BEST WATCH BRANDS FOR MEN IN 2024: Guide for top picks

best watch brands for men

Have you ever wished for the best watch brands for men but had no idea what to get? Or did your old watch break and you’re in the market for a replacement? Depending on the features, materials, and components requested, the ideal watch will vary from person to person. This can be a daunting task, but after you understand your options and follow the guide for top pics in this article, you’ll be able to find the perfect watch for you every time.

When it comes to selecting the best watch, you must first choose which features you require and desire. Every watch has a simple model as well as a more complex variant. You may get anything from a formal watch that merely tells time to a casual watch with a computer to a sports watch that tells you your heart rate, distance walked, and calories burned, among other things.

The watch will be more expensive if the gadgets are more impressive. It all depends on what you want to do with your watch. If you’re going to be doing a lot of international business travel, you could consider investing in a dress watch that can tell the time in different time zones. The options are numerous and varied.

Top Watch Brands You Don’t Know All About

Watch Brands for Men

When shopping for a watch, you should be aware of the various watch brands available. Look through the different types of watch brands and choose your favourites while keeping your budget in mind. Choosing a brand might be difficult because many firms have been around for a long time. Look into the company’s history to learn how long they’ve been producing timepieces and what styles they offer.

Inquire of family and friends who have purchased watches in the past about the brands they prefer and which have performed best for them. You can also conduct some research online by reading reviews about certain businesses and watch models. You should be certain that the brand you select offers the style you desire.

Best Watch Brands for Men

Did you realize that your watch may reveal a lot about your personality and style? Aside from keeping time, the correct watch gives your wrist a little something extra and helps you to make a statement. You can never go wrong with the best watch brand if you’re seeking the greatest wristwatch gift. We continue to see a variety of outstanding watch brands, both silver and gold, but the watch faces are changing — and changing dramatically in design and size.

Here are our selections for the best watch brands for men in 2024:

  • Rolex
  • Rolex Datejust
  • Junghans Meister Handaufzug
  • Montblanc Héritage Chronométrie
  • Citizen Eco-Drive
  • IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar


Rolex is the indisputable monarch of luxury timepieces, as evidenced by the fact that it has been worn by innumerable historical personalities and current celebrities. The most active and dedicated watch collectors are drawn to Rolex. You don’t have to be a watch expert to appreciate or desire a Rolex. Naturally, the company’s reputation is backed up by unrivalled quality.

> Rolex Datejust

Due to features and aesthetics that never go out of style, Rolex’s Datejust is the paradigm of the classic watch. It was the first self-winding waterproof chronometer wristwatch to display the date in a window at 3 o’clock on the dial when it was introduced in 1945.

>Junghans Meister Handaufzug

The Junghans Meister Handaufzug 027/3504.00 is a stunning and fashionable timepiece. The mechanical hand-winding movement Junghans Cal. J815.1, which is based on the Peseux 7001, is found beneath the hood. Despite the domed glass, this is one of the smallest mechanical movements in the price class (and several price classes above this watch), resulting in a watch that is only 7.3mm thick. Plexiglass with a Sacrilan coating is used. This coating helps to protect the plexiglass, which is otherwise quite fragile, from scratches.

>Montblanc Héritage Chronométrie

Expert craftsmanship understated splendour are the hallmarks of true luxury. Such as this Montblanc timepiece, which is one of the greatest watches for gentlemen who value engineering and elegance. It merely features a little date display and an hour, minute, and seconds hand.

>Citizen Eco-Drive

At first impression, the Citizen Eco-Drive resembles a traditional dress watch. A stainless steel case houses a dial with a textured silver-tone, conventional Roman numerals, and stick hour markers.

However, this watch is powered by the brand’s Eco-Drive technology, which uses both natural and artificial light. There will never be a need to change a battery again. It can also run in the dark, making it ideal for after-hours celebrations.

> IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar

Even the most inexperienced watch collectors will recognize this IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar as a unique invention. From the start, it’s evident that this is a watch with serious luxury credentials.

It has an 18-karat gold case, a blue alligator strap, a blue dial, and, of course, a perpetual calendar, one of the most difficult complexities in the world. This IWC Portugieser has to be one of the most appealing men’s timepieces available. You can even impress your partner by discussing the cosmic scenario using the permanent moon phase calendar.

Luxury Watch Brands for Men

Some people anticipated the top luxury watch companies would go out of style as technology began to supersede products and trends a little over a decade ago. Those people were mistaken. The top watch brands for men are, if anything, more interesting than they’ve ever been, and they’re always pushing the envelope in terms of quality and style.

Furthermore, the best luxury watch brands for men continue to reveal far more about the wearer than any technological advancement. Each men’s luxury wristwatch is thus a personal expression of taste, identity, sportiness, class, and refinement, sometimes all at the same time.

Here are our picks for the best luxury watch brands for men:

  • Patek Philippe & Co
  • Rolex
  • Bell & Ross
  • Breguet
  • Bremont

> Patek Philippe & Co

If three people are asked, “What are the best luxury watch brands for men?” at least one of them will instinctively respond, “Patek Philippe.” That’s because, for good reason, this pricey watch brand is at the pinnacle of luxury watchmaking.

> Rolex

Rolex is essentially among the best luxury watch brands for men, to the point where you might believe it is the only luxury watch brand for a long time. One may even argue that Rolex’s name recognition is enough to keep luxury watches fashionable. When you factor in the swarm of knockoffs and informal references, this well-known brand exceeds its own standing to encompass the entire luxury market.

> Bell & Ross

Another best luxury watch brand for men is Bell & Ross, which first opened its doors in 1992 and has been killing it ever since. One of the reasons for the company’s continued success is that it has mastered specialist markets such as divers’ watches. Bell & Ross, in essence, create extremely durable watches that are usually targeted towards a specific population or vocation. However, anyone with decent taste may still wear and appreciate the watches.

> Breguet

Breguet is one of the world’s oldest and best luxury watch brands for men, having been founded in 1775. The invention of the tourbillon and the production of the first wristwatch were two of the company’s many ground-breaking technological triumphs. Breguet continues to exude distinction and brilliance through coin-edge cases, architectural dials, and recognizable blue hands, now owned by Swatch Group.

> Bremont

Also among the best luxury watch brand for men is Bremont, although it is a relative newcomer who, among other things, has refined the art of aviation horology. As a result, the brand has a sizable following among military personnel. In reality, many of Bremont’s limited-edition watches are only available to those who served on the same plane or vessel that the watch honors.

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What are the Different Types of Men’s Watches?

Here are the different types of men’s watches, from dive watches to dress watches, based on the most popular ones on the market:

Pilot’s watches: Unlike diving watches, pilot’s watches do not have standardized qualifications. What is the distinction? A Pilot’s watch is distinguished by a bigger face with contrasting numbers for ease of legibility.
Travel watches: This sort of watch is often based on personal desire, with many featuring a slim band, an easy-to-read interface (likely digital), and a comfortable band.

Diver’s watches: These are timepieces that have been constructed with the appropriate features to be used underwater and must have a water resistance of at least 100 meters. Many enable divers to go much over that limit as well.
Dress and luxury watches: This popular men’s selection usually has fewer strike classes. For many, they have a minimalist style, are available in smaller case sizes, and are usually made of precious materials and come with a leather strap.
GMT watches have an additional 24-hour hand, allowing the wearer to see two time zones at the same time
Budget watches: While everyone’s budget is different, a budget watch is often less than $200.

What Watches Will Increase in Value?

Rolex and Patek Philippe are the two most sought-after luxury watch brands for men and are often believed to maintain or even increase in value over time. This is due to brand recognition, exclusivity, popularity, quality

What is the Most Underrated Watch Brand?

When it comes to wristwatches, popular brands are usually what consumers look for. As a result, people prefer high-end watches from well-known manufacturers like Rolex, Casio, Philippe Patek, and others. Luxury chronographs from these manufacturers are sometimes quite pricey, despite the fact that they produce the best watches on the market.

The following are the most underrated watch brands:

  1. Bulova
  2. Victorinox
  3. Omega
  4. Timex
  5. Shinola
  6. Thomas Earnshaw
  7. Skagen
  8. Alpina
  9. Festina
  10. Sevefriday

What is the Cheapest Rolex?

The Oyster Perpetual, which retails for between $5,300 and $6,150 depending on case size, is the most affordable Rolex watch on the company’s website. It is the cheapest current manufacturing Rolex since it does not employ precious metal and instead has an all-steel finish.

Best Affordable Watch Brands for Men

There are a lot of wonderful brands out there that aren’t too expensive. So you don’t have to shy from giving yourself the perfect loo because of what you must have heard about the best watch brands for men.

Below are affordable watch brands for men:

  •  Seiko
  • Casio
  • Orient
  • Hamilton
  • Tissot


This Japanese behemoth is the king of low-cost labels. The reason for this is that Seiko is completely committed to providing excellent value in every product they create. So, whether you spend $75 on a simple watch or $500 on a more elegant item, you can rest assured that you’re getting a great deal. The brand’s history adds to its allure, as they have played a key role in the evolution of horology.


If cost is your primary consideration, Casio may be the best affordable watch brand for men. They have things for as little as $10 on the lowest end of the spectrum. That buy won’t be of the highest quality, but the price is outstanding. Casio’s value improves as you progress through their collection of more expensive watches.


Orient is an affordable watch brand for men with a less well Japanese brand that is owned by the Seiko group, providing an additional layer of quality assurance. Nonetheless, they run their own business and give their products a distinct personality. Ray, Mako, and Bambino are the most popular, but the remainder of their portfolio is full of great options as well. Orient is difficult to top when it comes to the most inexpensive watch brands.


Hamilton is another affordable watch brand for men, Hamilton’s story is similar to those of other manufacturers. They started off as a pocket watch company, but as the World Wars progressed, they shifted their focus to wristwatches. Naturally, they flourished in this environment, and the rest is history. Hamilton’s beginnings as a company formed in the United States are something that many people admire.


You can’t talk about the most affordable watch brands for men without mentioning Tissot. This brand stands out on the list for two reasons. The first is their long and illustrious past, which dates back to the 1800s. The second difference is that they are a traditional Swiss brand rather than a Japanese one.

Is It a Smart Idea to Buy a Watch?

The word “investment watch” may conjure up images of flippers looking to make quick cash and having no enthusiasm for watches. When it comes to investment models, however, there is a “larger picture” to consider: luxury timepieces are quite precious, and their value can rise dramatically over time.

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What Does ‘mm’ Mean When Referring to a Watch?

Mm denotes the diameter of a watch case in millimeters. Watches are classified as Small (31mm), Medium (31-39), and Large (>39mm) by Watchfinder & Co., which is a decent rule of thumb to follow while shopping for one online.


It’s preferable to cultivate your own brand impressions and relationships through time and via experience. Everyone has their own preferences, and each watch should be appraised on its own merits, but while learning about or shopping for watches, you should have a fundamental understanding of the most well-known brands.



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