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Aliexpress is a huge e-commerce platform founded in China in 2010 by the renowned Alibaba Group. The company sells products directly from the manufacturer to global individuals and small businesses. Today, it is one of the most visited online stores in the world with a logo that stands out. The AliExpress logo is elegant and subtle. It directs the customer’s attention to unfathomable riches and exquisite items that can be delivered quickly wherever the customer desires. But what are the secrets behind the platform’s success and how were they able to dominate the market within a short period? Let’s go over the history and evolution of the Aliexpress brand and logo.

Aliexpress Logo: Overview

AliExpress is the world’s largest e-commerce platform, where you can find any product, from stationery to cars and boats.

The platform was founded in 2010 by Jack Ma, the richest man in China and one of the top 20 richest men in the world.

The company is headquartered in China, but its users can be found in every country. Almost all sellers provide free delivery, but if you see a product you need and the shipping is not free, you can easily find the same item in another seller’s shop that provides free delivery.

Every day, thousands of transactions are completed on AliExpress, and people from all over the world buy and sell various items every hour.

In comparison to other e-commerce websites, the platform has numerous advantages. First and foremost, because you buy directly from the manufacturer, they have the lowest prices on the market.

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In terms of selection, the platform has no competitors. No single Internet resource can provide such a diverse range of goods.

Another important aspect of the company is that it employs its own payment system, which protects both the buyer and seller.

Every day, more people join AliExpress, and the company expands and improves its services to make them more reliable and secure.

The platform’s website and mobile application are very simple to use and were designed to maximize your shopping experience and make it as convenient and easy as possible. The online store is available in ten languages and aims to serve all parts of the world.

What Is AliExpress?

AliExpress is a popular online store, ranking 32nd among the world’s most visited websites. Since 2010, the platform has offered products from 225,000 sellers in China and Turkey. The headquarters of the company are in Hangzhou and consist of a mini-city with offices, gyms, and cafes for 40,000 employees. The site receives up to 35 million visitors per month.

AliExpress is constantly innovating and expanding its services, providing new opportunities for both sellers and buyers. For example, the company offers a mobile app for user convenience, enhanced product search and filtering tools, and organizes large-scale sales and promotions to make purchases more profitable and appealing to its customers.

The visual identity of the world’s most famous marketplace is simple and modest, emphasizing the company’s progressive approach and willingness to provide the best services possible to its customers.

AliExpress’s logo is made up of a delicate wordmark with a single graphical element. A four-pointed star replaces the dot above the letter “I” as the only distinguishing feature of the online retailer’s logo. It is a symbol of hope, faith, and progress, making the logo more approachable and evoking a sense of trustworthiness and dependability.

The wordmark is a combination of orange and red, representing the enormous company’s energy and power and its progressive and innovative approach and passion for what it does.

The company uses a bright yet minimalist emblem for its mobile applications, which consists of a red and orange square with rounded angles and a white curved line. The background is a stylized shopping bag with the word “AliExpress” written in white on it.

Because of the bright color palette and simplicity of the shapes, the icon appears modern and instantly recognizable.

AliExpress Logo: 2010 – 2015

The famous store’s logo is an inscription that is visually divided into two parts by color:

Ali is an orange word that is associated with the story of Alibaba. Ma Yun, the platform’s founder, had the idea after visiting the United States and learning about the internet. There were no Chinese websites at the time. Ma Yun resolved to correct this and, like in the fairy tale, open up China’s riches to the rest of the world. Alibaba was the name he and his partners gave to their company. Part of this name was also given to the site in charge of international sales.

  • The red part of the word represents express mail delivery. This part of the logo represents how goods are received, transportation, and couriers are used. Products are delivered via international postal service to buyers from other countries.
  • The letter E in the word is stylized as a shopping cart to emphasize the site’s focus. The letters in the logo are sharp and executed in a bold font, representing enrichment and acquisitions.

AliExpress Logo: 2015 to the Present Day

The logo was updated in 2015, but the technique of dividing the word with different colors was retained. The shopping cart stylization, on the other hand, has been removed. Instead, a capital letter E was used, with the goal of expediting delivery. The prolonged delivery of goods to buyers was a flaw in the process. The solution to this problem was the establishment of the logistics company Cainiao, as well as the establishment of warehouses in other countries.

The letters in the logo became thinner and taller as a result of the implementation of a seller verification system and the exclusion of dishonest participants. This enhanced the platform’s quality, increased buyer trust, and increased profits for all parties.

The dot above the “i” became a star, representing the fulfillment of dreams and evoking the treasures from the fairy tale associated with the company’s name.

Colors and Font

The logo is dominated by two vibrant colors: red and orange. These warm colors elicit positive emotions in customers.

  • Orange is associated with the sun and delicious fruits, indicating high-quality products that will make you happy.
  • Red represents speed and benefit. The platform offers goods at reasonable prices and with prompt delivery.
  • The font is elegant and round, similar to Riveruta Medium in style. It reflects the ease of use of the site. The letter R is executed without a straight glyph inside the circle and resembles a magnifying glass, aiding in the careful examination of the goods on the platform.

The red and orange colors in the logo create a sense of harmony and collaboration between different cultures, reflecting AliExpress’ commitment to international cooperation and integration. This demonstrates the company’s ambitious plans to increase its global market influence and meet the needs of millions of customers worldwide.

History of Aliexpress

Setting the Scene: Prior to AliExpress

Jack Ma first interacted with a computer in 1995, while working as an interpreter as a side job to his full-time job as an English language teacher in the United States. Ma typed into the computer what any young man would: “Chinese beer.” Nothing came up in the search, which was disappointing. In fact, there isn’t much on China at all. Still, Ma was intrigued, so he created a website for his translation company. He had five emails in less than eight hours. Ma saw the web’s power in this.

Ma quit his job in 1999 to co-found Alibaba with 17 friends. He’d raised $80,000 from 80 investors to launch Alibaba, a Chinese company marketplace. Small Chinese manufacturers looking for an easy way to reach buyers were drawn to the site. The business model was successful. SoftBank invested a whopping $20 million USD in them, essentially enabling Alibaba’s success.

Ma gradually built businesses that catered to the needs of each niche. Taobao was founded in 2003. Taobao is a consumer-to-consumer marketplace. Alipay, a payment platform that uses QR codes for online store purchases, was launched in 2004.

How a Mega Platform Was Created

The first version of the site was launched in 2009, and by 2014, Aliexpress had grown to become one of the world’s largest trading and recognizable platforms.

The story of Alibaba’s rise began with a string of failures by its founder, Jack Ma (Ma Yun). He failed twice to gain admission to a prestigious college. As a result, after studying to be a teacher at a Hangzhou institute, he stayed to work there, earning $12 per month. Ma Yun traveled to the United States in 1995 to improve his English. He found work as a translator in a trading company in Seattle. It was then that he discovered the Internet.

The first website he built with borrowed funds was called the China Yellow Pages. So Ma demonstrated to his friends the existence of the Internet, despite the fact that only half a page of the site was loaded in 3 hours.

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In 1999, Jack Ma traveled to America for investors, but the trip failed. Ma returned home and decided to enlist the assistance of his friends. He gathered the people closest to him – 18 people – and told them his business plan for two hours. Friends were inspired by the idea and contributed money, resulting in a total of $ 60 thousand. It was with this sum that the Alibaba Group was founded. The name had a specific meaning – the main words from the famous fairy tale “Open Sesame!” became a symbol of the fact that the doors will open, concealing China’s treasures.

Ma’s house served as the company’s headquarters in its early years. Jack and his friends weighed every penny and carefully considered each step, keeping the available penny capital in mind. Things began to improve for the company in the early 2000s, when Alibaba Group received $ 25 million in investments.

The company underwent fundamental changes in 2002, when a special system was developed that allowed Chinese entrepreneurs to not only trade in the domestic market, but also to find and ship goods to customers in the United States.

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Alibaba Group launched Aliexpress, a new platform for small wholesale, in 2010. The service quickly gained popularity, and within a few years, more than 700,000 accounts had been created.

Initially intended to be a platform for wholesale trade of goods in the Chinese market, the service’s focus was changed and expanded due to its rapid popularity. AliExpress entered the CIS countries after conquering the Chinese market and a portion of the global market.

In 2013, the platform broke the world record for similar platforms, earning 100 million yuan. The Chinese government has encouraged the growth of online commerce in every way possible, introducing various development programs, simplifying parcel customs clearance, and much more. AliExpress launched an anti-counterfeiting program the same year.

The company entered the Indonesian market in 2015 and celebrated its fifth anniversary. The marketplace received a new logo and slogan the same year: “Buy smarter, live more cheerfully.” On Black Friday 2019, Aliexpress set a new sales record, selling $1 billion in goods in 68 seconds.

Today, trade and delivery of goods take place in over 200 countries. The total number of employees in the company today is 40 thousand.

Some Interesting AliExpress Facts

  • Jack Ma and his associates lacked extensive marketing knowledge. They often practiced meditation while standing on their heads to stimulate the workers’ mental faculties in order to think in the right direction.
  • The number of visitors to the site can reach 50 million in a single day; unlike other buyers, residents of the CIS countries are more likely to purchase computer equipment, mobile gadget accessories, and household appliances.
  • The company’s annual revenue is $300 billion, and the number of orders placed per year is 14.5 billion.
  • Jack Ma is one of the world’s top 30 wealthiest people. His net worth is currently around $ 47.8 billion. He is no longer the company’s CEO, but he is on its board of directors.

AliExpress vs. Alibaba

These two sites are frequently confused for one another, partly because of their names and because the same company owns them, but they serve different purposes. Alibaba is primarily a B2B platform for wholesale trade and its suppliers, whereas AliExpress is primarily a B2C platform, connecting small to medium businesses directly with consumers. Unlike other sites such as Amazon, AliExpress does not create its own products for sale; rather, it serves as a middleman.

AliExpress’s low-cost wares and appeal to international buyers are what make it a market contender. Buyers from all over the world visit AliExpress to purchase goods. AliExpress is distinct in that all of its sellers are Chinese. That is about to change.

AliExpress’s Future Without Ma

In the midst of the ecommerce wars, Jack Ma resigned from Alibaba in September. The former English teacher will remain an Alibaba Partnership member, but will eventually return to his roots in education.

Of course, Alibaba will continue, and it has been preparing for life after Ma for the past year. The company’s original mission statement was “to make it easy to do business anywhere,” but it has since been updated to include “in the digital era.” According to Brock Silvers, Managing Director of Kaiyuan Capital in Shanghai, CNN claims that Alibaba will pursue a strategy focused on short-term financial growth. His views on globalization are concerned with identifying with consumers all over the world. This appears to be what AliExpress intends with its Singles Day expansion.

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