REGENTOLOGY: Overview, Services, Pricing, and 2023 Review

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For people in the real estate industry, Regentology offers a platform where real estate professionals can connect with other local professionals. It connects consumers with the best professionals in their area, saving them countless hours of searching and comparing.

Let’s explore what services the Regentology platform offers and their pricing models and share what previous users say about them. Also, this post will share general lead-generation tips.


Regentology, short for Real Estate and Technology, is an American international real estate referral network that aims to simplify the complex process of finding and connecting with local real estate, mortgage, and insurance professionals.

Overview of Regentology

Regentology is a lead generation platform that generates leads for real estate, mortgage, and insurance professionals. They provide geo-targeted ad campaigns designed to give clients the most important and relevant information, and clients only pay a lead fee when they close a deal.

The platform offers a free service to connect clients with the best professionals in their area by connecting them with real estate, mortgage, and insurance professionals.

Who Owns Regentology?

Usman Sayed’s US-based real estate company, Smart Start Real Estate Corporation, owns Regentology. Sayed is the founder and CEO of the company.

Regentology Services

The range of services Regentology offers, and its features for its clients include:

  • Providing qualified leads in the chosen area
  • Facilitating the offer, sale, and marketing of specific promotions, discounts, coupons, vouchers, e-commerce offers, or deals.
  • Regentology’s platform enables Realtors to promote their services and helps potential buyers and sellers become aware of them.
  • Connecting users with competent local professionals in real estate, mortgages, and insurance through a mix of data science and personalized support.
  • Generating geo-targeted, double-verified leads with the key budget, timeline, and desired location information.
  • Additional data to deliver a pre-screened prospect to real estate agents.
  • Offering multi-channel follow-up campaigns to automate engaging follow-ups and get engaged responses from leads

Regentology Reviews

Regentology offers a potentially valuable service for real estate agents, but the platform has received mixed reviews. Some users have received great leads and positive experiences, while others claim to have received fake leads and negative experiences. It is important to note that these reviews may not represent the entire user base, and individual experiences may vary. 

Positive reviews from users include:

  • Users who have found Regentology to be an excellent lead-generation source and have had successful experiences with the company 
  • Users who have found the leads provided by Regentology to be qualified and relevant to their business.
  • They charge a referral fee at the time of closing, which is under $300. Users have praised this fee structure’s affordability.

Negative reviews from users include:

  • Users who have received leads with invalid contact information or inactive numbers.
  • Users who have experienced difficulties with customer service and getting refunds.
  • Users have reported their accounts being deactivated after complaining about the service.

Regentology has acknowledged users’ issues and tried to improve their services. They paused their services to address concerns, invested in training and improving their lead generation process and resumed their services with new and improved offerings. They also included the option for scheduled appointments or live transfers. In all, it is crucial to be cautious and conduct thorough research before investing in their services.

Does Regentology Charge a Fee?

Regentology charges fees for their services, including lead generation and real estate professional referrals. According to their cancellation policy, they charge a non-refundable membership fee for different plans, such as $499 for a Silver Plan, $999 for a Gold Plan, and $1,999 for a Platinum Plan. Additionally, they only charge a fee when a lead closes, with a one-time processing fee under $300.

How Do I Cancel Regentology?

To cancel Regentology, you must complete their “Service Cancellation Form” and submit it to Regentology via email at [email protected]. The cancellation will be processed as per the terms of the referral agreement. You can download the cancellation form on the Regentology website. If you decide to proceed, follow the cancellation process mentioned above and keep records of your communications with Regentology for future reference.

Is Regentology a Good Lead Source?

Regentology has received mixed reviews from users, which makes it difficult to determine whether it is a good lead source. Some users have had positive experiences with the service. While others have faced issues with invalid contact information and low-quality leads.

If you are considering using Regentology as a lead source, it may be helpful to weigh the pros and cons based on the experiences of other users. You may also want to try the service to see if it meets your needs and expectations.

Regentology Real Estate Referral

Regentology is a real estate referral network that aims to simplify the process of connecting real estate agents with clients in their area. They focus on providing data-driven, human-powered leads to agents and have a fast-growing network in the United States and Canada.

The platform offers several benefits to real estate agents:

  • Validated leads: Regentology validates leads for intent, ensuring that the agents receive genuine prospects.
  • Pay-at-closing model: Agents pay a referral fee only for the leads they accept and close, which helps minimize upfront costs 
  • Support and resources: Regentology provides customer support, is responsive to agent needs, and offers various services, including success stories and software solutions.

However, there are some mixed reviews about Regentology:

  • Positive experiences: Some agents report positive experiences with Regentology, praising the quality of leads, customer support, and the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Negative experiences: Conversely, some agents express dissatisfaction with the service, citing issues with invalid phone numbers, unresponsive customer support, and a negative experience with the Better Business Bureau.

Real Estate Leads

Real estate leads are the names and contact information of people who may become clients in the future. These leads are typically stored in a database, such as a customer relationship management (CRM) system, and are the foundation of any real estate business.

Leads can be generated through various means, such as knocking on doors, attending social gatherings, participating in social hobbies, sending out flyers, and using online advertising and marketing campaigns. Lead generation services can also help connect real estate agents with potential customers looking for home search or sale assistance. 

One example of a lead generation company is zBuyer, which uses advanced analytics to identify potential sellers and buyers. They provide targeted leads to agents through their website and capture buyer leads by offering home valuations and potential cash offers.

Another example is USLeadList, which specializes in providing off-market deals by carefully crafting inheritance leads and offering a nationwide list of homeowners interested in selling. They limit the number of times a lead is sold nationwide to ensure exclusivity.

Many real estate agents diversify their lead generation sources and create customized plans to succeed in the industry. Also, they utilize CRM systems like Follow Up Boss to manage leads, automate communications, segment leads, and track lead activities. 

How to Generate Real Estate Leads for Free?

Generating real estate leads for free can be achieved through various methods. You can consider the following:

  • Blogging and attracting SEO traffic: Create unique content tailored to your customers’ needs and include CTAs in your best posts. Use lead magnets and pop-ups to generate leads through your blog. Make sure the pop-ups don’t disrupt the user experience and align with what users want.
  • Open houses: Host open houses to introduce yourself to potential leads. Collect guests’ contact information using tools like Rechat’s open house management tool. Hold open houses during the best times to sell a house.
  • Website optimization: Optimize your website to showcase your specialties, share testimonials, and provide value to your target audience. You can include a blog section, create helpful how-to videos, and add a newsletter signup to capture email addresses.
  • Referrals: Leverage word of mouth as a traditional yet effective free real estate lead generation idea. Ask satisfied clients to recommend you and share your name with others, as people are likelier to trust and do business with those they know.

Is Paying For Real Estate Leads Worth It?

Paying for real estate leads can be a worthwhile investment for some agents, while it may not provide the desired results for others. The effectiveness of purchased leads depends on factors such as lead quality, conversion rates, competition, and the agent’s ability to follow up and nurture those leads effectively.

Some advantages of buying real estate leads include the following:

  • A consistent flow of new leads and potential clients, skipping cold calls and door-knocking
  • Introduction to a wider circle of potential clients, opening up doors to new sources of interested clients 
  • Scalability, as you can easily adjust the number of leads you purchase based on your business needs 

However, there are also some disadvantages and considerations to keep in mind:

  • Lead quality may vary, and not all leads will be genuine or qualified. 
  • The cost of purchasing leads can be expensive, and it’s important to ensure that the investment results in a net positive for your business.
  • Most successful agents and teams see buying leads as only one part of their overall strategy, combining it with organic methods for better results.

To determine if buying real estate leads is worth it for you, consider the following factors:

  • Research and evaluate the cost, quality, and potential return on investment of the leads before deciding to purchase them 
  • Assess your ability to follow up and nurture the leads you purchase effectively 
  • Implement a well-rounded lead generation strategy that combines purchased leads with organic methods.

How Much Do Realtors Spend on Leads?

The State of Leads survey indicates that most real estate professionals spend more than $500 a month on lead generation, with the majority spending between $500 and $1000. Some even spend more than $10,000 a month 

Does Keller Williams Help You Get Leads? 

Keller Williams is a real estate company that provides tools, training, and support to its agents, but it does not directly provide leads. Instead, the company teaches agents how to generate their leads through various methods and strategies.

They achieve that through creating tools such as SmartPlans, a workflow-management tool that helps agents automate listing checklists, marketing touchpoints, drip campaigns, and more. This tool allows agents to focus on cultivating deeper relationships with clients and leads, and it updates in real-time, cataloging every touch for an in-depth history. 

Keller Williams also provides agent sites, which are not just average, one-size-fits-all websites but a lead generation engine equipped with unique features to help agents stand out and convert quickly.

In addition to these tools, Keller Williams offers training programs such as KW MAPS Coaching, which focuses on transforming the businesses and lives of real estate professionals and business leaders through education and coaching.

To generate leads, agents can employ various strategies and techniques, such as:

  • Building a list and using an autoresponder to collect leads and maintain communication with prospects
  • Following up with customers in the funnel and converting them into repeat clients.
  • Utilizing Kartra, an all-in-one tool that can help save money on various services and streamline lead generation efforts.

Are Opcity Leads Exclusive? is the owner of Opcity, now known as ReadyConnect Concierge, which is a real estate lead referral service. The leads provided by Opcity are not exclusive unless an agent is on one of the premium platforms. Opcity generates leads from its sites and buys other leads, which are then given to agents for a high referral split. These leads have a low closing ratio because they are not agent-sourced exclusive referrals.

What Percentage of Leads Turn Into Sales Real Estate?

The percentage of leads that turn into sales in the real estate industry varies depending on several factors, such as the quality of the leads, the lead generation methods used, and the follow-up strategies employed by agents. 

The average lead conversion rate in real estate is 0.4% to 1.2%, meaning that for every 200 leads realtors have, only one or two turns into clients. However, some brokers and agents are optimistic, reporting a lead conversion rate of 3% to 5%.


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