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There must be dependable payroll, tax, and record-keeping software if you have employees. There are various options for handling payroll, and the associated costs may vary. What does it take to pay employees? Payroll expenses might be as low as a few dollars per month or as high as several thousand. Keep reading for an overview of the average cost of payroll services, responsibilities, processing methods, and costs.

Factors That Contributes To Cost Of Payroll

Several factors influence the price of payroll services. Some software vendors charge per user or payroll cycle. Individuals usually pay a monthly fee for online payroll software. Free direct deposit may be included in this monthly cost, saving you from paying a transaction fee when you process payroll.

Your software’s desired features will also influence the profitability of your payroll service. Since full-service payroll offers more, such as paying taxes on your behalf, it costs more than simple payroll systems.

Payroll services manage all of the tedious labour for you and take care of any state-specific legal requirements so you can concentrate on managing your company. The finest payroll systems provide an automated system that analyzes and processes payroll, tracks employee time, and gives free end-of-year tax returns.

Payroll Services for Small Businesses

The phrase “payroll services” refers to the software and/or other businesses that manage payroll for organizations. Usually, payroll services will provide a means to execute payroll in addition to several additional functions. These consist of a direct deposit option for paying employees, hour tracking connections or built-in methods, tax computations and processing, and a technique for you to send out year-end paperwork to your staff, such as W2s and 1099 forms.

If you don’t have an inside team of professionals to handle payroll services on your account, the majority of small businesses would be confident with an easy software platform that is cheap and can do the majority of the real work.

Payroll is made easier while still being affordable. However, unless you have a sizable number of employees, they can be expensive or challenging to collaborate with. Another option is to get an outsourced service, something like a personal employer organization (PEO), which will handle all payroll-related tasks.

If you want to choose the best payroll services for your company, there are many aspects you need to consider. “User-friendly software that satisfies your technological requirements, a history of reliable service, and fair and straightforward pricing are some of the top factors to consider when choosing payroll service providers,” the director at Inova Payroll, Leigh-Ann Mosley, explains.

“When deciding on a payroll service provider, a user should also think long-term.” Will the business grow quickly if I hire 10 or 50 additional workers? 

How Payroll Services Works

Business payroll is computed and performed automatically via payroll services or payroll software. In most cases, you’ll simply set up an automated connection with the system you use to track your employees’ time or manually enter their work hours into your payroll services once every week.

Your software will determine how much tax to deduct and the amount to pay all employees based on the details you’ve input for each employee. If your workers opt for direct deposit, your payroll agency will start a transaction from your credit account to theirs. 

Your payroll solution will quickly process the 1099 and W2 forms for your employees at the close of the year, allowing you to choose to print them or give them safe access to the information. Trying to generate and distribute them to your employees before the deadline can take many hours. Additionally, by using the same software you’ve utilized to pay the workers throughout the year, you can be sure that the figures match the funds placed into respective bank accounts.

The Processes For Payroll

Payroll costs vary depending on how you manage payroll. So, how do businesses process payroll?

#1. Employing An Expert

The most costly payroll service is hiring a person. Payroll management is not a concern when you hire professionals. Instead, you hand over the information about your employees to the expert and let them handle the rest.

The price of expert payroll services for small businesses is defined by the number of employees you have and the packages you choose.

You have the option of outsourcing to a seasoned organization or an accountant who can provide payroll services (PEO).

#2. Payroll Management by Hand

You can manage your payroll, yes. Additionally, it appears that doing your payroll is the cheapest option. You can save a lot of money by not using a payroll service. However, manually processing payroll is the way that takes the longest.

Making your payroll manually is also susceptible to mistakes. For a small business, mistakes can result in fines or legal costs.

Individuals must also develop an attendance and time clock system to oversee employee hours. You must also hold back and file taxes on your own, which could take time.

#3. Software Use

Software is a good compromise between employing a professional and manually processing payroll. How much do software-based payroll services cost?

Payroll Services for Small Businesses

#1. Gusto 

Gusto offers an exclusive system that is simple to operate and appropriate for the majority of enterprises. It has all the capabilities companies require without needing an internal payroll group and at a competitive price. You can integrate health insurance, pension plans, tracking, and reporting, paid leave, and more. You can also computerize the whole payroll process.

#2. Intuit QuickBooks Payroll

Intuit QuickBooks Payroll also has the same features as Gusto, right down to the health insurance for employees. Even the prices are the same. Intuit’s QuickBooks Payroll is an excellent fit for just about everyone, especially if your business already uses QuickBooks, and it offers a competitive rate and reliable service.

Core employees pay $5 per month, Premium workers pay $8 per month, and Elite workers pay $10 per month.

#3. Wave

Instead of giving different pricing tiers based on functionality, Wave Payroll charges a flat fee. To further reduce costs, Wave also provides free bookkeeping and invoicing software that may be used with payroll. The payroll software is simple to use and available for a free 30-day trial. Free tax filing is only offered in 14 states, which is a significant downside.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to remember that Wave Payroll only enables payments for companies with fewer than 40 employees; therefore, if your company employs more than 40 people, you’ll need to search elsewhere.

#4. JustWorks

Justworks is a professional employer organization (PEO) that will handle your entire payroll on your behalf. PEOs lease personnel to businesses, sharing the liabilities and duties for those workers while also providing those businesses less control in the event of a mishap.

Because your employees are officially employed by the PEO, the business’s pricing structure is a little distinct from other payroll services on the list. The price is significantly more than many of the other companies on our list, as opposed to them, who often give a fixed rate and a little monthly fee per worker.

#5. ADP Run

ADP works with businesses of all sizes; therefore, it can supervise small and large enterprises.

Although ADP provides a large selection of payroll and HR utilities, it is not very open about its price. You can get pricing details for other companies on their websites, but ADP is the only place you can get an estimate for any of their programs.

#6. OnPay

OnPay is a reliable payroll service that offers implementations for the majority of time tracking programs in conjunction with the majority of accounting software options. Even though OnPay doesn’t now offer direct integration, using their API makes integration simple. OnPay offers a simple, flat pricing system that is affordable and clear.

OnPay only spends $40 on payroll, plus an additional $6 for every worker.

#7. SurePayroll

Since SurePayroll offers payroll services for specialized businesses, it is our choice for domestic employees. For small businesses, the company provides countless payroll and human resources choices.

In addition to a $4 per-employee fee, the payroll service for self-service options costs $19.99 each month. Payroll for Complete Service costs $29.99 monthly and incorporates a $5 per-employee fee.

How Do You Calculate Payroll Costs?

Your pay rate is multiplied by the number of hours worked to determine your gross pay. Your pay rate is often raised by 1.5 for overtime payments. The gross income is multiplied by the tax rate’s percentage when calculating taxes. Taxes and other deductions are subtracted from the gross pay to determine the net pay.

How Much Should I Charge for Doing Payroll?

Charging your client for payroll services should depend on the services provided. The cost of payroll might vary. Generally, the average cost of payroll services ranges from $200-$250 per employee annually.


Once more, there is no set price for payroll services. What method you employ to process payroll will ultimately affect your payroll fees. To find out how much competing small firms pay, do some research.

Such payroll services are often cost-effective if you have just one employee because of the time and risk that they can save you and your company. You could do this personally if you are knowledgeable about employment laws, taxes, and accounting for your firm. Still, the expense and risk of failing to deliver or paying people erroneously might cost you much more than a straightforward payroll service or software.

Cost of Payroll Services and Taxes FAQs

How much does payroll cost for a small company?

Small businesses should budget from $35 to $200 per month for the base charge and $3 to $5 per worker for payroll costs.

Can I do payroll myself?

The answer is yes!

One can do payroll himself. The downside of this is that there can be errors, which would, in turn, cost more in the long run.

How much should payroll cost per employee?

The average payroll cost per employee ranges from $2 to $15.

How much is QuickBooks payroll per year?

The average cost of payroll services for QuickBooks is $500 per year.

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