NON TAXABLE INCOME: Meaning, Examples and Limit

Non-taxable income
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Income earned in the United States is subject to tax. Trust me, there’s nothing like tax evasion. Unless the income you earn is below the threshold of $12,550 in a year, you must file a tax return. However, not every income is subject to tax. This simply means there is non-taxable income for every age bracket in the States. Check out IRS non-taxable income, the limit, as well as available jobs and examples in the United States.

Non-Taxable Income

When we talk about non-taxable income, we refer to earnings that are not subject to tax payment. Some forms of income are not subject to taxation, such as child support, life insurance payments, and so on. Generally, most income derived from wages is subject to tax. Especially if they are above the threshold. Your earnings are often subject to federal and state taxation.

Tax regulations differ from state to state, therefore, it’s crucial to check your local state tax code. While some states tax wages, some do not. For instance, New Hampshire levies a 5% tax on interest and dividend income with no income tax. New Hampshire residents’ federal income tax is nevertheless still due.

Some investments, like the interest on municipal bonds, generate income that isExceptxception of Roth retirement plans, withdrawals from your retirement account are typically taxable. Especially, early withdrawals.

Non-Taxable Income Examples

You can use the terms “tax-free” or “non-taxable” to describe your income. Depending on the state you reside in, you might have to pay both federal and state taxes if you receive taxable income. Here are 15 situations in which income is not taxable.

#1. Accelerated death benefits

You might be able to add a rider to your life insurance policy to cover living benefits like accelerated death benefits. You are entitled to a non-taxable cash advance up to the policy amount as a living benefit if your life insurance policy has this clause and you are diagnosed with a chronic, serious, or terminal illness. However, receiving a death benefit while you’re alive automatically reduces the money your beneficiary will receive in after your death.

#2. Child Assistance

If you get child support payments, you shouldn’t report them on your tax return because they are non-taxable income.

#3. Assistance with disaster relief

People who experience disasters do receive relief funds, and this money is not subject to tax. A disaster relief fund is among the examples of non-taxable income. It’s more like compensation than an income. However, your disaster assistance must be based on individual assistance declarations. It must also have the IRS tax relief notification.

#4. Employer Assistance

Aside from your salary or wages, some of the money you’ll receive from your boss is not subject to tax and could possibly pass as non-taxable income. If your company provides adoption help, you are qualified for an adoption credit of up to $14,440 for the 2021 tax year. The amount depends on your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) and whether you’ve ever claimed credit for eligible adoption expenses.

#5. Employer-provided accident and health plans

Employer accidents and health plans are also among the examples of non-taxable income. Some accident and health benefits may also be seen as non-taxable income by your employer. Tax-free contributions can be made to an Archer MSA or long-term care plan. Employer FSA, HRA, or HSA contributions are not regarded as compensation. Qualified reimbursements from these accounts are exempt from taxes. The growth of an HSA is additional tax-free revenue. You can invest the money in an HSA after it reaches a certain amount (often $2,000), and any growth is completely tax-free at the federal level. Most states adopt this principle.

#6. Group term life insurance offered by the employer

Group benefits are a common feature of compensation packages at many companies. The employee is exempt from paying taxes on the first $50,000 of life insurance premiums if group term life insurance is provided. Any amount over $50,000 may be classified as income, depending on the cost of insurance.

#7. Energy conservation subsidies

Some public utility companies can give refunds or prizes if you replace your home’s old appliances with energy-efficient ones. Any financial assistance, whether direct or indirect, provided for the installation or acquisition of a new refrigerator, an upgraded HVAC system, or a geothermal heating system is exempt from taxes.

#8. Foster care costs

Foster parents who care for children who have been placed in their care may receive government subsidies to help with expenditures. These payments are typically thought of as non-taxable income.

#9. Donations of money

Gift money is also part of non-taxable income examples. Gift money from friends, relatives, or a former employer, is not subject to income tax. Although there’s an exception, free-will money may be subject to gift tax, nevertheless, if the federal and state governments so choose.

#10. Life Insurance Death Benefit

If you are designated as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, the death benefit profits are frequently regarded as non-taxable income. Interest accrued on life insurance payouts may be subject to taxes.

Non-Taxable Income Jobs

According to income tax law, anyone who earns more than the exemption threshold of $250,000 in gross total income in a year must file income tax returns. This is compulsory, and failure to do this simply means that you’ll face a government fine. However, some jobs are not subject to income tax. The following are examples of some non-taxable income jobs;

#1. Payroll Supervisor

A payroll manager is in charge of overseeing all operational facets of the U.S. payroll operation, including ensuring that all payrolls are completed accurately and on time, responding to queries from staff regarding payroll transactions, ensuring that federal and state tax laws are adhered to, and performing various monthly, quarterly, and annual reconciliations and certifications.

#2. Retirement Specialist

The incumbent will work under the general supervision of the unit manager to analyze member accounts, handle routine benefit requests, and communicate with members and other authorized parties regarding member accounts, state and federal laws, rules, and regulations, and Teachers Retirement System policies.

#3. BP Store Assistant Manager

The store manager’s key responsibilities include helping with paperwork, monitoring the workers, and keeping a watch on the business, as directed by management. Other duties include processing customer purchases accurately, swiftly, and politely for maximum customer pleasure.

#4. Customer Service Representative

Successful customer service representatives are confident, flexible, and able to handle the exciting twists and turns that come with the work. You’ll attend to customer questions and issues, educate them about our offerings, and take and manage orders.

#5. Expert in customer service

American Century Investments®, a top global asset manager, has more than 60 years of experience helping investors achieve their financial goals. We serve a wide spectrum of clients, including financial advisors, institutions, and individual investors, by providing a broad selection of investment strategies across several investment categories.

Non Taxable Income Limit

As much as there are non-taxable income jobs, as seen in the examples above, there’s a cap on the exact amount you earn that’s not subject to tax. These are as follows;

If you’re filing as a single person and are below 65 years of age, your income will be subject to tax if it’s above $12,550. For people that are 65 and above, their income will be subject to tax once it’s up to $14, 250.

Couples who file their taxes together and are over 65 will reach their non-taxable income limit of $27,800. If one spouse is below 65, the limit will be capped at $26,450.Married filing separately

If you are the head of your household, your non-taxable income limit is capped at $18,800 for people below the age of 65 and $20,500 for people age 65 or older.

For a widow(er) with a dependent child, their non-taxable income limit is capped at $25,100 for people below 65 and $26,450 for people above 65.

How do I make a non-taxable income?

  • Bequests, gifts, and inherited property.
  • Rebates in cash for goods you buy from a store, manufacturer, or dealer.
  • Payment of alimony (for divorce decrees finalized after 2018)
  • Paying child support

What are Examples of Untaxed Income?

Any income that a student or parent earns but does not report on a federal tax return is considered untaxed income.

What is the Maximum Non-Taxable Income?

Unemployment payments worth up to $10,200 are exempt from income for the 2020 tax year.

How Much Money Do You Have to Make to Not Pay Taxes in 2022?

The gross income cutoff for reporting taxes ranges from $12,550 to $28,500 for the 2022 tax year, depending on your age, filing status, and dependents. If you earn $400 or more through self-employment, you must record your earnings and file taxes.

How Much Can You Make Without Reporting to IRS?

According to federal law, everyone who makes cash transactions worth more than $10,000 must notify the IRS. The following information relates to reporting these payments.


It’s nearly impossible to evade taxes in the United States. And you would want to limit your annual income to the $12,500 threshold annually. However, you can get non-taxable income jobs if you want to avoid paying tax on your earnings.

Non Taxable Income FAQs

What is the key different between taxable and non taxable income?

The key difference between these two is tax payment. Taxable income means you are not expected to pay any percentage of the money as tax, whereas, taxable income is subject to tax.

At what age do you stop filing taxes?

At age 65, you can stop reporting income taxes.

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