Best Travel Apps: The Best Apps for Flights, Hotels & What You Should Know

best travel apps
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Knowing the correct Android applications, iPhone apps, and web apps may make the entire travel experience smoother and less stressful, from the moment you start thinking about your next location to the moment your feet strike the welcome mat back home. They can tell you where to find a dependable ATM while on the road and which eateries are tourist traps. They prepare your itinerary, notify you of good travel rates, and even assist you in finding last-minute hotel accommodation. Whether you’re traveling to Europe or any other part of the world, here are the best travel apps for your international and local travel flights.

The Best Travel Apps For Flights

#1. Scott’s Cheap Flights

A solid flight alert service can make it easier to find a decent offer. These services send emails or notifications anytime inexpensive airfare to specific places becomes available, and Scott’s Cheap Flights is a popular source for flight alerts.

Customers can select from three levels of service. Free accounts receive notifications on cheap international economy flights. Premium plans are $49 per year and include international and domestic economy flights, weekend excursions, and mistake fares from certain airports. Frequent travelers may wish to invest in the elite plan, which includes flight notifications for economy, business, and first-class flights, as well as mistake fares from all U.S. airports. It’s $199 each year.

#2. Skyscanner

Skyscanner offers a free flight app for both Apple and Android devices that delivers price alerts when a good deal becomes available. The app is simple to use, and you can create notifications for specific dates or routes.

Skyscanner’s calendar and charts may also be used to compare hundreds of flights for both international and domestic destinations. The software highlights flights that emit less CO2 into the atmosphere, allowing users to mix and match flights from different carriers, and provides a search feature that helps travelers to locate the best fares for flights departing from their preferred airport.

#3. Dollar Flight Club

Dollar Flight Club is comparable to Scott’s Cheap Flights, but the programs are structured differently.

Free accounts are only notified of discounts from one departure airport. However, premium users can select up to four departure airports for domestic and international economy flights. A year of premium membership is $69 USD. There is also a Premium Plus+ membership available for $169 per year, which offers premium economy and business class deals.

The business claims to save users $500 on their next vacation and offers further discounts to Premium and Premium Plus+ members. Members who have Premium Perks have access to exclusive deals from partners such as Babbel and Fodor’s Travel.

#4. Google Flights

While there is no app available at the moment, Google Flights provides a simple internet interface that allows you to search for flights to specific airports and then see a calendar view that displays when flights are the cheapest. It also includes a price graph that shows pricing trends over time.

Once you’ve found the perfect flight, you’ll need to book it directly with the airline or through a third-party booking agency.

#5. Hopper

Hopper claims to be able to estimate future travel expenses with 95% accuracy, saving users an average of $65 on their travels. Customers can keep an eye on specific flights and be notified when costs fall to their projected lowest level. Hopper also has hotel and auto rental deals, and everything can be booked through the app.

Individuals that book through Hopper can earn Carrot Cash Rewards, which can be used to make future reservations. For those who are simply browsing the app, which is free and available for both Apple and Android smartphones, Hopper will color code flights in green, yellow, and red to highlight which flights are the most and least expensive.

#6. Kiwi

Kiwi’s app, which is compatible with both Android and Apple devices, promises to provide passengers with exclusive discounts and prices. It looks for the best rates from all available flights to put up the cheapest itinerary.

The free software also allows you to search for all deals from a specific airport, which is useful for folks who are ready to go on holiday but don’t have a specific location in mind. Users can use the app to receive price notifications, access mobile boarding cards, and browse airport maps.

Kiwi also provides money-saving travel tricks, such as bookings with “secret cities” and a Nomad tool for people who want to explore multiple locations. Furthermore, the app provides various travel services such as trip guides and Wi-Fi hotspot locations.

#7. ExpertFlyer

ExpertFlyer’s website will not win any design prizes. It appears to be from the early days of the internet and even makes reference to now-obsolete Blackberry handsets. Yet regular travelers advise you shouldn’t let that dissuade you.

This service is designed for people who know where, when, and which airline they wish to go with. ExpertFlyer can help you find lower prices if you routinely travel a given route. A free version gives seat alerts, while a paid pro subscription, which starts at $4.99 per month, includes features like the option to search for prizes and upgrades.

Onriva Airfare applications aren’t just for people planning holidays. Business travelers and their employers are frequently looking for a good price. That is the market niche that Onriva fills.

While other apps allow you to book from different firms, they often function as digital travel agencies. All bookings with Onriva are done directly with an airline or other vendor via the app’s platform. For increased convenience, Onriva offers customer service for these bookings. The software aggregates travel alternatives from 2 million vendors before employing artificial intelligence to learn user preferences and make recommendations.

Best Apps For International Travel

These are some of the top international travel apps that could save you time planning or assist you in an emergency abroad:

#1. Currency

Have you ever spent $5 on anything like an apple because you had no idea what the conversion rate was? This travel blunder is entirely my fault. It is best to have a currency converter app, such as Currency, downloaded ahead of time. The Currency App operates in offline mode, which means you don’t need an internet connection to use it! Ideal for exploring marketplaces or purchasing local goods at a roadside kiosk.

#2. Instagram

Well, so you’ve undoubtedly heard of this one. But don’t underestimate Instagram’s potential as a travel app. Post sunset photos and chilled beers with the locals to entice your pals to visit you. Instagram is ideal for the digital nomad since you can capture photographs with your camera and submit them whenever you discover an internet connection! Within weeks, you’ll have visitors sleeping on your couch.

#3. Google Flights

Google Flights, a particular preference for pre-trip planning, outperforms other cost-comparison travel tools. The app provides a wide range of cutting-edge technology. Google Flights automates the process of “searching for flights,” notifying you when prices are set to rise or monitoring rates for you on a given day.

#4. Airbnb

Airbnb is hands away one of the finest apps for living abroad, completely altering the game when it comes to economical housing. You rent short-term lodging from individuals because it is a “peer-to-peer” business model. Whether you’re planning a short weekend trip to Malaysia or Milan during your break from teaching, Airbnb is a great money-saving option to be aware of. You can book as late as the day of using the mobile app! If your travel plans alter unexpectedly, Airbnb is a must-have.

#5. WhatsApp

If your buddies are constantly bugging you about “how you’re going to remain in touch” and how you’ll “never talk to them again,” WhatsApp is the perfect solution. It’s an internet-based messaging service that’s ideal for communicating with friends and family without having to pay for an overseas plan. Anything from texting to video calling is possible. It’s also a great way to communicate with your new international friends!

#6. Rome2Rio

Rome2Rio, as the name suggests, is a go-to for transportation planning. Simply enter two places, and the program will calculate the best combination of trains, planes, and vehicles to get you there! I can state from personal experience that Rome2Rio has assisted me in reducing travel time and making the most of my international vacations.

#7. Kakao

Kakao, like Whatsapp, is essentially taking over communication in Asia. If you plan on teaching in Asia, you should probably download this now, as it is used by 93% of smartphone users in South Korea. What’s the nicest thing about Kakao? You can share photographs, your location, and videos with your contacts without needing to connect to a wireless network.

#8. Hostelworld

With this app, all you have to do is enter your dates and voila, dozens of hostels are at your fingers. The best aspect is seeing how previous users rated their individual experiences. Hostelworld displays percentages next to hostel options to help you choose a top-rated location to stay. There are no bed bugs in this house!

#9. Google Maps.

Having a general concept of where one is headed is usually a good idea in any location. If you leave class without knowing where you’re meeting a friend for an afternoon beer, you’ll be grateful you downloaded Google Maps.

Top Europe Travel Apps

These top travel apps for Europe have virtually eliminated the need for hefty guidebooks and printout-filled folders.

#1. ranks high among good apps for European travel. It is well-liked by hotel chains, inns, and guests alike. As a result, most houses are included here, and even in remote regions, you’ll find extensive evaluations and images.

You may also keep your trip history and current itinerary offline for future reference. The hotel’s address is also in the native tongue.

This feature comes in handy when you need to show your cab driver where you need to go. All of the fees are also disclosed so you know exactly what you’re responsible for. You can also see the cancellation policies plainly.

Prepayment can sometimes result in a discount. also has its own loyalty program, Genius. Every time you book a room through the app, you’ll earn points and benefits. You may also check the status of your Genius account there.

#2. Kayak

The Kayak app not only allows you to book hotels, but it is also one of the finest travel guide apps for Europe because you can book your complete trip here. Kayak provides Europe vacation packages that include flights, hotels, rental cars, and excursions in one app.

You can search for hotels using filters such as amenities, property type, style, and freebies. Then, based on your interests, look for tours, restaurants, classes, and other experiences. You might think that guided excursions are only for the elderly.

Yet, you’d be astonished at how much more you can see with one. For example, are you heading to Paris? Kayak allows you to arrange a personalized guide to take you through the Louvre.

#3. GetYourGuide

The GetYourGuide app is one of the top travel apps for Europe cuisine tours. You may book trips and classes right from your phone. Your tour vouchers will be available to you offline.

Using the name of your destination, search the app’s thousands of tour alternatives. You can also read genuine traveler reviews. It’s a terrific app for booking tours while you’re on the road. These are a few examples of fantastic tours available through GetYourGuide:

Follow a local tour through the streets of Rome as you eat and drink your way through. As you learn about Roman culture and history, your own meal includes pizza, suppli, cured meats, wine, and gelato. You can take a private tour or join a small group. You’ll have an unforgettable experience either way.

#4. Viator

Viator, one of the top iPad travel applications for Europe excursions, features a vast inventory of over 200,000 excellent tours. The iPad app is a fantastic method to investigate, book, and guarantee tours. And it’s supported by the tourism behemoth TripAdvisor.

Because there are so many tour possibilities, you should also check the reviews for any pitfalls or helpful hints. Because Viator has been around for a while and has so many tours, the reviews can help you decide if the experience is perfect for you. Even if you have booked a tour, you can still be flexible.

Tours are entirely refundable if canceled 24 hours in advance, though the refund may take some time to process. But, once you see the range of activities available, you may want to schedule your trip around them.

#5. Expedia

Expedia is another one-stop shop for flights, hotels, and food tours on our list of recommended apps for Europe travel. Choose your location and dates. Reserve your flights, hotels, and vacation packages.

Then, under the Things to Do option, look for eating, food tours, wine tasting, pub tours, and other activities to create an unforgettable European itinerary. Zürich, for example, has great candy stores that provide chocolate factory tours and tastings.

On a tour of shops conducted by local guides, you can also try the region’s world-famous cheeses.

There are numerous choices for researching, purchasing, and downloading vouchers so that you may keep everything in one location without stress.

#6. Eurail

If you’re planning a train vacation around Europe, the Eurail app is a must-have. It provides access to train schedules, ticket buying, and other relevant information in one convenient location. The best part is that it works offline, so you can use it even if there is no signal at the railway station.

Whether you’re looking for the next train to Madrid or navigating a foreign city, Eurail makes it simple. Thus, before you embark on your European journey, download the Eurail app.

Top Hotel Travel Apps

Mobile apps can be a quick and handy method to research and reserve your next hotel stay, especially if you’re frequently on the go. If your trip plans have been thrown off or you require a last-minute room, hotel travel apps can come in handy. You may also be granted access to unique discounts or privileges, such as keyless entry or in-app room requests, as well as rapid checkout and folio review. Here are some of the best hotel travel apps for you.


This app allows users to make reservations as well as view and amend existing reservations. You may also use the app to check the status of your prizes and your activity (you get one night free for every 10 reservations booked and completed).

Buying reward nights on the website incurs a $5 cost, but this fee does not appear when booking using the app.

The app also has a number of money-saving options, such as “Deals for Tonight,” which provides exceptional discounts for last-minute reservations in the location you’re looking for. Likewise, keep an eye out for secret pricing, which are displayed as “Your Secret Price” on some hotel listings within the app. If you use the app, sign up for Rewards, or subscribe to the company’s mailings, you can save up to 40% off these “specially negotiated” rates.

#2. Marriott Bonvoy

The Marriott Bonvoy app is simple to use and makes it simple to book a last-minute Marriott stay using cash or points. Simply launch the app, select “Book,” and begin searching. If you already have a Marriott Bonvoy account, all of your information, including stored payment methods, will be waiting to help you complete your booking.

It’s also simple to amend reservations, check balances, see elite qualifying nights, and look for free night certificates on the app. When you click on an already reserved vacation, you’ll discover a list of all the facilities the facility has to offer, as well as suggested activities and excursions.

The app clearly displays current deals and point expiration dates. If any of your reservations are missing, you can use the “Find a Reservation” function to locate them. Users can use mobile check-in to alert the hotel of their arrival time and receive a notification when their room is available. Keyless access is offered with the mobile key option (where available).

Travelers may also use the app to speak with the front desk and request services such as late checkout, extra towels, or a dentistry kit at many hotels.

#3. HotelTonight

Because of its simplicity of use on spontaneous travels, the HotelTonight app has long been a TPG staff favorite. HotelTonight enables you to book fantastic bargains at a variety of hotels on the same day (or up to 100 days out in some markets). Last-minute bookings, where hotels are attempting to fill unsold rooms, frequently offer the best bargains. If you need to book a hotel at the last minute, certain hotels on this app allow you to reserve until 2 a.m.

Available hotel rooms are divided into categories such as basic, luxury, hip, sturdy, lovely, and high-roller so you can get a sense of the property’s aesthetic. The app works hard to provide you with the best last-minute pricing, and choosing a hotel is simple thanks to the app’s conveniently accessible reviews and photographs. Use the Daily Drop function to find a personalized offer with a special price that is only valid for 15 minutes once it is unlocked.

The app’s tiered loyalty program is called HT Perks. You can advance through the levels in a video game-like fashion by meeting particular spending requirements on the app. You’ll also progress toward reaching various “achievement” goals (such as booking in five different states), which will allow you to access lower prices and credits for future bookings. Furthermore, your status never expires, so you can only move up, never down.

#4. Hilton Honors

The “select your room” function on Hilton’s app distinguishes it from many other hotel booking apps. When checking into some properties via the app, you can view a map of the hotel layout and select the room you want. This is especially useful if you want a high-floor room, wish to be near the elevator, or prefer a specific view of the ocean. You may also use the app to preorder your favorite pillow type or request food and beverages (at an additional cost) before arriving. Checking out with a single tap also makes your travel home less stressful. Aside from these bonuses, the app allows you to schedule and manage your trips, as well as monitor your points balance and elite status.

TPG’s favorite feature is the app’s digital key, which allows guests to bypass the front desk and go straight to their room (which they should have chosen!). Guests may also call Lyfts directly to the hotel or connect to the room to control the TV, lighting, and temperature through the app.

#5. is a popular website for booking hotels and vacation rentals, and its app is as handy. You’ll have offline access to all past, current, and future visits, in addition to its portfolio of 28 million homes globally. (In addition, the app displays hotel addresses in the local language, which can be quite useful when showing a taxi driver your destination in a foreign country.) With so many places available, the app is great for reserving hotels in more remote locations. The design makes it simple to understand what’s included in your reservation (which is useful for avoiding unpleasant resort fees) and whether you can cancel without penalty. Prepayment usually results in lower rates.

Most properties have many reviews on the app, making it simple to examine the benefits and drawbacks of each property. The Genius loyalty program provides members with savings at many locations throughout the world, as well as amenities like welcome drinks, complimentary airport transfer, and late checkout. Your Genius level and rewards are available in the app’s profile area.

#6. Expedia

People searching for big discounts on hotel reservations should utilize the Expedia app. It offers exclusive deals that are not available when booking through its website. This includes up to 40% off offers as well as the Expedia Rewards app-only rate of 2 points per dollar.

The app’s account area displays your rewards activities as well as how close you are to achieving elite status. When making a reservation, you may apply your Expedia Rewards points with the click of a button.

Besides booking over 500,000 properties, you may also book flights, car rentals, tours, and holiday packages from your phone. When booking hotels, the app displays the payment terms (whether you can book now and pay later or cancel until a particular date). It also shows a map of the hotel’s location as well as other crucial information such as hotel amenities and images.

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