What Goes Into Functional Office Design?

What Goes Into Functional Office Design?
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For your business to function as efficiently as possible, it’s essential that you have an office space that focuses on functionality. Many business owners spend far too long focusing on the aesthetic details of their workspace and not nearly enough time making the space functional for their team. While having a well-designed office space is certainly important, your employees will not be able to be truly productive unless you put functionality first. 

Whether you or moving into a brand new office space or you are planning an office refurbishment, taking the time to reassess your office design can make a huge difference to your success moving forward. Creating a functional office design can help to increase productivity, improve employee morale, and ultimately lead to your business generating more revenue in the future. Focus on functionality first, and when everything is streamlined and running perfectly, you can begin thinking about the overall aesthetic of your space.

Let’s take a look at a few tips to help you create a functional office design that will help you and your team to thrive. 

Speak With Your Team

Before you start redesigning your office space, make sure that you take the time to sit down and talk with your team. Your employees use your office space daily and are on the front lines of your business, dealing firsthand with all of the day-to-day tasks. Their experience is often very different from that of management, so it’s important that you have a firm grasp of their needs to make the space more functional. Ask what challenges they face regarding efficiency in the workplace, ask for suggestions on what to improve, and take their advice on board

Create A Balanced Workplace

Different members of your team perform different tasks and therefore have varying requirements throughout the day. Some employees might need a quiet space to focus; others may need a collaborative area where they can work on projects with others, and further spaces may be needed for presentations, hosting meetings, and meeting the other needs of the business. Typically, you will need a variety of different workstation setups to ensure your office design is functional. Be sure to consider these different setups before finalizing your plans so you create a more balanced workplace where everyone can work together in peace. 

Allow More Natural Light In

One of the primary objectives of any functional office space is for your team to have access to a space where they can feel comfortable and work productively. Allowing more natural light into your office space has been proven to improve mood, boost Vitamin D, and provide more stimulation throughout the day. What’s more, natural light has also been shown to decrease stress, increase alertness and improve productivity. With more natural light flowing into your office space, you can expect better results and much higher output from your team moving forward. 

Encourage Health And Hydration

When you’re redesigning your office to promote efficiency and productivity, you need to ensure that you focus on your team’s health and well-being. Installing water stations throughout the space where your team can refill their water bottles will help to keep everyone hydrated throughout the day. Staying hydrated has been shown to improve focus throughout the day, keeping us alert and awake so we can be more productive. Allowing space for a break area where your team can relax and unwind is also essential for your team’s general well-being. When your redesign is finished, be sure to stock your new break room with fresh fruit and healthy snacks to ensure they stay energized throughout the day. 

Focus On Comfort

For your office space to truly be functional, it needs to be somewhere your team doesn’t mind spending time. In most office spaces, employees spend a lot of time in their seats. With the wrong office furniture in place, it can lead to problems with posture, neck and shoulder injuries, and other repetitive stress issues. To ensure that your team functions as well as possible, it’s crucial that you invest in office furniture that is built with ergonomics in mind. With your team seated in the right position, they will be more comfortable while they’re seated and will be less susceptible to pain and injury. Be sure to follow best practices when it comes to chairs, desks, and monitor height to ensure the best possible results. 

Create A Functional Office Space That Will Allow Your Team To Thrive

If you want your team to be able to perform at their very best, you need to ensure you provide them with a work environment where they can excel. Following the tips outlined above, you can ensure that your workspace is as functional as possible moving forward so that you and your team can stay on track toward your goals moving forward.

To ensure that your team functions as well as possible, it’s crucial that you invest in office furniture that is built with ergonomics in mind, as well as ensuring that the bathroom facilities are hygienic and well-maintained with products like urinal screens.

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