EASY OWN HOMES: 2023 Reviews And How It Works (Detailed Guide)

Easy own homes

Just like most homebuyers, you’ll need a mortgage to fund your new home purchase. Most importantly, you must have a decent credit score and funds for a down payment to participate. Absent these, the conventional path to homeownership may be out of reach. Having said that, our focus is on easy-to-own homes, rent-to-own homes in Illinois, and Missouri. 

Easy Own Homes: Rent to Own 

A  rent-to-own deal, in which you rent a home for a set period of time with the chance to purchase it before the rent expires. Rent-to-own contracts are made up of two parts: a conventional lease agreement and a purchase option.

Easy own homes: Rent-to-Own Home Upkeep

According to the conditions of the contract, you may be accountable for keeping the property and paying for repairs. Typically, this is the landlord’s obligation, so thoroughly read the fine print of your contract. Because sellers are ultimately liable for any homeowner association fees, taxes, and insurance (it is still their home, after all), they usually prefer to cover these charges. In any case, you’ll need a renter’s insurance policy to cover personal property losses and also to offer liability coverage if someone is hurt in the easy own homes rent to own or if you inadvertently injure someone. 

Make certain that the contract specifies the maintenance and repair requirements because you rent to own homes. (ask your attorney to explain your responsibilities). Furthermore, keeping the property, such as mowing the grass, raking the leaves, and cleaning up the gutters. It is not the same as repairing a damaged roof or bringing the electricity up to code. Hence, before signing anything, whether you’ll be responsible for everything or simply mowing the lawn because you rent to own homes. Ensure to get the house examined, request an assessment, and ensure the property taxes are current. So as to rent to own homes

Easy Own Homes Illinois 

If you want to pay the least amount of money for a property, Illinois is an excellent place to live, particularly if you’re willing to buy and rehab a foreclosure. However, there are numerous homes in this state that are in the foreclosure process at any one moment and they sell for incredible prices. Hence, you can also take advantage of state aid programs that assist homebuyers in covering the costs of rehabilitation.

In addition, the Illinois Easy Own Homes or Housing Development Authority. The funds a number of smaller programs that assist households around the state with down payments and closing costs. furthermore, there are several government-supported programs available to select homebuyers who meet a set of criteria. 

Regardless of your budget, it is advisable to collaborate with a real estate agent that is familiar with the Illinois easy own homes or the housing market. This is a state with extremely inexpensive pricing, but there are also some elite areas with quality housing possibilities. Moreover, a  realtor will know where to seek to match your requirements while staying inside your budget.

Consider residing in Northbrook if you want your children to attend outstanding schools without having to pay for private education. This small town doesn’t have much to offer in terms of entertainment, but it does have one of the highest high school graduation rates in the state. Meanwhile,  Glenview is another community with high school graduation rates, but you may need a larger housing budget to live in this higher-income area. If you can afford a home in the area, you will have access to a huge community center as well as many family-friendly communities.

Easy Own Homes: Buying vs. Renting a Home?

Because of the variety of state and federal help programs, purchasing a home in Illinois is easier than in many other states. In this state, there are also an incredible amount of low-priced and foreclosure properties on the market, yet many locals may still struggle to satisfy all of the obligations imposed on new homeowners.

Many prospective homebuyers, for example, have everything they need to qualify for a loan except the down payment. Others are put off by the hefty closing costs and the requirement to pay for home inspections before a contract can be finalized. Others are aware that removing past debts from their credit reports first will result in a cheaper interest rate on their loans.

If you are experiencing some of these issues, you may want to investigate a rent-to-own house. If you take this method, you’ll sign a contract that allows you to rent the home you eventually wish to buy. You will have a rental period for a set period of time, after which you will have the opportunity to purchase the home and stay indefinitely. This is an excellent approach to ensure that you are prepared for the home-buying process while still having control over when it begins. Furthermore, some set up a portion of your monthly rent payment for future use as a down payment on the purchase of a property.

Easy Own Homes: What is the cost of living in Illinois?

Illinois has a lower cost of living than the national average due to lower-than-average housing prices and lower-than-average food prices. While transportation and other expenses are somewhat comparable to the national average, the housing market makes this one of the most affordable states to live in today. Many new people are drawn in by the low property prices, although there are still some exclusive communities where enormous properties sell for a premium price. Even in those cases, you can stretch your budget further than in other states.

Whether you come to enjoy the Windy City or to start a new job, easy own homes Illinois is one of the friendliest states for newcomers. To begin, you won’t be confronted with exorbitant property prices. If you have a modest budget, you can buy a wonderful home that meets your family’s needs. Although your budget isn’t something to brag about, you’ll have a better chance of finding easy homes to own here in Illinois than in most other states. There are also a number of homebuyer help programs available to you. After you’ve secured your property, you’ll have easy access to Lake Michigan, the Mississippi River, and other smaller waterways. This is an interesting area to live in, with community events going place all year.

Considering Easy own Homes Purchase in Missouri?

At any given moment, Missouri has over 50,000 easy-own homes for sale. With more than half of those listings representing single-family residential properties. These easy-own homes, as well as a variety of multi-property constructions, condos, and townhouses, can be found throughout Missouri. Moreover, if you want to build new easy homes to own in Missouri to your own specifications. You may want to explore purchasing an empty lot in your preferred area. Existing property prices can range from around $100,000 to well over a million dollars, depending on location.

If you’re buying your first easy own home in Missouri and want to live in it as your primary residence.  There are numerous easy-to-own homes homeowner assistance programs available to Missouri citizens. Moreover, these programs are run by the state and federal governments and will provide you with a grant to help with closing expenses and down payments. Most of the time, you won’t have to repay this money, so it’s a big help for low-income homebuyers.

Easy Own Homes Reviews

The following are reviews of easy own homes of the Better Business Bureau. 

First Easy Own Homes Reviews

When I wasn’t authorized for other areas, my family was able to get a place thanks to a good firm. The house needed some repair, but I had it fixed up and now I own it completely. Respect these guys and what they provide to individuals in need like us.

Second Reviews of Easy Own Homes

This organization was just what I need to become a homeowner. Most importantly, they advise you to go look at the property before making a purchase. I looked at various houses, some of which I couldn’t repair myself. But I eventually located one that I liked and could fix up. I paid off my mortgage a year ago. I would not have been able to buy a home if it hadn’t been for them.

Final Reviews on Easy Own Homes

I went to look at three properties advertised on this company’s website. The first looks beautiful in images. But when I went to look at it, I discovered that it needed a lot of work. If I had been prepared for such a project at the time, I would have bought it. Then the second listing contain images of a house, but when I drove there. There was simply an empty lot and it appeared like the house had been vacant for a long time. The most recent occurred today. The listed home was no longer there, but it appeared to have been recently demolished.

What’s More on the easy own homes reviews?

There are other structures on the land, and I could still build another house on it. And it’s a lot offered at a terrific price, so I’m still thinking about buying it. The website does say that photographs may be out of date. And that viewing the property is recommended before agreeing to anything. So I try not to expect too much when I go to look at a house. I’m a little disappointed that the property has been demolished. But it could be a good thing because demolition can be expensive if the house cannot be repaired. However, I try to find the bright side, and I’m excited to go inside the existing buildings on this land. I see nothing but possibilities!


Easy Own Homes simply requires at least a good credit score. 

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