POPULAR BACKPACK BRANDS: 13 Best and Popular Backpack Brands 2023

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  1. Popular Backpack Brands
    1. #1. Osprey
    2. #2. Timbuk2
    3. #3. Peak Design
    4. #4. The Mission Workshop
    5. #5. Topo Designs
    6. #6. Bellroy
    7. #7. Face of North
    8. #8. Monarc
    9. #9. Harber London:
    10. #10. Loctote
  2. The Best Backpack Brands for Work
    1. #1. Dakota Medium Backpack by Dagne Dover.
    2. #2. Mammoth, Large Backpack from Herschel Supply Co.
    3. #3. Mammoth, Large Backpack from Herschel Supply Co.
    4. #4. Calpak Kaya Backpack
    5. #5. The Hanover 2 by Lo & Sons
  3. Best Backpack Brands for College
    1. #1. SPEEDO: Best Backpack Brands for College
    2. #2. MATEIN: Best Backpack Brands for College
    3. #3. LUX and NYX: Best Backpack Brands for College
    4. #4. JANSPORT: Best Backpack Brands for College
    5. #5. Venture Pal: Best Backpack Brands for College
    6. #6. PATAGONIA: Best Backpack Brands for College
  4. Best Laptop Backpack Brands
    1. #1. Convertible briefcase by Solo Duane.
    2. #2. Mancro Anti-Theft Backpack
    3. #3. eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack
    4. #4. Backpack for a laptop by Volher
    5. #5. Backpack HP Envy Urban
  5. European Backpack Brands
    1. #1. Ferrino: European Backpack Brands
    2. #2. Salkan : European Backpack Brands
    3. #3. Nomatic: European Backpack Brands
    4. #4. Pacsafe: European Backpack Brands
    5. #5. Tortuga Setout: European Backpack Brands
  6. How Do I Choose a Good Backpack?
  7. How Do I Choose a Good Backpack?
  8. Are Adidas Backpacks Good Quality?
  9. What Color Backpack Should I Get?
  10. What Is a Top-Grade Bag?
  11. Is It Better To Have Backpack Higher or Lower?
  12. Is Ll Bean a Quality Backpack?
  13. Conclusion
  15. What is the most popular backpack brand?
  16. Why is Herschel so popular?
  17. Who is Herschels target audience?
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How can one choose the right one that speaks of quality and excellence among different brands of backpacks? This guide is designed to answer the above question, and you’ll also learn the best backpack brands for a laptop for work and college students, as well as the most popular European backpack brands. 

The following are some of the popular backpack brands you should consider.

#1. Osprey

Even if you’re new to hiking and climbing, the Osprey is one of the best popular backpack brands for you. Osprey is a popular brand when it comes to outdoor backpacks. With a wide variety of alternatives, they are one of the greatest backpack brands on the market today. When it comes to hiking backpacks, Osprey has been making them for decades.

Osprey appears to have a backpack for every occasion, from daypacks to mountain camping gear to water-resistant hiking backpacks. A typical sight on all trekking routes is their packs, which are adaptable enough to fit anyone’s needs and surely strong enough.

#2. Timbuk2

This is one cool backpack. In addition to stylish bags and laptop bags, Timbuk2 also offers robust tote bags and backpacks for everyday use. Regardless of how long you spend traveling, you can count on Timbuk2 packs to last you for ages.

#3. Peak Design

Which are the best option? As a vacation photographer, you can’t go wrong with Peak Design. Their backpacks blend the functionality and characteristics of a camera backpack with a few additional elements.

Everyday bags, totes, and slings are available from Peak Design which is large enough to hold your photographic gear as well as your other personal belongings while on the go. You don’t even have to be a photographer to use these. They’re for everyone. Their backpacks, which are all created in the United States, are loaded with amenities and constructed from the highest-quality weatherproof fabric. Additionally, they offer a lifetime warranty on all of their products.

#4. The Mission Workshop

Customizable Backpacks. In search of backpack manufacturers who have mastered the art of weatherproofing their bags? It’s hard to top Mission Workshop.

In order to keep your belongings dry and secure, Mission Workshop’s backpacks are made of the finest two-layer weatherproof fabric. Mission Workshop offers a wide range of backpacks, from courier bags to daypacks to rugged camera packs, like many of the other businesses on this list.

#5. Topo Designs

As one of the best popular backpack brands, they create packs that combine the outdoors with the lifestyle of tourism. To make backpacks that can go from the mountains to the city in one day, the designers combined the classic design of the outdoor gear they grew up with new improvements.

#6. Bellroy

Bellroy uses plant-based ingredients and responsibly manufactured leather in its products. When possible, they try to use reusable content whenever possible. A unique tanning method seals in moisture, conserving water and avoiding the need for toxic chemicals in the production of their eco-tanned leathers. To avoid polluting rivers, their polyester is made from reused plastic containers, and their recyclable polyamide is derived from industry off-cuts.

#7. Face of North

Because the North Face strives to make the best possible goods, they employ athletes to test them. As a result, new ideas and inspiration are generated, which in turn encourages the use of cutting-edge materials and design. The backpacks that are built are then put to the test in both the lab and in various real-world settings all across the globe.

#8. Monarc

Two friends founded Monarc 2013 which is one of the best popular backpack brands. Their jobs for other firms allowed them to travel throughout the globe and tour factories where conditions were less than ideal. In addition, the smog and garbage created every day by the plant have an enormous influence on the environment. Monarc came to be at the realization that there’s so much more they can do to what they have done. Employees and the environment were also important to the company’s mission, which is one of the company’s values. 

#9. Harber London:

Harber London exclusively uses the best materials in its products and services. For all of their items, they utilize only comprehensive leather, which is extremely durable and matures gracefully, becoming more exquisite over time.

Quality leather goods are what Harber London is all about. If you’re looking for a leather backpack, you should check out these options. They are devoted to clean, understated aesthetics that pack a powerful punch in terms of utility. Craftsmen in Spain work tirelessly to ensure each piece is perfect.

#10. Loctote

Loctote focuses on long-term durability and protection. They not only provide efficient and high-quality backpacks, but they also have slash-proof materials and locks to keep your valuables safe. A Loctote bag will provide you with a sense of peace if you have to keep your bag with less attention due to activity. The main purpose of Loctote was to be invented so that nobody had to go through the hassle of losing important items. 

 With these lockable backpacks, you’ll be able to focus on your belongings even when you’re not there to supervise them. These are the most popular backpack brands.

The Best Backpack Brands for Work

Here are the best backpack brands for work that you should check out below.

#1. Dakota Medium Backpack by Dagne Dover.

It’s hard to beat the Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack, which is one of the best backpack brands for work if you want a tough bag with plenty of storage. Incredibly adaptable, it can be used at work, the gym, or even on a weekend getaway. Black, moss green and two tones of blue, crimson, and blush are among the available color options.

#2. Mammoth, Large Backpack from Herschel Supply Co.

Choose this bag from Herschel Supply Co. if the size is important to you. With a capacity of 23 liters, this is one of the best backpack brands for work that offers room for all of your professional and personal belongings. You don’t have to worry about scratches and scuffs because of its dobby nylon exterior. The interior is completely lined for further durability. Despite its tough appearance, this bag’s streamlined design is suitable for the office. In addition to water bottles, computers and other electrical devices can be safely stored in the two external slide pockets. Additionally, there are two additional tiny interior pockets and a key holder inside the bag.

#3. Mammoth, Large Backpack from Herschel Supply Co.

The Mobile Solution bag from Samsonite keeps larger laptops safe. Many laptops up to 15.6 inches vertically and tablets up to roughly 10 inches can fit into the padded tech panel on the inside. Which is one of the best backpack brands for work.

With a huge front pocket, two inner zipper pockets, slip pockets, and a key leash, this backpack has plenty of storage space. There are also external side pockets for drinks. As an added bonus, this bag includes an external sleeve that fits firmly over most vertical luggage handles. So you don’t even have to carry it on your back whether you’re on the trip or at the terminal. Choose between black, caper, and navy from a palette of three hues.

#4. Calpak Kaya Backpack

One of the best backpack brands for work that is for daily use, the Calpak women’s backpack is a good choice for the price. Also included are a zipper pocket, a large main compartment, and a detachable laptop or tablet sleeve on the inside of the bag.

#5. The Hanover 2 by Lo & Sons

For those who need a lot of storage or want to commute with these best backpack brands for work, it’s a perfect option. This includes a book, a few hygiene products, and a change of clothing.

In addition to the mobile compartment on the top, the business bag offers an exterior zipper pouch where you may store your keys or ID. The shoulder straps can also be adjusted.

Best Backpack Brands for College

#1. SPEEDO: Best Backpack Brands for College

Because college athletes almost always have to rush from training to class, they require a bag that can store all of their necessities for the day. Speedo’s selection is equal to the task.  A padded laptop area, a dirty clothes compartment, a drink holder, and an abundance of zipper pockets make this a fantastic choice for travel. 

#2. MATEIN: Best Backpack Brands for College

With over 62,000 5-star reviews, this bag is certainly Amazon’s top pick for college students. You won’t feel like it’s continuously pressing into your skin because it has a lot of padding. To top it all off, there’s a USB connector built-in, making it simpler to power your phone while on the move!

#3. LUX and NYX: Best Backpack Brands for College

The front pouch of this backpack can be used as a crossbody, clutch, waist bag, wristlet, or shoulder bag by simply detaching it. With a separate clutch and a shoe pocket, it’s more useful than you’d anticipate, and it still manages to look fashionable.

#4. JANSPORT: Best Backpack Brands for College

A padded back panel and soft straps help to alleviate any strain on the shoulders. The superb organizing characteristics of JanSport backpacks for kids of all ages have made them popular among GH analysts for passing performance tests.

#5. Venture Pal: Best Backpack Brands for College

This top-rated bag is so small that it can fit in its own pocket for just $30. All of your daily essentials may be stored in the 40L inside with internal pockets and water bottle holders. There are 11 different color options to choose from.

#6. PATAGONIA: Best Backpack Brands for College

Patagonia’s backpack is made of polyamide and treated with a water-resistant treatment to protect your possessions from the elements, including rain, snow, and sleet. You’ll have easy access to your devices thanks to the padded laptop sleeve and tablet sleeve. This is one of the best backpack brands for work.

Best Laptop Backpack Brands

The best and most popular laptop backpacks are easy to travel with and transportable, but roomy enough to accommodate all of your portable supplies and electronics.

#1. Convertible briefcase by Solo Duane.

Upon first glance, the Duane Convertible may appear to be just another briefcase bag. When your arms start to weary, you may switch to the convertible carrier’s backpack mode, but you can also use it as a messenger bag if you need more mobility or are in a more formal atmosphere.

#2. Mancro Anti-Theft Backpack

Any backpack equipped with security measures like a paired zipper lock is well worth consideration, particularly for travelers who travel with pricey items. The Mancro Anti-Theft Backpack is the finest option for keeping your belongings safe since it comes with a little lock that is easy to use and can be put through the backpack’s zipper openings.

Even without your Anker charger, you can still power your transportable gadgets thanks to the built-in USB charging connector on the side.

#3. eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack

eBags doesn’t simply offer backpacks, it also manufactures its own. For professionals and commercial users who want loads of safe pockets in a little bag, opt for the formal ceremony.

. Since it’s Teflon-coated, the outside and contents are kept dry and protected.

#4. Backpack for a laptop by Volher

The Volher laptop backpack is one of the top laptop bags on sale for both work and leisure trips. One of this bag’s main selling qualities is its built-in USB charger that can be found on the outside. As a result, pedestrians may now effortlessly charge their electronic gadgets on the go.

This Volher laptop bag is weather-resistant and its material is constructed of robust polyester material, guaranteeing long-lasting usage. Another reason why this laptop arrived on our best laptop bags list is its beautiful appearance. It’s incredibly modern and bright, yet still has a current, sensual vibe.

#5. Backpack HP Envy Urban

You’ll find a wealth of compartments, including a zipped tech pocket and a plush, completely lined section, to store all of your belongings. A cable-routing system allows it to power up your mobile devices as well. Most of all, it includes RFID security to shield your sensitive details from fraudsters.

European Backpack Brands

The following are the European backpack brands

#1. Ferrino: European Backpack Brands

An established name in climbing equipment, Ferrino has worked with the world’s best to complete some of the world’s greatest ascents. The quality of the Ferrino product is such that it may be utilized by both novice and expert hikers and tourists alike.

The waterproof fabric used in Ferrino’s trekking backpacks sets them apart.

#2. Salkan : European Backpack Brands

Salkan is the best comfy backpack that will put one in perfect condition. 

The handles and load dispersion are fantastic—it scarcely seems like one is holding it! It is essential for those arduous schleps between hostels. In addition, there are front-loading options, a built-in laundry bag, and a variety of color options.

#3. Nomatic: European Backpack Brands

The Nomatic bag is grabbing the modern nomad industry by storm for a worthwhile purpose. For those who work from home or are just perfectionism organizers, this bag is packed with useful features. It includes smart options for putting away all you need and is still a carry-on size.

#4. Pacsafe: European Backpack Brands

Afraid of security on your European hiking trip? If you’re a worrier, then Pacsafe is the product for you. Anti-theft and security measures abound in this bag, which is also fashionable and pleasant to carry.

#5. Tortuga Setout: European Backpack Brands

The fact that travelers created the Setout is immediately apparent. This backpack has amazing organization that allows you to carry all you need for Europe in one bag. Furthermore, the highly sturdy construction and timeless elegance ensure this backpack is built to last.

How Do I Choose a Good Backpack?

The following are ways how to choose a good backpack:

  • Think about what you’ll use it for
  • Do some homework on the basics
  • Choose a daypack wisely
  • Shop at an outdoor specialty store
  • Choose the proper size
  • Try on the pack with some weight in it
  • Get a feel for the fit
  • Consider accessories

How Do I Choose a Good Backpack?

A backpack is an ideal option for students even if there are many other types of college backpacks available since it evenly distributes the weight across the shoulders. Other things to think about are the bag’s size, its compartments and side pockets, its weight, and its durability.

Are Adidas Backpacks Good Quality?

Adidas is a high-quality brand, so you get what you pay for. It works well for transporting anything from books to computers for high school students. fantastic acquisition I truly adore this bag, and I use it for both traveling and going to college.

What Color Backpack Should I Get?

Choosing a color that complements 90% of your wardrobe is a good idea. When choosing a color palette for your outfit, stick to black, navy blue, white, and grey. Maroon, crimson, or teal backpacks are good choices for people with more daring color palettes.

What Is a Top-Grade Bag?

Top-grade quality is the exceptional and unique kind. The material, stitches, tags, labeling, and even the inclusions are all as if the item had been purchased directly from the LUXURY STORE.

Is It Better To Have Backpack Higher or Lower?

Wear your pack so that it hangs an inch above your hips and is positioned about two inches from your shoulders. If you must wear it on one side or the other, higher is preferable to lower; thus, make careful to fix the straps whenever you put the pack on, as they may become looser when you take it off.

Is Ll Bean a Quality Backpack?

The L.L.Bean packs are a fantastic value. They are some of the more affordable kids’ backpacks we considered, and they are the only ones we suggest that provide a generous, one-year satisfaction guarantee with a full refund.


Everything to look at while choosing the right one that speaks of quality and excellence among different brands of backpacks is in this guide. I hope it was helpful.

Some of the most popular backpack brands include:

  • Herschel Supply Co.
  • JanSport.
  • Fjällräven.
  • Under Armour.
  • The North Face.

Because of their reliability with flagship designs in terms of quality. Preventing trashy mass-marketing in order to preserve the elusive factor. Utilizing social media to keep their elusiveness and uniqueness at an all-time high

Who is Herschels target audience?

From 14 to 28. In order to maintain its popularity with urban and active 14 to 28-year-olds who prioritize travel and adventure over anything else, Herschel always keeps things new.

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