JEAN BRANDS: 10+ Best Picks for Men and Women in 2023, Revealed!!!

Jean Brands
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It’s not that difficult to track down the ideal jean brands. Yes, that’s how it feels when you have to decide between the sturdy, selvage denim pair that looks decent now but will look absolutely spectacular in a couple of years and the stretch choice that’s pretty damn great from day one. Both are viable alternatives. That said, jeans are the world’s most extensively worn clothing, so much so that they are generally seen as a generic good. Some people may still find it excessive to buy a pair of pricey jeans, despite the fact that this is not necessarily the case. This article will discuss the best jean brands for men and women.

Jean Brands

Jeans are a special kind of fabric that can be mass-produced in their most basic form. When the weaving, cutting, and indigo dyeing processes are used, jeans become a true work of art. Also, jeans devotees tend to ignore this reality.

It would be unusual to find a fashion brand that doesn’t offer denim jeans. Various high-end and low-end jean brands, from H&M to Dolce & Gabbana, all stock their own versions of denim at wildly different price points. In order to maintain competitive prices, several well-known high-street firms look for ways to skimp production. But designer jeans don’t always mean quality because the price tag usually only shows the name of the designer and not how well they were made. Here are some of the best jean brands to consider:

#1. Madewell

Jeans are Madewell’s bread and butter, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the brand is one of our ride-or-dies for adaptable fits that are not too heavy or too stretchy. Madewell’s denim is not too heavy or too elastic. The brand has a wide range of straight and plus-size models, and the inseams are the right length for both shorter and longer leg lengths, so you won’t need to get them tailored.

#2. Wrangler

According to the information provided on their website, Wrangler is “the everyday performance jean brand,” and we couldn’t agree more with that statement. They first opened their doors in Greensboro, North Carolina, in the year 1947, and have been in business ever since. The utility of their designs is a primary priority, particularly for cowboys.

Modern Wrangler jeans still put a lot of emphasis on being useful, but they also have some modern design elements. Wrangler jeans are known for their durability. Their most popular style is the cowboy cut slim fit pair, which. of course, should be in the wardrobe of anyone who aspires to be a cowboy.

#3. Calvin Klein

The introduction of Calvin Klein jeans in the 1980s marked the beginning of a new age of men’s designer jeans and was a game-changer in the industry. Before that, jeans were known as “the worker’s pants,” and the idea of paying a significant amount of money for a pair of jeans seemed absurd.

Today, Calvin Klein denim is a good representation of the brand itself because it is daring and seductive and usually comes in more form-fitting styles. Remember that keeping your jeans in good shape is just as important as buying a good pair to start with.

#4. Reformation

The frilly tops, small purses, and laid-back blazers of the boyfriend set go well with the trendy silhouettes of Reformation. Editorial favorites range from the brand’s statement cheetah-print jeans to the basic straight-leg jeans that sit higher on the waist and provide a little stretch for comfort; all are crafted with firm fabric that has a vintage feel.

#5. Everlane

Everlane is a company that values sustainability; therefore, you may feel as good in a pair of their jeans as you do look good in them. It is one of the top jeans brands, and its ethical approach to creating denim, along with radical openness in pricing, is a significant part of its appeal.

For high-quality denim that will last, try a pair from Everlane. In addition, they provide a variety of fits and washes, from slim to athletic.

#6. Frame

The frame is a company that makes high-quality jean brands and also does a great job of promoting them. The frame has established itself as a top-tier men’s denim label in just over a decade since its founding in 2012.

The skinny jeans by Frame are the best-selling item in their jeans collection. They’ve been worn by famous people like musicians and models, so you know they’re good. So, granted, they’re pricey, but Frame fans will tell you it’s money well spent.

#7. Citizens of Humanity

The fact that Citizens of Humanity, founded in 2003 and based in Los Angeles, is predominantly a jeans brand is something to look for and something that can be found in many of the best jeans brands. If it isn’t, proceed with caution. The proverbial “master of none” applies here.

The Sid Regular Straight fit is one of the Citizens of Humanity’s most popular cuts of denim.

#8. Uniqlo

There are a lot of things that Uniqlo does exceptionally well, and jeans are not an exception to this rule. Uniqlo jeans can be purchased at these Japanese mega-retailers for less than $50 per pair, and they come with a touch of stretch for added coziness (but not so much that your jeans feel weird and rubbery).

#10. Naked and Famous

Naked & Famous, a Canadian brand, offers 32-ounce weight jeans, jeans combined with linen, or a left- and right-hand weave that creates a subtle checkerboard pattern.

Although some innovations are merely unique (a jean that can be scratched and sniffed, for example), Naked & Famous expands the range of what may be done with denim at an affordable price. Start off with a pair of Super Guy skinny-fit jeans.

Which Brand Jeans is Most Comfortable?

  • Madewell Slim Everyday Flex Jeans.
  • J.Crew 770 Stretch Selvedge Japanese Jean.
  • Gap Slim GapFlex Jeans.
  • Ralph Lauren Purple Label Selvedge Jean.
  • Outerknown Statesman Relaxed Selvedge Jean.
  • Duer Relaxed Performance Denim.

What is High-Quality Denim Called?

The higher-quality, more difficult-to-produce kind of denim that is often marketed and worn unwashed is known as “selvage.” It is noticeable on the cuffs of the jeans. In denim, the selvage is typically white and frequently has a colored yarn in the center.

How Do You Know if Jeans Are Good Quality?

The denim used to make high-quality jeans is stronger and heavier in weight. They should feel as luxurious as they should appear. Get the fabric when you’re shopping, then. Apart from summer jeans, lightweight denim (i.e. anything under 12 ounces) is typically thought to be of poorer quality.

Tips for Buying Quality Jean

You should prioritize quality over price when searching for jeans. Premium jeans will not only have a longer lifespan, but they will also feel more luxurious. Although fashion brands are likely to spend more on high-quality materials and construction for their jeans, this doesn’t mean that you can’t discover quality jeans at a lower price point. The challenge is (literally) being able to tell the difference between good materials and ones that will cause failure.

What, therefore, is it that gives jeans their reputation for quality? Where do you look for the ideal partner? If you’re in the market for some new jeans brands and need a little guidance, here are some tips you might need.

#1. The Stretch Factor

Choose stretch jeans if you’re after a tight fit without sacrificing comfort. When looking for jeans with some give, it’s important to note the proportion of Lycra or Spandex in the fabric. The maximum acceptable rate is 2%. There’s only one catch: Unless they’re jeggings, stretch jeans shouldn’t expand past a certain point because the fabric they’re manufactured from isn’t meant to be pulled and stretched indefinitely.

A 1% stretch content, on the other hand, will add a small amount of comfort, while a 2% stretch content will make the fabric more forgiving. Jeans will likely stretch out or wear out after that many washes. Also, if you’re in between sizes, size down in stretch jeans because the fabric tends to stretch out with time, making the jeans too big.

#2. Jean Fabric With More Weight

Touch is the key. Excellent jean brands will be constructed from fabric that is thicker and heavier. They ought to have an opulent feel as well as an opulent appearance. Try on some of the cloth while you’re out shopping. Aside from summer jeans, anything less than 12 ounces of denim may be a sign of lower quality. If the fabric weight of a pair of jeans is not listed on the label, you should ask the salesman. If you’re doing your shopping online, you should also examine if the fabric weight (whether “light,” “medium,” or “heavy”) is specified.

It’s worth noting that heavier denim jeans tend to feel stiffer at first but break in nicely after a few washes. However, if you aren’t patient, you can hasten the process by soaking your pants in a solution of vinegar and hot water.

#3. Model Specifics

You can tell if a pair of jeans is designed to last by looking at particular design characteristics and materials. For instance, copper is used to making buttons and rivets. When you see these on a pair of jeans, you know the company has put serious effort into producing high-quality denim.

But beware of falling for the tricks of the pretenders. Some fake jean brands have gotten really good at making jeans that look like designer jeans. Checking the fabric is more reliable than relying on design aspects alone, as even the top jean brands and their imitators can have pants with curved back pockets, for example. If you can’t find this information on the label or website of the jeans you want to buy, you should be careful. It is common for jeans brands to say that their jeans are made with high-quality materials.

#4. Sustaining Stitching

The hems, pockets, and side seams of a pair of jeans brands speak volumes about their quality. You need a strong stitch that won’t tear apart when stretched. Signs that the jeans were made with care include double-stitching (two rows of stitches placed closely together) and chain-stitching (a looped stitch resembling the links of a chain). But a single row of sturdy stitches will do the trick too.

Give a pair of jeans the old durability test to discover whether they have what it takes. Carefully lengthen the seams. The unraveling of threads is an indicator of poor craftsmanship. When buying something online, it is helpful to be able to zoom in on the item to check for any flaws in the stitching.

Do Expensive Jeans Fit Better?

They’ll enhance your silhouette and give you a longer, leaner look. Additionally, more expensive jeans will guarantee that the color of the denim will always stay as vivid as the initial use.

Should Jeans Be Baggy or Tight?

Your waistline should be snug enough to prevent you from needing a belt, but not too snug that it feels restricting. If the denim is raw, you can probably squeeze two fingers inside the waistband; but, if the denim is stretchier, you might be able to slip four fingers within.

Best Jean Brands for Men

The top men jean brands are all about giving the traditional workplace essential a modern makeover, turning it into a bold fashion statement.

The best men’s jeans feel urban and edgy, but at the same time create an easygoing and carefree mood. They are also quite long-lasting. The best men’s jeans are as tough as we are; they can withstand a lot of work, play, and life.

If you’re the type of person who always stands out from the crowd by wearing nothing but a pair of black skinnies, if you’re on the hunt for a more polished and put-together style, or if you’re pining for a throwback to your skating days, then these are the best jeans brands for you.

These jean brands offer a wide range of jeans for jean purists, including skinny, slim, straight, regular, and relaxed fits, as well as raw, unwashed styles with intricate distressing and zipper details. Try on a few different jean brands for men until you find one that flatters your figure.

#1. Luca Faloni

Although we’re huge fans of the brand overall, we really dig the small but carefully curated selection of jeans they offer. Luca Faloni jean brands are the classic example of easygoing elegance, and they’re perfect for anything from coffee dates and gelato runs to drinks with the lads and everything in between.

The classic cuts are made by third-generation Italian artisans using the finest fabrics. The premium denim used by the company comes from a plant in Padua that has been in the textile business since 1887. The fact that they are naturally flexible and made of 100% mid-weight cotton also adds to their unbeatable level of comfort.

The strong Italian brand stays true to a casual-yet-elegant style with four-pocket shapes and precise finishes. The stonewashed look and worn-in finish, which are both about the same age, give off an air of casual sophistication. Furthermore, both the bright blue and dark blue versions are completely customizable. When worn with Luca Faloni’s cashmere polo sweaters or linen shirts, the brand’s jeans have a very high-end look that we really like.

#2. G-Star Raw

The Dutch label G-Star Raw makes jeans for people who don’t like to be told what to do. The “raw” in the product’s name? The label has always been an advocate of denim jeans, hence the name.

Furthermore, denim’s inherent toughness is celebrated by G-Star Raw. Its styles are modern, cool, and clever on the streets. Just picture them with a pair of work boots or a bomber jacket, and you’ll understand what we’re talking about. G-Star Raw has reinvented the denim jean to the point where we question why we ever wore anything else.

Not when we have the 3301 thin fits by that same label—a timeless 5-pocket style with a little whiskering for a laid-back look. Choose a pair of Reverend mid-rise skinny jeans in the ideal shade of bleached blue.

#3. Mott and Bow

The founding idea that inspired Mott & Bow was, “How can we provide people with high-quality jeans at a fair price?” Their approach to design centers on keeping things as straightforward as possible.

Alejandro Chahin, an avid consumer of artisanal goods, started the company in 2014. His family opened a jean factory in Honduras when he was young, and he quickly became engrossed in the craft of creating jeans. As someone who has spent the better part of his life in close proximity to denim, it is not surprising that Alejandro now works in the field.

As of now, Mott & Bow has no retail stores and only sells online. Of course, jean brands are their forte, and they consistently provide excellent denim.

#4. Lee

Lee jeans have a huge cult following since they are both affordable and popular.

The company’s jeans have a long tradition of excellence as well. At first, they made dungarees and jackets, and they were one of the first companies to create the now-iconic Union-All jumpsuit for factory workers.

They’ve come a long way from their humble beginnings to become a household name among fashion-conscious men. Lee National Denim Day was established by them in an effort to fund breast cancer research. And they have a line called “Nature,” where all the garments are constructed from biodegradable fibers.

Whether you want a pair of traditional blue straight-leg jeans or a pair of sleek and adaptable black jeans, Lee has you covered.

#5. The Perfect Jean

The Perfect Jean (TPJ) is on the hunt for affordable stretch jeans that can be worn for a wide variety of daily activities without sacrificing comfort.

They’re up against it when it comes to restrictive denim and ill-fitting khakis. Their mission, as their name suggests, is to track down the ideal pair of jeans. TPJ was established in 2019 and has its headquarters in New York City.

#6. Jeanerica

Jeanerica’s mission is to design high-performance jean brands for men that you’ll want to wear again and again without tiring.

The name of the company is a portmanteau of the words “jeans” and “America,” and the clothes are retro and classic without being too crude.

Jeanerica jeans are the ideal foundation for the ideal 9–to-5 getup, especially if you work in a more relaxed environment. When the sun goes down, pair it with a linen tee and a denim jacket. These days, it’s not only okay but also very trendy to wear two pieces of denim together.

All of Jeanerica’s designs are quite aesthetically pleasing and have a modern, contemporary vibe. In addition, there is a wide range of colors, including white, for their organic cotton slim-fit jeans for guys.

#7. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s perfumes are not the only thing we can’t stop thinking about; the jean brands for men are also a major obsession. It seems that we are not alone in this. In the 1970s, the initial batch of Calvin Klein jeans sold out in a week.

CK jeans, like the rest of the brand’s creations, are daring, cutting-edge, and incredibly adaptable. Though jeans have been around for quite some time, Calvin Klein manages to make the timeless styles appear fresh and modern. These are the designer jeans of your dreams—young, bold, and bursting with vitality.

Also, read Men’s Clothing Business Casual: Best business casual for men.

Furthermore, jeans from Calvin Klein are high-quality and inexpensive, so you can look good during happy hour and at brunch on the weekend. Slim fits in “Houston Mid Blue,” with hems nicely rolled, have truly timeless charm; narrow cuckoo denim jeans have a little indie rocker edge.

#8. Outerknown

In 2015, world champion surfer Kelly Slater and fashion designer John Moore came up with the idea for Outerknown, a lifestyle brand based in California. The company has quickly expanded its line to include basics for both men and women that are durable, fashionable, and sometimes tough.

The company’s values center on making high-quality garments with an unwavering dedication to sustainability; more specifically, on the idea that one need not choose between the two in terms of either sustainability or fashion.

#9. Diesel

Diesel jean are unlike any other brands since they are both ultra-cool and unique. It was started in the late 1970s to make “alternative” jeans, and it did. A breath of fresh air in a sea of jeans

Also, Diesel quickly set itself apart from the competition with its goal to give people who wear jeans high-quality denim by combining loose cuts with Italian-grade quality.

What’s more, it puts a fresh spin on tried-and-true denim silhouettes. Silver-tone skinny jeans, contrasting leather panels, paint splatters, and jeans covered with newspaper patterns are just a few examples of the unique and interesting washes, styles, and graphics that are popular in today’s denim.

Those of you who are the most confident in your sense of style should definitely check out the brand’s most daring and attention-grabbing pieces. Sleenker’s everyday skinny jeans are the perfect compromise between subtlety and fashion. 

#10. Balmain

Balmain is synonymous with sharp tailoring and cutting-edge style. This Parisian brand handles high-end jeans a little bit different with its innovative spins on casual-wear staples.

All of Balmain’s jeans have that cool biker look and feel, so all you Easy Rider fans can rest easy. There are numerous quilts, fades, waxes, and distresses. Anyone with an inner rebel would look great in this label’s black skinny jeans with zipper detail.

For those of you who aren’t quite ready to join a motorcycle gang, fear not; the Selvedge skinny fits are also among the best skinny jean brands for men and a more modest alternative.

Whether you choose a pair of slim-fitting, coal-colored Balmain jeans or a pair that embraces the brand’s signature bad-boy look with rips, ribbing, and zippers, you’ll feel like a new man the moment you put them on.

Which Jeans Have the Best Quality?

Levi’s is one of the jean brands with the best quality. 

Levi’s, which is also the best-selling jean brand in the world, is often people’s go-to. The name Levi’s is synonymous with the rise of blue jeans in the 20th century. Levi’s offers the highest variety and quality for customers of all ages. There are various fantastic options, and the costs are rather fair.

What Are Premium Jeans?

The term “premium” refers to more than simply the finished product or denim’s cost. Premium refers to the complete production process, which insiders say is one of quality, attention, creativity, and craftsmanship according to industry and client standards.

Jeans with a high waistline are the most popular style.

As one of the most popular styles and one that comes with a wide range of hem options, from narrow to fit-and-flare, there are almost no limits to what you can do.

Jean Brands Women

It’s not easy to track down the ideal pair of women jean brands. People no longer enjoy spending a day in a store because there are so many online stores. We’ve got some good news for you: we believe you can SFH (that’s shopping from home, in case you were wondering) your way to the perfect pair of jeans. Finding a pair of jeans that fits well is not a relaxing thing to do, even if window shopping is fun. Here are some jean brands for women.

#1. Stradivarius

If you’re familiar with ASOS, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Stradivarius. Even though the Spanish brand Stradivarius makes a lot of different kinds of clothes, their high-quality, reasonably affordable jeans stand out.

Stradivarius jean are quite affordable; you can get several pairs for the price of one of the brands. One can choose from a wide variety of designs, colors, and patterns.

Stradivarius sells numerous variations of denim jean brands for women. They have a wide range of denim styles, from mom jeans to dad jeans, slim to wide leg. In addition, each pair costs less than $50, and most are closer to $30. It is the place to go if you’re looking for the height of style and coolness.

#2. H&M

One of the favorite places to shop for clothes is H&M. H&M is great if you like simple looks at a low price.

Furthermore, people have bought jeans from H&M before and have been pleased with every pair. They were the best brands of jean for women when trying to save money.

Wide-leg, slim, straight, loose, mom, and many other denim cuts are just some of the options available at H&M. If you’re looking for the ideal denim in terms of both fit and style, then you should definitely check out their Jean Guide.

In addition, the fact that nearly all of their jeans are priced at $50 or less says volumes. Besides their great quality, the durability of my H&M jeans is one of my favorite features. When compared to other jean brands, this one has some of the best clothes available.

#3. Topshop

Topshop’s Editor jean brands were a huge hit with customers in 2018; after they were introduced, the store was unable to keep the style in stock. It’s easy to understand why: with the downfall of the slim, everyone has been looking for a sleek alternative to complete their casual attire. Even though our favorite British brand may have gone out of business, ASOS has come to the rescue. We can’t tell you what’s going to happen, so if you like the editor’s jeans on the site, you should buy them all right away before they disappear.

#4. Everlane

One of the favorite eco-friendly jean brands is Everlane. You may get some of the best-quality necessities from them, and they’re made to last. Furthermore, one of the jean staples is a pair of Everlane’s thin jeans. These narrow jeans saw a lot of action when I was still a devotee of that style.

Its denim comes from Japan, where it is made in a way that is fair and meets the highest standards. You can select a fit that works for you among the many different washes they offer for each model. Among its small selection, it sells high-rise skinny jeans, mid-rise skinny jeans, and a modern boyfriend style. 

#5. BDG

The BDG line at Urban Outfitters is made up of high-quality jeans and essentials that are only sold at the store. There are more than 400 hits returned by a search for “BDG” on Urban’s website. In other words, you have a plethora of jeans (and other) alternatives to peruse.

BDG is fashionable and has a lot of different styles, from basic denim to trendy washes and patterns.

If you’re looking for some new denim, don’t overlook Urban Outfitters. They regularly release adorable new styles. In addition to its large selection of jeans, BDG also has a large selection of denim shorts in many different styles and colors.

Denim is a popular choice, and BDG has a wide variety of styles in a variety of fits, from skinny to bootcut to straight and more.

What is The Best Men’s Jeans Brand?


  • Levi’s.
  • Everlane.
  • American Eagle.
  • Bow & Mott.
  • The perfect Jean.
  • Uniqlo.
  • Outerknown.

Which is The No 1 Brand Jeans in World?

The most popular denim brand worldwide, Levi’s, is frequently chosen first. The twentieth-century phenomenon of blue jeans is attributed to Levi’s brand.

Cargo jeans, baggy jeans, and bootcut jeans are the three most popular jean silhouettes right now in the United States, while straight-leg jeans, mom jeans, and flare jeans are the three most popular fits.

What Are Some Expensive Jeans Brands?

Jeans are one piece of clothing that is universally adored by both genders. To wear jeans is to make a fashion statement, and they are one of the world’s most popular garments.

Everyone, regardless of age, needs at least a couple of pairs of jeans in their closet.

Also, jeans can be worn to any kind of event, from casual get-togethers with friends to special events with the whole family. Jeans are a great choice because they are not only soft and accommodating but also long-lasting. Here are the five most expensive jean brands.

  1. Secret Circus
  2. Dussault Apparel Thrashed Denim
  3. Levi Strauss & Co. 501
  4. Escada Jeans 
  5. APO Jeans 


Finally, while most brands of jean shorts can be worn several times without washing, if you wear them frequently, you should wash them at least once every three weeks (more frequently if you’re active). You can go as long as six months without washing a pair of specialty jeans (i.e., those that are really well-made or custom-made).

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