The Best 17+ GIN BRANDS to Try Out Now!!! (Updated)

Gin Brands
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You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking the best gin. Before you even consider the flavored gins, there are hundreds of different gin variations available. We are aware of how challenging picking the best gin may be. Another issue is knowing how to prepare your gin and tonic, one of the greatest drinks ever made. Here is a list of all the information. If you’re feeling inspired, try one of our recipes. Our list below includes the most popular, cheapest, and best gin brands you can crave for. Let’s dive in!

Gin Brands

Gin is sometimes scary to those who have never tasted it, especially in light of its varied, dynamic flavor profile and the wide variety of alternatives. It tastes great in classic cocktails like the dirty martini, foamy Ramos gin fizz, or violet-hued Aviation, which bring out the subtle notes in the booze. Basic effervescent mixers like tonic water, soda water, or ginger ale also enhance its flavor. However, a decent bottle of gin only needs a few fundamental ingredients to be palatable. Take a drink of it straight up or over ice.

Do you struggle to choose the best brand when it comes to gin? Below is a list of the best gin brands you can choose from.

Best Gin Brands

Gin is made from a variety of materials, including grains, citrus fruits, potatoes, and grapes. However, what distinguishes each type of gin is the level of juniper berries present. It must be one of the botanicals that gin manufacturers use to add a distinctive flavor to their products. Below is the list of the best Gin brands you can go for even as a beginner:

#1. Tanqueray Gin Brands

In 1830, Charles Tanqueray embarked on a quest to develop a special gin that would be influenced by flavors from all over the world. He tried 300 different combinations before settling on the ideal combination of four botanicals, which is now the foundation for Tanqueray London Dry Gin. The name of the gin refers to both the distillation method and its Bloomsbury, London, origin. Tanqueray No. TEN adds to Charles Tanqueray’s history as an ultra-premium product, while the brand’s collection of renowned gins continues to honor his spirit of innovation.

Tiny Ten, a special copper still with a 500-liter capacity, is used to distill Tanqueray No. TEN in small batches. To create an indisputably fresh, light, and refined flavor, the best hand-selected botanicals are distilled with entire grapefruit, orange, lime, and chamomile flowers. The gin has a silky finish since only the best distillate is utilized. It is a favorite among mixologists and bartenders at the world’s top hotels, eateries, and bars because every sip unleashes a burst of vivid citrus flavors.

#2. Sipsmith Gin Brands

The English wheat spirit Sipsmith, which is London-distilled, is another participant in the present “renaissance.” Sam Galsworthy, Fairfax Hall, and beverage expert Jared Brown worked together in 2007 to produce the best London Dry Gin in the entire world. Two years after the last recipe was improved, Sipsmith was created. The name was inspired by the adage “smithery you may savor with every drink.” The brand’s original London Dry Gin is especially dry, as the name implies, and has a zesty, citrus flavor that makes it perfect for a martini or G&T. Lemon Drizzle Gin, which features flavors of lemon peel and lemon verbena, will appeal to those who want a sweeter taste.

#3. Hendrick’s Gin Brands

The famed Hendrick’s Gin was first made available in southwest Scotland in 1999, despite having a lengthy history of production. Fifth-generation distillers William Grant & Sons developed the idea. Charles Gordon, the great-grandson of William Grant, purchased an 1860 Bennet Still and a rare 1943 Carter-Head Still at an auction in 1966. However, it would take him another 33 years to decide what to do with them. Lesley Gracie, a seasoned distiller, was hired by him in 1989 to create an elixir that utilized both stills; ten years later, it was created using a method that was exclusive to Hendrick’s. Since then, Hendrick’s Gin Palace in the seaside town of Girvan has limited its gin production to 500 liters at a time. The infusions of rose and cucumber add a wonderful flavor and aromatic perfume.

#4. Plants Scientist Gin Brands

Here is a gin made at the remote Scottish island of Islay’s Bruichladdich Distillery. William John and Robert Harvey, two brothers, constructed the distillery in 1881. Instead of clear spirits, the area is primarily recognized for its peated single malt scotches.

Juniper, heather, and meadowsweet are a few of the 22 botanicals that were gathered on the island of Islay and used to make The Botanist Islay Dry Gin. Given that it perfectly harmonizes the flavors of floral and dry pine, it is the ideal gin to use for sophisticated fruit-filled drinks.

#5. Plymouth Gin Brands

Since the late 18th century, Plymouth Gin has been made in the venerable Black Friars Distillery. The three traditional gin ingredients—juniper, lemon peel, and angelica root—are included in the botanical blend of Plymouth Gin. It’s a straightforward but delicious spirit that pairs well with most gin-based drinks. As you may probably infer from the name, Plymouth Gin Navy Strength has a nearly 200-year history of affiliation with the British Royal Navy. Citrus and juniper are two botanicals that are brought to light by the beverage’s high alcohol concentration (57% ABV). The high ABV may be a little too potent for novice gin drinkers, despite the nice drinking qualities.

#6. Nolet’s Gin Brands

In Holland, where Nolet’s Gin is made, genever, the forerunner to gin, was created. Since the 1690s, their distillery has been making alcoholic drinks, with Ketel One vodka being the most well-known.

Nolet’s Silver has recently been made available. It’s a gin that deviates from the customary juniper-heavy traits in favor of fruity and sweet aromas like Turkish rose, peach, and raspberry. Nolet’s Reserve offers flavors like saffron and verbena if you want to treat yourself. It shouldn’t be mixed with drinks; it’s meant to be sipped.

#7. Gordon’s Gin Brands

The first batch of Gordon’s London Dry Gin was created in 1769. Ernest Hemingway loved it, and James Bond included it in his Vesper cocktail in Casino Royale. It is a basic gin that offers great value for your money and is reasonably priced. Strong juniper aromas are balanced with black pepper and garden herbs. In the early taverns in America in the late 18th century, Gordon’s would have been an excellent spirit to use for several well-known cocktail recipes.

#8. Gin Roku Gin Brands

This gin originates from the 1930s-era House of Suntory in Osaka, Japan. The current incarnation of Suntory’s mastery of the gin-making process is called Roku, which is Japanese for “six.” Green tea, sansho pepper, yuzu, sakura flower, gyokuro tea, and sakura leaf are its six Japanese cocktail ingredients. Six botanicals that are all gathered during their peak seasons give this gin its name. To guarantee freshness and the greatest flavor, they are additionally supplied from Japan’s top-growing regions.

Eight classic gin botanicals, including juniper berries, coriander seed, cinnamon, bitter orange peel, cardamom seed, angelica root, angelica seed, and lemon peel, are also added to the core six. To give Roku a true gin flavor, numerous distillations bring out the most in each botanical.

#9. Mermaid Gin Brands

This gin bottle is not only one of the most exquisite ones available; it is also certified net zero and entirely plastic-free. Mermaid Gin, which is produced by the only distillery on the Isle of Wight, is intended to coexist peacefully with the environment, just like its namesake. The bottles’ designers, Xavier Baker and Conrad Gauntlett made them so attractive that consumers were persuaded to reuse them even though they could be completely recycled. The company also participates in a number of environmental initiatives, most recently working with The Ocean Foundation to safeguard the Jobos Bay Reserve through the SeaGrass Grow program.

Which Brand of Gin is Best?

Below is the list of the best brands of gin in the market today:

  • Sipsmith London Dry.
  • Tanqueray London Dry
  • Bombay Sapphire Gin
  • Monkey 47 Gin
  • Hayman’s London Dry
  • NOLET’s Reserve Gin
  • Beefeater London Dry
  • Gray Whale Gin.

What is The Number 1 Selling Gin in The World?

Gordon’s sold just over seven million cases of the distilled alcoholic drink. Sometimes gin is added to create the well-known, lengthy beverage “gin and tonic.”

Which Gin is Best For Ladies?

Among the Must-Have Lady Gins in Bars Worldwide

  • Capital Gin Pink Lady
  • Malfy Gin
  • Canaima Small Batch Gin
  • Nikka Coffey Gin
  • Elephant Gin
  • Gin Mare
  • Tinte Gin
  • Mistral Gin

What Are The Five Types of Gin?

Gin Types: five Different Types are as follows:

  • Old Tom gin
  • Japanese gin
  • Reserve gin
  • London dry gin
  • Dry gin
  • Plymouth Gin

Gin is still unquestionably a very popular beverage, and distilleries all over the world produce unique versions of this classic beverage that highlight the unique characteristics of the regions where they are produced. Gin is no longer associated with being a mother’s ruin thanks to this long-deserved shift.

London dry gin is still made in the UK using traditional methods. Juniper must predominate, and the botanicals must flavor the gin during distillation without any added flavoring or coloring, in order to qualify for this designation (as it does for all gins). Producing London dry gin is not necessary for London. As new distilleries experiment with the formula, the gin market has expanded dramatically over the past 20 years. However, there is a good reason why Beefeater and Tanqueray are well-known brands.

Here are the popular gin brands available right now, from traditional London drys to innovative combinations, are listed here.

Greenhook, one of the most popular gin brands, today, produces a wide variety of high-quality alcoholic beverages, including this gin made in the Greenpoint neighborhood. It has been in operation for nearly ten years, making it the pioneer of the urban distilling boom in New York City. After the spirit has been vacuum distilled in a copper pot still, botanicals like elderberry, cinnamon, lemon, and, of course, juniper is added to it. A Beach Plum Gin Liqueur and an Old Tom Gin that has spent two years in former bourbon barrels before finishing in Oloroso sherry casks are also available. The distillery most recently provided a new gin and tonic in a can that was based on tonic water.

Since Simon Ford, a former Plymouth brand ambassador, founded The 86 Co. in 2012, a spirits firm that gave bartender opinion top priority when building its product range, Ford’s position has changed. Charles Maxwell, a master distiller in London, steeps the botanicals, which include juniper, coriander, grapefruit, and jasmine, for 15 hours before distilling the gin. The second batch of Officers’ Reserve, a spirit that is over-proof (109 proof) and was aged in Amontillado sherry casks to remember the times when gin was utilized in the British Royal Navy, is the most current product to be made available. According to reports, this batch, which comes two years after the previous one, is the last.

Compared to popular amaro and wine, gin is less well-known in Italy, but the Ginarte brand is making a name for itself with its flavor and presentation. This Tuscan gin is made by combining local juniper berries with a wheat-based spirit before it is distilled in an alembic still. Other botanicals that are separately infused and distilled over the course of two runs include elderberry, calamint, safflower, wild celery, and pine needles. These three distillates are combined to create a complex yet delicate gin, which is then given some time to rest before being bottled. The newest bottle, created in collaboration with the Frida Kahlo Corporation, emphasizes the word “arte” in the name and is embellished with a label that pays tribute to the acclaimed artist and universal icon.

Beefeater is another classic London dry gin. Its recipe dates back to the 1860s, when James Burrough first began distilling gin in London, and it heavily emphasizes juniper and citrus. The botanicals are steeped in neutral grain alcohol for 24 hours before distillation. Beefeater Pink, a strawberry-flavored variant, Burrough’s Reserve Edition 2, and Beefeater 24, a special blend made with additional botanicals like Japanese sencha and Chinese green tea, are additional possibilities in addition to the original Beefeater.

Hemingway was known to have preferred Gordon’s gin, which was a vital ingredient in James Bond’s Vesper cocktail in Casino Royale (and yes, it tastes good shaken, not stirred, despite what the martini purists espouse). Gordon’s is a straightforward, enjoyable, and reasonably priced gin whether you sip it out of a 750ml glass bottle with a more luxurious finish or one with a plastic handle. Strong juniper flavors are present, and they are countered by the addition of some garden herbs and black pepper. This gin is perfect for a martini on any occasion.

Tanqueray, one of the most popular gins on the market, is a great (and affordable) representation of the London dry category. A go-to bottle for cocktails, the distinctive expression’s spicy juniper, and citrus aromas mix in equal measure. There is also Rangpur, which highlights the flavors of the Indian lime of the same name, and No. TEN is a more modern gin with distinctive notes of white grapefruit, lime, and orange.

Hendrick’s has enjoyed extraordinary success in the new-school gin movement since its launch in 1999. To increase the variety offered by the brand, master distiller Lesley Gracie frequently develops new variations of the Scottish gin. The Scottish gin is unique in that its main botanical ingredients are rose and cucumber. The most recent is Neptunia, a gin that draws its design from a beach nearby the Gin Palace, where Hendrick’s is distilled. With coastal herbs, ocean botanicals, and a citrus finish, Gracie describes the flavor as “sea bottled in a gin” but won’t reveal the exact ingredients. Hendrick’s and Project Seagrass worked together to create the Magic-of-the-Sea spa package for this release, with all proceeds going to this organization that defends seagrass meadows.

Beginning in the fall of 2021, this New Zealand gin will be offered in the US. It is unusual in flavor and appearance. The gin is naturally black because a particular combination of botanicals was utilized in the distillation process. In addition to juniper berries, which make up the majority of the mixture, sweet potatoes, Aronia berries, pineapple, saffron, and butterfly pea flowers are also included to give the beverage its characteristic flavor and black hue. When combined with tonic or seltzer, the gin also starts to change from a dark black to a brighter purple. Despite the fact that it may all appear like a gimmick, it is nevertheless worthwhile to try due to the alcohol’s flavor.

This business was founded in 2015 by two commercial divers from Nova Scotia. There, close to the Bay of Fundy, is where you’ll find the Still Fired Distillery. This is where the liquor gets its name. Gin is made from a base of double-distilled maize spirit and eight botanicals, including juniper and the seaweed-like dulse, after being proofed down. The Whale Haven Project, a project to create a sanctuary for whales that were once held as pets, will get $1 from each purchase to keep with the nautical theme.

What is The Difference Between Gin and Dry Gin?

A “dry gin” is one that exclusively uses natural flavors obtained from botanicals and no extra flavoring, according to our gin guide (artificial or otherwise). The author said that if the gin had sweetness, it was likely made with a licorice-like plant.

Is Gin a Whiskey or Vodka?

Food grains including rye, wheat, barley, and corn are used to produce whiskey, a spirit-based alcoholic beverage similar to vodka, depending on the region. The majority of the ingredients in gin, a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented barley mash, are juniper berries.

Why is Gin the Healthiest Alcohol?

Gin contains fewer calories and sugar than some other alcoholic beverages. If you already drink alcohol, gin might be slightly healthier. Use mixers with caution, though. They might significantly raise the sugar content of your beverage.

Cheapest Gin Brands

The greatest gin is what you want for your martinis, but more expensive brands aren’t always within reach. Then you search the lowest shelf of the liquor store for a bottle with a reduced price. It might be difficult to find a good-tasting, affordable gin because there are so many inferior options available. However, there are also some hidden treasures. Traditional Cocktails and mixed drinks like the gimlet, gin and tonic, and others, should be kept in your bar’s liquor cabinet. Check out our best selections for the least expensive gins when you want to save money.

#1. New Amsterdam Gin (Best Cheapest Gin Brands Western-Style Gin)

London dry gins have long dominated the market for inexpensive gins. There are many Western-style gins in this price bracket right now, and New Amsterdam Stratusphere is one of the best. This modification fits with general market trends. Look for the gray label with “The Original” written on it to avoid mixing The Original with the company’s London dry, which has a completely different profile.

It is a fantastic example of this contemporary kind of gin and has a milder juniper flavor. This 80-proof spirit appeals to drinkers who may not necessarily love the full-pine flavor of juniper berries because it has sweeter citrus and floral characteristics. It was distilled in California and is a great choice for fruity beverages like the salty dog. Additionally, it goes well with contemporary libations made from odd components, like the Soho cocktail with lemongrass.

#2. Booth’s London Dry Gin (Top Cheapest Gin Brands High-Proof Gin)

Most places sell Booth’s London Dry, an unexpectedly good gin. After a full Juniper front, it contains various spices like coriander, lemon peel, and others that are typical of items at this pricing point. It is 90-proof when it is bottled, so the flavors are stronger and more noticeable, even if it is not nearly as potent as navy-strength gin.

Despite not being well-known, Booth’s easily outperforms many of the other cheap gins. Bottles holding 1.75 liters are almost always used for sale. That means you have to spend more money, but you also can’t buy a tiny amount to try it out. This one works with any gin and soda, but a tall, cool highball is where it really shines. A cocktail, even one with powerful flavors like a Negroni or Last Word, won’t be able to hide this flavor punch thanks to its taste.

#3. Gordon’s London Dry Gin (Best Cheapest Gin Brands Overall Dry Gin).

A dependable budget gin is Gordon’s. It makes a great mixed cocktail and is regularly offered at liquor stores. If you traverse the world, you can rely on Gordon’s. Due to its widespread distribution, gin is produced outside of its present Scottish home distillery in a number of nations, including the United States and Canada. Additionally, the bottle is transparent for export but green in the UK. It’s always the same trustworthy gin, regardless of the selling or packaging strategies.

A high-quality London dry gin must have a strong juniper base, and the 80-proof alcoholic beverage also contains a number of other botanicals that work well with most mixers. In traditional gin highballs like the gin rickey and gin sling, this inexpensive gin tastes wonderful. It can also compete in beverages like the paradise cocktail that contain potent mixers and juices.

#4. Boomsma Jonge Genever (Best Cheapest Gin Brands Finest Candy).

Gin typically has a dry flavor, though there are a few variants that deviate from the standard. Although they are not as sweet as liqueurs, Old Tom gin and genever are sweeter than London dry and other gins. There aren’t many options available that fall within a fair price range because these are classic styles that are frequently produced by high-end distillers. Boomsma Jonge Genever is an excellent choice if you want to experience a genever without spending a lot of money.

In Dutch, the word “jonge” signifies “young.” Considering the longer maturity of whiskey-aged gin, it is less expensive. Due to the addition of malt wine, it has a gentle sweetness and a rich maltiness that is somewhat reminiscent of whiskey with a faint juniper flavor. Boomsma Jonge, a well-liked genever, is perfect in every way. You can sip it straight or try it in traditional cocktails like the gin daiquiri because of its mixability.

#5. Pearl Gin (The Best Cheapest Gin Brands For Martinis).

In general, it’s not a good idea to mix martinis with inexpensive gin, so abide by that rule. The traditional gin martini is an extremely clear beverage that won’t hide any of the contaminants in the gin. Although there are many different “martinis” that can be made with the Pearl Gin, it is only one cocktail recipe.

The same business that makes Pearl Vodka also produces this Canadian gin with an 88 proof. To give it a smoother, sweeter base, it is distilled from winter wheat and mixed with water from the Rocky Mountains. It has a wonderful juniper flavor supported by a variety of botanicals, and it is clear and fresh. Try adding it to gin martinis with other ingredients like pear vodka, fresh fruit, cucumber, and wasabi. You are free to experiment as much as you wish with this money.

#6. Hadley & Sons Gin (Best Cheapest Gin Brands For Hendrick’s Drinkers)

Hendrick’s Gin drastically altered the gin market when it was first introduced in 2001. It is referred to as “cucumber gin” and is delicious in cocktails. Rose notes are an excellent accent since they balance out the juniper and botanical blend, which is softer. Prior to the introduction of Hadley & Sons Gin, it was difficult to find a comparable item at a significant discount.

The gin made in South Carolina by TerrePure Spirits is the most comparable to Hendrick’s. Although it lacks the same finesse, it does have exquisite citrus, cucumber, and flowery undertones that blend beautifully with the milder pine flavor. It is not weak because it is bottled at 92 proof, and the additional alcohol actually enhances the flavor. You can order a Tom Collins and other tall drinks at Hadley & Sons. Some fans think it’s smooth enough to drink unadulterated and add a squeeze of lemon.

#7.Dover Strait Gin ( Best Cheapest Gin Brands For Vodka Drinkers)

Since most vodka drinkers want a clear, crisp spirit, gin might be difficult to find. Dover Strait Gin is a great alternative if you’re looking for a moderately priced gin with delicate botanicals. In fact, because to its lightness, many authorities compare it to inexpensive neutral vodka.

In California, neutral grains are used in the distillation of the Dover Strait. The flavor, which has notes of juniper and lemon peel, makes one feel as though they are drinking vodka that has been botanically infused. Instead of drinking this 80-proof gin alone, combine it with tonic water or seltzer and a wedge of lemon or lime for a tangy twist.

Is Gin Healthier Than Whiskey?

Given that gin is manufactured from juniper berries, a superfruit, it is healthier than whiskey. It is low in calories and includes health-improving botanical properties from the distillation process.

Is Gin Good For Health?

Yes, it’s beneficial to your health. Gin is one of the healthiest alcoholic beverages ever produced and is made from juniper berries, a type of “super fruit.” Gin is nutritious because it contains little calories and botanical elements that remain after distillation.

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