VEGAN CLOTHING BRANDS: Top 19+ Picks You Can’t Ignore in 2023

affordable ethical vegan clothing brands in the USA

Designers will continue to get a feel for the vegan fashion world as they see the stunning possibilities of recycling plastics, wood, industrial waste, and other materials. Fashion that is ethical and environmentally conscious is the next big thing in the fashion world.
Animal-derived commodities like leather, fur, and other animal-derived materials contribute to a complex environmental issue, so these vegan fashion designers are making responsible choices by producing their beautiful wares with recycled, cruelty-free, and sustainable materials. Let me show you some affordable ethical vegan clothing brands in the United States. I am sure that by the time you are done going through our list, you will be considering adding vegan clothing brands to your wardrobe.

What Clothing Is Vegan?

Vegan clothing, like vegan cuisine, is animal-free. Vegan materials avoid animal exploitation, including leather and suede. Toad&Co’s vegan apparel eliminates silk, fur, feathers, angora, and down.

Is Gucci Vegan?

Gucci does not advertise or promote any of its products as being vegan-friendly. Given that Gucci does animal experimentation, we wouldn’t recommend buying anything from them anyhow.

Best Vegan Clothing Brands

Let’s start with the best vegan clothing brands on our list. These brands are the real conservationist and still will present you with luxury styles for every occasion;

Trees Tribe

Tree Tribe is an outdoor lifestyle brand that gives back by planting ten trees for every dollar spent. They’ve planted almost 400,000 trees so far! As well as, creating positive changes, leaf leather, a new unique plant-based leather, is used in their handcrafted items.

Ninety Percent

Para Hamilton and Shafiq Hassan, co-founders and friends for over 30 years, launched Ninety Percent in 2018.

So, If you’re wondering what the term implies, it means that Ninety Percent distributes 90% of their income to charitable causes. Then, using the unique label found on the garments, they invite their customers to vote for their favorite cause. Isn’t that amazing!

In case you didn’t know that on orders over £75, customers can get FREE UK shipping and returns, as well as FREE worldwide shipping. In addition, new members receive 15% off their first order when they sign up! So when you think of it 90% is the real deal.


Mila.Vert is a European-based vegan fashion business with a classic, minimalist, and stylish design. Vert’s production is headquartered in Slovenia, where the business began, and only uses organic and recyclable materials.

What we admire about them is their new commitment to sustainability. The company does not hold any inventory and instead creates products according to needs.

Maylyn & Co.

Maylyn & Co. is a lingerie and loungewear brand based in Canada that provides the right option for individuals looking for premium sleepwear that is not only sustainable but also durable, comfortable, and soft on the skin.


Etiko is quite open and proud of the fact that they are one of the ethical, vegan clothing brands and also environmentally friendly too. They concentrate on everyday products such as undergarments, footwear, and basic clothing.

It’s a family-owned and controlled company that’s been dedicated to the protection and promotion of human rights for over a decade.


LÉ BUNS specializes in swimwear and intimates and is vegan, cruelty-free, and slow fashion. They also make use of plant-based materials, organic cotton, and regenerated nylon.


This vegan business focuses on repurposing garbage from its own operations. The industrial process recycles every material that may be reused, which accounts for around 68 percent of the entire amount.

Beyond Skin

The spring 2017 collection of this luxury vegan shoe business comprises 100 percent recycled polyurethane inside materials and 70 percent recycled rubber resin soles.

Wully Outerwear

When it comes to textiles, Wully Outerwear looks for those that are both high-performing and low-impact on the environment. Its commitment to lowering CO2 emissions complements its efforts to protect wildlife, and its local production reduces its carbon impact. The organization is continuously working to make its manufacturing, goods, and packaging as environmentally friendly as possible.

Affordable Vegan Clothing Brands

Some brands are completely vegan, while larger clothing brands offer lots of vegan options. Whatever the case these brands deserve an accolade for their contributions to making the world a less cruel place for animals.

You may be thinking vegan clothes are expensive, on the other hand, they are generally affordable. That’s why we compiled this list of affordable vegan clothing brands to shop from. So, the next time you go shopping and you’re looking for cotton shirts or faux leather shoes make sure you go vegan. Let’s ride on to learn more about these affordable vegan clothing brands and what you’re gonna be missing if you do not have one yet.

Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel sells soft, simple, and sustainable clothing at a reasonable price. To lessen the negative influence on the environment, the goods are also created from organic cotton and recyclable materials.

Alternative Apparel offers a variety of indoor and outdoor goods for both men and women, as well as a unisex brand. They’re ideal for anyone who wants to shop for a variety of items without having to go from one store to the next. You’ll find practically anything you’re looking for at Alternative Apparel. Now you know where to go if you have a hectic schedule and shopping isn’t your thing.

Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought is one of the affordable vegan clothing brands for basic vegan things at a reasonable price. They also make their pieces in a variety of sizes, employ recyclable materials, and ensure that their workers are treated humanely.

Their sustainable and activewear items, which range from leggings and tees to bras, offer comfort and flair to your home’s comfort. They’re the greatest option for anyone who enjoys sports!

Hipsters for Sisters

Hipsters for Sisters is a small, family-owned factory in Los Angeles that makes belt bags, wallets, bottle bags, and crossbody bags. It’s one of the most beautiful and environmentally conscientious brands, having been founded in 2012.

Organic cotton, hemp, piatex, and vegan-eco leather are among the sustainable materials and low-impact fabrics used by the business, which demonstrates their commitment to the environment and animal welfare.

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Kotn is another ethical firm that uses genuine Egyptian cotton in its products. Their patterns appear and feel quite comfortable, and they come in a variety of eye-catching and vibrant hues. For Kotn, the pricing is also a big benefit!

We adore Kotn’s exceptional fabric, Egyptian cotton, sometimes known as “white gold” and cultivated in the Nile Delta. It has a softer, finer, and more breathable texture that makes it suitable for tees, dresses, bottoms, jackets, and sweatshirts, among other products.

The company has made it clear since its inception in 2014 that it is committed to real environmental and social change. To achieve this, steps have been taken such as employing organic cotton and allocating funds to educate children in the Nile Delta in order to minimize child labor. Another feature that distinguishes Kotn from other brands is its emphasis on traceability. They give you sufficient information about where the cotton comes from and the process it goes through before it reaches your closet.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney, a lifelong vegan, launched her own label in Paris in October 2001. Her collections include lingerie, eyewear, and scent for women of all ages and genders.

Stella McCartney removed leather and fur from her collections after establishing her brand as a successful business. Vegetarian leather, organic cotton, recycled nylon, polyester, metals, and other forest fibers are among the alternatives she employs. All of the things are available for purchase at a reasonable cost.

The brand is attempting to balance both beauty and sustainability without making any concessions. Luxurious goods are manufactured with alternative materials and innovative technologies to prevent the spread of environmental damage caused by the fashion industry.


Finding a vegan brand that caters equally to men and women might be difficult at times. Everlane offers a wide range of products for both men and women, including jeans, sweaters, shoes, outerwear, and accessories. Thereby demonstrating that it is an excellent vegan apparel brand for conscientious vegans. These brands are also affordable vegan clothing options.


Lovejoi is a fair trade and organic brand that provides inexpensive apparel while emphasizing the significance of wellbeing from start to finish. They are proof that simplicity equals sophistication, as they cover some wonderful day-to-day pieces that everyone should own. Lovejoi is available for purchase.

HeartCure Clothing

HeartCure is another conscious fashion brand that uses sustainable materials. This brand should be on your ‘watch’ list since they aspire to be so much more than just apparel, and they have created a community around them. The brand, which caters to both men and women, specializes on flexible, comfortable apparel for folks who enjoy taking things slowly every now and then. With this brand, you can look lovely while staying within your budget, with pricing that is hard to top.


Keep is a footwear company that is gaining popularity quickly. They guarantee to make purchasing more convenient for you. This is due to the fact that they give cruelty-free merchandise as well as a large choice of options and rates to choose from.

In all honesty, the companies’ shoes are durable and simple to care for. They rely on organic, sustainably grown materials and place a high priority on handicrafts.

Is Any Louis Vuitton Vegan?

Animal rights groups have targeted Louis Vuitton because the company continues to employ exotic animal skins in its designs, yet the company does not appear to provide a single vegan-friendly bag.

Is Zara Make Up Vegan?

Even though Zara sells its products in China, where animal testing is required for imported goods, all of its products are vegan and cruelty-free, and they are made to fit all skin tones.

Vegan Clothing Brands USA

The USA house most of the vegan clothing brands you see today. They understand the need for the vegan fashion world to strive. There are more than 50 brands producing vegan clothing in the USA, on this, list we’ll be looking at a few of these brands.

Alabama Chanin

Alabama Chanin is a vegan clothing brand, 100 percent organic, and created in the United States from reused and reclaimed materials.


Bangs Shoes are vegan, made of canvas with rubber toes/soles, aluminum eyelets, and polyester shoelaces, with a business plan that invests 20% of net profits in helping people establish businesses, and is a partner with They are created fairly in China and are based in the United States.

Anastasia Bones

Anastasia Bones is a cruelty-free and also one of the ethically vegan clothing brands established in the USA, owned and maintained by women.

Angela Roi

Angela Roi is a luxury vegan handbag manufacturer that uses high-quality vegan leather works with trained artisans to craft handbags, uses no child labor, pays fair wages, is PETA approved, and donates to local shelters and charities to help abused animals.


Since 2003, Cykochik has been handcrafting unique handbags and accessories from eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials in Dallas.

Cynthia King

Cynthia King is a vegan designer that creates ballet slippers with a synthetic complete sole and split sole. She is based in New York, USA.

WAMA Underwear

WAMA Underwear IS VEGAN provides quality underwear for men and women made from hemp, the world’s most sustainable fabric, which is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-odor, comfortable and breathable, PETA-approved, and a Green America Certified Business established in the United States.


Della is a VEGAN, woman-owned/operated business that is socially responsible and produces high-quality products. She works with a community in West Africa to provide jobs and education and is based in Los Angeles, California.

The Dharma Store

The Dharma Store is vegan, offering casual wear, vegan apparel, and t-shirts with a plant-powered, vegan message. All clothing is made without animal products, such as leather, fur, feathers, wool, and silk, and is PETA-approved.

The Underground Chic

The Underground Chic is vegan, and their handbags are made from fabric manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. They also partner with Trees for the Future, and for every handbag or cosmetic bag purchased, a tree is planted. Underground is one of the vegan clothing brands situated in New York, USA.

Westland Jewelry

Westland Jewelry is vegan, beautiful jewelry that is eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and handcrafted by hand in the United States of America using recycled silver and gold.

Hipsters for Sisters

Hipsters for Sisters (HFS Collective) IS VEGAN, an all-vegan company that makes fanny packs out of vegan leather, Ultrasuede, and organic cotton, with 5% of sales going to women’s empowerment and liberation organizations in the United States.

Other vegan clothing brands in the USA;

  • Threads for Love
  • Green Guru Gear
  • Happy Earth Apparel
  • Loop Swim
  • Loyal Footwear
  • Malibu Sandals
  • Pawj California
  • Pelush
  • Rewilder

Ethical Vegan Clothing Brands

Throughout the years, hundreds of fashion firms engaging new ideas emerged to dedicate to ethical and environmental processes. Below are some of our favorite ethical clothing brands. Each brand has made it a priority to approach fashion in an ethical and transparent manner that takes into account both people and the environment.


Patagonia, one of the first environmentalists in the sportswear sector, was also one of the first to use recycled materials and move to organic cotton. It is strengthening its commitment to labor ethics by collaborating with US factories whenever possible, notably in Texas and North Carolina. Patagonia is admired for the beneficial impact its fair trade factories have on people all around the world, as well as its secondhand Worn Wear collection and sustainable gear for everyone.

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is a pioneer in the field of ethical and environmentally friendly vegan fashion clothing brands. The company feels that social and environmental injustices are reasons to do things differently, therefore it meticulously monitors its whole supply chain to guarantee that workers are paid fairly. The company is also on a quest to be a leader in circular systems, recycling old garments and creating new ones whenever possible. Aside from that, they only use organic cotton and linen, regenerated nylon, and silk that is free of harmful chemicals.


Pact is obsessed with creating super-soft garments that also help to improve the earth. This socially conscious firm goes to great efforts to ensure that its entire supply chain is as clean and ethical as possible, from the cultivation and harvesting of organic cotton to the final stitching and all operations in between. Cotton that isn’t genetically modified is better for you and the farmers who grow it. For a more environmentally friendly purchase, Pact also offers carbon offset delivery.


If you want to add a touch of luxury to your everyday wardrobe, go no further than Kotn’s Egyptian cotton basics. Kotn generates all of its clothing in a fair and safe environment, from its farms to its factories, and is even assisting suppliers in making the conversion to organic over the next five years. In addition, via the construction of schools and the sponsorship of almost 700 farms, Kotn has impacted the lives of over 30,000 people in Egypt. Because the company is committed to high-quality production, you can be assured that its cotton tees will last for at least 30 washes and will always be comfortable and impactful.

Amour Vert

Amour Vert, which translates to “green love,” is all about embracing (and caring for) the environment. Natural fibers and materials such as hemp, ethical wool, and certified organic cotton are used to make sustainable fabrics such as Tencel Modal and Lyocell, and the company works directly with mills to develop them. Amour Vert produces 97% of its items in small batches within a few miles of its San Francisco headquarters. In addition, for every shirt purchased, the company will plant a tree!

Fair Trade Winds

Fair Trade Winds features some of the greatest fair trade vegan fashion brands that are dedicated to producing ethical clothing. Each piece in the collection shows the dedication of the creative artisans who work in cooperatives to empower themselves and improve their families’ and communities’ livelihoods. Fair Trade Winds is a family-owned company with physical stores across the country as well as an online store.

Other ethical vegan clothing brands;

  • Tradlands
  • Outerknown
  • tentree
  • Summersalt
  • Reformation
  • Thought Clothing
  • United by Blue
  • Fair Indigo
  • Vetta
  • Christy Dawn


All of the affordable ethical vegan clothing brands have made useful impacts on our environment. By patronizing these brands you too can also contribute to creating a safe environment. So, for more brand options you can take a trip to our homepage.


This article should NOT be used as a guide for purchase, it’s solely for informational purposes. We thereby emphasize that we do NOT endorse any of the brands in this post. They are subject to your choice of decision and verification. We are not sponsored by any of the brands and the information provided here is to the best of our knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are clothes vegan?

Vegan clothing, like vegan cuisine, refers to any garment that is created without the use of animal products. Vegan materials also restrict anything obtained through animal exploitation, which may seem obvious (such as leather and suede)…. Instead, they use plant-based and man-made fabrics to create vegan-friendly clothing.

Are any designer brands vegan?

Yes! There are designer vegan brands that are eco-friendly and ethical too. So designer brands like;

  • Matt & Nat
  • John Bartlett
  • Stella McCartney
  • Umasan
  • Vaute Couture
  • Cri de Couer
  • OlsenHaus

Is Gucci vegan?

Gucci introduces its first vegan shoe collection, made of Demetra, a leather substitute. Three styles are available to commemorate Gucci’s 100th anniversary: Gucci Basket, Gucci New Ace, and Gucci Rhyton are all Gucci products.

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