INSTAGRAM SMALL BUSINESS: The Best Hashtags & All You Need

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Instagram is one of the most efficient tools to grow your small business. However, there’s quite a lot you should know before you can grow your business on this platform. And this article will reveal every one of them.

We will go over Instagram small business ideas, the best hashtags, how you can grow your small business on Instagram, and all you need.

Instagram Small Business

The fact that around 2 million businesses use Instagram to communicate with customers online is one of the most convincing arguments in favor of using Instagram for small businesses. And based on statistics, 90% of Instagram users follow a business.

And if they see a brand’s advertisement on Instagram, 50% of individuals are more interested in it.

In addition, Instagram offers a variety of tools that companies may use to expand their reach, including business accounts, Instagram shops, and even creator accounts that assist certain content providers like writers, marketers, and photographers.

Let’s assume that you haven’t finished yet. In that scenario, there is also a tool to use Instagram advertisements to advertise your material. It offers a thorough targeting system that will present your content to the precise audience that most closely matches your client’s personal.

Instagram Small Business Ideas

You are well aware of how effective Instagram can be for business promotion. You may, however, also create a whole business around the platform. Did you know that?

Just a few fantastic Instagram business ideas will do. Below are some Instagram small business ideas:

#1. Blogger for food

You can create meals that you don’t actually sell but rather share recipes for, and then work as an influencer for grocery and food companies.

#2. Travel Writer

By sharing your adventures as well as some helpful travel hacks and advice with your followers, you may also collaborate with travel companies like hotels and airlines.

#3. Blogger for lifestyle

You can use Instagram as a more all-purpose platform and collaborate with a wide range of firms that would interest your target audience.

#4. Artist for makeup

Instagram is a visual platform, and since makeup is a visual art form, it’s a great place to show off your work and give potential clients a way to book your services.

#5. Meme Creator

To generate some buzz, brands will occasionally pay creators of memes. So you can create and distribute memes using Instagram.

#6. Photo-Editing Program

If you are an app developer, you could build your app around Instagram and provide other users the ability to alter images or videos.

#7. Consultant for Instagram

If you want to help people with their Instagram accounts, you can act as a consultant and use your own account to spread your knowledge.

#8. Affiliate Marketer

You can share affiliate links to certain products or services on your Instagram account and in your Instagram Stories to get a cut of the money from each sale.

#9. Digital Product Vendor

Instagram might be your primary tool for sharing your wares with potential buyers if you sell digital goods like eBooks or printables.

#10. Photographer of Events

Instagram is a fantastic platform on which to base a photography business. If you work as an event photographer, you can get more clients by sharing photos from the events you cover and putting your email address in your bio.

Best Hashtags for Instagram Small Business

Before you begin, it’s crucial to understand that not all hashtags are created equal.

Even though we offer the best and trending hashtags for Instagram, they are fiercely competitive. To get the most out of your account, use hashtags that match its size and level of engagement.

On Instagram, the hashtag “#smallbusiness” has received over 10 million mentions, with #smallbusinessowner receiving 6 million. The most popular hashtags for the term “small company,” according to best-hashtags, are as follows:

  • #smallbusiness
  • #supportsmallbusiness
  • #handmade
  • #shoplocal
  • #shopsmall
  • #smallbusinessowner
  • #entrepreneur
  • #supportlocal
  • #business
  • #fashion
  • #love
  • #localbusiness
  • #etsy
  • #marketing
  • #etsyshop
  • #businessowner
  • #art
  • #explorepage
  • #homedecor
  • #covid
  • #instagood
  • #startup
  • #design
  • #entrepreneurship
  • #womeninbusiness
  • #beautiful
  • #inspiration
  • #branding
  • #smallbusinessconsulting

For your postings, pick and use these hashtags carefully. When you do, it will display the top hashtags that will promote your article in the audience’s explore section.

How To Promote Your Business on Instagram

To assist you in promoting your company on Instagram, we’ve compiled our best advice.  

#1. Make sure you have a business Instagram account.

Make sure that you set up your Instagram account as a business profile before you begin attracting more users to it. It’s actually very simple to switch to a business Instagram account if you’re currently using a personal account for your business.

Choose the person symbol from the home screen’s bottom right corner before choosing the wheel from the screen’s top right corner. When you do so, the “Options” box will appear, and you can choose to “Switch to Business Profile.”

#2. Update your profile

Incomplete Instagram accounts are especially undesirable because the site is so visually appealing; it would be preferable to have fewer people find a complete profile than for more people to visit an incomplete one.

Use a high-quality profile image, add important information about your company, and check that your Instagram bio is written in your brand language to complete your business page. Include a hyperlink in your bio that directs readers to your website or a specific landing page.

#3. Make your presence known

If others can’t find you, you can’t advertise your Instagram account and gain more followers. So just double-check that your profile is visible to the public. Otherwise, your posts will only be visible to people who already follow you.

#4. Begin with family and friends.

This advice is especially helpful for small, local businesses or those that are just getting started with Instagram marketing. Your first engagement will be boosted by connecting with family and friends, who will (hopefully) be more than delighted to share your account on their own networks.

Their interactions with your profile will appear in their feed even if they don’t directly promote your account, making it possible for their followers to find you that way.

#5. Write informative articles

This is a tried-and-true method of promoting your Instagram account—or, more accurately, your entire business—for free. Users will follow you if you have appealing, fascinating, and valuable material.

#6. Post Eye-Catching, Top-Notch Pictures

I am aware that this is hardly a revolutionary discovery. Contrary to common assumption, however, creating appealing and intriguing photographs for Instagram doesn’t require you to be a skilled photographer or own expensive equipment.

Why You Should Use Instagram To Promote Your Business

It goes without saying that you should advertise your company in general, but for the purposes of this article, let’s focus on the benefits of advertising your Instagram business profile in particular. What you can achieve by boosting your Instagram is as follows:


One of the most widely used social media platforms worldwide is Instagram.


With 500 million daily active users and 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram ranks third among all social media platforms.

Connect with your audience:

Due to Instagram’s gender balance of 50.9% female to 49.1% male, it is the most gender-neutral of the social media platforms, making it possible for you to connect with both groups of your target audience through your promotions.


With such a sizable user base, you can reasonably infer that you are successfully reaching a sizable portion of your target market on Instagram. Additionally, you will be able to draw in and retain more clients if you offer value, gain trust, and cultivate connections on such a well-liked platform.

How To Find Small Businesses on Instagram

Select “Near Current Location” under “Places” in the Search column. You could also look for local places where your target audience might gather (and take photos for Instagram). When you find relevant articles or posts, you could comment on them in a helpful way.

Instagram Small Business Grant

Instagram has started the next stage of its #BlackVisionaries financing program, in which the platform will collaborate with the Brooklyn Museum to provide black artists, black designers, and Black-owned small businesses USD 650,000 in awards.

It says that for the past three years, the Brooklyn Museum and Antwaun Sargent, a writer, curator, and #BlackVisionaries Creative Chair, have worked together to support and highlight creative voices that haven’t been given enough attention in the past.

The companies are now working together to highlight, support, and elevate Black voices and groups working in the arts and design.

Ten #BlackVisionaries awards, including five for black-led, design-focused businesses in the US, will be given out, according to the corporation.

How Do I Start a Business on Instagram?

Find Account in the options menu, then select Switch to Professional Account. Select Business after deciding which category most accurately defines your company. You’re ready to go because you have an Instagram business account. Utilize the advice below to finish your profile.

What Should Small Businesses Post On Instagram?

If you have a small business and intend growing it, then take you should:

  • Take your supporters behind the scenes.
  • A motivational saying.
  • Reshare user-generated content from your website.
  • Write a post highlighting your top-selling item.
  • Coupons and sales at a discount
  • Post about a giveaway.
  • Tips and tricks
  • A humorous meme.

Does Instagram Help Small Businesses Grow?

Yes, Instagram offers a chance to create a devoted following that expands with your company and a highly targetable visual marketing platform for your brand. In fact, more than 500 million people use the Instagram app daily, making it the home of some of the most active audiences around.

How Much Does Instagram Make Per Post?

According to the search marketing company, influencers with a million followers can make about $670 for every article. On Instagram, a content creator can make approximately $200 for each post if they have 100,000 followers, while someone with just 10,000 followers can make about $88.

How Do You Sell Successfully on Instagram?

You can sell successfully on Instagram by doing the following:

  • Boost the effectiveness of your Instagram business profile.
  • Reach your desired audience by using Instagram ads.
  • Publish links to products in Instagram stories.
  • Create an Instagram feed that is “shoppable.”
  • Organize collaborations with Instagram influencers.

Why are customers crucial to a small business?

Instagram followers represent potential clients. Having more followers essentially means having more clients, which improves your chances of making sales. A tiny firm is looking for followers in the market to help it get off to a successful start.

How often should I post on Instagram?

HubSpot claims that one post per day is adequate if you have fewer than 10,000 followers. A post will get 60% fewer clicks than one that is above this threshold. It’s best to publish 1-2 times per day if you have more than 10,000 followers.


Now that you know more about Instagram for small businesses, the best hashtags, and how you can promote your small business on Instagram, you should start utilizing this so you can generate more sales on the Instagram platform.


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