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The cornerstones of any well-rounded wardrobe are the top men’s underwear brands. But buying underwear isn’t very fun unless you’re in desperate need of a quick serotonin boost. Looking for a pair of classic Supima cotton boxer shorts or a pair of flexible, moisture-wicking boxer briefs with added spandex? It won’t take long to find it. But the choice of underwear can make the difference between a great day and a terrible one. The choice is yours to make! I added the list of luxury men’s underwear brands as well as the expensive men’s underwear brands to make you options to pick from during your next shopping trip!

Best Men’s Underwear Brands

Getting yourself one of the best men’s underwear brands is a very crucial thing to do as a man! Your sweat can only be absorbed by the best men’s underwear brands. Here is a list of the best men’s underwear brands you can opt for:

#1. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is credited with being the first to put its name on a pair of underwear before becoming a global superbrand that dominates billboard space. This is said to have caused a seismic shift in the men’s underwear business. Even after all these years, buying a pair of boxers with the well-known Futura font still feels like a small treat that only you, your underwear drawer, and a few other people will ever get to enjoy. Calvin Klein is the place to go if you’re seeking underwear with a real cultural history.

 #2. Mack Weldon

Few underwear manufacturers can claim to have pure silver incorporated into their fabric mix. In my list of best men’s underwear brands you should buy, Mack Weldon is one of the best because they can.

One of the best and most durable odor prevention profiles of any underwear brand to date has been developed by them. This company, which offers a variety of styles, has cemented its reputation in the comfort category with a micro modal-acrylic blend that resembles silk.

The use of silver gives Mack Weldon’s Silver brand of underwear a new layer of anti-odor protection that is better than the competition.

Some of the most comfortable and useful underwear on the market have mesh cooling zones and a double-sided fly.

#3. Hanes

Few companies, let alone those in the underwear industry, can say that they have a century of experience in their particular industry. Hanes, though, isn’t just any old company. Since its start in the early 1900s, Hanes has maintained a level of popularity that is hard for less well-known brands to match. Although the brand has since expanded into other product categories—you might swear by their renowned tagless T-shirts—underwear remains the empire’s crowning glory. Hanes underwear is frequently sold in bulk, which is unusual given how long they typically last between uses.

#4. Tommy John

In terms of comfort and basic functionality, Tommy John has nailed it when it comes to men’s underwear. You can be confident that issues like chafing and “riding up” are a thing of the past thanks to their Second Skin line’s available 6″ inseam. You may feel comfy the entire day thanks to the slightly above-average inseam’s perfect amount of coverage.

Tommy John also has a horizontal fly with a modern look for when you need to get to your most important things quickly and easily.

Tommy John’s are some of the best underwear for everyday use because they are made with the best materials available for men’s underwear and have a non-rolling waistband.

#5. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger, the brand’s owner, inspired the launch of a men’s underwear brand in 1985. He is renowned around the world as the creator of the American cool look, which was inspired by popular culture and the love of tradition that Americans have for their heritage. Tommy Hilfiger and the other members of his brand set out to defy expectations and elevate individuality.

One of the most well-known underwear companies today, Tommy Hilfiger shares its high spirit with clients all over the world. As a high school student beginning his fashion career in 1969, Tommy founded his first store in New York, which gave existence to this fantastic brand. He decided to pursue a career in fashion design about 10 years later, and the company was introduced in 1985 with just one men’s wear collection.

Tommy Hilfiger’s underwear for men is made of cotton that lets air in and a small amount of elastane. Choose Tommy Hilfiger if you want comfortable underwear that you may wear both day and night. They have elastic waistbands and may also be washed in the machine without risking damage. Therefore, Tommy Hilfiger is a brand to consider if you’re trying to decide which underwear to buy.

#6. Under Armour

Kevin Plank, the captain of the University of Maryland’s special football team, established the company in 1995. Plank had a sporting history, and it was on the strength of that background that the brand was developed. He first started his firm in his grandmother’s basement in Washington, D.C.

It all began when he realized there was a problem with the T-shirt he and his teammates do wear below their protective gear. He saw that they would get heavy when they sweat, which would reduce their effectiveness on the field. He then created a very light T-shirt that maintains its coolness even in the hottest conditions. Shortly after, he created his first mock-up and delivered it to his friends, who then wore it while playing NFL. He then took their suggestions to create a new microfiber T-shirt for his teammates that keeps them light and cool.

Today, Under Armour produces some of the best men’s underwear available. It is made of cool fabrics, is lightweight, and is comfortable to wear. The best materials were used in its creation to assure longevity, and it is sleek and fitting. Each purchase includes two boxer briefs and is offered at typical small and large rates.

#7. Jockey 

Like Hanes, Jockey has existed in some capacity for a very long time. Jockey, a brand with roots in the late 1800s and a name derived from the support provided by jockstraps at the time, is largely recognized for creating the traditional Y-front brief. This invention served as a model for underwear designs that still rule the market today. When you’re in desperate need of no-frills underwear made with the same attention to detail—and nearly indestructibility—that first made the firm famous, Jockey is still the brand to turn to.

#8. MeUndies

MeUndies has produced a comfy pair of underwear that you can buy in just about any color or pattern you can imagine, boasting the most distinctive and colorful designs on this list.

They worked together to create some of the most distinctive patterns for men’s underwear that can be seen anywhere, from The Simpsons to Star Wars.

Even though they provide one of the biggest selections of styles on the market, they haven’t lost sight of the consumer by producing a pair of well-fitting underwear that’s excellent for everyday usage.

Their main selling point is the availability of a monthly subscription that enables you to save 30% on underwear as you gradually increase your collection.

MeUndies is one of the few manufacturers that offer a monthly membership, making it a great option if you’re searching for an affordable pair of underpants that give you the option of full expression.

#9. Hanro 

Hanro has everything you need if you’re looking for premium underwear created by an expert in the field. Since over 150 years ago, the Swiss company has produced luxurious loungewear for the world’s most discerning dressers, and its superb assortment of underwear is no exception. It may seem absurd to praise the craftsmanship of a simple pair of boxer briefs—they’re boxers, for goodness’ sake! however, put on a pair from Hanro and you’ll notice the difference right away. These are not-so-basics that are truly worth investing in because of the brand’s strong design capabilities and a history of technical innovation.

#10. Saxx

Do you prefer underwear made to the same strict standards as a NASA spacesuit? The brand for you is Saxx. Every pair the firm produces is equipped with its patented BallPark Pouch technology, which is the (somewhat embarrassing) name Saxx gives to the hammock-shaped pocket that gives its underwear its distinctive support. All-day comfort is ensured by breathable mesh panels, an ergonomic nine-panel design, and flat-out seams, which promise to avoid chafing and that familiar shimmy we’ve all experienced when something gets trapped where it shouldn’t.

#11. Allbirds 

Allbirds has developed an eco-friendly solution for men’s underwear that fits well and is affordable, though you may know them best for their wool sneakers.

Their organic underwear range has a secure-fit waistband and a selection of materials that feel smooth and silky and have plenty of room in all the right places.

Allbirds has a great price-to-performance ratio for underwear that wicks away sweat and keeps you from smelling bad.

The nicest thing about purchasing a pair of Allbirds underwear is that, if necessary, you can bundle them with their already-famous socks and shoes to save even more money.

#12. Bombas 

Bombas is well-known for its popular brand of socks, and they have made a name for itself in the underwear market by extending the same level of comfort and performance to its range of underwear.

The brand has made a name for itself in men’s underwear by providing some of the best performance and comfort available, with a variety of fabrics and styles to pick from.

This underwear brand has a wonderful fit and plenty of room, and it also has a special diagonal fly that provides the same comfort guys are used to without sacrificing the support you want.

The brand offers the ideal pair for you, whether you want a pair of performance underwear that wicks away sweat or a pair of cotton modal underwear that is incredibly breathable and comfy.

#13. Lululemon 

More than any other brand on our list, Lululemon has made a name for itself in the activewear industry. Lululemon has designed a terrifically fitting pair of performance-oriented underwear that guys will appreciate by creating a pair of underwear made for men on the go.

Lululemon’s collection of men’s underwear is the ideal set of underwear for active men who desire the finest performance possible. It features an optional 5-inch inseam and an extra support pocket.

Lululemon has made sure that you are getting a wonderful, flexible pair of underwear that wicks moisture and removes odor with some of the best materials available, even if they are on the more expensive side of men’s underwear.

#14. Modus Vivendi

The idea for Modus Vivendi came from one man’s strong desire to have more options for men’s underwear. Modus Vivendi was established in December 1989 by Greek designer Christos Bimpitsos to create a more specialized and sophisticated selection of men’s loungewear, swimwear, and undergarments.

Since then, the company has grown quickly, and he has been able to do what he wanted to do: change the boring norms of underwear and give people like Emily new and exciting ways to express themselves through their underwear. Christos wanted to bring the market for men’s underwear back to life. Based on where Modus Vivendi is now and what it does, we can say for sure that he was successful.

In the realm of men’s underwear, the brand has established a benchmark, and Modus Vivendi has come to represent luxury. Great care is taken to guarantee that everything, from the underwear itself to the packaging that surrounds it, is of the highest caliber. Yes, the elegance and style are unmatched, but what’s the finest part? All of this is accomplished without sacrificing the softest and most luxurious comfort. It is understandable why Modus Vivendi’s creators are reputed to genuinely enjoy their work.

Everything about the underwear, from the design to the delivery and everything in between, shows how careful and detailed they are. It becomes obvious why they are regarded in the world of men’s underwear as the go-to source when you need something a little bit more unique.

#15. Ralph Lauren

Have you ever questioned what could possibly cause someone to adore a brand so strongly that they will only wear clothing bearing its name? Obviously, you have never met a real Lo Head. It would be almost cruel to deny Ralph Lauren’s most devoted followers the chance to represent the company in underwear form given the level of affection that the brand inspires in them. The brand’s briefs are a terrific introduction to what it does best, even if you don’t know your Purple Label from your P Wing.

#16. Diesel 

This company’s humble beginnings can be traced to the northeastern Italian village of Molvena. Adriano Goldschmied and Renzo Rosso were the architects of it. The company has overcome numerous challenges over the years. The brand has also developed from an Italian brand to a brand that is well-known worldwide. It currently keeps track of 1.3 billion annual turnovers.

Italy is known for its skill in fashion design in general, therefore you might be wondering why Diesel does not sound Italian. The answer is that the brand name conveys the company’s guiding principles. The name conjures both an unbounded world and a distinctive visual language. Diesel is a brand of clothes that offers jeans, shoes, undergarments, and accessories. Diesel and Diesel Black Gold are the two subcategories of the clothing brand.

Choose from the range of the Diesel brand if you’re looking for one of the best underwear companies for men that mixes comfort and style. It features remarkable attention to detail and striking, eye-catching designs. This creative brand’s range of briefs exudes style, and elegance, and is enticing to anybody who sees it.

You instantly buy quality, comfort, and support when you buy underwear from Diesel, and practically every man wants those things.

#17. ORLVS

One of those underrated brands that are quietly fantastic is ORLVS. Even if it’s not as well-known as some other brands—like Jockmail or even Calvin Klein—still it’s a fantastic company that meets a variety of demands.

ORLVS underwear provides what you need, whether you’re looking for a gorgeous thong for a special occasion, a durable, comfortable jockstrap for regular wear, or even high-quality, multipurpose gay pride underwear. Additionally, because it isn’t very well known, the products are pretty reasonable, so you won’t have to empty your bank account to acquire them.

While some of the other men’s underwear businesses may provide a wider variety of patterns than ORLVS does, ORLVS more than makes up for this shortcoming with its high-quality offerings. Not that ORLVS products are dull—far from it. Instead, they avoid traditional printed patterns in favor of geometric color bands and blocks, which gives their brand a distinctive look.

Luxury Men’s Underwear Brands

Not all men’s underwear brands are luxury. Luxury men’s underwear brands are most times said to be luxury due to the materials used or the company that made them. Here is the list of luxury men’s underwear brands that you can go for:

#1. Sunspel

Undoubtedly, underwear is as basic as it gets, but that doesn’t imply the entire genre needs to feel that way. Why trust just any old underwear company with the safekeeping of priceless jewels? Whether you have a taste for the better things in life or want to upgrade from the flimsy multi-pack alternatives you buy by the dozen, Sunspel’s unmistakably opulent undergarments will treat your most delicate areas with the respect they deserve. The British brand has been in the boxer business for more than 150 years and provides access to some of the world’s best materials in addition to great workmanship. Thought your collection of plushest sweaters could only be made from ultra-fine, delicious Sea Island cotton? It’s obvious that you’ve never tripped over a pair of these before. Fair warning, though: once you do, turning back is challenging.

#2. Versace 

Versace is a well-known premium Italian company that has been successful for many years. The brand creates men’s underwear as well as fashionable clothing, and it does it in a variety of fashionable motifs and hues with the company’s trademark Greca border and Medusa logo. From boxers and trunks to briefs and thongs, there is a cut to fit any man’s taste. You will discover underwear that fits comfortably and that you want to flaunt because these items also beg to be seen.

#3. Off-White

Off-White is a hip and stylish brand. Legendary fashion designer Virgil Abloh developed the opulent Italian company, which offers an astounding selection of underwear. The items have a branded waistband and come in a variety of intriguing hues, from traditional black and white to trims in edgy yellow. They are also available in box sets, making them perfect as presents for loved ones or for yourself.

#4. Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani underwear has always been associated with elegance and sex appeal. David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo have both endorsed Armani’s high-end designs, which are constructed of soft materials like cotton, microfiber, Pima cotton, or modal. The brand is renowned for its shamelessly vibrant seasonal patterns, even if they do have a more traditional, monochrome collection of briefs, boxers, thongs, and trunks.

#5. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss, a German premium brand, carries a selection of upscale trunks, boxer briefs, and briefs. The brand’s underwear has a sleek and fashionable appearance and offers a comfortable fit and light lift when needed thanks to its high-quality cotton-elastane blend.

#6. Dolce & Gabbana

The well-crafted sleek bottoms in the traditional black, white, and grey are what distinguish Dolce & Gabbana’s collection. A tiny selection of boxer underwear and briefs made of premium cotton are available from the Italian luxury brand. The fitting style and short leg encourage freedom of movement, while the trademark logo waistband keeps your underwear in place.

#7. Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna, which opened in 1910, was innovative in many ways. He set out to procure only the highest quality natural fibers from his native Italy with the goal of innovating textiles and manufacturing techniques. The brand currently sells a comprehensive selection of men’s boxers, briefs, and trunks manufactured from those locally produced fabrics.

#8. Hanro 

Hanro is one of the world’s market leaders in the underwear sector because of its more than a century of experience and sharp eye for technological innovation. The native Swiss create a high-end items by fusing quality natural fibers with their innovative knitting method and attention to detail. According to the brand’s ideology, “understated luxury” is defined as “little but just the best.”

#9. Bonds 

Bonds is one of the best-known clothing brands in Australia. It makes some of the country’s most recognizable underwear. Men of all ages continue to adore their timeless designs, vivid colors, and amusing prints. Bonds also recently updated its material blends, giving them a softer feel and a better fit on your skin. When it comes to budget lines, this Australian classic will provide you with value without sacrificing comfort.

#10. American Eagle

If you’re looking for something colorful and cozy at a reduced price, American Eagle offers a terrific alternative. Their collection of men’s underwear, which is also known for its unique patterns, gives enough support without being too tight. American Eagle sells a variety of fabric blends, like jersey, poly, and cotton, that make it easy to move while warming or cooling your lower body.

#11. Derek Rose

Even after a lot of wear and tear, Derek Rose’s shorts won’t bunch up because the leg seams are slightly curved.

“Tasteful restraint” is not Tom Ford’s style. Tasteful? Sure. Restraint? Not really. But one of the strongest cases we’ve seen for the existence of designer underwear as a distinct genre is made by the brand’s absurdly exquisite silk boxers, and that’s saying a lot.

Expensive Men’s Underwear Brands

The underwear on our list of the most expensive men’s underwear brands in the world is made out of the most luxurious materials and is made with great care.

The most expensive underwear in the world is typically created by luxury brands and frequently includes expensive materials. Here are the expensive men’s underwear rands you will surely be glad you got:

#1. Dolce and Gabbana Cotton Cheetah-Print Boxer Shorts

Dolce and Gabbana is one of the most expensive men’s underwear brands we have out there. These cotton boxer shorts with a cheetah print by Dolce and Gabbana are very striking. These boxers will bring a little bit of extra excitement to any underwear drawer because they are made of soft cotton and have a striking red cheetah print. Also, the red logo plaque on the elasticized waistband is decorative. This expensive underwear also has a patch pocket.

#2. Versace Trésor de la Mer Silk Boxer Shorts

Versace, one of the largest brands of men’s underwear, adds another set of fantastic boxers to this list. Compared to earlier styles of Versace underwear, the Trésor De La Mer Silk Boxer Shorts are entirely different.

The silk boxer shorts have a stunning sea-themed print that was taken from the past and honors the wonders of nature.

#3. Balenciaga Men’s Boxer Briefs in Black

The brand Balenciaga is named after its creator, Cristóbal Balenciaga. On January 21, 1895, in Spain, Cristóbal was born. The future designer, who had started studying dressmaking at the age of 10, traveled to France at the age of 15 and was further inspired by the fashion industry there. After returning home, Cristóbal established himself as “Spain’s leading couture.” In order to continue his work when the Spanish Civil War of 1937 disrupted it, Cristóbal relocated to Paris. Cristóbal passed away at the age of 77 a few decades later, but the Balenciaga company carried on creating expensive garments for affluent consumers. Today, Balenciaga is renowned for its innovative and contemporary looks. These boxer briefs, which have a basic cut and the Balenciaga label on the waistband, are an example of the company’s simpler designs.

#4. Christian Dior

The most expensive underwear you can really purchase is a pair of Christian Dior’s costly briefs. The expensive style is made in Italy and has a pattern called the “Dior Oblique motif.” This pattern was first used by the fashion company in the late 1960s. In 1905, Christian Dior was born. The H-line, the A-line, and the Y-line are some of the most recognizable pieces of clothing that Dior created before his death at the age of 52.

#5. Rick Owens X Champion Dolphin Mesh Boxers

The legendary sportswear company Champion and the American fashion designer Rick Owens worked together to make these very unusual Dolphin Mesh Boxers.

These mesh boxer shorts include side vents, extra-long drawstrings at the waist, and a somewhat longer back. This cozy set of underwear, which features a Rick Owens-modified Champion emblem, is ideal for relaxing at home.

#6. Marni Checkerboard Logo Boxer Briefs

These Marni Checkerboard Logo Boxer Briefs are a must because of their stylish style. This luxurious underwear is composed entirely of polyamide and is decorated with a blue-toned checkerboard pattern.

The delicate Marni logo is then added to the elasticized waist bag. If you purchase the coordinating shirt, these adorable boxers can also be worn as pajamas.

#7. Tom Ford

These gorgeous Acid Floral Silk Boxers are one of the best underwear designs by Tom Ford. These silk boxers are worth the increased price because of their beautiful design and plush fabric.

These slim-fit boxers feature a blue and green floral pattern on the front and a Tom Ford-branded waistband on the back.

#8. Brioni Solid Cotton Boxers

The Brioni Solid Cotton Boxers are the perfect pair of boxers for anyone who wants a pair that will never go out of style and is made of high-quality material that can be worn every day.

These light blue boxers are made of soft cotton with an elasticized waistband and a two-button front. They are also ideal as loungewear or pajamas due to their regular fit.

#9. Hermès

With their upscale boxers, premium brand Hermès drives costs through the roof. The expensive underwear has a 100% cotton design and sells for over $1,000. It is supplied in a special holding case. These boxers, like other designer underwear, are produced in Europe, but specifically in France. The front waistband of these boxers, which come in sizes small through XXL, is embroidered with the Hermès logo.

What Style of Underwear Is the Most Comfortable for Men?

Even though they offer the most support, briefs may feel constricting. When compared to boxers, both briefs and boxer briefs offer better support. The loosest and most free-flowing type of underwear are boxers, which can be cozy but increase the likelihood that they will bunch up under your jeans.

Should Men Wear Underwear All Day?

Your underwear absorbs sweat, so it doesn’t get on your privates. Since you probably wash your underwear more often than your pants, there are fewer bacteria and fungi to worry about. But not wearing underwear could make your pants the perfect place for jock itch, or tinea cruris, to grow.

Do Men Need to Change Underwear Everyday?

You need to change your underwear every day. Think about changing your underwear completely once a year. Underwear with stains should be discarded practically immediately. You don’t want to seem like you have trouble controlling your sphincters.

The most common style of men’s underwear is boxer-briefs. They’re also my favorites for a variety of reasons, including the ideal balance of support and comfort.

Is It Worth Buying Designer Underwear?

Yes, it worth buying. Particularly as you sweat and move around, premium brands offer extra protection for your thighs and crotch. Due to how flawlessly light and fitting they are, you could occasionally forget you’re wearing them at all! For active guys, the premium way is definitely worthwhile.


As a man, your underwear is just as important as your clothes. Getting the best men’s underwear brands is very crucial. Go through the above-listed men’s underwear brands to help you during your next shopping trip.


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