Five Ways to Stay Safe While Mining

Five Ways to Stay Safe While Mining
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Mining underground comes with a lot to consider. When working as a team, clear communication is important to avoid accidents while on the job. Using the proper collision avoidance system is a must in this field. It will prevent accidents from occurring and keep the entire team accounted for during any operations. Without a system in place, there is no structure for the miners. Any team leader must make sure it is being taught and implemented to safely and successfully complete each job.

#1. Instant Alerts

When using a proper system, alerts will appear instantly. This means the operator will be informed about anything that should be avoided or taken into consideration. The operator can then relay any important instructions to the team as they take on the leadership role. It is possible for more than one operator to have access to the system, so this will ensure there are extra precautions being taken while on the job.

#2. Obstacle Warnings

Certain obstacles can appear while underground, and these can often be unexpected. There could be debris or large boulders that prevent teams from safely proceeding forward. Instead of moving straight through a potentially dangerous situation, the collision avoidance system will warn miners of these dangers. This can help the team successfully assess the situation before moving through it. When this happens, a proper plan can be implemented for everybody’s safety.

#3. Blind Spots

It can be difficult to see everything necessary to determine if it is safe to move on, but blind spots become incredibly tricky while working underground. As an operator, having a system that checks blind spots will be incredibly helpful. The system will be able to alert miners to these blind spots and what they can expect. In many ways, this can become a life-saving measure as it is sometimes impossible to move through a blind spot while only using the naked eye. This can mean people get trapped if they are not careful, but the system helps fix this.

#4. Poor Visibility

In general, there will be areas underground that are not as great when it comes to visibility. This can happen due to several factors, and it is useful to have a tool that can assess these areas before sending people down. The system is great for checking out these areas underground and making sure they are clear as far as the miners must travel through them. Even if they do not go all the way through, having an idea of how far they can travel is a must.

#5. Heatmaps

Working underground means working closely with the elements. This is why having a heatmap of the area is a great and modern resource to use in the mining industry. Many systems that assist with collision avoidance are able to provide these maps that show potentially dangerous areas based on their likelihood of resulting in collisions. With a 3D model that is easy to view, miners do not have to take any risky chances while working through them. They can feel safe and confident, which ultimately makes them more successful at their jobs. Any team that has a focus on safety should have a system like this in place because it will continue to be useful and beneficial.

Having a great safety system in place while working in the mining fields is the only way to truly avoid all of the risks involved in the industry. While there are still dangerous instances that can occur, having a great system will limit these hazards tremendously and allow each miner to feel confident while they are underground.

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