HOW MUCH DO COMPUTERS COST: Average Price of a Computer 2023

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Computers are important components of our daily life, serving as tools for work, communication, entertainment, and other purposes. However, the cost of a computer can vary greatly based on several factors, including the brand, model, specifications, and features that you require. This post will look at how much computers cost and what factors influence their pricing. We’ll also talk about how much a desktop computer costs versus a laptop computer at Walmart, as well as how long a laptop computer should last. Whether you’re looking for a low-cost machine or a high-end computer with complex capabilities, knowing how much computers cost will help you make an informed decision.

Brands-Oriented And Function-Oriented Based on Cost

If you wish to buy a computer system, you’ll need two types of filters to do so. The first is the type of computer, such as a desktop, a laptop, an iPad, an Android or gaming laptop, and so on. You can select any of them based on your requirements, as they are feature-based and function-oriented.

The second consideration is brand selection; traditionally, the higher the price, the higher the value of the products; however, one can discover a flawless desire-fulfilling computer system at a reasonable price.

As a result, we infer that two things influence the cost of computers: brands (which refer to various manufacturing businesses) and features.
There are numerous computer systems available on the market. The higher the cost, the more power and functions there are. This is, in fact, a global law. The average cost of computers, on the other hand, usually assists customers in making an economic decision.

The average worth of any product varies depending on brand and characteristics, but a range comprising an estimated value of both is extremely useful for the buyer. We will look at the average cost range of major computers based on different types of system units.

#1. Desktop Computer Cost

A desktop computer is an obsolete type of gadget nowadays, with many more cordless devices taking its place, but they are still used in most companies and work locations, as well as in many houses for gaming.
Taking this into consideration, we may find it to be more reasonable and cost-effective than others because it is now considered outdated.
Desktop computers are predicted to cost between $65 and $700.

Because there is such a wide range, costs vary according to features and brand storage capacity, depending on the buyer’s needs. Some DELL, HP, and MAC brand-based goods also help the problem. A new desktop computer for one or more employees is projected to cost between $400 and $3500, including high-end hard drives and big storage capacity.

#2. Gaming Desktops Computer Cost

It usually costs more because it requires numerous more features. For example, gaming mice, speakers, joysticks, gaming keyboards, and a variety of other game-specific peripherals such as mousepads, headphones, and so on.
Furthermore, each accessory necessitates specialized software to fit best in the computer memory, which necessitates a large amount of storage space, adding a feature demand for gaming desktop computers. A typical gaming machine costs between $700 to $1300, according to a survey.

A complete gaming workstation costs $1000 if all features are evaluated on average; for example, a Hyper Cloud stinger headset costs $59 on average, while Razer mice cover the high-end starting from $30, and so on. As a result, the cost of each attachment adds up to the cost of a gaming computer desktop.

#3. Laptops Cost

As previously stated, wireless devices such as laptops have mostly supplanted computer desktops. So, unquestionably, laptops are in demand since, unlike computer desktops, you can carry them everywhere with you and users experience less complexity.

Nowadays, the price range for buyers is $98-$1400. Consider the numerous parameters based on brand, function, storage, and connectivity once again.

Buyers’ criteria will narrow the range based on their requirements.
Laptops for gaming, for example, will almost certainly cost between $1000-$1400; similarly, work-purpose specialized office computer laptops may cost between $500 and $700, depending on the quality of the laptop devices.

Brand distinctions can also be seen, making the gadget popular among many, such as HP, Dell, Lava, Apple, LG, and many more.


We can go on to wireless devices like iPads, tablets, touchpads, touchscreens, notes, and mobile phones after a thorough examination of the expenses of computer desktops and laptops. Ipads typically cost between $ 130 and $250 and are primarily used for email in the business, though children also use them for games. The iPad Pro, for example, can cost up to $200.

The majority consider iPads to be of superior quality because they come from the well-regarded Apple corporation, and tablets of any brand will undoubtedly cost between $180 and $300, depending on characteristics, features, and types. On Amazon, for example, the APPLE IPAD PRO 11 (128GB) costs $700.

To summarize, the larger the demand and requirement of a purchaser, the greater the need to be paid for. The cost of an item usually reflects the worth of its features. As a result, the price cannot be approximated from afar; instead, one must shop around to discover the best match for his or her needs. However, average ranges can be quite useful in making cost-effective judgments when obtaining a suitable computer system unit.

How Much Does a Laptop Computer Cost

People currently prefer laptops because of the numerous functions they provide in a small package. Laptops outsell desktops, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. However, you should be aware that, while laptops are more popular than desktop computers, they can also be more expensive. So, how much does a laptop computer cost on average?

Other entry-level laptops cost $300 to $400, but other premium laptops can cost up to $3,000 depending on their specifications. Nonetheless, average costs might range from $600 to $1,000. It is difficult to determine the typical cost of a laptop computer because specifications vary widely.

The thing about laptops is that the cost of one laptop computer against another can vary greatly due to differences in capabilities and design. This simply means that it is impossible to have an accurate image of the average laptop price, but it may be worthwhile to consider how much you should spend on a laptop.

What Is the Average Cost of a Laptop?

Since their popularity peaked in the late 2000s, laptops have surpassed desktop computers as the computers of choice for many people. This is because laptops are just more versatile for folks who are constantly on the road or who frequently travel. Of course, this is due in large part to the fact that laptops are designed with portable form factors.

Even if tablets are becoming more popular, laptops remain the most popular choice among computer users since they can do everything that regular desktop computers do. As a result, this explains why laptops continue to be preferred over other devices.

If you want a regular entry-level laptop that can accomplish most of the basic operations of a computer, such as browsing the internet or word processing, you should be able to acquire one for $300 to $400. However, keep in mind that these laptops have the most basic specifications. This signifies that they are at the bottom of the performance and capability scale.

How Much Do Computers Cost at Walmart

The cost of computers at Walmart varies according to brand, model, specs, and availability. In general, budget-friendly models start at $200 to $300, while more advanced ones can cost anywhere from $500 to over $1000.

Prices can also vary depending on whether you’re purchasing a desktop or a laptop, as well as the precise characteristics you’re searching for, such as screen size, storage capacity, processor speed, and graphics card.

I recommend visiting their website or a Walmart store near you to obtain an accurate picture of the current prices of computers at Walmart. You may also compare prices, features, and user ratings with other sellers to be sure you’re getting the greatest deal.

How Long Should a Laptop Computer Last

Consumers are concerned about the longevity of their computers. The answer is more complicated for a desktop PC because it allows for more component customization than a laptop. Most desktop PCs have a minimum lifespan of three years.

However, depending on the improved components, most computers last five to eight years. Maintenance is also essential because dust is a major issue for PC components. Owners should install software regularly and keep the computers free of dust and debris.

The main point is that desktop computers typically last five to eight years.

What is the Average Laptop Computer Lifespan?

The same risks apply to laptop computers. Most experts believe that a laptop computer should last three to five years. It may live longer, but its utility will be limited as the components lose their ability to execute advanced programs.

The essential metric for determining whether it’s time to replace a laptop is if its method of usage still corresponds to its current computational capabilities. Some computers continue to work smoothly after five years, but their range of tasks may be limited.
The main point is that laptop computers have a shorter lifespan than desktop computers, often three to five years.

Do Macs Last Longer Than PCs?

There is frequently heated disagreement about whether Macs or Windows PCs last longer. The answer is determined by the hardware and settings.
Macs are known to last longer, and Apple has a robust support and maintenance system. Microsoft has attempted to duplicate Apple’s concept with its Surface line, and other PC manufacturers, particularly those selling to businesses, have made steps to provide a comprehensive experience and ensure smooth upgrades as the hardware ages. This might reduce the stress on your IT department as well as the expenditures of upgrading your organization.

Because of the tight integration of hardware and software, as well as Apple’s support infrastructure, Macs continue to be a fantastic bargain, particularly for companies.
The hardware of your computer determines whether a Mac or a PC will last longer for you. Having said that, Apple has a good reputation for producing long-lasting desktop and laptop computers.

What Is a Good Price To Pay for a Computer?

Expect to pay between $400 and $600 for a quality but basic new PC or laptop. If you want a system that will last four to five years, you could expect to invest between $600 and $900.

Is It Cheaper To Buy a Laptop or a Computer?

In general, laptops are more expensive than desktop computers with comparable specifications. Because laptops are supposed to be portable and tiny, additional engineering and design effort is required to integrate the components into a smaller space.

How Much Will It Cost for a Laptop?

In general, low-cost laptops run from $200 to $400, whereas mid-range laptops range from $500 to $800. High-end laptops with sophisticated specifications and features can cost well over a thousand dollars.

What Are the 4 Main Types of Computers?

The four major types of computers are as follows:

  • Supercomputers.
  • Mainframe.
  • Minicomputers.
  • Microcomputers

Is $1000 Dollars Enough for a Good PC?

Yes, depending on what you need it for and the features you require, $1000 can be enough for a nice PC. With a $1000 budget, you may build or buy a desktop computer with strong components that can handle most jobs with ease.

Is $2000 Too Much for a Laptop?

The answer is dependent on what you intend to use the laptop for, as well as what specifications and features you desire. A laptop for $2000 may seem expensive, but it may be reasonable if you need a high-performance machine with advanced capabilities.

Do Desktops Last Longer Than Laptops?

Desktop computers and laptop computers may both last a long time if properly maintained and used. However, due to a variety of factors, desktops may outlast laptops in general.

How Long Do Laptops Last?

Between three and five years

According to most experts, the average laptop has a lifespan of three to five years. It may live longer, but its utility will be limited as the components lose their ability to execute advanced programs.


Several factors, like the brand, model, specifications, and features you desire, can significantly affect the cost of computers. Budget-friendly alternatives often start around $200 to $300 for basic versions, with mid-range machines costing anywhere from $500 to $800. High-end computers with sophisticated hardware and features can cost well over a thousand dollars.

When searching for a computer, keep your demands and budget in mind. Consider what you’ll use the computer for, how frequently you’ll use it, and which functions are most important to you. You can also compare pricing and features across brands and retailers to ensure you’re getting the greatest deal.


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