College Marketing: The Top Best 2023 Picks (Updated)

college marketing

Because education is such a big investment, students often have a lot to think about when trying to decide on the right school. They ask questions like, “What is the price?” “Who are the most well-known alumni?” “What kinds of job opportunities will this college’s degree provide?” This means that your college marketing programs would need to address these concerns while also presenting your school as the one-of-a-kind environment that it is. The tips for marketing your college contained in this article will help you get more students interested and bring in more prospects.

Keep reading to find out about the best ways to market a university and how to do it successfully.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in…

College Marketing

College marketing is a form of advertising that focuses on college students between the ages of 18 and 24 and uses new, powerful methods. Targeting such a large group of people is challenging, especially given the shifting social views and values that these people adhere to.

A good college marketing effort is therefore based on thorough planning and research. We can make a marketing plan for college students that works better if we take the time to understand the bigger problems they face.

Firms using college marketing can reach a huge number of young consumers who are entering a crucial stage of their lives. For many young people, going to college is their first significant step into adulthood.

This presents a fantastic opportunity for brands and businesses to get involved, make an impression, and help them with any needs or issues they may be facing.

How Should Colleges Promote Their Programs Online?

One of the problems that colleges and universities have to deal with all the time is how to market their programs in a way that is effective and noticeable. Making a user-friendly, accessible website should be the first step in your strategy.

The explanations for each program should be clear and concise for pupils to read. To build on that, you can strategically advertise your programs on your blog, via social media, by email, and through all other channels that are available to you.

College Marketing Major

A major in marketing looks at how goods and services are branded and promoted to a target market made up of certain demographics.

A major in college marketing exposes students to a ton of information about marketing strategy and research, as well as advertising, communications, consumer behavior, and public relations. Marketing touches many academic fields.

A major in marketing looks at how goods and services are branded and promoted to a target market made up of certain demographics.

By using data-driven market findings, institutions can improve their brand awareness and image, engage and attract potential students, and make students more loyal.

What Can I Do With a Marketing Major?

Both for-profit and nonprofit businesses hire marketing majors. Most marketing majors go on to work in brand management, market analysis, advertising, public relations, sales, or customer service.

College Marketing Strategies

#1. Use trial and sample data

College students adore freebies, so let’s just face that fact head-on. I can’t even begin to count how many events I went to in college simply because the food was free. Offering your goods for free is a great strategy to attract some devoted long-term clients.

There are a few methods to get your free samples or trials in front of your target audience; consider working with resident life to have a move-in package ready for the fall semester or sponsoring a study break during midterms or finals.

#2. Use Inventive copywriting

Do you frequently hang out with college students? You’re missing out if you haven’t. Every time I’m around young people, I genuinely pick up a new vocabulary. Since the advent of college, young people have developed their own slang for both academics and partygoers.

It’s important to catch students’ attention with creative marketing and content, but I wouldn’t recommend trying too hard to speak their language.

#3. Use time-tested strategies

When it comes to advertising, don’t worry about sticking to tradition. Students are still clipping coupons and sticking them on their refrigerators or pulling them out when it’s time to order food. Consider supporting on-campus activities or setting up a pop-up store right in the center of the main thoroughfare to take advantage of the students’ foot traffic.

#4. Recruiting student ambassadors

Pay close attention to your business’s regular customers, the pupils. Make sure you show your customers that you appreciate their loyalty, whether it means interacting with them in-person at your restaurant or shop or keeping track of their recurrent orders online. They should view the student ambassadors you select as nano-influencers.

Make some ambassador kits with basic swag like a t-shirt, bottle opener, water bottle, etc. and equip them with supplies to distribute to their peers. If they receive personal discounts for referrals, this may function best.

#5. Utilize time-tested strategies

Don’t be concerned about using traditional advertising methods. College students still clip coupons to their refrigerators or pull them out when it’s time to place an order for meals. To make the most of student foot traffic, consider sponsoring on-campus activities or setting up a pop-up store in the heart of the main thoroughfare.

College Marketing Agencies

A marketing agency is a business that offers services to numerous clients in one or more marketing-related sectors in an effort to support their commercial objectives.

The majority of a marketing agency’s duties fall into one of three categories: locating marketing opportunities that are in line with your corporate objectives.

Best College Marketing Agencies In 2023

#1. Ologie

Ologie is a company that specializes in helping colleges find their true stories and clearly explain their brands. They do this by making experiences across all media.

They provide a range of services, including planning, research, strategy, positioning, and more.

In order to better engage their most crucial audience, potential students, Ologie assisted the Pratt Institute in redesigning their website. By sharing stories from students, staff, and alumni, the website gives users a real picture of what it’s like to be a student and what their culture is like.

#2. Sparkroom

Software and marketing advice are both included in the integrated service provided by Sparkroom. The hybrid product aids in streamlining marketing activities with the ultimate objective of increasing enrollment and recruiting.

In the LeadsCouncil LEADER Awards for Agency and Innovation, Sparkroom was named the best education agency. They’ve collaborated with numerous colleges and universities in the US, both on-campus and online programs.

#3. Primacy

Primacy combines information, technology, and ideas with offices in New York City, Boston, Hartford, Connecticut, and West Palm Beach, Florida.

As part of Primacy’s website makeover, the information architecture and content management system for Yale Law School’s website were completely changed. The redesign led to an 85% rise in website content consumption.

#4. 160over90

160over90 is a branding company that is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It has offices in Newport Beach, California, and Gainesville, Florida. It helps higher education institutions and other organizations solve business problems in a wide range of fields by giving them integrated marketing solutions.

The “optimism campaign” that 160over90 did for UCLA was seen by 500 million people in the media and more than 5 million people on social media. Admissions rose by more than 36%, and the university raised 12% more money than it had hoped to.

#5. Sullivan NYC

Sullivan, New York City NYC’s engagement with Brown University, emphasized the university’s commitment to interdisciplinary student and faculty collaboration and reflected the distinctive character of the institution.

On the list of higher education marketing firms is Sullivan, NYC. Over the course of the ten-year effort, they created a communication system that is flexible and can change.

As a result, after only four months of the public campaign, the institution had raised $1.015 billion.

How Do You Market a College Marketing Course?

You can market a college marketing course by doing these:

  • Distribute freebies, such as branded goods and business services.
  • Make hashtaged social media postings aimed at nearby college students.
  • Put on events in the name of your business.
  • As a company representative, attend on-campus activities.
  • Distribute marketing materials.

How Do You Market a Small College?

To market a small college, take the following actionable steps to get started:

  • Decide on Your Niche.
  • Utilize social media.
  • Create individualized content.
  • Assemble a marketing team.
  • Spend money on automation.
  • Solutions can help you streamline your marketing and application processes.

What Is The Target Market For College?

In higher education, prospective students are one of the most common target groups. But the word “prospective students” is broad and can refer to a variety of users, including undergraduate and graduate students, part-time students, international students, transfer students, and other audience groups.

What Marketing Strategies Do Colleges Use?

Most marketing strategies employed by colleges include;

  • The internet.
  • Posts created by users.
  • Branding.
  • Marketing targeted at students.
  • Video promotion.
  • Marketing based on data.
  • Enrolment incentives in classes.
  • SEO.

How Do I Attract Students To My College?

To attract students to your college:

  • Engage in social media activity.
  • Give your first pupils discounts.
  • Pay students for recommendations.
  • Make use of social media advertising.
  • Visiting professors with active social media accounts

How Do College Students Attract Company?

To attract companies as a college student, implement the following tips:

  • Move about.
  • Make contact via social media.
  • Use originality in your content.
  • Locate the student ambassadors.
  • Run competitions and giveaways.
  • Sustain a position.
  • Participate in on-campus activities.

What makes students decide to major in marketing?

Even if a marketing degree is not used in a typical commercial environment, it still enables students to be well-rounded, critical thinkers. Marketers exhibit excellent data interpretation skills as well as the higher-order reasoning required to transform analytics into strategy.

What personal characteristics and skills are needed for success in marketing?

Most marketing positions value abilities like teamwork, effective communication, problem-solving utilizing both creative and analytical thinking, as well as qualities like initiative and a drive to achieve both personal and corporate goals.


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