design prioritizes revenue. Lavu’s features and functions make it ideal for bars, coffee shops, pizzerias, vineyards, breweries, and food trucks.

Furthermore, Lavu’s API allows third-party integration. Avero, Bridgepay, Checkmate, Inventory 2.0, Mobi2Go, and Square are compatible. Lavu has iOS-only hardware. Lavu costs $69/month.

#11. Clover POS

Many businesses use the Clover POS system since it is designed for different kinds of businesses. Restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, hairdressers, and service-based businesses like car washes and repair shops are also excellent enterprises for Clover.

Yelp, Time Clock, Payroll, Quickbooks, Woo, Shopify, Menufy, PhoneOrders, Order Kiosk, and DispenseMe are among the websites with which Clover interfaces. Clover offers unique hardware and is compatible with Mac devices. Pricing is offered as a quote.

#12. Salesforce commerce cloud

For business owners who wish to rapidly build their websites, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the preferred point-of-sale system.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is perfect for all types of retail stores as well as those in the financial services, healthcare, and science fields, the manufacturing, and consumer goods industries, the media and communications industries, the government, the transportation and hospitality industries, the automotive industry, higher education, and nonprofit sectors.

AmazonPay, Braintree, Drive Commerce, and PayPal are just a few of the more than 120 third-party products that Salesforce Commerce Cloud interacts with. Salesforce Commerce Cloud works on Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Mac and offers specialized hardware. Plans begin at only $25 per month.

#13. ShopKeep by lightspeed

Users that desire more robust inventory and personnel management solutions in the retail, restaurant, and bar industries can use ShopKeep by Lightspeed. More than 25,000 small company owners use ShopKeep by Lightspeed.

BigCommerce and QuickBooks are both integrated with ShopKeep by Lightspeed. It offers specialized hardware, and its software is compatible with Windows, Mac, and iOS.

#14. QuickBooks POS 

The QuickBooks POS system provides businesses with a whole software-hardware combination. A precise inventory function and tools for client relationship management are among its key features. QuickBooks is seamlessly integrated.

For all types of retail establishments, including clothing boutiques, music stores, sporting goods stores, bakeries, grocery stores, and more, QuickBooks POS is the best option.

Additionally, it offers a management feature that enables users to plan and coordinate payroll for employees, contractors, and bill payments. It uses special hardware and operates on Windows. The price for QuickBooks POS starts at $1,200 annually.

#15. Cegid POS

Cegid is an easy-to-roll-out POS system that grows with businesses without the high cost of conventional digital frameworks.

Cegid’s POS software is utilized by 70,000+ establishments in 75+ countries and is suited for worldwide specialty retailers of all sizes. Cegid is compatible with boutiques, departments, and superstores.

Oracle, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Adyen, Aures, BroadBean, Global Blue, CrossKnowledge, InVue, and Nedap integrate with Cegid. Cegid’s software operates on Windows, Linux, and Mac. 

#16. Shopify POS

The Shopify POS system enables users to deal both online and brick-and-mortar-wise. 

Shopify is great for all retail stores, particularly those who want to sell their products online. QuickBooks is integrated with Shopify’s POS. It offers unique hardware and works on both iOS and Android devices. Shopify POS is available for $13 per month to get started.

#17. GoFrugal POS

India-based GoFrugal POS has 25,000+ users worldwide. It’s one of the greatest because of its usability and customer assistance. GoFrugal is great for supermarkets, department stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, opticals, spas, salons, hardware stores, booksellers, sports outlets, restaurants, bars, bakeries, and food trucks.

GoFrugal integrates with Shopify, Elite Software, gazeIT, and Kalim. Its software runs on iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows. Plan starts at $375/month.

#18. Zettle Go POS

Zettle Go, which used to be called iZettle Go, is a free POS app for people who use Zettle Reader. As the most popular mobile card reader company in the UK, this app is used by many small shops that don’t need very advanced features at their point of sale. All of the most recent iPhones, iPads, and Android devices can download the app.

This has all of Zettle’s retail-related features, such as the ability to upload a lot of products at once, track stock levels, offer different versions of a product, and get basic sales data, such as best-selling items.

#19. Webnexs POS

Webnexs POS provides different scripts for restaurants, cafés, bakeries, groceries, department stores, travel agencies, auto rentals, clothes shops, retail stores, public and private transportation, and buy-and-sell businesses.

Integrations with Magento, PayPal, Amazon Payments, and DHL are made easier using Webnexs. Its software runs on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and Mac. $299.

#20. Kyte POS

Kyte POS is a smartphone-only program. It’s POS software that puts sales, inventory and reporting at your fingertips.

Kyte POS works in retail outlets, restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, pet shops, and kiosks. Its receipt customizing tool is snazzy. This program lets users customize receipts with logos, designs, and formatting.


#21. ShopOwner POS

ShopOwner POS is a cheap Android POS. It has all the functionality small businesses need to run smoothly. Foodservice, small shops, attractions, boutiques, restaurants, and more can use ShopOwner POS.

ShopOwner POS’s free plan provides all functionality but limits receipts. Options cost $25/device/month.

Free Small Business Point Of Sale

As nothing goes for nothing, Everyone who sees free POS systems is skeptical. Is “free” really free?

It’s probably not as it seems. Some POS functions may be free, but the whole system will cost you. This article dispels the misconception that “free” POS systems exist and outlines the expenses you can expect when buying POS software for your firm.

Free POS systems vary in features and benefits. The finest free POS tools enable online payments and sales through several channels, CRM, and extensive reports.

Mobile Point of Sale Systems for Small Business

Small business mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems are POS systems that can be accessed from a smartphone, such as an iPad or iPhone.

Mobile POS software systems are a combination of conventional countertop POS systems and consumer devices that are sleek and easy to use.

This is a suitable POS option if you do not manage a lot of inventory and you need to be mobile. Most will work with a portable receipt printer, or you can email receipts to your customers directly from the app. Small business mobile point-of-sale systems or software, in contrast to legacy systems, are designed to run on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, thus turning your entire store into a POS. 

Also, some systems provide customer-facing features that help businesses while also enhancing the customer’s experience.

Restaurant Point of Sale Systems for Small Business

POS systems are used in restaurants for a wide variety of purposes, including but not limited to accepting payments, keeping tabs on stock, processing orders, relaying them to the kitchen, tracking attendance, organizing seating arrangements, and storing and updating menus. 

A complete system includes a terminal, card reader, cash drawer, and receipt printer, in addition to software and the ability to process payments.

To Wrap Up

Point-of-sale (POS) systems are replacing traditional registers with software that provides more money-collection options than old registers could ever provide. Select the ideal point-of-sale system for your business today.

Point of Sale Systems for Small Business FAQs

What is the best small business point-of-sale systems in 2022?

The best small business point-of-sale systems include:

  • TouchBistro POS
  • Lighting Speed Retail POS
  • Toast POS, etc.

What do we mean by mobile point of sale systems for small business?

Small business mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems are POS systems that can be accessed from a smartphone, such as an iPad or iPhone.

What are the free small business point of sale?

It’s probably not as it seems. Some POS functions may be free, but the whole system will cost you.

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