Instagram Logo: What You Didn’t Know About the Logo, Revealed!!!

Instagram Logo
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The Instagram logo is an excellent example of what a meaningful brand emblem can do for a company. A simple design that communicates a brand’s core personality goes a long way toward generating brand awareness, and the Instagram icon is exactly that!

The design of the Instagram logo is well-balanced and fits with the goal of the social media platform. In this article, we will look at everything that distinguishes the Instagram emblem. We will also talk about the logo’s history and how it has changed over time, as well as how the social media platform might help your business.


Instagram has approximately 1.4 billion users, according to Bloggingwizard. The social networking site is only trailed by three other platforms: Facebook (2.8 billion users), YouTube (2.3 billion users), and WhatsApp (2.3 billion users) (2 billion users).

Statistics rank major social networking sites based on the number of active users.
The United States has 170 million Instagram users, trailing only India, which has 180 million users. During the first and second COVID-19 waves between 2019 and 2021, the number of users in the United States increased dramatically. During this time, 54 million new users entered the ranks.

The statistics show the number of users from various nations throughout the world.
Several factors have contributed to Instagram becoming one of the most popular social media sites, some of them are as follows:

  • Simple to use
  • Simple photo sharing
  • Millennials, Gen Z, and the older generation all like it.
  • A conduit for social business

In addition to these factors, Instagram’s strong brand strategy and brand image have been critical to its success.

What Exactly is Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, with over 1 billion users worldwide. In addition to the standard photographs that users share, the app’s makers have included a slew of new features to make it even more enjoyable to use.

Instagram Logo Meaning

The original Instagram icon was designed by Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom. The Instagram logo was inspired by Polaroid cameras from the 1970s and 1980s. Childhood, family, and a lot of nostalgia are all represented by the Instagram emblem. While the company’s logo has altered a few times in its short history, the focal point of the icon—the camera—has remained constant.

It may be tempting to change your company logo on occasion, but once you have a design that is consistent with the firm’s aim and values, you should try to keep it. A logo that expresses the core characteristics of your brand is worth millions of dollars.

The Evolution of the Primary Instagram Logo Over Time

The Instagram logo has changed over time by making changes to both the wordmark and the picture that makes up the logo. First, let’s look at the Instagram icon’s design and how it has evolved from the first Instagram logo to the present Instagram logo (2023). We’ve seen four separate variations of the logo design over the years, with the current edition standing out in the most distinctive way.

Essentially, the design has always highlighted the company’s main feature: image editing and sharing on a social media platform. Although you may now publish short movies, reels, and even live streams, the original Polaroid camera picture remains well-matched to the company’s USP. So, the different Instagram logos are some of the most creative photography logo ideas that a company like this could use to represent itself.

Original Instagram Logo (2010)

In the first year of the social media platform’s existence, two distinct Instagram logo designs were introduced. The first was made available upon the platform’s inception. This logo had a detailed depiction of an instant polaroid camera, a sort of camera that prints photographs as soon as they are captured.

It was made with a lot of great details, but the front-facing camera with a viewfinder, lens, and flash on top stood out the most. They were accompanied by the shutter button and the depth light, but that wasn’t all.

The camera had a well-defined shadow, and numerous items’ reflections were apparent in the camera’s body. Even though it was a beautiful design, Instagram’s first logo was too complicated to be used as a logo, so it was quickly changed.

The First Instagram Logo Redesign in 2010

Kevin Systrom determined later that year, in 2010, that it was time to hire expert aid to redesign the logo. He hired Cole Rise, a designer, and photographer who was inspired by a vintage Bell & Howard camera from the mid-1950s to create a new logo.

This change came about after they realized their previous Instagram logo was too complicated to be an effective logo. Also, as more and more people started to use the platform, it became clear that it needed a more modern look. As a result, the designer entirely redesigned the Instagram icon.

The camera lens, which had been made bigger and put in the middle of the picture, was now the focus. The viewfinder stayed in the upper right corner. However, there was no longer any flash to be found. The name of the platform was truncated to the left of the lens, with a rainbow-colored stripe issuing from it, bringing a splash of brightness to the otherwise dull brown design.

The 2011 Redesign

As Instagram’s new logo was seen and assessed by an increasing number of new users, the feedback resulted in modest changes to the design in 2011, to keep it up to date with new design trends. The bright rainbow stripe had become more apparent, with each color stripe becoming wider and more prominent.

The camera lens was detailed by adding lens flare and depth, as well as coloring it in the unique blue color present in such lenses. Finally, the name wordmark was altered. The new design now says “Insta, a much easier abbreviation to remember and explain than the previous “INST.”

The 2016 Revamp

In 2016, the company chose to redesign its logo to be more in line with modern design trends such as minimalism. The designers hired for this project decided to forego the detailed camera image in favor of a colored outline of one.

In comparison to previous logos, Instagram’s new logo was fairly basic and gave off a futuristic vibe. The outlines represented the camera’s body, lens, and viewfinder. The lines were done in white, while the logo color combinations within and outside featured a vibrant spectrum of tones ranging from light to dark rainbow colors.

However, the shape of the logo remained square, with rounded edges, as in previous variations of the Instagram design.

History of the Instagram Logotype

Kevin Systrom, a Stanford University alumnus, came up with the idea for photo editing and publishing software. Kevin was born in Holliston, Massachusetts in December 1983. He is a classic WASP (white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant) – generations of his relatives worked in huge firms in the northeastern United States.

Kevin worked as a marketing at Google and basically gushed about his successful firm. He studied programming and attended several seminars and conferences, as well as meetings with venture capitalists and other fresh start-ups.

Systrom was always interested in photography and design and, when necessary, gave great presentations. He traveled to Florence to study photography in his third year.
Nothing much changed in Systrom’s job, and he continued to fantasize about something that could actually transform the world of mobile apps. Kevin had his first supper with Mark Zuckerberg in 2005. Mark encouraged him to quit his last year at Stanford to work on a Facebook photo service, but Systrom resisted.

He eventually came up with the notion of building a new social network incorporating online game features. Kevin even coined the term “Burbn” for his application. Burbn’s early iterations looked nothing like the Instagram we know today. The inventor was dissatisfied with the outcome, so he switched to developing an application with online game components. It didn’t work out with the game either – it wasn’t too difficult. Despite failure after failure, Systrom did not abandon the notion and continued to think. That’s how the Filters narrative came to be.

That is how Instagram, which is today renowned all over the world, came to be.
Instagram entered the public eye on October 6, 2010, when it became available for download in the AppStore.


The original Instagram logo had a wordmark that looked like it was written by hand. The cursive letters were written neatly and correctly. Some letters’ extended lines and curving tails were balanced by shorter, forceful strokes. Not all of the inscription’s symbols were connected to one another, which contributed to the composition’s imbalance. The Instagram logotype was originally created in a plain black tone.


The color palette and typeface of the Instagram logotype were changed in 2013. The straightened and softened cursive text was now in a peaceful sea-blue tint. The inscription was written in larger, bolder lines, with all letters (save the capital one) joined to one another. The labra became shorter, so the primary curving (on the first “I” and “G”) disappeared, and the wordmark became more professional and modern.


The Instagram emblem was somewhat updated again in 2015, but this time the typeface was not changed; instead, the hue of blue grew darker and deeper, representing innovation, loyalty, and professionalism. The entire inscription became more confident and elegant in the new color.

2016 – Today

With the 2016 makeover, the trademark Instagram typeface remained unchanged, but the color was changed back to the original black, which looks more reasonable with the new brilliant gradient symbol. The monochrome lettering complements the vibrant and colorful graphical component of the logo, which also looks well-balanced in the program itself, leaving all the emphasis on the users’ images.

The Instagram sign has not always been well-known. When the design was last tweaked into its current form in 2016, the corporation received a lot of criticism from its supporters and the media. The design change was so severe and unnecessary that fans felt the platform had failed them.

However, the platform and its logo are still active six years later, in 2022. And the new design’s detractors have softened. Also, since Meta bought the site, the number of people using it has grown even more.

The original Instagram logo and its designers were so revered that when Systrom and Krieger decided to leave the company in 2018, the world was startled. While it was an emotional occasion for both the firm and its creators, the announcement and subsequent media frenzy only increased interest in the app.

Today, after more than a decade of service, the platform has an incredible user base, especially given that it was such a novel concept at the time. Also, it has helped hundreds of thousands of brands get started and spread the word about their businesses, especially in the last few years.

Color Scheme

Rainbow colors are used on Instagram to represent new beginnings, promises, optimism, equality, fun, and joy. The rainbow gradient in the Instagram emblem quickly draws attention. The rainbow has always been a feature of the Instagram logo, but the current badge takes the seven hues to a whole new level.


Instagram’s wordmark was created using custom cursive letters; yet, the font appears to be extremely similar to the Blue Vinyl Regular typeface. The typeface appears to be well-balanced and consistent with the brand’s identity.

Instagram Logo for Websites and Business Cards

Today, an increasing number of organizations and entrepreneurs use social media platforms for branding. Many of them want to expand their existing websites or business cards with new and multiple communication channels. This enables these professionals to cover a wide range of methods for reaching and connecting with their customers.

You can easily download the Instagram logo SVG and change it to put on business cards or your website as an icon. This would allow anyone seeking for you to contact you via the most convenient method, boosting the likelihood of becoming a lead.

Instagram Interesting Facts

Before we go into the next section and look at what distinguishes the Instagram logo from its competitors, let’s have a look at some amusing facts about the social networking site.

  • Before its inception, Instagram was known as “Codename.”
  • Instagram has had over 50 billion photographs uploaded and shared.
  • 8 percent of Instagram accounts are fraudulent!
  • The most Instagrammed food is pizza.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo, the footballer, is the most followed celebrity on Instagram.
  • Instagram has more than one million advertisers.
  • Nike, Victoria’s Secret, National Geographic, and 9GAG are among the most popular companies on the social networking site.
  • Females outnumber males on Instagram.
  • Instagram has 8 million business profiles.

What Makes the Instagram Logo Different?

Take a look at some of the most recognizable logos; you’ll notice that they have a few characteristics that set them apart from their competitors. The current Instagram logo includes comparable characteristics that distinguish it from its competitors. Let’s take a short look at the aspects that distinguish the Instagram icon.


One of the most significant characteristics that all great logos have in common is their relevance. No matter how wonderful your logo is, it will fail if it is not relevant to the market that your business targets. A relevant logo tells the audience what to expect from the brand it represents.

The Instagram logo is important since it conveys the brand’s personality clearly. The internet platform let people know that it was friendly by using a rainbow gradient and a wordmark that looked nice. The camera-shaped icon also notifies the audience about the camera’s main function, which is a photo and video sharing.


The second important characteristic that all iconic logos share is their simplicity. Whether it’s the renowned Nike swoosh or the Coca-Cola wordmark, simplicity is a driving factor behind logos.

People today have less time to focus because the world is moving at a faster speed. Because of the shorter attention span, brands have created simple yet effective logos that will stick in the minds of the viewers.

One such logo is the Instagram logo. The current Instagram logo is flat and only shows the brand’s most important characteristics. The simple symbol and wordmark never fail to capture the attention of the audience.


According to research, the brain simplifies the most complex knowledge in order to keep it. Uncomplicated logos with few design components are easier for the brain to recall. When people can easily recall your logo, they are more likely to identify it with your brand.

The Instagram logo is simple and clutter-free, and it communicates the fundamental characteristics of the brand, making it easy for the audience to remember and identify the emblem with the photo and video-sharing platform.

Another important feature of a memorable logo is its uniqueness. The Instagram logo is really unique, which is why it is so easily remembered.


Logos that have remained relevant over time have become timeless. While it is tempting to follow the most recent design trends when establishing a logo, this is not always the greatest option. That is another matter of the logo that must incorporate the latest fads. Using trends to appear stylish, on the other hand, could be a bad idea.

The Instagram logo employs numerous color schemes without adhering to current design trends. Many design experts predicted that the logo would not be popular.

How Instagram Can Affect Your Internet Presence

Social networking sites are no longer just for sharing personal updates and intriguing images. Entrepreneurs and marketers can use social networking platforms to promote their brands and build their enterprises.

Instagram claims that 90 percent of social networking site’s users follow businesses. What does this imply for your new or small business? It simply means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money collaborating with influencers to develop your Instagram presence. You can organically build your business on Instagram with the right marketing methods and outstanding content.

Let’s take a look at three ways Instagram can help your business develop.

Show Off Your Inventiveness

Instagram is mostly concerned with photographs and videos. You may attract clients and potential purchasers by hooking them with your content, which can range from posting enticing photographs of your products and services to generating interesting reels about how your brand works. Consider Instagram to be a virtual shopping mall where your clients may window shop.

Make a Demand

According to Instagram, 50% of users are more interested in a brand after seeing its adverts. Instagram also boasts 1.9 billion daily active users. These are important lessons for any marketer or a business owner. While not everyone will see your ads, photographs, or videos, Instagram may provide you with unprecedented visibility. The figures are encouraging enough to make you want to sell your products or services.

The two methods listed below can assist you in creating demand and expanding your reach:

Hashtags are required

You should never underestimate the power of hashtags, especially when sharing tweets about your company. Using relevant hashtags guarantees that people who share your interests will see your photographs or videos. If you want to promote your new hoodie section, use the hashtag #hoodies. Using too many hashtags, on the other hand, can backfire and make you appear spammy.

Geotags may make or break a campaign

Geotags allow you to share the coordinates of your position in your images or videos. This functionality is particularly beneficial to conventional brick-and-mortar enterprises. Allowing Instagram to post your location coordinates allows consumers and potential buyers to find your location.

Create Anticipation

If you’re planning an event or launching a product, Instagram is a wonderful place to start. The platform can assist you in raising awareness and building anticipation. You can share teaser videos or photographs, as well as branded items. Giveaways for your new products might assist increase brand awareness.

If you use the aforementioned strategies, you can increase your online profile organically without the help of influencers.

In Conclusion

The simplicity of the Instagram logo is what makes it special. The Instagram emblem is appealing and powerful because of the well-designed camera with the rainbow gradient. The platform’s welcoming demeanor and willingness to assist businesses in growing are reflected in its logo.


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