The BEST COWBOY BOOT BRANDS in 2023 (Updated)

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Sadly, not everyone exudes the sophisticated swagger of a real cowboy. However, the top cowboy boot makers can help you wrangle in some scorching hot Western flair whether or not you have ever ridden a horse. Think about this. Whether you’re wearing a suit, a basic pair of jeans, or some slim chinos, it’s difficult not to feel like a true badass when you throw on some cowboy boots. In this article, we will be looking at the best popular and expensive USA cowboy boot brands for men and women in the market.

Best Cowboy Boot Brands

You should wait to buy the first pair of western boots that up on your screen once you are convinced you need some. Before you start frantically searching the web, be sure you know what you’re looking for. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best cowboy boot companies for everyone. These are the brands of cowboy boot to pay attention to, from budget-friendly to upscale, and from vintage favorites to those with safety toes.

#1. Lucchese Boots

No discussion about high-end cowboy boot brands is complete without Lucchese. The company has been associated with Western boots for more than a century, and numerous famous people, including both U.S. presidents, have worn its footwear. The more you comprehend, the more they act as the official cowboy boots of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Even while some of the less expensive Lucchese models are produced overseas, the most coveted versions are created in Texas by experienced craftsmen. Expect to spend a significant premium in addition to superb welted craftsmanship, full-grain cowhide, and exotic leathers.

#2. Tecovas

Tecovas brands, a more recent rival in the cowboy boot market, sells directly to customers. But don’t laugh it off; Tecovas is the genuine article. In León, Mexico, where high-quality bootmaking has a long history, Tecovas produces their boots among various other premium Western boot producers. Pricey components like Goodyear welts, traditional lemonwood pegs in the soles, and even exotic leathers like ostrich and alligator are included in this. Tecovas charges a much more affordable pricing for their items than those exclusive luxury bootmakers.

#3. Frye Boots

Despite having a sizable collection of Western boots, Frye brands is probably more known for their formal and work cowboy boot. Although the styles lean more toward rock ‘n’ roll than ranch hand, they are all made with premium leathers using conventional production methods.

#4. Ariat Boots

Ariat brands of cowboy boot are one of the best boots to opt for. From riding boots and ropers to work boots and square-toe boots, Ariat’s items are all affordably priced and simple to buy on Amazon. Contrary to traditional bootmakers who primarily use traditional materials and techniques, Ariat uses both traditional stitching and leather uppers in addition to modern materials that offer comfort, breathability, and durability.

#5. Tony Lama Boots

Western boots usually cause people to halt and give you a second glance. But Rios of Mercedes doesn’t care if he gets noticed. The reputation of authentic IYKYK boots as stylish and elegant (subtle for cowboy boots, anyway). Each boot is individually handcrafted in Mercedes, Texas by skilled bootmakers who carefully consider every last, inlay, and stitch. They will surely cost you a lot of money. However, the price is justified each time you wear them.

#6. Tony Lama boots

Tony Lama has been a mainstay of the Western boot industry since the late 1800s. This brand concentrated on making boots that were less expensive without sacrificing their elegance, whereas other well-known bootmakers opted for the high end.

What Brand of Cowboy Boots are The Best?

  • Lucchese.
  • Ariat.
  • Justin
  • Tecovas
  • Frye
  • Dan Post.
  • Tony Lama

What Boot Brand Do Real Cowboys Wear?

Abilene Boot Company, Lucchese, Caboots, Anderson Bean, and Chisos are among the best manufacturers of real cowboy boots. You can choose from companies like Ariat and Roper for reasonably priced cowboy boots.

What Brand of Cowboy Boots Last The Longest?

With the right maintenance, all high-quality cowboy boots can survive for a very long period; many can last for 20 years or more. Ariat, Justin, and Lucchese have all held up well in my experience, though it’s difficult to determine which endures the longest.

Best Cowboy Boot Brands Women’s

Below are the various women’s brands of cowboy boot, with their different features. Lets dive in…

#1. Ganni

It should be clear why these Ganni cowboy boot brands for women’s are at the top of our list. They are stitched with the traditional Western cactus motif and are made of polished tan leather with love heart patterns. The outfit is completed with a black contrast sole. Everything, even miniskirts and prairie dresses, are appropriate pairings for it.

#2. Allsaints

Similar to how Saint Laurent did under Hedi Slimane, AllSaints continually upholds their own rock ‘n’ roll look while also managing to include some western design inspirations. These thigh-high boots have pointy toes, a tilted heel, and are fashioned of slouchy leather. To emphasize cowboy elements, denim can be used, and an 80s-inspired minidress can be quite glam.

#3. Ariat

If you want a pair of western women’s brands of cowboy boot that appear genuinely authentic, Ariat should be your first choice. This Legacy design has an almond toe, stacked, slanted heels, a knee-length shaft with draw tabs, and lovely embroidery. It also has a scalloped V-cut sleeve. A battered brown or a smoother, more rockabilly black are your options.

#4. Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant frequently uses the motif of cowboy boots. How did the designer keep this look so contemporary? by keeping the flexible shape of the original design while adding a cone heel or a steel-capped toe to mix things up. This pair of white leather ankle-high boots is exclusive to MyTheresa. It features V-cut cuffs and scant western embroidery.

#5. Annie’s Ibiza X Terry de Havilland

What we want most is for Terry de Havilland and Annie’s Ibiza to work together. Together, the cult brands created a small batch of cowboy boots with a distinctive TDH-exclusive western appliqué, an iconic Annie’s Ibiza orange lining, and a slim knee-high shaft. The smooth white and black leather designs are more appropriate for year-round wear, even though the metallic-blue and silver snake-embossed variants would look spectacular at parties when worn with futuristic chainmail.

#6. Lukas’s western suede boots

This season, Saint Laurent really went all out with a cowboy boot that featured stacked heels, draw tabs, and V-cut cuffs. The brand’s collections frequently feature Western-inspired patterns. These suede shoes are perfect for the noughties bohemian resurgence since they get softer with each wear, giving you a real “slouch” that is impossible to replicate.

#7. Zadig & Voltaire

The Zadig & Voltaire embroidered cowboy boots with a stacked wooden heel and cascading fringed accents. If you need inspiration, Google Sienna Miller’s infamous festival dresses from the 2000s. These ankle-high suede shoes will ultimately cause the ideal “slouch.” Suede naturally softens through time and use.

#8. Miu Miu

We admire Miu Miu’s first attempt at this look. The draw tabs, V-cuts, contrast piping, and embroidery are reminiscent of western patterns while the block heel and rounded toes give off a motorcycle boot vibe.

#9. Bottega Veneta

It was just necessary to include the iconic cowboy boot from Bottega Veneta’s autumn/winter 2020 collection. Thanks to their excessively curled top and sharp heel, which are reminiscent of cult trends popularized by Vetements and Raf Simons’ Calvin Klein throughout the years, they are more classic than you might imagine.

#10. Penelope Chilvers X India Hicks

Soon, you’ll be able to buy these sneakers from the eagerly awaited Penelope Chilvers and India Hicks collaboration (goddaughter to King Charles). The British businesswoman drew inspiration for the four pieces from her grandmother Edwina Mountbatten’s distinctive equestrian style. With the proper care, the leather sole, embroidered chocolate-brown suede, and cotton lining with leopard print will last a lifetime.

Best Cowboy Boot Brands for Men

It could be challenging for the typical guy to wear cowboy boots without looking like a (rodeo) clown unless he was born and reared on a ranch. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a try simply because they’re not a necessary piece of menswear. The roper is a variant of the traditional cowboy boot. It is essentially a cowboy boot that is more fashionable and contemporary with a shorter shaft and smaller heel. It was created for cow wrestlers in rodeos who needed to move more quickly on foot. Any design is possible for cowboy boots, and they get better with time. These are the best cowboy boot brands for men.

#1. Rios of Mercedes Raiz Waxy Kudo Mocha Roper

Some of the world’s greatest handcrafted cowboy boots have been made by Rios of Mercedes since 1853. The business was founded in Mexico and grown in Texas. Even today, legendary horses and musicians continue to promote the brand. If you’re looking for anything cowboy-related, including these boots from Rios of Mercedes, Tirabassi advises visiting Planet Cowboy in Nashville.” My favorite features are the round toe and warm mocha color since they look great and are simple to wear. The waxed leather’s classic look completes any fall or winter suit.

#2. Planet Cowboy Classic Cowboy

The Western boots that Planet Cowboy offers under its own brand must also be taken into account. These boots are easy to identify due to the distinctive wing pattern on the upper. The silky leather interior of these boots will wick moisture away, keeping your feet dry and cozy. According to Tirabassi, the sturdy vegetable-tanned leather is less likely to deteriorate over time. Lemonwood pegs that are hand-hammered into the leather outsole will maintain the bottoms firm and stable for many years.

#3. Rhodes Footwear Roper Boot

Every pair of handcrafted Rhodes shoes, including chukkas, boat shoes, and more, are created in a family-run facility in León, Mexico, which is quickly becoming an important global center for shoe manufacturing. This Roper does a good job of fusing style with toughness. It is constructed of odor-resistant, glove-soft suede that is waxed leather. Tirabassi is shocked to learn that Rhodes makes the boots from leftovers from the livestock sector. Businesses should emphasize the quest for recyclable resources more frequently.

#4. Kingsly Caiman Boot

The company’s new Dan Post Cowboy Certified line of boots is an improvement over its well-liked debut range, with a focus on exotic skins and premium leathers. This pair doesn’t require any break-in time due to the use of the patented Soft Strike technology, which minimizes blister-causing hotspots. Additionally, they include a detachable orthotic insole. According to Tirabassi, they are constructed of caiman skin, which resembles crocodile or alligator skin. Caiman is typically much less expensive.

#5. Capistrano Black

When Capistrano’s renowned cowboy boots are put together by skilled shoemakers in Spain, no detail is ignored. The cork footbed, which gently conforms to your foot with each stride, is one of our favorite features. Tirabassi proposes comparing them to the Chelsea of cowboy boots since they are smooth, understated, and timeless. For greater wearability, choose the black version; you can wear them anywhere, even the honky tonk and your best friend’s wedding.

#6. Old Gringo

Boots made by Old Gringo are renowned for their impeccable stitching and devotion to the Western aesthetic. Tirabassi suggests spending money on a straightforward design with fundamental components to increase the lifespan of your footwear. He claims the effect of the distressed leather is amazing. It looks nice with a white t-shirt and a pair of light-washed vintage or worn-in jeans. Whether you’re on a ranch in Texas or Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, you’ll fit in just fine.

#7. Frye Duke

For its enduring signature designs, The Frye Company, which has more than 150 years of experience in the boot industry, has a devoted following. Due to the round toe, which won’t hurt your feet, and the lack of intricate stitching, Tirabassi thinks that these Fryes are fairly cozy and versatile. With this pair, you can simply pull your dark denim jeans over the boot rather than tucking them inside.

#8. Tecovas

Each pair of Tecovas shoes is manually made in León, Mexico, over the course of more than 200 steps. The luxuriously soft exotic leathers, including crocodile and python, and their elaborate stitching patterns used in Tecovas boots are well known. The only pricey pair, in Tirabassi’s opinion, are these Tecovas made from Nile crocodiles. Instead of wearing your Marshalls to the rodeo, flaunt them at a formal dinner or wedding while looking sharp.

#9. 12 Western “Boot with Lucchese welds

The Lucchese brothers are one of the brands established their first Cowboy boot store in San Antonio, Texas, after coming to USA from Italy in 1882. Due to their well-known exceptional quality, Lucchese boots are frequently given as gifts to officials all over the world. Tirabassi appreciates the extra features Lucchese provides, such as a steel toe and waterproofing with their special seam-sealing technique, for extending the life of work boots. He asserts that water cannot ever enter the boot because the leather has been treated. Additionally, the sole has grooves that let mud slide off of it.

Best Cowboy Boot Brands in USA

The appropriate pair of boots is an essential part of every cowboy’s wardrobe. However, there is a plethora of brands from which to choose; what are some of the most fashionable and functional options? That is the question we set out to answer. The finest USA cowboy boot brands will be discussed below.

#1. Lucchese

Lucchese has a benefit over its rivals. The footwear industry in El Paso, Texas, which was established in 1883, creates a product that survives and is rich in American history. Many notable people, including US presidents, have been spotted wearing the USA cowboy boot brands that firm makes. Manual labor is used at every step of the production process. Pegging, which requires securing the boot bottoms with metal and lemonwood pegs, falls under this category. This ensures that the boot will retain its beautifully crafted shape and that the sole may be replaced as necessary.

Lucchese boots feature beautiful hand-stitched patterns. Each pair of boots is individually handcrafted from the finest leathers and skins. The next stage entails hand-tooling, which can take many weeks. Even if the quality is unrivaled, the labor-intensive manufacturing process means that you’ll need a significant amount of money to purchase these boots. It’s wonderful news that they are as strong as they seem. They can also have their soles changed, increasing their lifespan.

#2. Justin

Around fifteen years prior to the opening of Lucchese, Herman Joseph Justin had founded a shoe repair business. In the end, he created unique boots with ornamental stitching (a characteristic of cowboy boots) to strengthen the leather on the shaft. More than a century after it first opened for business, the company continues to sell genuine cowboy boots at the most affordable pricing. Justin boots are well-known for their unusual designs, excellent craftsmanship, and use of cutting-edge shoe innovations. In El Paso, Texas, each pair of boots is still made by hand. The eye-catching collection of boots will look fantastic at the rodeo and on the dance floor.

Men, women, and children can all choose from a variety of patterns and colors. The cowgirls in particular are exceedingly wealthy. Women’s boots come in three different toe shapes, two different heel types, and three different calf heights. Justin also creates a range of clothes, from hoodies to socks, to complete the look.

#3. Ariat

Search for the Ariat tag if you’re seeking for authentic Western footwear. For instance, the organization supports the Professional Bull Riders, the best in the cowboy sport. They sell clothing and footwear for both English and Western sports. They provide work and cold boots in addition to their customary riding boots.

There are clothes for adults, women, and kids. Their boots are well known for being comfortable and light. Durable footwear is produced through a difficult process that might entail up to 150 different steps. Included features include waterproof construction, breathable lining, non-slip soles, and cushioned insoles. Actually, all you have to do to ride or dance well is maintain your composure. If you choose Ariat, you’ll be in good company because many professional riders use their shoes.

#4. Tony Lama

This brand is without a doubt one of the most well-known cowboy boot brands in USA or in the world. Tony, a 24-year-old Texas citizen from El Paso, founded it in 1911. A different business that started out as a repair shop, this one in Fort Worth repairing shoes for the military. Even though the company is today a part of the Justin conglomerate, it nevertheless maintains a distinct personality all its own.

Each pair of boots goes through around 130 different processes, from hand cutting the leather through finishing. There is also an emphasis on quality, which incorporates modern technology and high-end leathers. Included in this are the business’s exclusive Lama Comfort and Cushion Comfort technologies.

#5. Tecovas

The 2015-founded business Tecovas is to thank for giving western-inspired footwear the recognition it so richly deserves on a worldwide scale. They impressed us so much that in 2019 we officially endorsed them. Years later, the business is still thriving and has once again gained our official recommendation. For women, the price ranges from slightly more than $200 to more than $500. Even though some pricey exotic ones cost $1,500, men are subject to the same restrictions.

The shoes are made by a skilled group of craftspeople in Leon, Mexico. There are about 200 different production procedures for each boot. The maker claims that their quality is twice as good as brands with similar price tags and on par with boots costing twice as much. They achieve this both offline and online through direct customer sales. The latter may exist in cities like Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Plano, San Antonio, and The Woodlands, to name a few.

#6. Dan Post

Cowboy boot brands in USA weren’t known for being particularly comfortable before Dan Post. The business, founded in the 1960s, created the first pair of padding-incorporated authentic Western boots. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and have a foot that is unusually huge, they’re also an excellent option. Male clothing in sizes up to 18 is available. Women can easily find shoes that fit feet up to size 12. There are several different styles of wide calf fits.

Every pair of boots goes through a 160-step manufacturing process to ensure immediate comfort. Every single one of them contains removable, vented orthotic insoles to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Also, every pair of insoles also features antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties. There are various retailers in Switzerland, the UK, and on the east coast. You can also order your boots online and have them delivered if you reside in the USA.

#7. Nocona

Enid Nocona was founded by Justin in 1925 and one of the good USA cowboy boot brands. Currently a Justin subsidiary, the business offers affordable Western boots for both men and women. There is also a choice for children. If you’re looking for a pair of boots for under $200, you have a lot of choices here. Even while you might not have access to the virtually infinite modifying options offered by more expensive providers, the quality is still extremely good. Here, you may get hand-distressed leather uppers, orthotic insoles, and stunning needlework. There are also numerous eye-catching designs with different calf heights, heel forms, and toe shapes. One of the few female business entrepreneurs in the 1920s should be pleased with her rich past. The company’s “Miss Enid” line of cowgirl boots pays tribute to Enid’s impact.

#8. J. B. Hill Boot Company

Dr. James Hill, a veterinarian and racehorse owner, established J. B. Hill in El Paso as yet another company. He had initially bought something from a company that claimed to make shoes, only to find out that it didn’t. When Dr. Hill had to make a decision, he was taken aback by his own quick thinking. A new company was started after firing the whole executive team. Today, emphasis is placed on exceptional craftsmanship and modern takes on classic shapes. Only about 10 pairs of shoes are made each day. Due to this scarcity, prices are high. A pair of J.B. Hill boots can cost up to hundreds of dollars, starting at $825, depending on the style and material. They will, however, last for many years if you buy a pair. They are the favourite footwear of both renowned individuals and working cowboys.

Most Expensive Cowboy Boot Brands

The greatest alligator skin is used to create the priciest cowboy boots, which are then covered in precious metals and gems. We’ve investigated the precise procedures necessary to create these pricey cowboy boots, as well as the illustrious designers and artists that contributed to their creation. Below is a list of the top most expensive cowboy boot brands.

#1. Lucchese Baron Cowboy Boots – $14,995

The final pair of Lucchese cowboy boots on display here are the Baron models, which are some of the brand’s best-selling products and are made of rich brown leather with a stunning patina. These boots are more expensive than the alternatives in part because the soles and shafts are made of highly prized American alligator leather. These handcrafted boots stand out from boots bought off the high street thanks to a bias cut and a covered side seam, emphasizing the extra work that went into their construction.

They include hand-crafted inlays, premium alligator leather stacked heels, original draw straps, and lemonwood pegs in addition to a three-quarter welt that binds the outsole and insole together. The black cherry color staining technique provides the leather a hint of red that makes them stand out even more when worn with plainer brown leather cowboy boots. For those who can afford them, the Lucchese Baron cowboy boots are one of the expensive pair from a well-known brands of cowboy boot and offer remarkable handcrafted quality.

#2. Wheeler Boot Company Football-Themed Cowboy Boots – $17,000

For his selective customers since 1960, Paul Wheeler has crafted bespoke and ready-to-wear shoes and boots, some of whose styles significantly differ from the traditionalism and timeless nature of the Lucchese footwear. Customers of this premium brand hold it in great regard, and it has a long list of heritage members; to join, one must purchase at least fifteen pairs of boots.

Although he frequently goes above and beyond with painted boots produced for everyone from wine enthusiasts to admirers of NASA boots and Texans, his designs are based on the classic cowboy boot. The football-themed cowboy boots by The Wheeler Boot Company are a celebration of baseball and, as their name suggests, were made for a devoted follower of the game. Wheeler used 16 ticket stubs to make these costly cowboy boots with the Houston Texans logo on the side. Selling at the rate of $17,000, it is one of the expensive cowboy boot brands

#3. Howard H. Knight’s Cowboy Boots – $106,000

The cowboy boots manufactured by Howard H. Knight are among the finest boots ever made and another example of his expert bootmaking. These amazing boots were made by a true master of the profession from a very pricey material and are covered in lovely flower motifs. Howard Knight spent over 800 hours crafting this pair of cowboy boots, which is a surprising amount of time for a shoemaker to devote to one pair.

Given that they cost $106,000, it is reasonable to deduce that the artisan made a fantastic hourly rate of $132.50. And also with that price this brands comes along the most expensive cowboy boot brands. Knight started making “over the top” cowboy boots when he was a teenager. Knight has had a thing for shoes from the beginning. Each pair of these costly cowboy boots has an 18-karat white gold bloom in the center, which adds to its exorbitant cost.

#4. Lucchese Romia Cowboy Boots – $6,000

Another pair of black boots with a slender and simple style is the Romia cowboy boot by renowned shoemaker Lucchese. The soles of the Lucchese Romia cowboy boots are made of leather that ages to a patina-brown color and are totally composed of authentic historical American cavalry boots from the late 1800s. These Texas-made, expensive, hand-made, Nile crocodile-leather cowboy boots have a unique look. Since they were hand-lasted, they fit perfectly.

Even though $6,000 is a sizable investment for a pair of handcrafted, unique boots, it speaks volumes about Lucchese’s reputation as one of the top boot producers out there. Even the interior of the boot was lined with the finest leather. Genuine lemonwood pegs are used to secure the steel shank of the boot to the sole. Due to their superior hand stitching and three-quarter welt construction, this is among the expensive cowboy boot brands will last the wearer a lifetime.

#5. Philipp Plein Embellished Women’s Cowboy Boots – $5,000

Philipp Plein, a German fashion designer, first became well-known for his high-end dog beds before expanding into the production of retro-inspired clothing and accessories. One of the wealthiest people in Switzerland, Plein, created a collection of lavish cowboy boots that includes the Embellished Women’s cowboy boots. These boots are a brash and haughty addition to any boot collection, with a suggested retail price of $5,000. They actually cost about the same as some of the most expensive wines you can buy.

They look quite costly with their black and white pattern, elaborate stitching, and tassels cascading down the back of the boot. Stiletto heels, which are unusual for women’s cowboy boots, make the Philipp Plein Embellished Women’s Cowboy Boots even more distinctive. Women’s pull-on cowboy boots from Philipp Plein Embellished have a pointed, pointy toe. They have a rock and roll vibe thanks to the fringe accents on the back.

#6. Lucchese Forde Black Alligator Cowboy Boot – $5,000

Similar to the Stallion black American Alligator leather boots, the Lucchese Forde black Alligator cowboy boots are entirely black for a sleek and elegant appearance. These expensive cowboy boots have more features than the Stallion line thanks to the gorgeous hand-embossed patterns on the lengthy shaft. Around the boot’s foot area, additional motifs created by the alligator skin itself may be observed, greatly varying the overall pattern.

Like many other Lucchese boots, these handcrafted cowboy boots are composed of the best materials, including premium leather. To allow the leather at the front of the boot to conform to the foot, cobblers in the past fashioned the interior of the boot using a hanging vamp. The Lucchese Forde $5,000 black alligator cowboy boots look just as extravagant and opulent as the company’s handcrafted boots.

#7. Jack Armstrong Cosmic Cowboy Boots – $6 Million

Last but not least, the Jack Armstrong Cosmic cowboy boots sold for a price similar to the most expensive watches on the market, earning an amazing $6 million. In order to make the Cosmic footwear in 2018, Cosmic Extensionalism’s creator Jack Armstrong applied the emblem to a pair of perfect Tony Lama boots. Many American presidents, most notably Harry S. Truman, wore the Tony Lama brand boots with Armstrong’s design, which featured a burst of vibrant colors around the bottom of the boots.

The entire Cosmic X range by Armstrong is woven with these extraordinary colors, patterns, and textural elements. The New York-based artist’s Cosmic cowboy boot brands are expected to be expensive over time because he made a commitment to himself that he would only create 100 pieces of art throughout his whole life.

What Brand Boots Do They Wear On Yellowstone?

An early episode of the series makes reference to the well-known bootmaker brand Lucchese, but John Dutton’s boots are really produced by the Texas-based Justin Boots, which in 2019 unveiled a line in partnership with Paramount Network, where the series airs in the United States.

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