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Puzzle Brands
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There’s this feeling of accomplishment that comes along with solving a particular puzzle. You tend to feel like you’ve just solved the world’s biggest problem. I could remember the first day I completed the number puzzle game, the feeling lingered for quite some time. 

Puzzles are created to be a form of entertainment and at the same time a challenge to test our problem-solving skills. In other words, it helps to sharpen our memories and abilities to ascertain solutions to a given problem. It also improves our decision-making abilities in real-life situations. 

Hence, in this post, we will be discussing various top-quality and best-puzzle brands for adults.

Top Best Puzzle Brands For Adults 

Neurologists are of the view that puzzles restore neuroplasticity and even slow down progressive memory loss. Indeed, it helps you to sharpen your cognitive function, deepens your connections with your loved ones, and relieves stress.

Nevertheless, there are millions of puzzle brands for both adults and kids out there. So, you might want to guard your options by catching one or more of the following best puzzle brands for you and yours.

#1. Clementoni

Clementoni is an Italian puzzle brand with high quality. They have sturdy boxes and fairly thick pieces with an extraordinary linen finish. In other words, their piece cut and image selection is a bit on the traditional side. Mostly, their designs portray fine art, wildlife, and photographic puzzles with a few nice fantasy and collage images

Clementoni puzzle designs come with fascinating images and quality printing, precision-cut fitting, and strong, rich puzzlers with a passion for details. For instance, Clementoni puzzles include; Streets of Paris, Walk of The Tiger, Mont St-Michel, Blue Lake, etc.

#2. Ravensburger 

Among the top 10 best puzzle brands for adults in the world, Ravensburger offers puzzles for every personal taste and challenge level. Compared to most top puzzle brands, its piece count ranges from 300 to 18,000 pieces, making it the world’s Largest Format Puzzle. 

Ravensburger puzzles are designed to be a positive, frustration-free experience with a wide range of images and designs to choose from. Mostly, it develops logical thinking and memory, focus and concentration, and builds confidence. Plus, it’s a great way to unplug, relax, and destress.

This best-selling puzzle brand worldwide has 500 Piece tropical water jigsaw puzzles for adults that will engage your mind in placing the right piece at the right place to generate the alluring tropical underwater life scene.

#3. Buffalo Games

Buffalo brand has been producing extraordinary jigsaw puzzles since 1986. Their fine products come in a variety of pieces, from 300-4000 pieces. As one of the top best puzzle brands, buffalo brand features incredible pictures for you to enjoy. 

The Canoe Lake jigsaw puzzle was designed by Darrel Bush. It is a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle manufactured using premium-quality materials, ensuring minimal puzzle dust. Each piece is designed using a precision cutting technique, thus allowing it to fit accurately.

#4. Bit and Pieces

Number four on the list of the top 10 best puzzle brands for both adults and kids is Bits And Pieces. They have been designing premium, high-quality, innovative, and original jigsaw creations for over 30 years. In addition, they offer multiple jigsaw puzzle formats and sizes from 100 to 3000 pieces to offer choices for all ages and skill levels.

However, one of its most recognized jigsaw puzzles out of many is Frank’s Friendly Service. This is a 500-piece puzzle made with random die-cut designs for a truly fun and challenging experience.

Additionally, bits and pieces also produce unique specialty puzzles, such as shaped, round, glow-in-the-dark, glitter, and foil puzzles

#5. Huadada

Huadada’s world puzzle brands for adults come with a high-precision cutting technology, ensuring a tight interlocking fit between pieces. Thus, its highly saturated and bright color printing makes the jigsaw puzzle clear. Plus, this puzzle is full of fun and challenges your puzzle-solving passion.

Furthermore, the puzzle box comes with 1000 pieces crafted from sturdy, 100% recycled cardboard, non-toxic, and durable paper. Also, these 1000-piece puzzles for adults come in a grand wrapping, making them the perfect gift for Birthdays, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.

Like other puzzle brands for adults and kids, the Undersea world puzzle enhances your brain function. Moreover, it’s a great way to build deep relationships with your family. And more interestingly, the end result serves as fine wall art in your room or office.

#6. Better Co.

Better co. manufactures Jigsaw puzzles using illustrations including; paintings, photographs, and imagination works of various artists.

These illustrations read vividly on Better Co. puzzle pieces. One of such illustration is of the Milky way galaxy shot from the NASA Hubble Telescope.

The Milky Way is a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle crafted using sturdy blue chipboard on recycled paper with unique precision-cut shapes. In this case, these features allow each piece to fit into the next piece perfectly.

So, you could occupy your mind by solving this vivid and color-balanced puzzle while appreciating the wonders of the universe. Or just have fun, relax, and forget about the stress of assembling this puzzle with family and friends.

#7. CubicFun

CubicFun’s Titanic Ship LED 3D puzzles for adults to give you a perfect opportunity to relax your mind, reduce stress, and get away from the day-to-day hustle.

What makes this 3D puzzle more unique is the under-the-deck LED lightning. All pieces fit together precisely, thus, making it very easy to assemble, no glue or tools needed. Besides this, you will have a great sense of accomplishment once you finish assembling this puzzle

Furthermore, the final size of this puzzle can be a perfect piece of decor for your home to light up your room or office. Finally, It takes more than 4 hours to assemble this puzzle. So, challenge your brain with this complex CubicFun puzzle alongside your friends and family

#8. White Mountains

White Mountain brand has been creating the best jigsaw puzzles for adults since 1978. They offer a wide variety of puzzles ranging from 10 to 5000 piece count. However, they owe their success to James Mallet who has completed 22 jigsaw puzzles on their behalf.

One of their most recognized products from James is ‘the eighties’. This 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle refers back to fashion, sports, celebrities, and politicians with other recognizable characteristics of the special era. In the same way, it takes your mind back on a journey to the beautiful memories of the eighties.

The eighties include 1000 unique interlocking pieces made of sturdy blue chipboard on recycled paper. Also, the pieces are extra large which makes them quite easy to handle.

In summary, the eighties jigsaw puzzle is fun and educational. This puzzle is a time machine of trends and throwbacks you’ve probably forgotten or are way too young to know.

#9. Beverly

Beverly Enterprises Inc. emerged in 1977, and since then has been introducing some of the best puzzles. Including the famous 2000 pieces ‘White Hell’ puzzle among other puzzles for adults

One look at the box and you’ll know two things right away: that this is the best jigsaw puzzle for adults and that you simply must complete it. Further, the Pure White is an absolute mind-trip, with no image to guide you in completing it. 

It is quite strange because hell doesn’t relate to white. Even stranger still are the warnings on the box, which reads “please do not buy this if you are a beginner,” “18 years and up,” and “the great king of hell has arrived!”. However, all these could be part of the puzzle and not scare you.

#10. CubicFun

Another one of the best puzzles for adults and kids alike is the 3D cathedral from one of the top puzzle brands.

This puzzle comes with 643 Pieces to assemble, with each piece having a precision cutting technique, thus, it requires no tool and glue. Takes you to discover the beauty of the ancient art of St Paul’s Cathedral with internal details and dimensions when completed. 

Moreover, it serves as a decent gift for puzzle enthusiasts and also an autistic toy for boys and girls. Finally, It is a great helper in developing concentration, hand-eye coordination, attention span, and an understanding of spatial relationships. Plus, it is a great way to learn a bit of history while keeping your puzzle-solving passion alive.

High-Quality Puzzle Brands

According to reviews from users, below are several puzzle brands that are of high quality:

#1. Eurographics

The first on the list of high-quality puzzle brands is Eurographics. This brand is famous for its wide selection of high-quality jigsaw puzzles featuring images of outer space, insects, Egyptian puzzles, etc. According to reviews, Eurographics puzzle brands make some of the best collage designs on the market

Founded in 1987, in North America. Eurographics has grown remarkably, from its inception as a small distributor of posters to its current position as a respected brand in the jigsaw puzzle.

On the other hand, their best-selling product for adults is Mona Lisa by Leonard da Vinci. This 1000-piece die-cut jigsaw puzzle made with recycled cardboard will delight and educate all at the same time.

#2. Ceaco

Develop your kids at a younger age by exposing them to one of the best puzzle brands there is. Since its inception in 1987, Ceaco, like other quality puzzle brands, has remained true to its mission: To create high-quality, innovative, and challenging jigsaw puzzles and to provide hours of family fun. The Ceaco puzzle brand prides itself on developing and maintaining long-standing relationships with some of the finest artists. 

Coupled with their talented team of designers, they search the world for emerging artwork and new technologies involving printing, die-cutting, and unique puzzle materials. As a result, they have been able to deliver, among other puzzle brands, trendy puzzles for adults and kids also. For example, Disney-villains 2, Thomas Kinkade-seaside, Forest life, etc

#3. Masterpieces

Masterpieces puzzle brand was founded by David Rolls in 1995 with a passion to be part of the diverse retail markets, together with the best brands and top artists for jigsaw puzzles. Since then the brand has expanded into new product categories to serve and thrive in jigsaw puzzles.

Furthermore, the masterpieces puzzle brand has established itself as the market leader for combining the best quality products with the best value. Additionally, its reputation for producing innovative and high-quality puzzles has propelled its global growth. 

#4. Mattel Inc. Puzzle Brand

This has been one of the manufacturers of high-quality puzzles in the United States since 1945. Puzzling has never been more fun with Mattel jigsaw puzzles that engage your brain while offering hours of entertainment

They specialize in creating amazing puzzles. For example, Rugrats puzzles, Kids Movie puzzles, Vintage puzzles, TV shows puzzles,1990s puzzles, cartoon puzzles and Character puzzles.

#5. Cobble Hill

Cobble hill puzzle came into the league of puzzle brands in 2005 with a desire to create high-quality puzzles suitable for leisure time with your kids or friends. Their puzzles are nostalgic, sweet, and endearing. However, one of their remarkable qualities is the Truly Original Photo (T.O.P.) puzzles where all their designs are strictly in-house creations.

There are cases where two different brands use the same image in their puzzles. This is because it’s been licensed to different puzzle brands. But the T.O.P. puzzles are all original works of art by a professional photographer. They call it a truly original photo because the images are unique and exclusive to the Cobble Hill brand.  

#6. New York Puzzle Company

Founded in 2007, this brand focuses on creating high-quality puzzles that reflect modern designs of classic images. Their puzzle piece count ranges from 36 to 2000pc. The puzzles are made with 100% 80-point chipboard thickness, making it 20% higher than most standard puzzles.

Lastly, most new york puzzles are frameable when completed, for instance, the New Yorkers, American airlines, Dreamworld etc.

#7. Buffalo Games

This is one of the high-quality puzzle brands that have been creating masterful challenges, experiences, and entertainment through the design of industry-leading games and puzzles since 1986. 

Buffalo puzzles are manufactured using a precision cutting technique that ensures every piece fits perfectly. Additionally, they’re created using the thickest graphic board, premium paper, and sturdy set-up boxes. In short, they are created with an eye for high quality and sustainability. 

#8. Aquarius

Aquarius brand produces a huge variety of puzzles from all across pop including marvel superheroes, Star Trek, and your favorite bands and classic movies. Therefore, marvel’s superheroes’ 1000-piece puzzle charged into the Marvel Universe with 30 superheroes alongside Spiderman, Iron Man, and many more. 

Furthermore, the puzzle has a high-precision cutting technique that ensures a perfect fit for all pieces with no puzzle dust. Lastly, it’s made of thick quality paper that is glare-free so you can show off your masterpiece with pride. Aquarius puzzles, like most puzzle brands on the list are not exclusive to kids

#9. Heye

Heye is a German puzzle company that prides itself worldwide as a supplier of high-quality products with original and innovative designs. They are noted for the variety of cartoon puzzles but over time developed puzzles by notable contemporary and fine artists.

However, Heye jigsaw puzzles come in a distinctive triangular box, making them a unique brand in the puzzle industry. In addition, they produce a variety of difficulty levels with ranges of pieces available. Reviews have shown that Puzzle enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels delight in Heye jigsaw puzzles.

Whether you’re new to puzzle building or you’ve been at it for a while, you’re sure to find a Heye puzzle that catches your eye.

Why are Ravensburger puzzles better?

When a piece is put in the right spot, you can practically hear a faint “click” thanks to Ravensburger Softclick Technology, which ensures that each piece is cut with such precision.

Does puzzle increase IQ?

They can raise your IQ level. It is obvious that puzzles increase our IQs because they strengthen our memory, focus, language, and thinking abilities.

What puzzles increase IQ?

Jigsaw puzzle-solving sessions on a regular basis are a fantastic way to improve your memory or motor skills as well as maintain the ones you already have.

Do puzzles strengthen your brain?

According to Dr. Tanu Garg, a neurologist at Houston Methodist, “Unfortunately, there really isn’t any clear evidence indicating that word games and puzzles help the brain over time.” For instance, research has not demonstrated that they assist in preventing memory loss or lower the incidence of dementia.

Nimish Gautam, a former employee of the Wikimedia Foundation, discusses the puzzle globe logo’s evolution in 2012.

Are people who do puzzles smarter?

According to a University of Michigan study, solving puzzles for 25 minutes a day causes people to score four IQ points higher.

What happens to your brain when you do a puzzle?

Working on a puzzle strengthens the connections between brain cells, boosts mental agility, and does wonders for short-term memory.

What is a puzzle that Cannot be solved?

A riddle that is impossible to solve is one that cannot be solved for any number of logical reasons, such as insufficient information.

How to check IQ level?

Free-IQTest.net is among the most well-known websites where you may take online tests. It features 20 questions that will precisely calculate your IQ score.


Beyond merely putting together scrambled pieces to create a certain image, Puzzle-solving opens up your mind to unlimited possibilities and guides your approach to real-life situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Quality Puzzle?

Some of the brands that offer the best quality puzzles are: RavensburgerCozy Retreat-500 Piece Large Format puzzle – Every Piece is Unique and fits perfectly. CubicFun3D St. Paul’s Cathedral– fine art puzzles with excellent quality. HeyeCorsair-A great cartoon classic illustration piece by Ruyer and high quality triangular 1,000-piece puzzle

  • Space Puzzle 1,000 Piece Puzzle.
  • Moruska 1,000 Piece Gradient Rainbow Puzzle.
  • Gray Malin 500 Piece Snow Puzzle.
  • Custom Hometown Map Puzzle.
  • New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle.
  • Street of Paris 1,500 piece puzzle.
  • The Impossible Clear Puzzle.
  • Movie Lovers Puzzle.
  • Titanic ship 3D LED puzzle
  • Mona Lisa 1,000 piece puzzle
  • 13 Eagles 1,000 piece puzzle

Why Are Puzzles so Expensive Now?

Retail price is determined by the brandquality, and difficulty of manufacturing of the product. If the puzzle uses any trademarked or copyrighted designs, the owner or artist must be paid

Do Puzzle Companies Buy Photos?

Puzzle makers do pay for the use of an original photo that depicts perfectly their imaginary image. Most of them are in contract with famous artists for this reason.

How Are Puzzles Good For The Brain?

Puzzles are also good for the brain. Beyond mere putting together scrambled pieces to create a certain image, Puzzle-solving opens up your mind to unlimited possibilities and guides your approach to real life situations.

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