AMAZON SOFTWARE ENGINEER: What It Is & How to Become One


One of the most valuable firms in the world, Amazon employs over a million people on a full- and part-time basis. Though it first served as an e-commerce platform, it has now expanded into a variety of technology products, most notably Amazon Web Services, which provides power to countless businesses around the world. The software developers at Amazon, who labor behind the scenes to keep the business running smoothly, are responsible for the success of the company. But what salary, training, and job benefits can you anticipate receiving as an Entry-Level Software Engineer and an intern at Amazon? Let’s get started.

Who is Software Engineer?

A person who creates, develops, and executes computer software is known as a software engineer. Working in teams, the software engineer specializes in a particular area of computer science, such as software engineering, artificial intelligence, computer programming, or computer architecture. The creation of public-use computer applications is the responsibility of software engineers. They may work in a variety of fields, including the public sector, the medical field, the retail sector, and many more. They also have the potential to significantly alter how some sectors operate.

What are the Job Duties and Responsibilities of a Software Engineer at Amazon?

Amazon’s software engineers create, organize, and manage teams that use computer science and engineering principles, paving the way for the company’s digital transformation. They work in collaboration with their engineering teams to develop products that will make customers’ lives better. They are ultimately in charge of ensuring that the company’s technological solutions, such as its websites and applications, are successfully delivered and launched. Since 1994, Amazon has been a player in the online retail industry.

They have developed throughout this time to rank among the biggest internet retailers in the world. They must maintain hiring software engineers on the job to keep up with demand so they may continue to develop fresh, improved services for their clients. Engineers at Amazon participate in numerous teams and initiatives. Making consumers’ life easier is part of their everyday job duties. They achieve this by, for instance, developing solutions for drivers and designing user interfaces that facilitate shopping and product ordering.

Amazon Software Engineer Salary

The average annual salary for an Amazon Software Engineer in the US is $111,343 as of May 6, 2023. If you need a quick salary estimator, that comes out to be about $53.53 per hour. This amounts to $9,278 each month or $2,141 per week.

The majority of Amazon Software Engineer salaries currently range between $85,000 (25th percentile) and $137,000 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $160,500 annually across the United States, while ZipRecruiter reports annual salaries as high as $174,000 and as low as $25,500. Given that the average salary for an Amazon Software  Engineer can vary significantly (by up to $52,000), there may be numerous potential for wage increases and advancement based on experience, location, and skill level.

According to recent job posts on ZipRecruiter, there is a strong demand for Amazon Software  Engineers in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as the neighborhood. In your region, the average yearly salary for an Amazon Software Engineer is $110,228, which is $1,115 (1%) less than the $111,343 national average. From a total of 50 states, Georgia comes in at number 44 in terms of Amazon Software Engineer salary.

As millions of current jobs are listed locally across America, ZipRecruiter regularly searches its database to determine the most precise annual salary range for Amazon Software Engineer positions.

Amazon Software Engineer Intern

At Amazon, we work with the brightest minds in the industry to create and innovate for the benefit of our clients. We are one of the most adored brands in the world because of our obsessive focus on our clients. It is in our company’s DNA. An Amazon Software Engineer intern works with a small group of seasoned software development engineers (SDEs) who mentor them on projects that are important to our customers while writing actual software.

Amazon Software Engineer Intern works 6 hours per day, or 30 hours per week, for 12 months. A manager and a mentor will be assigned to you as an Amazon Software Engineer intern. Early in your career, you’ll have the chance to shape Amazon’s technological development and assist with important projects. You will help to solve some of the most difficult technical problems in the fields of distributed systems, data mining, automation, optimization, scalability, and security, to name just a few. You will also offer your design, coding, and general intelligence.

Throughout your internship, in addition to working on a worthwhile project, you will have the chance to interact with Amazonians for both professional and personal growth, widen your network, and take part in events with other interns. No matter where you are interning, we give you the resources you need to take control of your project and gain experience in the real world.
It would be difficult to find a team that is not using Amazon Web Services (AWS), interacting with the catalog, or improving services to be more individualized for customers given how many of our technologies overlap.

Key Job Responsibilities for Amazon Software Engineer Intern

  • Work together to create, design, and market cutting-edge goods and services with seasoned cross-disciplinary Amazonians.
  • Work together to develop cutting-edge technologies in a vast distributed computing environment and drive important changes in the sector.
  • Work together to develop methods for making predictions about distributed systems while being exposed to cutting-edge technology that operates at extraordinary scale and speed.
  • Work together to develop scalable, fault-tolerant, affordable, and simple-to-use/manage distributed storage, index, and query systems.
  • The capacity to start with challenges that are widely described and design and code the appropriate solutions.
  • Work in a flexible setting to produce high-caliber software.

Qualifications Requisite

  • Be enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program in computer science, computer engineering, or a related discipline at the time of application, with an expected graduation date of June 2023 to June 2024.
  • Understanding of the syntax of languages like Python, C++, or Java.
  • Understanding of key concepts in computer science, such as complexity analysis, object-oriented design, algorithm design, and data structures.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Expertise in relational databases, distributed, multi-tiered systems, and algorithms.
  • Knowledge of optimization mathematics, such as nonlinear and linear programming.
  • The capacity to communicate technical problems and solutions.
  • Capable of thinking abstractly and adept at addressing unclear or vague problems.
  • Effective Spanish communication skills both in writing and speaking
  • Proficient command of English

Amazon Software Engineer Training

As one of nine training programs included in Upskilling 2025, Amazon’s $1.2 billion pledge to teach more than 300,000 Amazon employees new professional abilities by 2025, the rewards are substantial for Software Engineer Amazon employees accepted into Amazon Technical Academy.

Employees are trained by Amazon Technical Academy in the fundamental abilities required to go into entry-level software development engineer careers at Amazon. No prior computer experience is necessary for applicants to be accepted into the program; all they need is a high school diploma or GED, as well as the stamina to complete the demanding, nine-month, full-time training course designed by a seasoned Amazon software engineer.

Since its debut in 2017, the Amazon Technical Academy has attracted hundreds of Amazon employees. With an average salary and compensation package increase of 93%, Amazon Technical Academy has hired over 95% of its alumni into software development engineer positions within the company.

The corporation committed more than $12 million to this program in 2020 alone as part of its promise to give workers possibilities for professional growth.

The program is led by Ashley Rajagopal, a longstanding employee of Amazon who has held a variety of positions inside the company’s Consumer division. She joined Amazon Technical Academy when it was still a fledgling organization when a small group of engineers and product managers were testing whether Amazon could upskill workers into software engineering positions regardless of their background or tech knowledge.

Our conscious attempt to demystify the abilities required to become a software engineer, according to Rajagopal, has been crucial to our success. “As we’ve defined those skills, we’ve purposefully changed our curriculum and teaching strategy to be accessible to participants who didn’t have the chance, either due to background or financial constraints, to pursue a college degree in software engineering,” the authors write.

Entry-Level Software Engineer Amazon Salary

The average Amazon entry-level software engineer salary is $168,535 per year. The entry-level salary for a software engineer at Amazon might be between $138k and $218k. Included in the salary of an entry-level software engineer at Amazon are a base salary, bonuses, and stock options, the value of which rises steadily with experience.

  • Base Salary: An entry-level SWE at Amazon makes an average base salary of $127,985.
  • Bonuses: An entry-level software engineer at Amazon typically receives a bonus of $22,179.
  • Stocks: An entry-level software developer at Amazon will typically receive shares worth $18,371.

Benefits of Working at Amazon as a Software Engineer

One of the most sought-after skills on the global market is software engineering. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that between 2020 and 2030, demand for software engineers would increase by 22%. The forecasts for other jobs are lower than this number.

Software engineers are in high demand, which may make it easier for them to find amazing positions with top-notch perks. What advantages does working at Amazon have over other tech companies, though? Some insights are shared in this section.

#1. Medical benefits

For its employees, Amazon offers a wide range of healthcare benefits, including coverage for catastrophic illnesses, vision, dental, and mental health issues. The business collaborates with Progyny to offer coverage for infertility treatments.

#2. Insurance

A variety of risks are covered by Amazon employees’ insurance. For instance, the business offers short- and long-term disability insurance to employees who put in more than 30 hours each week. The employee incurs no expense for this. Additionally, employees receive life, accidental death, and dismemberment insurance. They also have the option to purchase pet and house insurance.

#3. Parental leave and pregnancy

Amazon takes into account the fact that people who have children naturally or through adoption frequently need some adjustment time. Employees at Amazon may be eligible for up to 14 weeks of paid maternity leave and six weeks of parental leave, subject to certain restrictions. There is also a plan to gradually reintegrate newly-parented employees into the workforce over eight weeks.

#4. Restricted stock units

For a long time, tech businesses have allowed their employees to purchase stock in the business. With these arrangements, workers who stick in a company for a specific amount of time may benefit financially significantly. Additionally, Amazon gives employees who put in more than 30 hours a week the opportunity to buy stock in the business.

Does Amazon Pay Good for Software Engineers?

Yes. The highest recorded salary package for a Software Engineer at Amazon is $379,890 in annual total compensation.

What Is the Basic Salary of a Software Engineer at Amazon?

At Amazon, a Software Engineer may earn up to $190,566 annually in total compensation. Based on salaries gathered from our customers, this number indicates the median, which is the middle of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate methodology. $132,307 is the expected basic salary annually.

What Is the Qualification for Amazon Software Engineer?

SDE I: Graduates with at least six months of non-internship experience in software development are preferred. SDE II: Graduates with at least three years of experience in software development are desired.

How Much Does a Level 5 Make at Amazon?

As a result, Amazon may pay you $200,000 per year for an Amazon level 5 job, and it may offer you a higher or lower salary for a position at the same level.

What Is Level 7 Salary at Amazon?

Salary increases as we advance in rank. The base salary for an Amazon level 7 employee is $300,000. The range varies by job and can reach $638,000 annually.


Groceries to streaming services are among the many goods that Amazon offers. It is also a place where software engineers may build a name for themselves and earn a respectable salary. You should be aware of the following if you wish to work for Amazon:

  • Software engineers are in high demand, and wages have been rising. As a result, there is fierce competition and you may anticipate earning a respectable salary as a software developer at Amazon.
  • The outstanding perks that Amazon provides to its employees are yet another key benefit of working for the company. The advantages of using Amazon are numerous and simple to utilize. Additionally, you can exchange your points for gifts and other items.


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