How to Return a Kindle Book: Can Kindle Books Be Returned?

How to Return a Kindle Book
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By utilizing your Kindle Unlimited subscription, you are granted access to an extensive collection of books encompassing a wide range of titles and genres. Nevertheless, similar to the act of purchasing books, certain transactions may prove to be erroneous, particularly in cases where individuals with access to one’s account include youngsters. Fortunately, Amazon has implemented a system that enables customers to return certain books, like Kindle Unlimited, and receive a complete reimbursement for their purchase. This article aims to provide an overview of the return policy on Amazon for both borrowed and purchased Kindle books for refund.

How to Return a Kindle Book 

Owners of Kindle devices have the capability to access books for temporary use from many sources, including their local library, acquaintances, and the Kindle Unlimited service. The act of borrowing from a friend is accessible to individuals across various demographics, but Kindle Unlimited represents a distinct subscription service.

Upon completion of reading a borrowed book, it is necessary to promptly return it. The act of returning a book that has been borrowed from a friend enables the friend to have access to it for subsequent reading or to lend it to another individual. Similarly, returning a book to either a local library or Kindle Unlimited grants the borrower the opportunity to obtain new books for borrowing purposes. Irrespective of the source from which a Kindle book is borrowed, the procedure for returning it remains consistent, employing the content management system of

The following instructions outline the process for returning a Kindle book:

  • Please access the website and proceed to choose the option labeled “Content.”
  • Please find the specific book you want to return and click the button that typically has an ellipsis next to the book’s title to start the return process.
  • Please choose the option “Return This Book.”
  • Please choose the affirmative option.

To initiate the process of returning any additional books that have been completed, kindly follow these instructions once again.

What is Amazon’s Return Policy for Kindle Books?

In order to initiate the process of returning a book to Amazon Kindle Unlimited, it is imperative to ensure that specific eligibility conditions have been met. According to Amazon’s return policy, the option to return a book is available under specific conditions.

  • Based on the available evidence, it may be inferred that you have completed a fraction of the book that is less than 10%.
  • The book was purchased within a span of seven days for books that required payment.
  • The book has not been downloaded to any device.
  • The individual failed to return a quantity of books that was less than four during a span of one month.

This phenomenon occurs due to the widespread utilization of this feature by readers, which poses a disadvantage to authors who are obligated to bear the financial burden of restocking fees associated with book returns. It is advised to utilize this particular functionality exclusively in instances where it is deemed essential, particularly in the context of acquired literary materials.

How to Cancel a Kindle Purchase

You can cancel your eBook purchase and receive a full refund through Amazon. Whether you purchased the book on your Kindle or on, you have the option to cancel the order at any time; however, returns can only be made at a later time through

You must act quickly after making a purchase on your Kindle if you wish to cancel the transaction. If you made a mistake and need to get your money back, this is the way to go.

On the Kindle’s confirmation screen after a purchase, you can choose between going to your library, where you can read your new book, or continuing shopping. Below these big tabs is a more diminutive CANCEL ORDER link:

  • Click the CANCEL ORDER button to get your Kindle book purchase reversed immediately. This will cancel your purchase of the book and return any money you’ve already paid for it.
  • Once the buy screen for a Kindle book is closed, there is no option to get a refund. After that time, your only option for getting your money back is to contact Amazon directly.

When Does Amazon Allow Refunds and Returns?

There are extremely particular situations in which you can return a Kindle book and receive a refund. Returning a Kindle book is possible in a few distinct scenarios:

  • Loaning a Kindle book from Amazon and returning it: Books borrowed from any of Amazon’s lending services will contribute toward your total. When you’ve returned the maximum number of books you can borrow, you can’t borrow any more until you give back at least one.
  • Bringing back a Kindle-borrowed library book: If you borrow a book from the library and read it on your Kindle, the checkout period will end automatically after a certain amount of time. You may return it early, though, if you so want.
  • When a friend lends you a Kindle book, you should return it to them as soon as you’re finished reading it.

How to Return a Book on Kindle Unlimited 

The method of returning a book from Kindle Unlimited is similarly straightforward. Despite the name, Kindle Unlimited does have a restriction, so you may want to do this. When you get close to the limit of 20 books out at once, you’ll want to return some earlier titles to make room. The Kindle Unlimited library has a 20-book restriction, so if you want to add more books, you’ll need to return some. This is why most books in your Kindle library will be marked as “borrowed.” Here’s what you need to do to return a book you checked out from Kindle Unlimited:

#1. Sign in to Your Amazon Account.

To get to Amazon, you need to use a web browser. A “hello, sign in” button should appear in the upper right corner; click it and input your credentials.

#2. Visit Your Stuff & Gadgets

After clicking the button, your name should appear. Move the mouse pointer over it, and then click “content & devices.”

#3. Give Back That Book

Select the book from the list of available titles, and then press the “return this book” button. You can also return books from Kindle Unlimited to your Kindle device. For even more expediency, simply tap and hold the book’s cover, then choose “return to Kindle Unlimited.”

And that’s the proper way to give back a borrowed moniker. If you borrow a book and then return it, you can read it again whenever you like. After returning the device, if the title is still showing up, select “remove from device” to permanently delete it.

How to Return a Kindle Book Borrowed From Your Library

At the end of their loan terms, borrowed Kindle books are returned automatically to the lending library. You can return a Kindle Book from your library’s digital collection, or you can follow these procedures to return it from Amazon before the renting term ends:

  • Go to “Content & Devices” and then “Books” on Amazon’s website.
  • Locate the book and click the “Return” button.
  • To confirm, select Return This Book.

How to Return a Kindle Book for a Refund 

Within seven days of purchase, you can return a Kindle e-book to Amazon for a full refund or exchange. This is an automated system, but please be aware that you may be permanently banned from returning books if you do so regularly. This rule is probably in place to stop individuals from buying books, reading them in a week or less, and then returning them.

#1. Entering Your Amazon Account Information

Open up in your web browser. To sign in, enter your email address and password after clicking the “Hello, sign in” icon in the upper right.

#2. Access the Orders Section

Hover over the login button, which now has your name on it, and click “orders” to access the submenu. Then choose “digital orders.”

#3. Locate the book you wish to exchange.

Find the order for the book you want to return in the list, and then select “return for refund.”

#4. Explain Why You’re Sending the Book Back

A dialog will appear asking you to select the reason for the book’s return. Select a choice from the menu and hit “submit.” So long. After three to five business days, your bank account will be credited with the amount you requested as a refund.

Can You Return a Kindle Book After You Read It? 

According to the policy, if a book is returned within the allotted time, the buyer will receive a full refund, regardless of whether or not the book has been read. This function should only be utilized in cases of inadvertent purchases or valid complaints, such as formatting flaws or an unreadable book.

Why Cant I Return My Kindle Book? 

You may have read more than half of your Kindle book, passed the 7-day return window, or been flagged for excessive returns if you are unable to return the book.

Do Kindle Books Expire? 

If you invested in a Kindle Or the Amazon Kindle app and money to buy digital books. They will always belong to you. You can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited for $9.99 per month and receive one free book per month, with the caveat that you must return it within three weeks. You may need to re-sync your device in the Kindle app if you’ve just upgraded.

What Do You Do With a Kindle Book After You Read It? 

After reading to the conclusion of a Kindle book, the tag “read” will appear on the book’s main page. “remove download” . The option to “Mark book as read” is also available.

Are Returns Free on Amazon? 

All Amazon-sold items that meet the criteria for a return and weigh less than 50 pounds come with at least one free return option. For up to 30 days following your purchase, you can send the item back if it’s in brand-new, unused condition.


This concludes our instruction manual for returning Kindle books. With any luck, you now have a better understanding of how to cancel an inadvertent purchase for a refund or return borrowed titles to remain within Kindle Unlimited’s limits.


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