Alkaline Water Brands: What Are They & The Best 21 Picks

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Are you among lovers of alkaline water? or you want to just start taking them maybe because of healthy purposes? Here is an article for you on alkaline water brands. We, therefore, have a list of some alkaline water brands we will be dealing with which are: best, to avoid, bottled, and natural.

Alkaline Water Brands

Alkaline water is now in trend, and we can’t wait to dive in to see what all the fuss is about. It is with supplemented nutrients, like salt, potassium, and sodium bicarbonate, to make the water less acidic. It has different types of brands found in the market. Now we start by looking at the meaning of alkaline water.

What Is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline Water Brands,best, to avoid, bottled, natural
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Technically, alkaline water is any water with a pH level above 7 on a scale of 0 to 14. The pH level indicates how much hydrogen is in the water, with a level below 7 meaning that, due to the hydrogen levels, it is more acidic. A pH level above 7 means that it is alkaline. Though most of the alkaline waters on the market seem to be in the range of 7 and 9; of course which is higher than other types of drinking water, such as tap water, bottled water, or super oxygenated water.

Therefore we will be checking out next the health benefits of alkaline water; because I know some of us will be wondering what is so special about this alkaline water.

What Are The Benefits of Alkaline Water?

There is no consistent clinical evidence to support the purported health benefits of alkaline water. For instance, one piece of research noted that water with a pH of 8.8 can help treat acid reflux disease. Other studies have linked drinking alkaline water with restoring blood viscosity, the blood’s ability to flow healthily through the body’s vessels after exercise.

Best Alkaline Water Brands

Best natural bottled alkaline water brands & a List of Brands to Avoid.

Below is the list of best alkaline water brands you can go for:

#1. Essentia Ionized Alkaline

With a pH of 9.5, silky-smooth taste, and extra electrolytes, Essentia Water takes the top pick for alkaline water brands. Unlike some alkaline waters that are treated with harsh chemicals, Essentia is purified through a proprietary microfiltration process and reverse osmosis. The water goes through a three-part ionization process in which the water is purified, trace amounts of electrolytes are added, and then bitter-tasting ions are removed. The added electrolytes, bicarbonate, potassium, magnesium, and calcium added to the clean, smooth taste.

#2. Flow Alkaline Spring Water

In looking for alkaline water brands with a low carbon footprint, Flow Alkaline Spring Water is the top choice. Most water bottles are plastic; however, choosing flow is good for the planet and your body. The 100% natural spring water is sourced from the family-owned spring in Ontario, Canada, and Seawright Springs in Virginia. It has a pH of 8.1. The naturally occurring minerals—magnesium, calcium, bicarbonate, and potassium—boost hydration and taste. Thus their water comes in Cucumber + Mint, Lemon + Ginger, Blackberry + Hibiscus, Strawberry + Rose, Watermelon + Lime, and Grapefruit + Elderberry.

#3. Bai Antioxidant Water

These water electrolytes including potassium and magnesium help to boost hydration and contribute a clean, crisp taste. However, Bai Antioxidant Water is not only pH balanced and electrolyte-enhanced, it’s also infused with selenium. Then each 8-ounce serving contains 10% of the recommended daily value of selenium, a natural antioxidant that may play a role in the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and cognitive decline.

Likewise, antioxidants like selenium work to reduce inflammation in the body by fighting free radicals. Reaching for Bai Antioxidant Water after a tough workout may help promote recovery, as research suggests that selenium supplementation may help to reduce exercise-induced oxidant stress.

#4. Core Hydration Nutrient Enhanced Water

CORE is only slightly alkalized with a pH of 7.4, but you can still reap the potential benefits of alkalization. It filters its water to make sure you’re only drinking the nutrients you need, so you’ll never find a trace of fluoride, chromium, arsenic, or chlorine. The bottles are BPA-free and are 100% recyclable, so If you’re looking for a refreshing, filtered water taste that still packs all of the alkaline water benefits, CORE Hydration is an excellent choice.

#5. New Wave Enviro Alkaline Pitcher

A refillable pitcher is an excellent, affordable way to enjoy fresh, filtered alkaline water at home. The BPA-free New Wave Enviro Alkaline Pitcher raises the pH of tap water to a range of 8.5 to 9.5 using a powerful filter. Each filter cartridge can alkalize and filter up to 300 liters (64 gallons) of water, which when compared with single-use water bottles, can conserve a ton of plastic and money. Moreover, the pitcher system uses activated carbon, ion exchange resins, negative potential particles, and far-infrared ceramic balls to effectively purify and enhance regular tap water.

#6. APEC Water Systems Alkaline Mineral Ph+ Ultra Safe

If you love to drink alkaline water, upgrade your home filtration system with this water filter system from APEC. Through a six-step process, this machine purifies your water to remove harmful substances and unpleasant tastes and then mineralizes your drinking water with calcium to increase the alkalinity. Some note that the system is designed for the average DIY homeowner, as it is easy to install and maintain.

#7. GoFiltr Alkaline Water Filter

This reusable option from GoFiltr makes ionized alkaline water in any bottle, including most reusable water bottles, hydration packs, and water bladders with an opening of one inch or larger. The convenient, easy-to-carry filter is powerful enough to filter up to 40 ounces at once, and each filter lasts up to three months.

The high-quality filter uses all-natural, proprietary granules infused with magnesium, potassium, calcium, trace minerals, and electrolytes to turn tap water into alkaline water in about 15 minutes. The filter creates ionized antioxidant mineral alkaline water with a pH up to 9.5 and removes potentially harmful heavy metals.

Alkaline Water Brands To Avoid

These are some of the alkaline water brands you need to avoid or stop taking them. They contain more harmful alkaline substances which are not good for the health.

#1. Real Water

Real alkaline water brands like this can not be trusted but avoid; simply because of the urgent alert issued by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA thus warned people to stop drinking the water after multiple reports of having liver failure issues. From children to adults, several people reported liver failure including nausea, vomiting, fever, and fatigue to some other people.

#2. Kangen Water

The main allegation about this brand is that they run a pyramid scheme to market the product and that’s the reason the cost is so unreasonably high. Their insane higher cost has nothing to do with the alkaline water quality. Thus these alkaline water brands are meant to be to avoid at all costs.

#3. Alkazone

In dealing with alkaline water brands to avoid, some of them complained tasted like metal and upset their stomachs! and compare to other trusted alkaline brands, it costs a lot more! You can find plenty of complaints about its higher cost. Of course, it tastes less metallic than the tap water but what’s the point of paying a premium that still tastes like metal?

#4. Phenomenal Alkaline Water

Rather than selling alkaline water brands, the brand sells alkaline water concentrate, i.e those ones that allow us to avoid water. The problem is with their tasteful water variety. After drinking the concentrate for a while, some people mentioned it did not increase their pH level at all. Some consumers said it tasted awful! Apparently, many people could not tolerate the awful aftertaste as well; and that is the good reason you should avoid them as your brands of alkaline water.

#5. AquaHydrate

You can look it up yourself but some consumers mentioned it tasted like just tap water! Moreover, instead of the brand’s claim of having pH 9+ in their water, it was actually 6 to 7 after testing it at the pool store. It’s not just a few bad experiences, there are lots of consumers confirming to have salty awful taste and this is d reason why we need to avoid these particular brands of alkaline water.

Am glad we have gone through the alkaline water brands to avoid, indeed not all alkaline waters in the market is worth risking our health for, and I hope with this we can now stay careful of the brands of alkaline water to take and the ones to avoid. Now let us go over to some bottled alkaline water in their different brands.

Bottled Alkaline Water Brands

There are some unique bottled alkaline water brands we need to know about, thus below are the water bottled brands of alkaline water.

#1. Voss

Unique quality: Very low Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Some people prefer this as it can be an indication of the water’s purity, although this also means there are less beneficial minerals in the water (the lower the TDS, the lower the mineral content). Minerals deliver the health benefits and optimal hydration we look for in good water (electrolytes are actually minerals), so in our opinion, a low TDS is not necessarily indicative of healthful water.

Our Take On It: Voss is commendable for its commitment to environmental practices. While the glass packaging makes it reusable, Voss would be more healthful water if it were naturally alkaline. Natural alkalinity cannot be replicated in a lab and is only a result of the natural filtration process as well as the surrounding soil, bedrock, and vegetation. Voss’s pH comes in at 6.0 which is actually on the acidic side of the pH scale (7.0 is neutral). That being said, allowing water to maintain its natural pH is far more healthful than creating an artificially alkaline pH through ionization or electrolysis.

#2. SmartWater

This bottled alkaline water brands is a Vapor distilled water. While SmartWater’s distillation process does remove contaminants, it also strips the water of some seriously important elements. When water is devoid of all minerals, its hydrogen content becomes greater. In the water’s attempt to balance itself, it, however, ends up leaching off the body’s own mineral reserves.

#3. Waiakea

Waiakea gives it its unique taste profile highlighted by its high mineral content and ensures its purity. It as one of the bottled alkaline water brands contains the recommended daily value of silica, as well as magnesium and potassium. This brand, therefore, was the first US bottled water to be certified Carbon Neutral and donates over 5% of revenue to nonprofits in Hawaii and across the world.

#4. Fiji

This brands of bottled alkaline water is untouched until you open the cap. Fiji is admirable for its natural alkalinity and taste, as well as its natural volcanic filtration process. While Fiji definitely values the integrity of its water source, environmental practices are not in place to preserve the ecosystem from which it comes. Fiji is also available in 60 different countries across the globe, making it a major source of global recognition and legitimacy in the bottled water world. Thus, the company could be a major industry leader and change-maker if they were to make environmental and ethical practices a pillar of the brand, something we hope they will work towards. 

#5. Essentia

Essentia as one of the brands of alkaline bottled water uses micro-filters, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet exposure to take their water to 99.9% purity. At first glance, Essentia’s pH of 9.5 is appealing. But then read the fine print and you will see that the water’s alkaline pH exists thanks to an unnatural process of ionization, reverse osmosis, and added sodium bicarbonate. People have termed this “synthetic” or “artificially” alkaline because it’s devoid of naturally occurring alkaline minerals.

#6. Evian

This alkaline brands of bottled water takes a 15-year journey through layers of glacial sand deep within the Northern Alps before it is bottled. Evian water is not subject to any sort of purification process. Nothing is added or removed from the point of extraction. So, what you see in terms of the source is what you get: a naturally clean tasting spring water with a high mineral content that lends itself to healthy living. Even though, Evian is a very well-established brand that could serve as an industry leader when it comes to sustainable practices. 

Natural Alkaline Water Brands

1. Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water

There’s no shortage of alkaline water brands selling their products on the market. But out of all the options, our favorite is the Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water. This water is naturally alkaline, instead of being processed to make the water alkaline through non-natural means. It has a pH level of 8.4, which is well above neutral. However, through a few shipments, we did discover a couple of bottles that didn’t meet the advertised alkalinity. Most likely, it’s due to sitting in the warehouse, where the alkalinity of water can begin to drop.

Unlike some alkaline waters, Icelandic Glacial water brands is a certified carbon neutral or natural. Nothing is added to this water, and nothing is taken away. It’s sourced from the Olfus spring in Iceland, which is probably why it has such an endearing taste.

2. Perfect Hydration Alkaline Water

Perfect Hydration Alkaline Water is a more affordable option Among brands of natural water. It offers exceptional value for the price, and it pH level is near the top of the list with a pH of 9.5 or higher. Moreover this water contains no harmful additives, such as chlorine, fluorine, or sodium. However, helpful minerals and electrolytes have been added for enhanced flavor and health-boosting effects. After undergoing a nine-stage filtration process, you can rest assured that there’s nothing harmful in this brands of Perfect Hydration natural alkaline water.

3. Evamor Natural Alkaline Artesian Water

Though this Evamor Natural Alkaline Artesian Water can even make other alkaline waters look affordable; It’s one of the most expensive options we tested but offers a fresh taste with a highly alkaline pH rating of 8.8-9.1. Thus the bottles that Evamor artesian alkaline water is packaged in are completely BPA-free, making them safe and healthy for you to drink from.

This brands of natural alkaline water is often recommended by doctors and those touting the benefits of alkaline water. Unlike many other alkaline glasses of water, this one is naturally alkaline, which means they didn’t have to process it to alter the pH. Evamor alkaline water comes from a protected domestic artesian aquifer, which contributes to the fresh, smooth flavor.

4. Bodyarmor SportWater Alkaline Water

With pH levels of 9 or higher, BODYARMOR SportWater which is another brand among brands of natural alkaline water, is more alkaline than much of the competition. It’s available in large bottles of 23.6 or 33.8 fluid ounces, offering several eight-ounce servings per bottle. Unfortunately, this water is not naturally alkaline. Instead, it’s prepared by reverse osmosis and enhanced with electrolytes. Still, it tastes good and offers a high pH reading. We also like the sport cap that features an easy flip-up lid.

5. Alkaline88 Alkaline Water

If you’re shopping for the lowest priced alkaline water and you’re not basing your decision on any other factors, then the Alkaline88 alkaline water will probably seem pretty attractive. As far as alkaline waters go, it’s one of the most affordable. Despite the low price, it’s still packaged in BPA-free bottles.

This water has an alkaline pH of 8.8 and is purified using reverse osmosis. Furthermore, it’s enhanced with Himalayan sea salt and includes vital electrolytes and minerals including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, and potassium. Unlike many similar products, you can get Alkaline88 in gallon form, which is more convenient for those who plan to drink alkaline water daily.

6. Essentia Water Ionized Alkaline Bottled Water

Essentia is one of the more well-known names when it comes to alkaline water. Their water is ionized and features a pH of 9.5 or higher, so if you’re looking for highly alkaline water, Essentia is definitely an option. This water is very pure, containing less than 90 parts per million of total dissolved solids on average. Because of this, pH testing strips cause incorrect readings. With a proper pH meter, we found this water to be as alkaline as advertised.

Essentia comes from municipal water supplies, which means, it’s essentially glorified tap water. Granted, they do process it to increase the alkalinity. In the process, electrolytes are also added to improve the taste. Still, it’s pretty expensive considering that it comes from the same place your tap water comes from.

7. Smartwater Alkaline Water

If there iss only one water on this list that you’ve seen before, it’s most likely SmartWater. This brand has bottles in many major convenience stores, though you can not necessarily get their alkaline water everywhere that SmartWater products are sold. The smart water alkaline water has a high pH of nine or higher. Its vapor is distilled for purity and electrolytes are added for taste. To achieve a high pH value, this water is ionized. And also one thing we really liked about the smart water alkaline water is the bottles. They’re large enough to hold four standard servings of water,

#8. Bai Antioxidant Alkaline Water

Bai as one of the natural alkaline water brands produces a line of flavored drinks that you have likely seen in local convenience stores. Their antioxidant alkaline water is one of the more expensive alkaline waters we’ve tested, even though its pH is just 7.5; barely above neutral. Electrolytes were added to Bai antioxidant alkaline water to enhance its flavor. Plus, it’s infused with selenium. It’s also non-GMO, vegan, and kosher, but it seems kind of ridiculous to list those things since it’s just water.

What Are the Best Alkaline Water to Drink?

  • Best Alkaline Waters
  • Essentia Ionized Alkaline Water hydrates the most.
  • High PH: smartwater’s alkaline 33.8-ounce bottles with a pH of 9+.Best No Plastic: Flow Alkaline Spring Water.
  • The best taste is Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water.
  • The best water for sensitive stomachs is Lifewtr Premium Purified Bottled Water.

Can You Drink Alkaline Water Everyday?

Yes, you can drink alkaline water every day. In fact, the benefits get better the more you drink. If you want to improve your health, you should drink as much alkaline water as you can.

Who Should Not Drink Alkaline Water?

If you have a problem with your kidneys or are taking medicine that could affect how your kidneys work, drinking alkaline water could cause minerals to build up in your body. Too much alkaline water could also cause metabolic alkalosis and throw off the pH levels in your body.

What Are the 6 Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water?

But there are some amazing health benefits of drinking alkaline water that have been proven by science, and we’re here to tell you about them.

  • Help your bones stay healthy.
  • Reduce high blood pressure.
  • Reduce blood sugar.
  • Reduce cholesterol.
  • Calm acid reflux.
  • Improve hydration
  • make people live longer.

Can You Make Alkaline Water at Home?

Baking soda is one of the most popular—and simplest—methods to alkalize your drinking water, with a pH level of 9. The item is probably already in your kitchen. To give it a try, combine 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda with 8 ounces of filtered water.

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