BEST FAUCET BRAND 2023: For Kitchen and Bathroom

best faucet brands

Going through this article you will find out we’ve put together our recommendations on which faucet brands will best fit your style based on varied demands, budgets, and aesthetic choices after conducting significant research. With a little help from our guides, you’ll be able to choose a faucet that you’ll love for years to come! Browse our faucet brand guide to get the exact brand you’ve been looking for depending on a number of factors in your bathroom and kitchen.

Faucet Brands

The faucets were originally ancient and had two spouts, one for hot and one for cold water. That changed in 1937 when American investor Al Moen burned his palm while working with hot water and decided to design a single faucet knob. However, his prototypes were first rejected, but between 1940 and 1945, he was able to create a working single-handled faucet.

In 1945, Landis Perry created the ball valve in the faucet, which helped adjust the temperature of the water. Wolvering Brass later developed ceramic water control disks that were more effective than the rubber disks in use at the time.

The inclusion of a spray hose that can be removed from the sink, the introduction of filters, and even electronic faucets that are far more hygienic than traditional faucets have all improved faucets. The advances in bathroom faucet design have been nonstop, and they don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Here are some of the best Faucet Brands

#1. Delta Faucet

Alex Manoogian of Detroit, Michigan, began rethinking single-handled washerless faucets in 1952. Manoogian then went on to the market the faucets to the general public, and just four years later, Delta Faucets’ yearly sales had surpassed a million dollars.

Delta Faucet now sells the most cutting-edge faucets, both single and double-handled.

#2. Kohler

John Michael Kohler created Kohler Co. in 1873. The company pioneered many bath advancements, including building the world’s first bathtub by enameling a cast-iron horse trough. Hence, Kohler bought the Sterling Faucet Company in 1984 and extended its faucet, shower door, and toilet lines.

Hence, Kohler has been named the “most used” and “best quality” in bath accessories by Builder Magazine.

#3. Moen

Alfred Moen founded the company, which produces bathroom fixtures such as faucets. Single-handle faucets for kitchens, baths, and bathtubs are the company’s specialty. Also, a big cartridge is used in the faucet controls to accommodate for rapid fluctuations in water pressure in the hot or cold supply.

When Moen’s hands were burned while operating a double-handle faucet, he came up with the idea for a single-handle device. The design is to provide security and comfort.

#4. Glaciers Bay

Glacier Bay, which is now owned by Home Depot, sells a wide range of kitchen and bathroom faucets, as well as mirrors, sinks, vanities, and even toilets.

For homeowners looking to update and remodel their houses, these faucets are an excellent choice. It is also quite accessible and has a reasonable price. Allowing you to purchase brand new fashions without breaking the bank.

#5. American Standard

It can be tough to decide which sort of kitchen faucet to purchase; entry-level brands are frequently not durable, while luxury models are beautiful but expensive. For individuals who want to blend budget and style, American Standard is the way to go.

This company has nearly 150 years of experience manufacturing faucets for homes in the United States, with a 60 percent market share in new construction. All of the brand’s bathroom faucets come with a limited lifetime warranty.

#6. Pfister

The company, formerly known as Price Pfister, was formed in 1910 by Emil Price and William Pfister to develop their garden faucet brand. Because of their Crown Jewel faucet, the firm became well-known in 1950. By 1987, the company had a 14 percent share of the American faucet market.

Beautiful and very trendy faucets are available from this manufacturer, which will enhance the appearance of any bathroom. It has kitchen faucets with one and two handles, bridge kitchen faucets, pull-out kitchen faucets, and nature-inspired kitchen faucets.

#7. Kraus

This firm emphasizes minimalist design while also promoting respect for urban architecture. Kraus operates on the idea that your home should feel like a private spa, and its unique faucets add to that.

Kraus bathroom faucets come in a variety of modern styles that have fair prices. The business sells some of the most unusual bathroom and kitchen faucet designs.

#8. Grohe

In 1911, the sanitary fittings firm began as a ferrous hardware factory, but in 1936, it was acquired by Friedrich Grohe, who focused solely on bathroom faucets. Grohe also bought the rights to make Moen Mixing Faucets in 1962, which combined hot and cold water with a single lever.

Grohe faucets come in a variety of styles with the objective of meeting individual demands. So this means that they only use the finest materials in the production of the faucets.

#9. Peerless

Peerless Faucet brand was named WaterSense Partner of the Year in 2013 and places a strong emphasis on water saving. As a result, their bathroom faucets include both water-saving technology and a sleek appearance and aesthetic.

What makes them so appealing is that they are quite affordable, and you can have them finished in stainless steel, chrome, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, or Venetian bronze to match your bathroom decor.

#10. Rohl

Rohl has been making faucets, fittings, and fixtures for bathrooms and kitchens since 1983. Hence, artisans use techniques passed down from generation to generation to construct these highly inventive fixtures.

The Rohl bathroom faucets are inspired by French design and will add elegance and class to your home. The faucets also comprise long-lasting materials that resist corrosion while also adding creative flair to your home.

#11. Danze

For the past 20 years, Danze by Gerber has been a leader in bathroom and kitchen design. Danze faucets are designed to exact standards and offer a superb blend of aesthetic and function.

Danze faucets are lead-free and feature robust ceramic disc valves, anti-scald protection, and a PVD finish.

What Brand of Faucets Do Plumbers Recommend?

According to plumbers, the top brands are Moen, Delta, and Kohler. These brands are preferred by plumbers because to their superior quality, dependability, and accessibility.

What Is the Number One Faucet Brand?

American Standard. About the Brand: American Standard provides a variety of single-hand and touchless kitchen faucets with pull-down and pull-out sprayers in beautiful designs with scratch-free coatings.

What Faucet Lasts the Longest?

All-brass bodies are known to last the longest and are less prone to leak or corrode, especially when special dezincification resistant (DZR) brass is utilized. This type of unique brass is not harmed by the acidity of tap water or other pollutants. The material is normally more expensive, but it lasts a long time.

Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

best kitchen faucet brands
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The sink area is thought to be the heart of any modern kitchen, and the sink faucet is perhaps the most functional and stylish component. It’s most important that you select a kitchen faucet that will make your regular activities easier.
Finding exactly what you need is easier said than done for those of you who don’t have much experience in the faucet market. In this post, we’ll go over the most important factors to consider when trying to distinguish a good faucet from the others. As well as look at some of the greatest kitchen faucets we’ve found.

We scoured the market for the best kitchen faucets and selected models that fit a variety of budgets, style preferences, and finishes. So you can choose the best faucet for your space and needs based on the buying considerations listed below.

#1. WEWE

WEWE is a company that specializes in low-cost kitchen and bathroom faucets, as well as bath and shower goods. The elegant tulip-like form of this single-handle high-arc faucet will effortlessly match most sinks. The metal faucet has a three-way spray setting in multitasking mode: stream for filling water, spray for rinsing and pause to reduce splashing.

For ease of installation, the pulldown hose and water line hose are preinstalled in the kitchen faucet. It also has a smudge-resistant and dirt-resistant coating that hides smudges and keeps dirt off the surface. It’s simple to clean, and it’s also inexpensive!

#2. Kohler

Kohler faucet brand is a home improvement company that is best recognized for its plumbing products. You can enjoy a cleaner, more hygienic kitchen environment with the Simplice touchless faucet. It has Intuitive Response technology, which response to your every movement.

The smart faucet turns on or off with a simple wave of your hand or an object such as a pan. Don’t worry, not every movement will cause the water to activate. The sensor has been meticulously constructed to avoid erroneous activations.

A gooseneck type, pulldown spout, magnetic docking mechanism housed within the spout, and optional power boost for cleaning and filling pots are all included in the stainless steel Simplice.

Touchless technology, of course, has a heavy price tag. This type, on the other hand, is well worth considering if you’re looking for a well-made touchless faucet.

#3. Delta Faucet

Delta Faucet brand is one of the most well-known makers of home renovation and construction goods in the world, as well as one of the first to innovate faucet design. This top pick is a fantastic blend of historic architecture and contemporary features.

More than simply a pretty face, this brass faucet has a lot going for it. It has a pulldown spout, a gooseneck design, a single handle function for water management, and touchless activation for hands-free operation, among other features.

Touch2O technology is used to turn the water on and off, and magnets are used to ensure that the spray head is properly docked. There’s an LED light that indicates the temperature of the water, as well as three spray settings.

#4. Moen

Moen is known for creating high-quality, long-lasting goods. This Moen faucet is identified by its Duralock Quick Connect Installation System, which makes installation simple.

This Moen alternative is a 68-inch long hose with Reflex technology that allows it to flex, pivot, and extend in all directions without any tangle or damage. Therefore, with the stroke of a button, the steel faucet controls the flow of water with its boost steam feature, which provides a faster clean and faster fill.

#5. Delta VoiceIQ.

The Delta Trinsic will blend in seamlessly with your smart home’s voice control technologies. The Trinsic employs Delta VoiceIQ Technology, a Delta-developed invention, to connect your faucet to existing devices such as smartphones and smart speakers that support Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.

Your voice commands are processed by the smart home devices and relayed to your Trinsic. You can rapidly switch the faucet on and off, warm the water, and dispense one cup, six ounces, a gallon, or any other amount you need with a single command. The faucet measures the water in ounces, cups, pints, quarts, gallons, liters, and milliliters. It also keeps track of how much water you make use of in the kitchen faucet over time.

It works with a simple wrist or forearm touch anywhere on the spout or handles. There’s also a hand wash feature that calculates the right amount of time to lather, scrub, and rinse your hands. The TempSense LED indicator light changes color to reflect water temperature, so you can check the temperature from across the room.

It has a flow rate of 1.8 GPM and is powered by six AA or six C batteries and an AC wall converter. The high-tech faucet’s luxury features come at a steep price, but if you’re set on smart kitchen technology, it’s a worthwhile investment.

What Faucet Finish Stays the Cleanest?

Metal finishes are more resilient than plastic or enamel alternatives, but brushed nickel appears to be the easiest to maintain. Additionally, it is highly resistant, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it.

Which Bathroom Faucets Last the Longest?

Solid brass has a tendency to display fingerprints and water marks, but it is the most robust material and can withstand harsh water. Typically, brass faucets are more expensive but may last a lifetime.

Who Makes High-End Faucets?

AXOR. AXOR is a popular choice for high-end alternatives due to its designer faucets developed specifically for luxury kitchens. These faucets have a high price tag that approaches the $1,000 mark. Given the expense of these faucets, one would expect them to be user-friendly and accessible.

Best Faucet Brands Bathroom

A bathroom faucet is more than just a piece of utilitarian hardware; it can also be a fashion statement, help you save water, and match the aesthetic of your sink. It’s critical to choose the best bathroom faucet brand that will stay leak-free for years, thanks to clever design aspects and well-constructed components. Traditional bathroom faucets comprise metal, while some low-cost variants have a metallic finish on a plastic chassis. You should examine the sort of faucet your sink requires, the design and finish you want in the hardware. You should also consider the price point you’re prepared to spend when determining which bathroom faucet is the best choice for you.

Check the best bathroom faucet brands for your home below.

#1. Pfister Brea 4 in Centre set Single Handle Bathroom Faucets: Best Waterfall Faucets

This is one of the best bathroom faucet brands. Choose the Pfister Brea Waterfall Bathroom Faucet for a waterfall faucet that is both stylish and simple to install. This waterfall faucet brand has a single handle and you can install it in either one or three holes on sinks. This waterfall faucet is made with ceramic disc technology and comes with a Pfister Pforever seal leak guarantee. The wide selection of finishes offered on the Pfister Brea is a standout feature, ranging from brushed nickel and old bronze to a modern-looking chrome and white color combination.

Professional plumbers and DIY bathroom remodelers alike have lauded the Brea Waterfall Faucet for its tool-free popup drain assembly. The deck plate is also designed to eliminate the need for putty or silicone during installation. The fact that the spout is just prone enough to allow water to flow freely rather than accumulating on the interior is also a plus. The fast installation combines with the fact that the Pfister Brea Waterfall Faucet is available in a variety of finishes. Making this a great method to update the aesthetic of your bathroom.

#2. Gangan Touchless Automatic Sensor Faucet is the best touchless faucet on the market.

A touchless bathroom faucet allows you to begin handwashing without using your hands. Choose the Gangang Touch-Free Automatic Sensor Faucet instead of the more pricey or industrial-looking choices. This sleek touchless bathroom faucet detects an object beneath it and automatically dispenses a stream of water. This is an excellent feature for children who have difficulty reaching bathroom faucet handles, or for those who dislike water spots and puddles caused by reaching for the handles.

When you place your hands in front of the Gangang TouchFree Automatic Sensor Faucet, there is a 0.5-second delay, which most people find acceptable. When you take your hands away from the faucet, the water stops flowing, which is excellent for water saving. However, several users complain that the sensor was too fussy and that it lacks a greater range of motion. On the plus side, this touchless bathroom faucet comes with a mixer valve that lets you control the water temperature to a comfortable level. Remember that this faucet is powered by a battery, and an LED light will signal when the battery needs to be replaced. There aren’t many touchless bathroom faucets available for home use, but the Gangang Sensor Faucet is a terrific way to add a touch of technology and convenience to your bathroom.

#3. KOHLER Purist 8. is the best splurge. Bathroom Faucets with Two Handles, Widespread.

KOHLER is already known for high-quality kitchen sinks, and their bathroom faucets are no exception. For good cause, this faucet from Kohler’s Purist line is our top pick for the finest splurge faucet. This brass faucet has a low gooseneck type spout and cross handles for a sophisticated look in any bathroom. It also resists corrosion and tarnish, and its ceramic disk valves are designed to last a lifetime.

Choose whether you want it single-handle, widespread, or wall-mounted, as it comes with all the necessary elements for installation. You can choose from five different finishes to choose the color that best complements your style. Despite its high price, it will not disappoint in terms of quality, style, or practicality, making it a worthwhile purchase.

#4. Vigo Titus Dual Lever Wall-Mount Bathroom Faucet is the best wall-mount bathroom faucet.

A wall-mounted bathroom faucet will add a touch of class to your master bath or powder room. The Vigo Titus Dual Lever Wall-Mount Bathroom Faucet brand is one of the most attractive alternatives. This Vigo model has separate hot and cold water controls as well as a slim spout with a reach of just over 8 inches. If you’re looking for a bathroom faucet for vessel sinks, this wall-mount faucet is a great choice. Brushed nickel, chrome, and antique bronze finishes are also available. It’s worth noting that not all finishes come with a drain stopper. So you may need to buy one separately.

The Vigo Titus Wall-Mount Bathroom Faucet saves water with a low flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute, but you can remove a regulator to increase the flow to 1.5 gallons per minute, meeting the EPA’s WaterSense requirements. In any case, users report that the faucet produces excellent pressure and that its all-brass construction is strong and durable.

#5. Moen Banbury 2-Handle Bathroom Faucet is the best overall.

The Moen Banbury 2-Handle Bathroom Faucet combines style and value. This is our top best overall option for a bathroom faucet brand thanks to a classic design and robust materials and workmanship. The Moen Banbury is a three-hole installation bathroom faucet with a center set design. The one-piece system measures 4 inches with a modest 7-inch spout height and has two levers for hot and cold water operation. People also like how the center spout rotates, allowing them to direct the water stream exactly where they want it.

This bathroom faucet stands out in terms of design because of Moen’s Spot Resist coating, which prevents water stains and fingerprints from gathering on the handles, spout, and other surfaces. This is a significant benefit for individuals who despise seeing a smeared bathroom faucet or who find themselves cleaning brushed nickel fittings on a regular basis. Moen has a great reputation for designing and manufacturing long-lasting bathroom fixtures, and this moderately priced center set bathroom faucet will not disappoint in terms of fit and finish.

Which Faucet Has a Lifetime Guarantee?

Delta® offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty on the Finish and the Faucet if it is Non-Electronic. Delta provides a lifetime warranty to the original consumer purchaser that the faucet’s parts and finishes will be free from defects in material and workmanship.

Kitchen Faucets Brands

Do you need a faucet brand to match your kitchen’s unusual color scheme? We can assist you! Take a look at these recommendations for the best kitchen faucet brands that appeal to the most specific of preferences.

#1. Vigo:

Vigo provides attention-getting feature faucets that are sure to impress your house guests. They are well-known for only offering silver or black color options, and they do so with style. You won’t find anything like their two-tone Edison pull-down and any of their matte charcoal versions anyplace else. That is why Vigo stands as one of the best Kitchen Faucet brands.

#2. Pfister:

For those who can’t decide, Pfister is the brand that will show you exactly what you need in a faucet. Choose from opulent gold taps fit for a king (like the Ashfield 1-Handle Kitchen Faucet), beautiful curved long-necked taps (like the Cadenza 1-Handle Kitchen Faucet), and classic silver taps with crystal knobs (Pfister’s Pfirst Series has plenty of them). Pfister provides the broadest choice of styles, allowing you to choose the appropriate design for you, whether you’re a modern minimalist or desire some regal elegance in your kitchen.

#3. Kraus:

Kraus, like Vigo, is one the best kitchen faucet brand that also offers unique two-tone faucets. There are many equally gorgeous types, such as the Geo Axis single-handle pull-out faucet and the gorgeous tall-necked Geo Arch pull-down with a matching dispenser. Your new Kraus faucet, with its tulip-shaped spray heads and dramatic arches, is guaranteed to impress everyone who sees it.

#4. Delta:

Do you have a kitchen with a red color scheme? If you’re looking for fixtures that properly match, go no farther than Delta. Their ‘stainless and chili pepper’ coating blends stain-resistant steel with a fiery red hue to go with dramatic color schemes in the kitchen. Aside from the red (which no other brand on this list offers), Delta’s choice of finishes is unrivaled among kitchen faucet manufacturers. You can choose from three styles of bronze, five stainless steel options, and much more.

#5. Premier:

Premier’s unusual Parisian bronze finish will look fantastic in modern farmhouse-style kitchens with dark polished woods. Aside from this particular finish, they offer a wide choice of ergonomically built versions with simple handles and spouts that will look great in your kitchen while also performing well. They also have a variety of ornate, almost baroque types — pair their ‘110703 Charlestown Single-Handle Bar Faucet’ with black and white checkerboard kitchen tiles for a beautiful, remarkable look.

#6. American Standard:

American Standard is regarded as one of the highest-quality faucet manufacturers, with a reputation for long-lasting goods. Choose a simple tap with no frills that is straightforward to use for the whole family, or invest in one of their SelectFlo versions, which allows everyone to choose their favorite spray – choose from stream, spray, jet, or mist. They’re totally customizable, ergonomically designed, and packed with features that make life easier for everyone.

#7. Hansgrohe:

We applaud the German business Hansgrohe for its commitment to environmentally-friendly innovation, which is a crucial consideration when buying appliances, fixtures, and devices in today’s society. Their EcoSmart technology series is a cut above the competition, helping to substantially minimize domestic water waste and energy consumption in the kitchen. Therefore, get EcoSmart with Hansgrohe and make a difference in your kitchen with a new stylish and environmentally efficient fixture.


Does brand of faucet matter?

It’s safest to stick with name-brand products that are known for their quality and dependability, regardless of where you shop. Off-brand faucets are frequently cheaply built, and replacement parts are difficult to come by.

What is the most durable kitchen faucet?

The most durable and costly alternative is stainless steel. Rather than a pure stainless steel build, some models have a stainless steel coating over brass, however, they are of lower quality. To prevent water stains and fingerprints, certain stainless steel faucets have a clear coating.

Which is better single or double handle faucet?

A two-handle faucet gives you greater control than a single-handle faucet, allowing you to fine-tune the temperature of the water. Furthermore, a two-handle faucet allows you to better manage the water flow rate as well as independent hot and cold water control.

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