HOW LONG DO LAPTOPS LAST: Complete Guide in 2023

How Long Do Laptops Last

One of the most well-liked pieces of technology is the laptop computer, and for good reason too! It may be used for work, watching videos, playing games, communicating, and more, unlike other gadgets.

You’ll understand what we mean if you’ve ever attempted to watch a movie on your phone or written a report using the tablet’s on-screen keyboard. That is feasible, but not very convenient. So in this article, we will be discussing how long laptops last and all you should know about this gadget.

How Long Do Laptops Last

The normal laptop will become inoperable in around four to five years. No matter how diligently you maintain a laptop, wear and tear eventually occur. The battery is typically a laptop’s Achilles’ heel, according to Corey Donovan, owner of Alta Technologies, an IT company with vast expertise in repairing laptops for business clients.

The exception to the pattern, he continues, is Apple, whose laptops often last seven to ten years. Many contemporary computers make battery replacement challenging or even impossible. However, some laptops, particularly older ones, allow the battery to be replaced, basically putting the clock back.

Signs that Indicate You Need a New Laptop

Because processors are so much faster than they once were, new software takes much longer to catch up with them and makes your laptop obsolete. As a result, laptops today last longer than they did in the past. Yet no laptop lasts indefinitely. 

Here are some typical indications that it’s time to upgrade to a new portable Computer and abandon your current device.

#1. The Battery can no Longer Hold a Charge and is not Replaceable

The laptop’s battery will inevitably charge less and less quickly before it completely loses its ability to retain a charge. While some laptop batteries can be changed, many are closed ecosystems with no practical means to change the battery.

#2. Upgrades to the Operating System are no Longer Supported

Even if your laptop is still theoretically usable, avoid using it after your operating system has stopped supporting the hardware. You put not only the computer but also all of your data and even your identity at risk if you can’t update the software to keep up with antimalware and security updates.

#3. The Fan Continuously Operates

The majority of laptops use passive cooling during normal operations and cooling fans during times when multitasking and high-performance apps are taxing on the hardware. The hardware can no longer keep up with the software you’re running if your laptop fan is operating nearly constantly.

How Long do a Laptop Last on Average

A business-grade laptop will last longer and be more reliable, but if you try to use it for gaming, you’ll shorten its lifespan by several years. Developing good laptop cleanliness habits can make all the difference and add years to the life of your computer.

Do Various Laptop Types Vary from One Another?

Obviously, this can change based on the type of laptop you choose. Various laptops are used for different things, and these applications might wear out a machine’s hardware.

For instance, you might discover that your consumer laptop doesn’t last as long as it would if you only used it for word processing and online browsing rather than intensive gaming, video editing, or graphic design. On the other hand, it might surpass your expectations if you spend the money to purchase a powerful gaming laptop and then primarily use it for work-related tasks or are content to settle for lower graphics settings.

Let’s examine the three main categories of laptops available for purchase in terms of cost and longevity.

#1. Personal Laptops

A personal laptop is the typical home computer that you use to perform daily duties like checking your email, streaming videos, and browsing the web. Although they are frequently the least expensive options, they can nonetheless last just as long as laptops for work or games. It simply implies that while they are designed for occasional usage, the hardware within might not be as advanced as that found in their business-oriented cousins.

#2. Business Laptops

Business laptops are exactly what they claim to be: laptops with more substantial corporate use cases. They are more dependable than consumer laptops and often come with a 3-year warranty. For protection against deterioration or the occasional bump on the daily trip, they may, for instance, have reinforced casings. If they are used for several hours straight, they might also overheat less frequently.

#3. Videogame Laptops

There is a completely separate discussion to be had when it comes to gaming laptops. Gaming computers are a lot more expensive, much heavier, and much more durable. A mid-range gaming laptop won’t function flawlessly for more than a few years before you need to change it in order to play the newest games. Even if you spend a lot of money, you can only count on a gaming laptop to operate well for a maximum of five years.

What are the Symptoms that my Laptop is about to Fail?

Naturally, some users will hang onto their laptop for dear life and continue to use it long after others would declare it to be dead and buried.

These are unquestionably indications that a laptop needs to be replaced if you’re an MSP or IT expert.

#1. Incompatibility Issues

You can encounter compatibility issues if you want to replace specific components of the laptop to improve speed or performance. Changing to a solid-state drive and boosting the RAM could take care of this quickly. Replacing parts without introducing faults can be challenging, especially in less expensive computers where several businesses may have made the original components.

#2. Lengthy Procedures

Your laptop will probably start to run more slowly over time. It could take longer for websites to load, programs to launch, or even the laptop to start up or shut down in the first place. Your ancient hardware can suffer, especially if you’re using the most recent application versions. Every six months or so, remind yourself to run a performance test because computers slowly degrade over time and you might forget to do it.

#3. Breakages

Accidents sometimes happen, and even a brand-new laptop may require repairs that are too costly to be justified. So be careful! Drops, knocks, spills, and even cold pressure can damage or shatter your laptop.

#4. Strange Behavior

Your laptop is obviously working too hard to complete routine tasks if it frequently crashes, the screen flashes or resets, or if there are problems when you try to multitask. When you switch between applications or open new tabs in your web browser, this is probably when you’ll notice it the most.

How Long Do Hp Laptops Last

The expected life of an HP laptop is three to five years. For three years, the cost-effective HP laptops will work at their peak and run the most recent software, but soon they will require upgrades.

If properly cared for and not frequently overclocked, a high-quality HP laptop with the most recent hardware specifications can last five to six years. You’ll be looking to sell your laptop to scrap buyers or find a new use for it after seven years.

How Long Do Dell Laptops Last

The majority of experts claim that a Dell laptop typically lasts 5 to 6 years. Yet, there are numerous aspects

the amount of work it has done or the number of charge cycles it has experienced can have an impact on the actual useable life.

As one of the best laptop manufacturers in the world, Dell has been making high-quality units for a very long time. Consumers believe in their products, yet there is still a lingering doubt in their minds.

How Long Does a Laptop Last with Heavy Use

RAM, motherboards, batteries, as well as those with mechanical parts that more quickly wear down over time, such as classic HDDs, are among the unfortunate laptop parts that just have a shorter lifespan than others.

But, some parts are durable, so buying the newest technology today can ensure that your next laptop will last you for some time.

But, some parts are durable, so buying the newest technology today can ensure that your next laptop will last you for some time.

#1. Windows

Even though not all laptops have Windows OSes, the majority do. Every version of Windows in the past—Windows 98, Vista, and XP—needed more hardware and processing power than the one before it.

But, the arrival of Windows 7 signaled a significant change. Windows 10 laptops don’t need any more processing power than Windows 7 laptops because Microsoft started concentrating on lighter software than in the past.

#2. Processing Ability

There’s a good possibility you’re considering a group of devices with an Intel® processing core if you’re investigating products like many of our HP laptops.

These CPUs are designed for long-lasting performance. When Intel released its CoreTM i3, i5, and i7 processors in 2009, it made its last substantial advance.

#2. Cleaning It Frequently

Take and disassemble your HP laptop every few months and use compressed air that can blow out the vents of dust and debris. The fan and other internal parts should be cleaned. Dust buildup in the vents damages the cooling system in your laptop, which causes overheating.

#3. Avoid Overcharging

The battery in your HP laptop has a lifespan of 1000 full charges. Your battery starts to degrade after it hits 1000 until it eventually loses its ability to hold a charge. Just charge your laptop when necessary, and unplug the charger after it is fully charged, to extend the life of the battery.

#4. Use a Cooling Pad

Your laptop’s internal components are destroyed by overheating. Due to their small size, HP laptops are more likely to overheat if the cooling system is not functioning properly. Get a trustworthy cooling pad to enhance the cooling system and reduce the chance of overheating.

#5. Install Antivirus Program

The security and safety of your laptop are crucial. Despite your best efforts, your laptop will inevitably come into contact with harmful software. Installing antivirus software and updating it frequently are the best ways to defend your HP laptop from viruses and malware.

#6. Regular Software Updates

To keep your HP laptop operating properly and eliminate security concerns, regular software upgrades are required. Manufacturers release security updates on a regular basis to address problems, enhance the user interface, and give your computer the newest features.

Can a Laptop Last 10 Years?

Since Apple computers have a longer lifespan, you may anticipate a laptop to last four to five years. Regardless of how well you take care of a laptop, don’t plan on using it for more than 10 years because of software problems.

 Is 10 Years Old Laptop still Functional?

A desktop computer should live for at least three years, especially if it is regularly updated with software and is well maintained. The majority, nevertheless, can live for five to eight years on average. In most cases, all a desktop needs when component malfunctions are to be repaired or replaced, and it will work again.

What is the Average Life of a Laptop?

A laptop’s lifespan is typically between three and five years. Yet, some computers can survive much longer, while others might just last a little while.

A laptop’s lifespan can be impacted by a number of things, including:

  • Component quality: Laptops with higher-quality components often last longer than those with lower-quality ones.
  • Usage: Laptops that are used regularly will typically last less time than those that are only seldom used.
  • Maintenance: Laptops that are kept clean and well-maintained typically last longer than those that are not.
  • Operating conditions: Laptops that are utilized in environments with high humidity, low temperatures, or dust may last less time than those that are.

Which Laptop has the Longest Life Span?

Making a decision on a new laptop device is not simple. Everyone attempts to select the greatest equipment on the market, therefore it takes a lot of research and work. The most frequent error customers make during this process is choosing a laptop brand based on social media buzz. That, however, is not the proper course of action.

The typical lifespans of well-known laptop brands are as follows:

#1. Average MacBook Life Expectancy

When it comes to providing a solid product, Apple performs better than any other brand on the market. Apple MacBook products are well known for their extreme dependability, efficiency, and convenience. Apple’s designers make sure that the supplied goods surpass customers’ expectations in every way.

Apple computers typically last six to seven years. However, if you take good care of them and don’t abuse them, they will last longer than usual. If you don’t give a damn about keeping the machine maintained, the opposite is true.

Apple produces a smaller number of laptops than other manufacturers on the market in order to uphold its reputation for superior quality and brand recognition. 

#2. Average LENOVO Product Lifetime

For those seeking the right balance of performance and cost, Lenovo laptops are the best option. To compete with luxury names like Apple, HP, and Dell, the Chinese maker uses top-notch construction.

If you use your Lenovo laptops wisely, they typically last 5 to 7 years. A wide selection of laptop models is what sets Lenovo apart from the competition. In order to appeal to a wide range of clients, the company offers a number of series and models.

Which Laptop Brand is Best?

To get you started, here is a list of the top laptop manufacturers for 2023.

#1. Apple

The reliability and reliably excellent quality of Apple computers is something that almost everyone can agree on. They have upgrades that continue to support older laptops long after other brands’ models have become obsolete, thus they endure a very long period. With a MacBook, you are aware of what to anticipate. You’ll receive a gorgeous chassis with slim bezels, a great screen, and strong battery life. Although they are often more expensive than their Windows counterparts, Apple laptops are the best in terms of design, usability, and dependability.

#2. Dell

Dell’s efforts, particularly in the realm of Ultrabooks, have produced an amazing new generation of potent ultraportable computers with long battery lives. If you need a PC for business or education and want it to endure as long as possible, Dell’s PCs are an excellent option. Moreover, Dell’s Latitude 7430 range of business laptops is undoubtedly one of the greatest selections available. These versions include a durable build and long-lasting batteries.

#3. HP

Although HP may not have always had the best reputation for laptops, the company’s most recent models have improved the standard by incorporating some design elements from its rivals. The company’s latest notebooks are quick, strong, and simpler for customers to use for their individual tasks. They are also rather beautiful, with the Spectre line sporting a refined, gem-cut design and the most recent Envy 15 sporting a sleek, contemporary appearance. Despite it all, HP has developed a reputation for producing dependable laptops and offering excellent customer support.

Do Laptops Last Longer than Phones?

When it comes to lifetime, there is virtually no comparison between laptops and mobile phones. Cell phones are designed to be replaced every two years, whereas laptops are built to last. A laptop is what you need if you want something that you can use in the future.


Even if your laptop survives these problems, bear in mind that by the time it is 10 to 12 years old, modern operating systems will no longer support the hardware, so you will need to replace the system in order to stay up to speed with security updates and to be compatible with contemporary applications.


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