The Top Best 2022 Business Phone Systems Review

The Top Best 2022 Business Phone Systems Review
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In today’s business world, communication is more crucial than ever. Even though emails and instant messaging apps are important, every smart business has a multi-channel communication system in place. However, the phone is still just as crucial today. For this reason, understanding the best business phone systems available and what a business phone system is, is important. This article reveals all you need to know, so don’t stop reading.

Business Phone Systems

An audio communication system that carries sound between far-off sites is a phone system. The term “business phone system” refers to a multi-line telephone system that is frequently used in commercial settings.

We refer to a phone used specifically for conducting business as a “business phone.” This includes both mobile and desktop phones. This could be a cell phone you bought for your fledgling firm, a modest business phone system you bought at a store, or something more powerful you bought or rented from a provider.

Business phone systems offer the chance to organize communications and workflows more effectively so that you have more time for other business-growth tactics. An efficient workforce results from the workflow’s streamlining, in addition to increased productivity.

Types of Business Phone system

#1. Mobile Phone

We can indeed use mobile phones for business. In order to save money, many businesses permit employees to use their personal devices on the company’s private network. However, some businesses prefer to have more control over their employees’ devices.

It’s crucial to remember that any company that decides to let staff members bring their own phones for work purposes must take security measures to protect their network.

Any device that is allowed to connect to your company’s network poses a risk to the security of that network.

#2. Systems for Small Businesses Sold by Retailers

Businesses can purchase phone systems from retailers like Best Buy or Amazon that offer only the most basic of features. If you have the necessary additional components, such as a PBX, certain by-the-box phone systems can support multiple lines, but they do not usually include some functions with a regular retail option.

As a result, it’s possible that you would miss out on useful functions like conferencing and mobility (the capacity to relay calls from your desktop phone to your mobile device) (the ability to host more than three people on a call).

#3. Hosted Phone Systems

When a phone system is “hosted,” it means the phone system provider offers the service and actual hardware. They provide the most flexibility, security, and possibilities for your expanding firm, but they also have the highest initial price of the three options.

The cost of hosted phones is a set sum of $17 to $45 per month, per phone. The catch here is that the cost never decreases. Most plans allow you to own your phones after 12 to 24 months.

This is acceptable to some business owners because it is a fixed expense that frequently entitles you to a free upgrade when a new model is released. If your company needs more features than simple three-way conferencing or basic calling and receiving, then you should use this service.

How Much Is a Business Phone System?

It would surprise you to learn how much less expensive business phones are.

A business phone system typically costs $15 for a basic plan and $35 for an enterprise plan, though your actual monthly cost will depend on the types of phones you use and the features you require to run your firm.

How Much Does a Business Landline Cost?

A landline typically costs $42 per month. Regarding the hardware for the VoIP phone, you most likely already have a cordless home phone, but a new one would cost roughly $40 for a basic model.

Therefore, the annual cost of hardware and landline phone service would be $544.

What Should I Look For In a Business Phone System

Here are 5 things you should take into consideration when selecting a new business telephone system or service provider.

#1. Scalability:

Growing Your Business by Adding Phones: you’ll probably need to increase your personnel as your company expands. Adding phones to your system involves hiring more employees. Is it simple to do this or difficult?

Some phone systems require a complicated setup, while others simply require a service call from your provider.

#2. Backup Land Lines:

Will Your Phone System Still Work if the Internet is Down?

Voice over IP (VoIP) is widely used for a variety of functions. However, issues with your internet connection may prevent VoIP from functioning.

#3. Call Volume:

Consider the Size of Your Phone System Rather Than How Loud

How many users are concurrently accessing your phone system? How well your phone system functions can be impacted by how many calls your company receives each day. You risk losing revenue if your customers can’t reach you due to technical difficulties.

#4. The call tree or the receptionist answers the phone.

A crucial factor to take into account is the first point of contact with your company. Your company’s reputation may be impacted by how you want your customers to be handled during that first interaction.

Do you want calls to be directed to a central receptionist before being forwarded to an IVR where callers press one to select this option and two to select that option, or will everyone have direct dial numbers?

#5. What Number of Locations Are Collaborating?

A hosted phone system can enable you to dial anyone on your system using three digits if you have offices spread out across several locations. Offices all around the country are able to communicate as if they were in the same space.

Top Best Business Phone Systems

#1. Nextiva

There are four corporate phone service plans from Nextiva, all of which enable limitless voice and video calling.

Higher-tier plans are more expensive but include more calling options, CRM integrations, toll-free minutes and conference call participant limits.

The Call Pop feature of Nextiva’s higher-tier plans, which offer practical insights on incoming client calls, will help sales teams, in particular, realize that these plans are a good fit for their business phone needs.

#2. Dialpad

On the Google Cloud Platform, Dialpad is a commercial phone system with artificial intelligence.

Voice intelligence is how Dialpad refers to its AI-based functions. All three of Dialpad’s business phone services, which start at $15 per user per month, include voice intelligence.

All of Dialpad’s business phone subscriptions also come with additional services like unlimited video meetings, web and chat support, AI-powered transcription for calls and voicemail, Google Workspace integration, and Microsoft 365 integration.

With Dialpad, setup is as simple as downloading the app, choosing a new phone number, or using your existing one. No additional hardware is needed.

#3. Zoom Phone

The best business phone system with video conferencing is the Zoom Phone. Zoom is a newcomer to the business phone sector and is well-known for its well-liked video conferencing software.

 Zoom Phone is our Best Business Phone System with Video Conferencing because it combines business phone service with its video calling features.

 With the push of a button, customers of its all-in-one business phone system may convert a call into a Zoom Meeting.

#4.  RingCentral

RingCentral, a well-known brand in the business phone sector, provides a range of options for enterprises and small businesses.

For the typical small business, its entry-level plans might be expensive, but larger businesses looking for enterprise calling features may find its higher-tier plans to be a decent fit.

#5. Aircall

Its base plan, which is the most expensive in our evaluation at $40 per person per month, requires a minimum of three users.

The price may put businesses on a limited budget, but those searching for application programming interfaces (APIs) and integrations should give Aircall a chance.

More than 80 business tool and app connectors are available in its Essentials base subscription, including those for CRMs like Zendesk, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Zoho.

#6. Grasshopper

The year 2022’s top small business phone system, Grasshopper

Grasshopper’s price structure differs from that of every other business phone provider in our ranking, in that it is not based on a per-user charge.

The price for one phone line and three extensions with Grasshopper is $29 per month. Its strategies are intended to give startups, small firms, and solopreneurs a solution. And that’s reflected in the price.

#7. Ooma

The best small business phone system in 2022 is Ooma. We tied Ooma and Grasshopper for our pick for the best small business phone system in 2022.

Small businesses might choose the Ooma Office package because it is reasonably priced. Many providers of business phones base their prices on a sliding scale, with the best monthly rates becoming available as the number of users rises.

No matter how many people are involved, the Ooma Office plan costs $19.95 per user per month.

Because of this, it’s a suitable choice for small enterprises that lack the number of employees required to qualify for lower prices.

#8. 8×8

The Most Economical Business Phone System

This is one of the most economical options in our ranking. The 8×8 Express plan enables up to 10 users with unlimited talking and video conferencing and starts at $15 per user per month.

The two additional business phone system plans offered by 8×8, X2 and X4, are more expensive but provide access to a wider network and team communications in addition to international calling.

Furthermore, even 8×8’s most expensive plans are still affordable in comparison and can be a good fit for a small company on a limited budget.

#9. Vonage

The business phone system from Vonage has many interfaces with Microsoft Teams and provides a dependable service with high uptime.

The cheapest Vonage plan doesn’t support IP phones, so if your company needs to use desktop phones with a budget plan, go elsewhere for business phone service.

With add-on features, the cost of its plans may also dramatically rise.

#10.  GoToConnect

The best feature-rich business system. Due to its premium plan’s availability of more than 100 services, including virtual voicemail and HD video conferencing, GoToConnect is our top pick for the Best Business Phone System for Features.

However, the Premium plan, which costs $30 per user per month for more than 100 users and offers the entire feature set, is the sole option for small enterprises.

It is still a solid choice for call centers, businesses, and sizable sales teams.

Despite having smaller feature lists and lower prices, the Basic and Standard plans on the lowest tiers might still be a decent choice.

What Phone System Solutions Are Available For Small Phone System?

The solutions available for small phone businesses are the PBX system or a business VoIP service.

If your small business is like the majority of small enterprises, you’ll likely have to decide between a PBX system, which uses conventional phone lines, or a business VoIP service, which employs softphones or IP phone systems.


Business phone systems are very important in every business set-up. They are faster than emails and texts, thereby helping you to cover a wide range of work within a limited time.

To get started, you can choose from any of the business phone systems listed above, as they are the best available options you can ever have.

Business Phone Systems FAQs

Can we use a cell phone for business calls?

Yes, you can use a cell phone for business purposes.

You can keep your personal and work calls distinct without purchasing a new device by adding a business line to your smartphone. It’s a quick and inexpensive method to give your company a professional edge.

What purpose do phone systems serve?

Voice calling, messaging, and online or video conferencing are all provided by phone systems as a single service. Also available are online faxing and audio conferencing.

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