23 Best Popular Pickle Brands in 2023 & What You Should Know

Pickle Brands
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People have always liked these sour, spicy cucumbers, which can also be very healthy. Because of this, pickle juice products like soda, bread, soup, chips, and drinks have been made. Even yet, the pickle department at the grocery store might be perplexing due to the wide range of brands, sizes, and slices. How does a pickle connoisseur choose their favorite variety? In this article, we will look into that, plus the famous and popular refrigerator pickle brands. Let’s go!

Best Pickle Brands

Fortunately, we are delighted to choose this delicious substitute for you. So we tried a few of the most popular brands of pickles we could find at the grocery store. We only used dills in this taste test to help us narrow down the options for pickles, even though they are different sizes and shapes. We also meticulously selected our winners by grading each one based on how crunchy, acidic, and seasoned it was. You could assume that we were happy to carry this weight. Below is the list of the best pickle brands to get for yourself:

#1. Mt. Olive Kosher Baby Dills

The award-winning combination of soft crunch and delicate acidity was created by Mt. Olive. Everyone agrees that the flavor of these common baby dills is the best since they are crisp, salty, slightly sweet, and fresh. The pickles were well-seasoned and still had a hint of cucumber taste, making them perfect for snacking on their own.

#2. Vlasic Snack’ Kosher Dill

These snack-sized favorites outperformed the other choices we tried and had the tastiest crunch. Due to their small size, we referred to them as the ideal snack pickle for cheese boards and appetizer platters. They had a little less sweetness, a little more acidity, and a little more garlic flavor than Mt. Olive, but overall they were more potent.

#3. B&G Whole Dill Pickles

Despite their overly yellow color and very large size, B&G pickles are among the best. They were delicious enough to eat on their own and shared the same lovely acidity as the others. These dills are light, salty, crisp, and pleasantly aromatic, making them a great grocery store staple.

#4. McClure’s Garlic Dill Pickles

The cucumber’s texture was described by tasters as juicy but also too soft, and they noted how rough the cucumber’s skin was on the outside. Although these pickles are excellent, highly spiced, and filled with a strong garlicky taste, they might not be economical at more than $9 per jar.

#5. Giant (Stop & Shop Brand) Kosher Baby Dills

After discovering the majority of the brands for our taste test there, we decided to add the Stop & Shop own brand to the mix. Editors liked these pickles because they were the perfect size for a snack and had a flavor we would describe as “peppy,” but we thought their texture was a little too mushy. They were, however, among the pickles that were more fairly priced, and they are undoubtedly useful in an emergency.

#6. Heinz Genuine Whole Dills

Heinz dills’ extremely pungent flavor ultimately caused them to fall to the bottom of our list. Only pickle experts would appreciate the flavor punch that these strong, acidic chunks provide. The mushy, soggy texture made it not the best. If you regularly consume pickle juice, these powerful dills might be the best option for you. But in our opinion, Heinz will always be best known for its ketchup.

Refrigerator Pickle Brands

Your average American supermarket probably has some dill pickles in the fridge. The crunchy, sour condiment vegetable works well in a variety of contexts, such as on a snack plate, a cheeseburger, or all by itself. However, after sampling nine various types of dill pickles, I can say with confidence that they are not all equal.

The results of my taste test showed that the winning brand was the clear favorite among my family and friends, while the losing brand is one that I will never buy again, even if it’s the last jar in the shop. If you love dill pickles but have no idea where to find the greatest ones, keep reading.

#1. Mt. Olive Kosher Dill Spears

I had great expectations for one specific company, but Mt. Olive disappointed me. The pickles lacked the dill flavor punch I was looking for in a pickle since they were soggy. I came to the conclusion that these pickles had been sitting at the grocery store for some time because the outside peel was darker in color than many other pickle brands. These pickles also have natural flavors, yellow 5, sodium benzoate, polysorbate, and other additives that keep them fresh. Mt. Olive kosher dill is one of the great refrigerator pickle brands.

#2. Top ‘Ems Fresh Pack Whole Kosher Dill Pickles

Top ‘Ems was quite low on the list, but even though I had never played it before, I wouldn’t pass it up if it was the only game available. The pickles were juicy and crunchy, just the way I like my pickles in jars. The only thing that made these items score lower was that the first bite of the pickle had a strong spice flavor. After the first bite, the taste became more acidic, almost as if cinnamon had been added to the pickling spice. They do, however, also include artificial coloring, polysorbate 80, a natural dill flavor, and no actual dill. This brand ranks among the best refrigerator pickle brands.

#3. Park Street Deli Kosher Dill Spears

Park Street deli Kosher spears of dill are the first cold pickle on the list. In contrast to the glass jar that more conventional pickles are often packaged in, these pickles came in a plastic tub. Despite being crisp, the pickles lacked dill to taste. Give this particular pickle to a little child who has never tried pickles. These pickles take some sodium benzoate and EDTA with them and they rank among the best brands of pickles kept in the refrigerator.

#4. Kroger Kosher Dill Pickle Spears

The flavor of the dill pickle spears from Kroger was good, but the skin was a little difficult to get through. The pickle actually had a fantastic combination of the tart acidity of a conventional dill pickle and a surprisingly mild sweetness. Despite the fact that the pickles’ core was a little mushy, I would normally purchase them again. This brand ranks among the best brands of pickles kept in the refrigerator.

#5. Vlasic Kosher Dill Spears

When I think of them, I picture a traditional dill pickle. Even though it was a tad overpowering, the flavor was pleasing and energizing. When I bit into the pickle, it had a great snap to it and the inside wasn’t completely soggy. Vlasic Kosher is among the best brands of pickles kept in the refrigerator. Normally, I’d keep these in my fridge. These have a naturally occurring turmeric color, polysorbate 80, and natural tastes.

#6. Vlasic Kosher Dill Spears Purely Pickles

Along with its Kosher Dill Spears Purely Pickles, Vlasic completes the top three. The spears were really crisp and had a harsh, vinegar-like flavor. The pickles had a beautiful, delicate dill flavor and were juicy. The fact that the pickles only contain components I can confidently speak and describe and lack any artificial coloring also appealed to me. This brand comes among the best brands of pickles kept in the refrigerator.

#7. Claussen Kosher Dill Pickle Spears

The Claussen Kosher Dill Pickle Spears comes in a close second. These pickles were the best of the ones that had been kept; the strong dill flavor effectively balanced the pickles’ bright flavor. The pickles lacked any internal sogginess and were crunchy and crispy. Get this pickle in a jar if you’re seeking one. Claussen Kosher comes among the best brands of pickles kept in the refrigerator. Despite the fact that they also contain polysorbate 80, these pickles have a lot of natural spices and flavorings, including dried garlic, real spices, mustard seed, and dried red peppers. Additionally, a very small amount of natural flavor is added.

#8. Grillo’s Pickles Dill Spears

Grillo’s Pickles Dill Spears is the most well-known pickle brand available in supermarkets. With a brilliant green surface and pale green interior, these most resembled a fresh cucumber in terms of look. Grillo’s brand ranks among the best brands of pickles kept in the refrigerator. The pickles had a strong dill and garlic flavor and were extremely crisp. Actually, the brine that is used to preserve the pickles contains dill and garlic. These pickles maintain a significant amount of their juiciness without sacrificing texture since they are manufactured, delivered, and sold cold. They are the purest of the lot because the only ingredients are cucumbers, brine, garlic, dill, and grape leaves.

Below is the list of some popular pickle brands to opt for:

#1. Van Holten’s

Van Holten’s offers a vast selection of peculiar pickle items for customers to choose from. The company’s most popular known product is the pickle-in-a-pouch brands. As the name implies, each pickle is kept at room temperature in a bag. These are great for packing as a quick side dish or lunchtime snack. These pickles come in a variety of flavors, including hearty dill, hot and spicy, sour, kosher garlic, Tapatio, Big Papa, Hot Mama, Sour Sis, and Garlic Joe. Additionally, the company makes Pickle Cutz, which are fresh-packaged dill or spicy pickles (refrigeration required). In case you were curious, pickle ice is also made by Van Holten. The electrolytes in this pickle brine-based freeze pop can help the body stay hydrated and avoid cramps.

#2. Grillo’s

They used ingredients from their backyard garden to create the original recipe for Grillo’s pickles, which they have been making for 100 years. The businessman first advertised the pickles on the streets of Boston from a cart. In order to sell the pickles there, Whole Foods in Massachusetts asked the street vendor to can them in 2009. Since then, the company has expanded into places like Target and the renowned Fenway Park. Grillo’s is one of the most popular pickle brands to get for yourself.

#3. Rick’s Picks

‘Rick’s Picks’ proprietor In Vermont, Rick Field’s family started making pickles when he was a little child. This is one of the most popular pickle brands to get for yourself. After living in Brooklyn and working as a TV producer, Rick eventually launched Rick’s Pick in 2004. Also, it particularly enjoys the flavors of garlic dill, hotties, and classic sour pickles.

#4. Maille

In the early half of the eighteenth century, Marseille, France, became the birthplace of Maille. They offer a well-known French mustard brand in addition to cornichons, oils, and vinegar. Cornichons, which are tiny gherkin cucumbers, are also known as sour French pickles. They have a diameter of less than a quarter-inch and are roughly the size of a little finger, according to thekitchn.com. Maiile is one of the most popular pickle brands to get for yourself. Maille produces three different types of cornichons, according to their website. These include cayenne pepper cornichons, caramelized onions, and mini cornichons classé. If you are specifically looking for cornichon pickles, you are most likely to find Maille in the US.

#5. Olive My Pickle

Olive My Pickle produces authentic fermented pickles, also referred to as “probiotic pickles.” The fermenting procedure used to make these pickles is supposed to improve intestinal health. Pickles like the ones mentioned above are fermented, not cooked. Instead, they are supplied to customers along with the microbiome, a healthy bacterial community that supports the gut, the immune system, and other physiological processes. The top-selling pickles at Olive My Pickle include onion pickles, garlic, spicy kosher dill, and kosher dill. They are also one of the most popular pickle brands to get for yourself.

#6. Hengstenberg

If you want authentic German quality, check out Hengstenberg pickles. Since it has been in business for 140 years, the company has continued to grow extraordinary harvests in southern Germany to produce top-notch pickles. The business produces a variety of pickle products, including barrel pickles, cornichons, sandwich gherkins, and burger gherkin slices. Hengstenberg is one of the most popular pickle brands to get for yourself.

#7. Kruegermann

In 1896, Kruegermann was established in a part of Germany known for its fertile land and world-class pickling cucumber production. Also, it is one of the most popular pickle brands to get for yourself. The Kruegermann family relocated to Los Angeles in the 1960s, when they began producing and marketing their products to stores and eateries.

#8. Kuhne

Kuhne is one of the most widely popular used pickle brands in Germany. The company was founded in Berlin around the beginning of the seventeenth century as a vinegar distillery. The company finally built a gherkin-producing factory in 1905. Since then, a vast array of additional products have also been made available, such as salad dressing, mustard, canned cabbage, and sauerkraut. The business specializes in making gherkins and cornichons when it comes to pickles.

The most common type of pickle is dill. You probably have a jar of them in your refrigerator right now.

What is The Largest Pickle Company?

The top-selling pickle brand in the Southeastern United States, where its market share is close to 70%, is Mt. Olive, the biggest independent pickle company in the country.

What Companies Make Pickles?

  • Grillo’s Pickles Fresh Pickle Spears.
  • Dietz & Watson Kosher Pickle Spears.
  • Claussen Kosher Dill Spears.
  • Happy Belly Kosher Dill Spears Pickles.
  • 365 Whole Foods Market Kosher Dill Spears.
  • Vlasic Kosher Dill Spears.
  • Mt. olive
  • Great Value Kosher Dill Pickle Spears.

Famous Pickle Brands

It’s common for consumers to stick to the same one or two brands of pickles over and over again. Following is a list of popular pickle brands, we hope you’ll enjoy trying as much as (or perhaps more than) your current favorite. We anticipate that most readers will identify at least one unfamiliar brand of pickles that they might wish to try in the near future. Below is the list of famous pickle brands to go for:

#1. Vlasic

Vlasic is one of the most famous pickle brands ever. Pickle manufacturing started in 1942, which at least partially explains why pickle consumption increased over the ensuing decades. The company debuted its well-known stork and baby logo in 1974 as a nod to the idea that many expectant moms like pickles. Vlasic is made by Pinnacle Foods, a branch of Conagra Brands.

#2. Mt. Olive

Mt. Olive is one of the biggest and most famous privately held pickle brands in the US. With the help of 37 business owners, they developed a viable strategy for producing and selling their own pickles, and it was formally founded in 1926. Mount Olive, North Carolina, serves as the location of the company headquarters. Their pickles today command a substantial market share in the Southeast United States.

#3. Claussen

The Claussen Pickles trademark is owned by Kraft Heinz, one of the famous pickle brands. They are well known for being both canned and raw, and having a satisfying crunch and snap. In 1870, C.F. Claussen & Sons established their business in Chicago and began pickling their surplus cucumbers. The 2002 merger of Claussen and Vlasic was found to have “anticompetitive implications” by the Federal Trade Commission.

#4. Heinz

Ketchup and maybe mustard are Heinz’s most famous pickle brands. However, the company has been making pickles since the 1860s. Actually, in 1876, they were the ones who came up with the first sweet pickles. Dill pickles, hot garlic pickles, bread-and-butter pickles, sweet-and-sour pickles, pickles, and gherkins are among the products they make.

#5. McClure’s

One of the more recent entrants into the pickle business is McClure’s. Two brothers, Bob and Joe, launched a pickle-making company in 2006 using an old family recipe. In Brooklyn and Detroit, respectively, where they were living at the time, the brothers started manufacturing pickles. As the business expanded, every production operation was moved to Michigan. The four pickle varieties produced by McClure’s are garlic dill, spicy dill, sweet & spicy, and bread & butter. Other than Amazon, you may purchase these pickles at Kroger, Cost Plus, Meijer, and Murray’s Cheese. McClure’s is thus one of the most famous pickle brands to go for.

#6. Wickles Pickles

The company uses a 90-year-old formula to create its pickles, which were previously only served to family and close friends. Wickles Pickles has produced a wide variety of pickle variants since it began selling pickles in 1998. In addition to Wickles Pickles Original and Wickles Pickles Chips, these pickles are also available in Dirty Dill Baby Dills, Dirty Dill Chips, and Dirty Dill Spears varieties. Wickles Pickles is one of the most famous pickle brands to enjoy.

#7. Bubbies

Former owner of Bubbies and founder of the pickle company in 1982, Leigh Truex After years of trying to grow financially, the astute business couple Kathy and John Gray eventually bought Truex’s faltering company. After consulting with a few business experts, they suitably changed their labeling and made other positive moves to assist the company’s growth. Even though Bubbies no longer sells a lot of pickles, they still produce a few distinctive products that are very well-liked. Some of these products include Kosher Dill Pickles, Baby Dill Pickles, Spicy Dill Pickles, and Bread & Butter Pickles. Bubbies is one of the most famous pickle brands to enjoy.

#8. Suckerpunch

Suckerpunch was established in 2011 following the creation of the Original Spicy Garlic Pickle by the company’s founder, David van Alphen. The delayed heat in this pickle recipe surely improved the pickles’ great flavor, despite feeling like a “sucker punch.” At least in part, Suckerpunch’s utilization of a 15-spice combination in each and every pickle variety it produces today is what keeps consumers coming back for more. The pickles don’t include high fructose corn syrup, gluten, or other genetically modified organisms. Original Spears, Sweet Onion Spears, 3-Pepper Fire Spears, Spicy Garlic Original, and Garlic Dill Fire Spears are some of the flavors of Suckerpunch pickles. Suckerpunch is one of the most famous pickle brands to enjoy.

#9. Best Maid Pickles

Best Maid Pickles made their debut in Texas in 1926. When her husband owned a grocery store, Mildred Dalton used to make goods at her house and sell them there. She decided to make mayonnaise out of the numerous egg yolks left over from her baking. When the mayonnaise was initially placed on the shelves at the nearby grocery shop, it was a huge success. The Dalton family began growing a pickle patch at their house and soon began selling canned pickles in their store. Best Maid now produces a wide range of pickles, including bread-and-butter, snappy garlic dills, baby dills, sour pickles, sweet pickles, and more, which makes it one of the famous pickle brands.

Kosher Pickle Brands

Kosher pickle brands include the following:

#1. Great Value Kosher Dill Pickle Spears

No pickle on our list was unacceptably awful, but the spears from Great Value fell short and had an unpleasant aftertaste that somewhat reminded me of damp cardboard. Although I can’t claim I’ve ever eaten wet cardboard, I imagine the taste would be similar. However, it did have a wonderful crunch and pepperiness. You’re not finding the herbaceousness or garlic you’re looking for here.

#2. Mt. Olive Kosher Dill Spears

The cake didn’t really stick out, despite being one of the most evenly distributed of the group. We remember that other jars and tubs had a little more sparkle, despite the fact that we love Mt. Olive pickles. just that

#3. Vlasic Kosher Dill Spears

Due to its unique Vlasic crunch, this jar is a pantry staple. It was a bigger spear and tasted saltier than tang, which is great for satisfying any unexpected sodium requirements. It might not be the best choice for a sandwich topping given how salty cold meats and sauces already are. I’m not saying this pickle is horrible; it just couldn’t hold a candle to the others, to reiterate.

#4. 365 Whole Foods Market Kosher Dill Spears

These were some of the coolest people in the group, which was unexpected. Each mouthful was light and had a delicate garlic flavor, making them the ideal pickles for munching on throughout the day. I really had no complaints, other than hoping the dill flavor had a little more depth.

#5. Happy Belly Kosher Dill Spears Pickles

The flavor most strongly reminded me of the brilliant green pickles I frequently ate as a young kid at restaurants, which was a delightful surprise from Amazon. It had a strong acidic and vinegar flavor. If you dislike soggy centers, you’ll be quite displeased with these and want to slam them against a nearby wall because they lacked crunch. Yes, it’s a little overboard, but some of you demand perfect pickles.

#6. Claussen Kosher Dill Spears

Claussen is embarrassed by the sarcastic Vlasic’s appearance. It is without a doubt the saltiest of the bunch, although the monotony is broken up by the mustard seed and dried red pepper. I thought these were fantastic, and I think they merit the accolades and cult-like following (which, to be honest, I’m a little afraid of).

#7. Dietz & Watson Kosher Pickle Spears.

Introducing this week’s surprise smash, Dietz & Watson. Bigger can sometimes be preferable as was the case with these huge spears that were heavy on size, garlic, dill, crunch, and salt. In fact, they were so close to winning that I allowed myself a day to reconsider. The key factor was how potent and distinctive the flavors were. However, Dietz & Watson is an excellent first backup in the event that the winner is unable to keep its pickle obligations (for example, when it runs out of pickles).

#8. Grillo’s Pickles Fresh Pickle Spears

Rise and move! This battle of the cucumbers was won by Grillo’s pickle, which was crisp, acidic, and garlicky in flavor. For the love of God and everything that is sacred, though, if you could find another container Since the plastic doesn’t seal properly, there are leaks everywhere. Despite the fact that I enjoy pickles, I wouldn’t want the flavor of pickle juice to come to symbolize me.

What Brand of Pickles Are Made in the USA?

The headquarters of the American pickled cucumber company Claussen are located in the Chicago suburb of Woodstock, Illinois. Claussen pickles are often found in the refrigerator section of supermarket shops and, unlike many other brands, are uncooked.

What is America’s Favorite Pickle?

The most common type of pickle is dill. You probably have a jar of them in your refrigerator right now. The eight most well-liked dill pickle brands were purchased by Our Test Kitchen, and they were blindly evaluated.


It stands to reason that, because pickling is a method of preservation, the finest-tasting pickles would be those that use no artificial ingredients. It’s puzzling that people consider artificial flavors and colors necessary at all. If you care about your health and your taste buds, it’d be wise to avoid pickles made with these substances.

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