How to Heal Pokemon in Pokemon Go
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Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm, captivating gamers and Pokémon fans with its immersive augmented reality experience. As you navigate the virtual world to capture Pokémon, battle at Gyms, and explore PokéStops, you may find your precious Pokémon getting injured or taking damage. To ensure your Pokémon are fighting fit, know how to heal them effectively. In this article, we explain the various methods and techniques to heal your Pokemon in Pokemon GO, even without potions, how to get potions, why you can’t heal, and more, allowing you to keep them in optimal health and ready for any challenge. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or starting your Pokémon journey, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and skills to restore your Pokémon’s vitality and ensure their success in battles. So, let’s dive in and discover how to heal Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

How To Heal Pokemon In Pokemon Go 

In Pokemon Go, healing your Pokemon is essential to ensure they are in top condition for battles and gym battles. Hence, there are several ways to heal your Pokemon in Pokemon Go. 

The most common method to heal Pokemon in Pokemon Go is to use Potions, which you can obtain by spinning PokeStops or leveling up. Potions come in different strengths – from regular Potions to Super Potions and Hyper Potions – each healing varying amounts of HP. To use a Potion, first, open your Pokemon menu and select the injured Pokemon. Then, tap on the “Items” button and choose the appropriate Potion. And finally, tap on the Potion, and your Pokemon’s HP will be replenished.

Another method to heal your Pokemon in Pokemon Go is by using Revives. Revives are particularly useful when your Pokemon faints during a battle. To use a Revive, go to your Pokemon list, select the Pokemon that fainted, tap on the Revive, and then click the “Use” button. This will bring your Pokemon back to consciousness with a certain amount of health restored. Note that Revives only work on fainted Pokemon and are not effective on Pokemon with partial health. So, if you have a Pokemon that is low on health but still conscious, use a Potion instead. By using these healing items effectively, your Pokemon will be in top condition to take on any challenge in Pokemon Go.

How To Heal Pokemon In Pokemon Go Without Potions 

In Pokemon Go, potions are a valuable resource to heal your Pokemon after battles. However, there are alternative methods to heal without potions. 

One way to heal your Pokemon without potions is by utilizing Pokemon Centers in various real-world locations. These Pokemon Centers serve as healing stations for your Pokemon, and you can find them at landmarks such as parks or monuments. By visiting these centers, your Pokemon’s health will gradually recover without potions. Hence, this not only saves you valuable resources but also allows you to explore different areas while your Pokemon recovers.

Another method of healing your Pokemon without potions is through the Buddy System. In Pokemon Go, you can choose a Pokemon as your buddy, and as you walk with it, you can earn candy specific to that Pokemon. This candy can help to evolve or power up your Pokemon, but it also serves another purpose. By walking a certain distance with your buddy Pokemon, you can earn hearts that will heal your buddy. Once your buddy reaches a certain number of hearts, it will heal fully and be ready for battle. This method is not only a great way to heal your Pokemon without using potions but also encourages physical activity and exploration, making it a win-win situation for you and your Pokemon.

How To Get Potions In Pokémon Go 

Potions play a crucial role in Pokémon Go, helping your Pokémon recover and stay battle-ready. So, here are several ways to get potions in the game. 

The simplest way to get potions in Pokémon Go is by visiting PokéStops, usually at notable landmarks or points of interest in your surroundings. When you spin the PokéStop, you’ll obtain various items, including potions. Keep in mind that the higher your trainer level, the better the quality of potions you can obtain from PokéStops.

Another way to get potions in Pokémon Go is by participating in raids. Raids are special battles where players team up to defeat a powerful Pokémon. Once the raid is over, you’ll receive rewards with various items, including potions. The higher the raid level, the better the rewards. So, join Pokémon Go raids frequently to increase your chances of getting potions and other valuable items.

Why Can’t I Heal My Pokemon In Pokemon Go 

One of the reasons you can’t heal your Pokemon in Pokemon Go is because the game puts a cap on the number of times you can use  Potions or Revives to heal your Pokemon. This limit is set to prevent you from continuously healing your Pokemon and overpowering them, thereby reducing the challenge and competitiveness of the game. Consequently, you should strategize and know when and how to use your healing items.

Additionally, you cannot heal your Pokemon in Pokémon Go if you have exhausted your inventory of healing items. Pokemon Go utilizes a limited inventory system, meaning you can only carry a certain number of healing items at a time. For instance, if you use up all your Potions and Revives, you can’t heal your Pokemon until you acquire more through various means. This includes spinning PokeStops or purchasing them from the in-game store. Hence, this adds resource management to the game, forcing you to consider your supply of healing items and prioritize your usage wisely.

Can You Completely Heal Pokemon? 

In the Pokemon world, trainers have Potions, Healing Machines, and Healing Centers to tend to their injured Pokemon. However, while these methods can restore a Pokemon’s physical health, it may not be completely. Just like humans, Pokemon can also suffer psychological trauma from battles, abandonment, or other distressing experiences. While physical healing is essential, emotional healing and rehabilitation may require more time, effort, and specialized care.

Aside from emotional healing, some physical injuries may prove challenging. Certain diseases, such as Pokerus, can permanently affect a Pokemon’s stats or abilities despite medical intervention. Additionally, some moves like Dragon Rage or Sheer Cold can cause severe damage you can’t undone completely. In these cases, healing can alleviate pain and improve functionality, but you may not achieve complete restoration. Therefore, while healing methods in the Pokemon world are effective in most injuries and ailments, there are limitations to how much a Pokemon can heal.

Where Do You Heal Pokemon In Pokemon? 

You can heal Pokemon at Pokemon Centers, easily identifiable by their distinctive red roofs and white walls. Apart from Pokemon Centers, you can also heal Pokemon using healing items. Potions, Super Potions, and Hyper Potions. These are in Pokemon marts to restore a Pokemon’s health during battles or outside a Pokemon Center. 

Can Pokemon Auto Heal In Pokemon Go? 

You can hit the Auto Heal button on a Pokemon to Auto Heal them with your items. 

Can You Heal A Dead Pokemon? 

No, you cannot heal a dead Pokémon. Once a Pokémon faints in battle or is defeated in other circumstances, you cannot revive or bring it back to life. 

Does Full Heal Heal Your Pokemon? 

Full Heal is an item in the Pokémon games that you can use to cure a Pokémon of any status condition it may be suffering from. However, Full Heal does not restore a Pokémon’s health points (HP). If a Pokémon has lost health in battle, you can’t restore it to full health with a Full Heal. 

Moreover, the purpose is to cure status conditions such as poison, paralysis, sleep, freeze, and burn. These conditions can greatly hinder a Pokémon’s ability to battle effectively, so using a Full Heal at the right time can help maintain your Pokémon’s performance during a battle.

What Is The Rarest Pokemon In Pokemon Go? 

Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie are the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Additionally, they’re region-exclusive.

What Move Heals Pokemon? 

Various moves can heal the health and status conditions of Pokémon. One such move is “Recover.” Recover is a powerful Normal-type move that allows a Pokémon to regain its lost health. When a Pokémon uses Recover, it focuses its energy to restore its vitality, allowing it to continue battling with renewed strength. Hence, this move is particularly useful for tank-like Pokémon that can withstand attacks and keep themselves in top condition throughout battles.

Another healing move is “Roost.” Roost is a Flying-type move that allows a Pokémon to land and restore its health while also temporarily losing its Flying type. When a Pokémon uses Roost, it takes a brief rest, restoring a significant amount of its HP and gaining immunity to Ground-type moves for one turn. This move is especially beneficial for Flying-type Pokémon that may be vulnerable to Rock, Electric, or Ice-type attacks. By using Roost strategically, these Pokémon can heal themselves while temporarily neutralizing their weaknesses, enabling them to stay in battles for longer durations.

How To Get Free Potions In Pokemon Go? 

You can get free options in Pokemon Go by:

  • Spinning PokéStops and gyms
  • Opening gifts from friends
  • Completing field research tasks
  • Participating in raid battles
  • Leveling up your player, etc.

Does Resting Heal Your Pokemon? 

Resting can heal your Pokemon and restore them to full health. When a Pokemon has an injury or is low on energy, resting helps them to recuperate and recover. During rest, a Pokemon’s stamina replenishes and resolves negative status effects such as confusion or paralysis. Additionally, it improves the Pokemon’s vitality and well-being, enabling them to perform at their peak during battles or competitions.

What Are Lucky Eggs In Pokemon Go? 

Lucky eggs in Pokemon Go are one of the most valuable and sought-after items. Essentially, lucky eggs are special items that, when activated, give you a temporary double experience boost for 30 minutes. This means during the activation period, you can earn double the amount of experience points from various in-game activities, such as catching Pokemon, hatching eggs, or evolving their Pokemon. 

Should I Purify Pokemon In Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, one of the features available to trainers is the ability to purify their captured Pokemon. While purifying a Pokemon may not be necessary, it has certain advantages that can enhance your gameplay. When you purify a Pokemon, you remove the corrupted energy known as Shadow energy from it, resulting in a purified Pokemon. 

Not only does the purification process increase the Pokemon’s level to a minimum of level 25, but it also reduces the stardust and candy for power-ups and evolutions, making it a more cost-effective option. Additionally, purified Pokemon have a special move known as Return, powerful and useful in battles. So, purifying Pokemon can be a worthwhile strategy, especially if you want to strengthen your team and save resources.


In conclusion, healing your Pokémon in Pokémon GO is an essential aspect of the game that ensures your Pokémon are ready for battles and gym challenges. So, follow this detailed guide to heal your Pokémon and optimize their performance. Remember, the stronger your team, the greater your chances of becoming a legendary Pokémon master!


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