Yeezy Logo: Who Owns the Logo? History & Controversies

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Kanye West and the iconic shoe brand are probably the first two things that come to mind when you hear Yeezy. After years of being expressive through his fashion choices, Kanye created a brand that would allow his devoted fans to do the same. Kanye West’s Yeezy brand provided a platform for his fans to express themselves through clothing.
However, Kanye’s Yeezy brand has recently been involved in a lawsuit with Walmart, which has been widely publicized. And the Yeezy logo, which Kanye fans know and love, was at the heart of this lawsuit.

If you haven’t yet heard about this lawsuit or want to learn more about what’s going on with Yeezy’s logo, you’ve come to the right place. While we will delve deeper into the conflict the new Yeezy logo had with Walmart in this article, we will first provide some background information to help you become more acquainted with this brand.

What Exactly is Yeezy?

Adidas created the Yeezy sneaker line in collaboration with producer, rapper, and designer Kanye West. Yeezy sneakers have a unique design, are produced in limited quantities, and are sold exclusively in the world’s best stores. They were created using advanced Adidas technologies.

For a while, Yeezy’s logo was simply the Yeezy brand name. The letter “Z” had a strike through it, but other than that, the only distinguishing feature of the logo was that it was written entirely in upper-case letters.

History and Significance

Kanye West had time to work with several other brands, including Adidas’ direct competitor Nike, before launching a joint line with Adidas. West’s first sneakers, designed in collaboration with BAPE, were released in 2007. The graphic for the album The College Dropout inspired the design. A year later, West collaborated with Reebok to create four different S. Carter Low Classic colours. In 2008, Jay-Z’s signature model with a Kanye West design was released.

Kanye West and his friend, stylist, and longtime partner Virgil Ablo travelled to Paris in 2009 to intern at the fashion house Fendi. West takes it a step further by releasing sneakers designed in collaboration with the iconic fashion house Louis Vuitton. Three models will be available in 2009 under the auspices of the collaborative project. At the same time, the first Nike Air Yeezy is released, and West, as a sneaker designer, is thrust into the spotlight.

In 2012, Kanye West and Nike released the Nike Air Yeezy II. This is the final model created in collaboration between the musician and the American brand. Adidas announced the start of its collaboration with Kanye West on December 3, 2013. This date can be considered the Yeezy brand’s birth.

Adidas Yeezy Boost Original Sneakers – a shoe that combines high comfort with a focus on unique and recognizable design. Since famous rapper Kanye West collaborated with Adidas, the brand’s products have increased in popularity.

When the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 model was first released in 2015, it quickly became a cult favourite. This Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Glow from May 2019 has a stunning Primeknit upper with a green glow-in-the-dark hue and a translucent stripe for a dramatic side profile. The outsole of the sneaker glows in the dark and offers enhanced cushioning thanks to the Boost system.

What’s the Deal with Yeezy and Walmart?

As previously stated, the Yeezy logo has previously consisted of the Yeezy name since the brand’s inception in 2009. That all changed in January 2020, when Yeezy filed for a new proposed logo, according to CNN Business. When this logo was presented, Walmart took notice right away. That’s because Yeezy was offering a new logo resembling Walmart’s sunburst logo, which has been in use since 2007. In a letter, Walmart stated that they contacted Yeezy twice in July and August of 2020 and then again in the first three months of 2021. Following Walmart’s attempts at resolution, Yeezy failed to respond or cooperate, as stated in Walmart’s letter.

According to Fast Company, Yeezy likely wanted to update its logo because having a symbol as the face of the brand allowed it to be more easily repurposed in different colours and textures and across various media (in various sizes). The new symbol is similar to a badge and can be easily placed on various Yeezy products and marketing materials.

As previously stated, Yeezy is no stranger to collaborations. Despite previously collaborating with brands such as Gap and Adidas, the Yeezy brand has not become as well-known as its partners (and competitors). Take, for example, Nike and Adidas. Nike is known for their swoosh, and Adidas is known for its three lines.

What Is the Current State of the Walmart-Yeezy Feud?

While the dotted star logo has the potential to attract Yeezy fans, Walmart does not want to be associated with Kanye’s brand. According to Yahoo!, Walmart believes that the similarity between the logos will confuse their customers and that this similarity will also incorrectly suggest a connection between the two brands. These sentiments were expressed in an updated filing to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, in which the store replaced the “Deception/False Designation of Origin” claim with a “Suggestion of a Connection” claim.

Walmart is also opposed to this logo because, as Yeezy expands its product offerings, its new products may be available for retail at Walmart, adding to the confusion. If more Yeezy products are distributed through Walmart, and the two have a similar logo, Walmart may succumb to their customers’ feelings about any celebrity collaborations Yeezy pursues.

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After Walmart attempted to halt the release of the new Yeezy logo, Yeezy publicly stated, as reported by Creative Bloq, that they did not want to be associated with the retailer. Yeezy maintains that the two logos are not comparable. They point out that the Yeezy logo has eight dotted lines, whereas Walmart’s has only six thicker lines than Yeezy’s.

As of today, no decision has been reached in this lawsuit. This is a difficult case to unravel, and the decision will most likely not be as straightforward as in previous similar cases. Kanye West’s net worth is estimated to be $6.6 billion, owing primarily to his Yeezy brand. Kanye’s success is dependent on the Yeezy brand, so it’s safe to assume that Kanye will go to any length to keep his company growing. And if this lawsuit has taught us anything, it’s that a company’s logo is extremely powerful.

Yeezy Symbol

The official Yeezy emblem is built around the lettering, which is done in a custom modern sans-serif font with softened angles and a horizontal bar crossing the diagonal in the “Z.”

Kanye West’s boots are always emblazoned with the parent company’s logo.

The Illuminati Scandal

Conspiracy theorists frequently attempt to connect Illuminati symbolism with many modern logos, including the Yeezy emblem. For example, the Nike Air Yeezy II contains three elements that could be misinterpreted as Illuminati symbols: an eagle, a pyramid, and an eye (Eye of Providence).

Elements of the Yeezy Logo Design

The Yeezy logo complements the well-known partner brands. Nike, Adidas, and other fashion labels are at the top, while “Yeezy” is at the bottom.

The Yeezy emblem symbolizes Kanye West’s steadfast character, determination, and dedication. Even corners, clear edges, and strict lines demonstrate this. The geometric shape complements the logos of the partner brands perfectly.

The brand name “Yeezy” is rendered in uppercase and a sleek font. The “Z” in the logo has a horizontal stroke that does not extend beyond the letter’s margins. A simple and elongated sans serif font is used to create the emblem.

The logo’s colour scheme varies depending on the colour of the shoe or clothing. In standard form, however, it is black and white.

Yeezy’s Backstory

Kanye West designed his first pair of shoes for Adidas in 2006, but they were never released. West officially collaborated with Bape, releasing a pair of shoes known as Bapesta’s “College Dropout.” Bapesta shoes are extremely rare these days and, as a result, command high resell prices.

West went on to design shoes for Louis Vuitton, Giuseppe Zanotti, and, of course, Nike. West worked with Nike for five years, during which time he released the Yeezy I and Yeezy II sneaker designs.

After the Air Yeezy 2s release in 2013, West ended his collaboration with Nike. Even though Nike chose to donate some of his earnings to his chosen charity rather than pay royalties for his designs, it broke his heart to end the partnership.

West approached Adidas after leaving Nike, and fortunately, they agreed to pay royalties for his designs. Adidas, in fact, offered him a 15% wholesale royalty. As a result, West saw Adidas as a partner who could help him push his brand.

Kanye West and Adidas officially announced their collaboration in February 2015. That occurred exactly 15 months after both parties agreed to collaborate.

Fortunately, famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Diddy graced the highly anticipated “Yeezy Season I” debut. Similarly, “Yeezy Season II” and “Yeezy Season III” were huge successes after their initial releases.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, the Yeezy brand made a $2.5 million loan through the Paycheck Protection Program to keep its 106 employees.

Yeezy Clothing

In October 2015, Yeezy Season I clothing was released. The clothing collection featured a ready-to-wear and pared-down look inspired by flesh-toned colours and military attire. Their prices ranged from $600 for a pair of sweatpants to $3,000 for a jacket.

Unfortunately, the clothing collection did not sell as quickly as the footwear.

Kanye West revealed in an interview in 2018 that he was in talks with Louis Vuitton about a $30 million apparel deal. However, Louis Vuitton declined the offer, leaving West without an apparel partner.

And, as fate would have it, Adidas ended their partnership with Yeezy Clothing shortly after the deal for Yeezy Season I was signed. Instead, Adidas focused all of its efforts on the Yeezy footwear line.

During the Yeezy Season 6 launch in 2018, the partners reintroduced several collections with Adidas branding, with a promotional ad featuring Paris Hilton, porn star Lela Star, and other models.

Yeezy Footwears

Adidas Yeezy sneakers were released in 2015 and have been selling out ever since—sales are increasing yearly. The sneakers have become so popular that new releases typically sell out in under 60 seconds, so some people use sneaker bots to obtain any Yeezy footwear.

The first Adidas Yeezy footwear collection was the Yeezy Boost 750, inspired by an Australian shoe design. West hoped to create futuristic sneakers. He even declared himself “the most powerful individual in footwear,” which he nearly is!

Yeezy Boost 750

Yeezy Season I saw the release of a limited edition “Light Brown” Yeezy Boost 750. Within 10 minutes, all 9,000 pairs were gone. Following that, the “Light Brown” Yeezy Boost 750 was available for seven days at a variety of retailers.

Yeezy Boost 350

When the Yeezy Boost 350 first hit the market, it made quite an impression. The most famous was the release of the “Turtle Dove” Yeezy Boost 350. It was made of Adidas-trademarked material woven into intricate dark blue and white patterns, with a distinct rubber sole and heel tab.

The minimal laces allow these sneakers to fit comfortably on any foot. Sneakers make an excellent fashion statement, as well as running shoes.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2

Kanye released some brand new colour schemes for the popular Yeezy Boost 350 during the third season of Yeezy and received positive feedback.

The “Beluga” Yeezy Boost 350 V2 was the first shoe in the collection. It had a new design and did away with the heel tab. The most noticeable change to the shoe was the addition of the SPLY-350 stripe on the side.

Other Yeezy Boost 350 V2 colourways include Zebra, Black and White, and Cream White.

Yeezy Boost 950

The Yeezy Boost 950 sneakers are ideal for running away from zombies or fishing alone in the wilderness. The upper is made of nubuck and has a mixed canvas upper with metal eyelets.

There’s also a large heel tab, a minimal tongue patch, suede details on the eye stay, and tonal laces. It’s possible that West foresaw some kind of Armageddon. And, to be honest, 2020 was a little close to that!

These shoes even have waterproof rubber soles to keep your feet dry in the winter. If you have to trek through hot climates in the event of an apocalypse, these are your go-to shoes!

Yeezy 350 Cleats

This Yeezy sneaker collection was created specifically for football. As a result, it made its debut in an NFL kickoff game in 2016. On the other hand, the NFL charged and fined Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins $6,000 for wearing Yeezy 350 Cleats that did not have a strong base colour as required by NFL kit policy.

Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas

The Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas made its debut in March 2017. The shoe was an old-school sneaker that improved on the Adidas trainers from the 1980s. It featured a high-quality white leather upper, a red Trefoil emblem, perforated stripes, and green Adidas branding.

The second colour scheme version (tonal grey) was released worldwide in December 2017, with a retail price of $120 per pair. The Core Black colour scheme version was released in March 2018.

After releasing the first three colourways, Adidas continued to produce numerous Powerphase Boost models without the Yeezy Calabasas logo.

Adidas then re-released the 1980s Adidas trainer that inspired the Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas.

Yeezy Boost 700

In August 2017, the Yeezy Boost 700 debuted during Yeezy Season 5. Each pair of shoes cost $300.

The Adidas and West collaboration was expected to debut in 2018 with black and white or gum colour schemes.

The Yeezy brand released the “Geode” Yeezy Boost 700 V2 in March 2019, along with a nationwide lemonade stand charity initiative to raise mental health awareness funds.

Yeezy 500

The Yeezy 500, which combined elements of the 1990s “Feet You Wear” Adidas outsole with a military-shoe-inspired upper, was yet another proof that Kanye West still has the ability to surprise and amaze sneaker fans with new designs.

Following early teasers and rumoured colour schemes, these sneakers are colloquially known as the “Desert Rat,” they look like something you’d wear while trekking through the desert!

Yeezy Boost 380

In collaboration with Adidas, the Yeezy brand released the first Yeezy Boost 380 in the United States in December 2019. This was a surprise release from Yeezy’s Supply.

The Yeezy Boost 380 is a sister model to the Yeezy Boost 350 V2. In fact, these sneakers were reportedly known as the 350 V3 before being renamed 380. They share many design elements with the 350 V2, including the overall look, transparent stripes, and knit upper.

However, they have a translucent sole that replaces the ridged appearance of the V2 and a gleaming new Rorschachian print.

Even if their namesake West track (Alien) will never be heard on this planet, these sneakers are out of this world.

Yeezy 450

The Adidas and Yeezy collaboration released the Yeezy 450 in March 2021, with the first colour scheme known as “Cloud White,” followed by the colour scheme known as “Dark Slate.” The Yeezy 450 retailed for $200.

Other Yeezy Footwear Designs

Aside from its collaboration with Adidas, Yeezy has designed its footwear styles, such as boots, heels, and the occasional offshoot sneaker.

After being involved in a lawsuit with Walmart over claims of similarity between Walmart’s sunburst logo and Yeezy’s set of dots that look like sunrays, the two companies reached a private agreement.

As a result, Yeezy registered for a new trademark logo, which will serve as the brand’s face in online ordering services, retail store services, and retail stores. The new trademark logo consists of two blue circles, one of which has jagged edges.

Is Yeezy Kanye or Adidas?

Following Kanye West’s (also known as Ye) fallout with Gap and Balenciaga, the renowned rapper collaborated with Adidas to create the Yeezy brand. This partnership, however, came to an abrupt halt following Ye’s anti-Semitic remarks, resulting in the cessation of all payments to Ye and his companies and the closure of the Adidas Yeezy business.

The Yeezy name, however, belongs to Ye because Mascotte Holdings Inc., one of Ye’s companies, is in charge of “the registration and application of more than 160 trademark applications and registrations for his Yeezy brand,” according to Style magazine. But don’t be confused: Adidas owns the majority of Yeezy designs, including the infamous Yeezy Boost 350.

As a result, Ye can create new designs for his shoe line and call them Yeezys.

Is Kim Kardashian a Yeezy fan?
Yes, Kim Kardashian owns a portion of Yeezy. This comes after Kanye gave her then-better half a stake in the company for Mother’s Day. It was a show of appreciation for Kim’s support of Ye, even when Yeezy’s competitors offered her a million-dollar contract to post their shoes on her social media.

The contract came with a million-dollar check and a note that said, “Thank you for always supporting me and not posting,” Kim revealed. Despite their divorce, Kim continues to promote the Yeezy brand.

Is Yeezy no longer an Adidas brand?

Following the demise of the Adidas Yeezy business, Ye expressed an interest in selling Yeezy shoes while Adidas retained sole ownership of the brand’s designs.

“Let me clarify. We own all of the intellectual property. All of the designs are ours. We have all of the variants and new colourways. “It’s our product,” said Adidas CFO Harm Ohlmeyer. He also admitted that Adidas does not own the Yeezy brand.

As a result, they will continue to sell Yeezy designs under a different name. This was made public in anticipation of a new line of Yeezys without the Yeezy logo being released in early 2023.

Yeezy’s History in a Nutshell

Yeezy is a globally recognized brand setting the fashion world on fire. It reflects and nods to Kanye West’s fashion sense, and it’s named after the artist himself. The performer and entrepreneur Yeezy has become one of today’s world’s most powerful fashion icons.

Adidas Yeezy is a fashion collaboration between Kanye West, an American rapper, designer, entrepreneur, and TV personality, and Adidas, the renowned German sportswear giant. The partnership has gained popularity for its high-end limited editions and general releases of the Yeezy Boost line of sneakers.

This collaboration has also produced track pants, jeans, shirts, slides, socks, slippers, and women’s shoes. The first pair of sneakers (Yeezy Boost 750) was released in February 2015.

Adidas Yeezy sneakers are the realization of West’s dream of designing iconic footwear. West has carved a niche in the music and fashion industries since he began as a nondescript producer, working wherever possible.


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