DIY Solar Panel Installation: Is It Worth It?

diy solar panel installation
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Solar power continues to rise in popularity as the de facto top alternative energy resource. You can find solar-powered generators, headphones, and vehicles on the market. If you’re looking to improve your home and its value, solar panels are a great addition. There are many steps you would need to follow, or simply reach out to In Style Solar company for assistance.
Many people may consider DIY solar panel installation instead of hiring a professional installer to save some money. After all, most solar power systems act as supplemental energy to your normal electricity. 
Here are some reasons why you should hire professional help for your roof solar panels, instead. 

DIY Solar Panel Installation Considerations

If you wanted to DIY your solar energy system, there are multiple steps you would need to follow. 
First, you would need to figure out your home’s current energy efficiency to determine how many solar panels you’d need and what kind. There may be limitations, such as available space and whether or not there is direct sunlight. 
A homeowner would then need to purchase solar panels that are DIY-friendly and can be purchased without a contractor. If you hired a contractor, then you would have financing options and tax incentives available to help cover the cost.
To connect your panels to the grid, you’ll have to get permission from your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). 

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

A DIY solar panel installation job won’t get you the same benefits as hiring a professional. Installing solar panels with an expert assures your safety and a much quicker process. 

#1. General Safety

Solar panel installation involves heights and electrical parts. It’s easy to fall from a sloped rooftop, and you would need to carry heavy equipment onto and off of the roof. There’s also the risk of electric shock if you aren’t trained to work with electrical cables. 
If you end up hurt trying to install solar panels, there’s no one to blame but yourself. 

#2. Special Installation Equipment

The hammer and power drill you have in your garage are likely not enough to install solar panels. Five of the main equipment types you’ll require include the panels, inverter, racking, performance monitoring, and storage option. Your local professionals should all have easy access to this equipment and experience working with them.

#3. Warranty Coverage

Utilizing a solar provider near you gives you access to warranty coverage. Getting one is important to protect you from any kind of problem that may pop up. If you don’t rely on a reputable solar company, then you won’t have access to any form of coverage. 

Installation Done Right

DIY solar panel installation is more affordable in the short term than with a professional. However, hiring a solar panel installer allows for a better and quicker installation job.
They can also walk you through the process of applying for grants and taking advantage of tax incentives to help you save money. If something goes wrong, you can rely on a warranty instead of buying all new equipment yourself. 
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