Best Car Rental Software For Your Rental Business In 2023

Car Rental Software

Car rental software is the best software technology for managing a car rental business. Through car rental management software, you can effortlessly accept online reservations and payments. The software includes car rental monitoring, driver management, location mapping, billing & invoicing, penalties management, inventory management, and many more important functions for your car rental business. This software allows drivers and passengers to converse quickly. Customers can find the driver, and the driver can find the customers. Car rental software is the best choice for you if you are in the car rental business and need the best solution to run your business. Businessyield offers a curated collection of the best car rental management software. Let us check it out.

What is Car Rental Software?

Car rental software provides automotive rental firms with customisable tools to help operate their operations, manage workers, and direct customer interactions. These tools are used by office administrators and sales staff to manage rental car inventory, advise renters, and manage back-office operations. Car inventory, vehicle history reports, customer databases, payment processing, GPS monitoring, and accounting are all common elements of car rental software.

These products may also be able to discover and interact with garages and auto repair shops in order to repair damaged rental automobiles, as well as car dealers in order to purchase rental vehicles. For safe payment transactions, car rental software frequently connects with payment gateway software, as well as billing and accounting software to streamline the billing and accounting operations.

A product must meet the following requirements to be included in the Car Rental category:

  • Include customer authorization, payment processing, accounting, and other tools for car rental operations.
  • Track fleet management, including vehicle information, location, and repair scheduling.
  • Provide inventory tracking for any relevant rental equipment, such as GPS equipment, infant seats, and so on.

What Is the Price of a Car Rental Software?

Car rental management software differs depending on the operator, with many employing a subscription-based strategy in which you pay per car. Some businesses, such as RentWorks, charge per each contract, whereas Limo Anywhere charges a monthly cost based on the amount of limo trips taken in that month. Prices range from:

  • Setup fees are one-time expenses that range from $299 to $1,299
  • Monthly payments range from $1.85 to $9 per vehicle.
  • Annual pricing: Plans with only annual packages cost $99 to $199.

What Is Typically Included in Car Rental Software?

Car rental software provides access to functions such as:

  • Theft prevention tools and driver tracking capabilities.
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Mapping of locations
  • Management of fines
  • Reporting availability in real time
  • Inventory and maintenance administration
  • Tracking of vehicle expenses
  • Contract management and electronic signatures

Many software businesses provide interfaces for money processing, accounting services, and website bookings. Assume you utilize a specific service to accept credit cards or send emails to customers. In that situation, you must consult with the software vendor to guarantee that your existing systems will work with the car rental software.

Best Car Rental Business Software In 2023

  • Best Overall – HQ Rental Software
  • Best User Friendly – ARSLoaner
  • Best Cheap Option – ScheduleBull
  • Best For Advanced Features: RentWorks
  • Best For Small Businesses RentGuruz
  • Best For LimosLimo Anywhere
  • Best For Large Businesses Easy Rent Pro
  • Best Cloud-Based RentSyst

#1. HQ Rental Software

HQ Rental Software is a low-business all-in-one solution that provides full customer and fleet management services to businesses of all sizes.

Improve customer experiences while increasing back-office productivity with HQ Rental Software. HQ Rental Software is the best overall fleet management system because to its feature availability, ease of use, and customization choices.

You can use any online browser to use this cloud-based software, or you can download an app for iOS or Android phones. HQ Rental Software, in addition to normal customer and fleet management capabilities, allows you to easily alter your prices, verify real-time availability, and track vehicle maintenance expenses. Depending on your plan, you’ll get a variety of options to help your expanding rental business, such as:

  • Create personalized confirmation emails automatically.
  • Using a plugin, connect the reservation system to your website.
  • The membership package includes your choice of payment gateway, with over 15 services available.
  • English, Spanish, and Dutch are among the languages supported.
  • Integrates with approximately 40 different types of software, including QuickBooks, Xero, and Zoho Books.
  • Financial performance, internet conversions, and other key performance indicator (KPI) data are available.
  • Custom rental agreements and e-signature options are available.
  • Capability to upload damaged photos via cell phone

HQ Rental Software offers subscription-based pricing models based on the size of your fleet. While our estimates are based on monthly payments, you can save up to 10% by purchasing an annual subscription. Plans include the following:

  • Startup: Costs $65 per month for ten automobiles.
  • Basic: $90 per month for 25 automobiles
  • Standard: For 50 automobiles, the standard monthly fee is $150.
  • Professional: $225 per month for 100 vehicles and two branches
  • Enterprise: If your company has more than 100 vehicles and up to three locations, you can use the fleet calculator to calculate your license costs.

#2. ARSLoaner

ARSLoaner offers a fully mobile platform that is simple to use on any device and can be set up in as little as one to two hours.

This software was created with the cooperation of car dealers to make it easier for dealerships, auto repair shops, and rental businesses to manage their fleet and clients from anywhere. The AutoRentalSystems loaner tool is the easiest system to use because to its easy interface and the company’s willingness to assist you in configuring your software.

You can access your dashboard with ARSLoaner from any device, browser, or location. It works nicely on both small mobile displays and desktop computers. The emphasis is on simplicity and usability.

Among the features are:

  • Use any of their bespoke forms or templates.
  • E-signature and complete mobile writeup capabilities
  • Configurable reporting dashboard—the company will provide free custom reports.
  • GPS fleet tracking technologies that operate in real time
  • Charge customers for tolls and fines correctly.
  • Photograph identification or insurance cards.
  • Credit cards should be scanned.
  • Damage tracking using point-and-click

ARSLoaner simplifies everything, even selecting a pricing plan. The monthly subscription charge is based on the number of cars in your fleet, and all options provide full capability. The website includes a handy calculator for weighing your options. For example, you’ll pay $9 per car per month for one to 14 automobiles, and $8 per car per month for 20 to 25 vehicles.

Despite the fact that the company provides endless training, you should be able to set up and use your system within hours in most circumstances. ARSLoaner offers email and phone customer support and has received great marks for timeliness.

#3. ScheduleBull

Manage your small fleet using free software or the commercial version, which is less expensive than alternative software options.

ScheduleBull rental management software (RMS) has a number of free modules for managing schedules and creating contracts. They are the clear winner in our best cheap car rental software category if you have more than five cars, as it costs 50 Euros per month for up to 50 automobiles.

ScheduleBull RMS’s rich application programming interface (API) makes it simple to integrate with your existing systems. For rental firms with up to five cars and two users, the software is free to use. The Standard package, on the other hand, covers up to 50 vehicles and 10 users for only €50 per month. ScheduleBull provides a number of car rental management functions, including:

  • Rates for specials or seasons should be reduced or increased as soon as possible.
  • Make reservations on your website or check car availability using the API.
  • Take a picture of your ID and save it to the cloud.
  • Reduce loss by comparing consumer data to a central database automatically.
  • Notifications about car inspections and insurance

Although most reviewers think the software is simple to use and set up, ScheduleBull’s website lacks self-service materials. If you have any questions, please email a general support agent, lead developer, or client manager.

#4. RentWorks

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems’ RentWorks software is feature-rich, with over 100 report options and speciality add-on modules for easy customization.

This RMS is intended for rental companies who want extensive features to service corporate clients or handle big volumes. RentWorks provides comprehensive software for developing bespoke procedures, automating fleet administration, and increasing reservation speed. RentWorks distinguishes out for its extensive capabilities, such as the ability to customize your software by adding modules for texting consumers or processing credit cards.

They provide cloud-based software for all platforms, including desktops and native iOS and Android apps. You get sophisticated functionality regardless of how you access the software, such as:

  • There are about 140 possible integrations, including brokers like as Expedia and Bookmyride.
  • Res Planner employs drag-and-drop technology to enable agents to swiftly assign vehicles.
  • Searchable corporate client database by business, number, or approved driver name
  • Over 100 fleet, management, and exception reporting options
  • Allows insurance firms and clients to choose from a variety of split billing alternatives.
  • Can communicate with your cash drawer or point of sale (POS) devices.
  • It assists you in managing parking tickets and toll expenses.

RentWorks does not publish its prices on the internet. To discover more about pricing for your needs and situation, you must contact sales and schedule a demo.

The RentWorks website has a list of updates and quick reference guides. You can also contact customer care by phone or email for further assistance.

#5. RentGuruz

The RentGuruz platform features an easy-to-use dashboard with one-click access to all of the essential tools needed to run your business.

RentGuruz cloud-based auto lease and rental software enables business owners to manage fleet inventory, clients, and new reservations in a single system. Its simple interface and varied integrations are ideal for small businesses where employees must do a variety of tasks.

RentGuruz does not require you to pay more to gain access to enterprise-level capabilities. Rather, your monthly subscriptions include full capability, allowing you to manage all of your small business rental needs from a single dashboard. The cloud software and mobile apps for iOS and Android phones provide the following features:

  • Quickly connect reservations to vehicles with a one-click organizer module.
  • Calendar integration with reminders and a task list
  • Over 20 report types are available for export via Microsoft Excel or PDF.
  • Set up vehicle maintenance schedules and receive alerts.
  • Book rentals online, by phone, email, or in person.
  • Options for invoicing customers, insurance, and third parties
  • Keep customer insurance or travel details, such as hotel or flight information, on file.
  • Keep track of each car’s damages, expenses, and insurance.
  • Online pre-authorization, deposits, and credit card payments are available.
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RentGuruz offers four rental software options that change only in terms of the number of cars, locations, and users. Each plan receives the same level of service. When choosing a plan, you can include payment gateways or a reservation plugin. To learn the prices, you must chat with a sales representative. Plans include the following:

  • Silver: Up to 100 vehicles, two sites, and two users
  • Gold: Up to 200 vehicles, five sites, and five users are permitted.
  • Platinum: For up to 400 vehicles, ten sites, and ten users.
  • Diamond: For over 400 vehicles with an unlimited number of users and locations.

#6. Limo Anywhere

Get limo dispatch management and driver tracking software to help you manage and develop your limousine business.

Limousine companies require unique programs to enable owners communicate with drivers and assure on-business airport pickups. Limo Anywhere is the best solution for limousine rental businesses since it offers real-time tracking, best-in-class mobile booking, and branded applications.

Utilize Limo Anywhere’s dispatch, booking, reservation, and schedule management system to:

  • Real-time tracking of customer flights
  • Payment gateway connectors are used to process credit card payments.
  • Customize your customer-facing mobile apps with your brand logo and other elements.
  • Dispatch and manage limo services, including bookkeeping, billing, and driver compensation.
  • Improve customer experiences by implementing a three-step booking procedure.
  • Send excursions to drivers, view driver whereabouts, and give them the ability to accept payments in the limo.

Limo Anywhere has five monthly subscription plans to choose from. To activate your subscription, you must pay a one-time cost of $299. Texting and branded customer apps, for example, need additional monthly fees. The monthly packages include:

  • Starting – $89 per month for up to 150 trips.
  • Standard – $109 per month for 450 trips.
  • Pro – $129 per month for up to 750 trips.
  • Ultimate – $189 per month for 1,500 trips.
  • Enterprise I – $239 per month for up to 2,250 journeys
  • Enterprise II – For up to 4,500 trips, costs $379 a month.
  • Enterprise III – (up to 9,000 trips): $659 per month
  • Enterprise IV – For up to 15,000 travels, costs $999 per month.

#7. Easy Rent Pro

Easy Rent Pro is intended for multi-location rental providers, and the software can be installed on many workstations.

The complete solution, which supports an unlimited number of vehicles, makes managing a large fleet and different locations easy. The referral agent and commission function, among other features, make it the best alternative for large organizations.

Large corporations with a large fleet of cars require simple methods for tracking vehicles and forecasting availability. Easy Rent Pro’s quick lookup feature allows you to locate any car, while the Rent Planner and vehicle utilization graph provide a clear picture of availability at every location. Organizations value features such as:

  • English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian are all supported via multilingual software.
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Provides image-ID scanning
  • Drag and drop vehicle damage tools
  • Payment methods are limitless.
  • Management of vehicle expenses
  • Check-in and check-out features that are pre-programmed

The company provides both downloading software and software as a service (SaaS) solutions in the cloud. You’ll pay a yearly charge of $99 as well as a one-time payment for Windows software:

  • Standard: $299 one-time price for a fleet of 25 vehicles.
  • Premium: A one-time price of $399 for 50 automobiles.
  • Professional: a one-time price of $499 for 100 vehicles.
  • Enterprise: For 250 automobiles, charges a one-time cost of $599.
  • Ultimate: a one-time price of $699 for unlimited automobiles.

#8. RentSyst

RentSyst bills its car rental software as a “pocket office,” implying that you may use it from anywhere and on any device to fully manage your rental operations.

Unlike other car rental business management software, RentSyst is entirely cloud-based. It is compatible with all devices and browsers. This is the best cloud-based car rental system since it includes full-featured rental software as well as a cloud customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

This software is designed for mobile business owners. From any device, you can access rental checklists, run reports, and track your vehicles. Among the cloud-based features are:

  • For your website, a free WordPress plugin
  • Task management and planner are built-in.
  • An online car tracking system
  • GPS trackers and a built-in auto-check mechanism
  • Automated car reservation distribution
  • Capabilities for electronic signatures
  • Options for reporting vehicles, personnel, or branches
  • Payment processor and accounting system integrations

The RentSyst website offers three Euro-priced plans. You’ll pay a monthly fee or, for a cheaper price, an annual payment. The plans are as follows:

  • Beginner: €1.70 per car each month for a maximum of 25 vehicles.
  • Standard: For up to 100 cars, the monthly fee is €1.60 per vehicle.
  • Expert: €1.55 per car per month for more than 100 automobiles

How Did We Select the Best Car Rental Business Software?

We refined our selection down to the top eight firms offering fleet and customer management capabilities after researching 43 different car rental business software suppliers. We examined overall expenditures in order to provide reasonable choices for rental businesses of all sizes. In addition, we looked at the basic setup and training resources to see how simple the software is to use. We also looked at how well the rental programs connected with other tools, as well as the additional features required for rental providers in unusual situations.

Car Rental Software FAQs

What is car rental management system?

A car rental management system is a web-based platform that expands your company’s prospects. It enables you to manage your car rental business, organize work, automate common activities, and obtain thorough results.

Do car rental companies make money?

Yes, ofcourse. During the first few years, most car rental firms can make between $50,000 and $100,000 in profit. You may be able to attain $150,000 after establishing your business.

Is it safe to use Bluetooth in rental car?

No. Any car that allows you to “pair” your smartphone with the car via Bluetooth (particularly its entertainment and GPS or navigation systems) jeopardizes your privacy unless you take further precautions to wipe your history.


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