Careers in Marketing: 10 Best Careers to Go For in 2023

careers in marketing
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Careers in marketing raise awareness and promote their organization. There are many ways that a business can promote its products or services, but a successful marketing team needs individuals with a variety of skills to work in a variety of marketing positions, including content creation, public relations, and brand management.

In this post, we will discuss the best marketing careers, as well as their typical salaries and job descriptions. Then, for each marketing function, the experience, skills, and education needed to do well are listed.

Careers in Marketing 

The task of marketing a business and the goods and services it offers fall on marketers. careers In marketing often plan and carry out both inbound and outbound promotional marketing programs that increase brand awareness and employ marketing strategies to persuade customers to buy from a business.

There are a few common types of marketing experts, and each one helps with a different part of a campaign, such as planning, making, or judging the results.

Are you considering a career in marketing? There are marketing careers to think about listed below. 

#1. Social media marketing coordinator 

The annual average pay in the United States is $38,989

Social media coordinators are one of the main careers in marketing. They are in charge of making and running social media campaigns for a company’s brand. They make content for social media platforms, manage and keep an eye on paid social media projects, and stay up-to-date on new social media trends. For this job, you need to be able to communicate well both orally and in writing, be creative, and know a lot about social media platforms.

#2. Marketing Assistant 

The national average compensation for a marketing assistant is $48,602 annually.

Main duties: Marketing assistants who are just starting out often help with the management of marketing projects and/or businesses. This is a useful approach for those just starting out in the marketing industry to discover the kinds of senior marketing positions they might wish to pursue. This position manages a wide range of duties that vary depending on the firm, but frequently include:

#3.Marketing Executive

The national average compensation for a marketing executive is $51,086 per year.

main duties: Advertising agencies and businesses hire account executives, also referred to as marketing executives. By maintaining constant communication, developing marketing strategies, and implementing campaigns, they deal with clients and customers and build relationships with them. People in this role should have excellent interpersonal skills and a drive to learn how marketing campaigns work.

#4. SEO Experts

The national average compensation for SEO experts is $52,856 per year.

The main things that search engine optimization specialists do are analyze and improve digital content so that it ranks well in search engine results. SEO experts evaluate and analyze data to identify trends in order to determine how to best generate traffic for the company’s website. They also do data analysis both while paid search campaigns are running and after they are over. If SEO professionals have great analytical, critical-thinking, and technological skills, they will succeed.

#5. Marketing Analyst

The national average compensation for a marketing analyst is $59,780 annually.

Some of the most important things that marketing analysts do are surveys of customer satisfaction, analyses of competitors, and the start of product testing. Marketing analysts keep an eye on the success of marketing campaigns to find patterns and traits that make them work. Also, they must research potential marketing challenges and come up with answers. These jobs usually call for precise, data-driven, and technologically proficient people.

#6. Digital Marketing Coordinator 

Salary: $60,116 year on average

Important duties: digital marketing coordinators collaborate closely with a variety of other marketing positions to ensure that marketing activities are performed correctly. They determine and uphold campaign deadlines, manage the money, and supervise all phases of campaign coordination. Digital marketers must have excellent planning, time-management, and communication skills to succeed in this role.

#7.Content Marketers

The national average income for content marketers is $60,566 per year.

Key responsibilities: Content marketers, often known as copywriters, provide a variety of content, including blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, scripts for videos, and website copy. In order to get their material ranked highly in the search engines, content marketers frequently have extensive knowledge of both the business they operate in and SEO best practices you need to be creative, an excellent researcher, and thorough for this career.

#8.Digital Strategist

The national average income for a digital strategist is $61,031.

The main job of a digital strategist is to look at a business’s marketing plan and find goals or problems. They work together with many departments to create digital marketing plans that will increase traffic and engagement. Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and team-building abilities are essential for digital strategists.

#9. Marketing Director

National average yearly salary: $79,563

A director of marketing is in charge of running the marketing department on a day-to-day basis, leading a team of marketers, and keeping an eye on the whole marketing process, from planning and researching to putting campaigns into action and giving accurate data. They work to promote a company’s brand, and they might represent an agency or take on the role of internal marketing director.

#10. Product Marketing Manager 

Salary: $94,296 annually on average

The main job of a product marketing manager is to take care of the product or product line of a company. By analyzing data, they decide how to sell each particular product. Along with the marketing division and product designers, they plan whole product campaigns. Product marketing managers are adept at strategic planning, team development, and critical thinking.

Education and Training Required for Careers in Marketing

Marketing professionals do well in their jobs because they combine their natural skills with what they have learned. Formal education is frequently necessary, and marketing internships are advised. The skills listed below are necessary to pursue a lucrative career in marketing:

#1. Personal Skills

You should study and hone the following personality traits if you want to succeed as a marketer:

  • Organizational and time-management abilities are essential for marketing professionals, who frequently work on multiple projects at once. These workers could be expected by clients and management to constantly achieve strict deadlines.
  • Every marketing position requires a variety of written and vocal communication abilities. Every day, marketing professionals may communicate with coworkers or clients via email, phone conversations, or in-person meetings.
  • Creativity is important since marketing requires developing and implementing a variety of initiatives. To clients or other team members, all marketing staff members are expressing their thoughts or plans for the campaign.
  • Leadership may encourage staff to learn how marketing duties outside of their given roles are carried out. This demonstrates a willingness to learn. Leadership might advise, for instance, that a content marketing writer learns about statistics, analytics, and SEO.

#2. Technical Skills

For marketing professionals, understanding platforms and software is especially crucial because it increases productivity. Having these kinds of technical skills makes it easier to do marketing tasks like sticking to standard procedures, putting out campaigns, tracking how those campaigns are going, and talking to clients or team members. The following are some technical abilities a marketing professional needs:

  • Office software: To manage and share complex information, marketing professionals must type notes, reports, presentations, and spreadsheets. Industry-standard tools include Google Suite, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Tools for graphic design: To generate graphics to support various marketing efforts, graphic designers and other experts in digital marketing use applications like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Systems for managing and publishing material on websites: Employees in digital marketing use systems for managing and publishing content.
  • Marketing automation software: To publish content to many channels, track analytics, and automate many of their marketing chores, many businesses demand that their marketing staff members are knowledgeable in marketing automation software.
  • Tools for search engine optimization: In order to help their business rank highly on search engines, the majority of marketing professionals need to understand SEO, how it operates, and its tools, such as Google Analytics.

#3. Education

Supervisors of marketing professionals often want them to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a similar field of study, like journalism, communications, public relations, advertising, or business.

#4. Marketing Internships

provide you the chance to put what you’ve learned in the classroom to use while also getting hands-on experience in various marketing roles. Some internships even give you the chance to work with or under marketing experts in your chosen sector.

Is Marketing a High Paying Career?

If you’re deciding whether anything is a good career, take into account career development opportunities, job happiness, and income potential. Marketing and advertising contain all three. In this field, which has a lot of income potential for many professions, there is a big need for experienced workers who want to make a difference in branding efforts as a whole. Due to this combination, it’s a fantastic professional path for many people.

As you prepare for a career in marketing or advertising, you might be curious to know what an entry-level marketing salary is. The answer to this query is significantly impacted by the career route you choose. According to some of the highest-paying marketing and advertising positions, marketers can easily earn over $140,000 a year without a graduate degree, so there is the potential for excellent remuneration in this field.

What Are the 7 Major Scope of Marketing? 

The subject matter (scope) of marketing is as follows:

  • Products and Services: Products and services are the cornerstones of marketing. If there is no product, there will be no marketing.
  • A market analysis: While modern marketing begins with a study of the many components of the industry and related professions, traditional marketing began with products and services.
  • Distribution Channel: The distribution channel is the path that goods travel from the producer to the consumer.
  • Geographic Distribution:The physical transmission of goods from producer to consumer is known as physical distribution.
  • Promotional Decisions: A product is worthless no matter how excellent it is if it is not advertised well. The main objective of promotion is to create demand for a product by informing the market that it is available.
  • Pricing Options: Pricing is the only element of marketing that generates revenue for the business. Pricing encompasses, among other things, policies and strategies, price setting, and figuring out discounts and commissions.
  • Environmental Analysis: Any organization’s first step is to analyze the environment in which its operations will take place.

Does Marketing Involve Math?

Modern marketing is mostly based on math. The tipping point came when Google analytics began to supplant other performance measurements for marketing. At the very least, marketers must undertake math-based reporting. They should measure their money as well—again, math.

There are several different maths abilities that marketers need to have. Calculus, economics, geometry, and even statistics and geometry are among them


Which Country Is Best for Marketing Jobs? 

The USA is one of the countries with the most employment options. There are various alternatives for marketing in the US, which is home to well-known companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. It is also one of the countries where digital marketers can earn the highest wages. As of January 2022, the US average base salary for marketers is $50,676 annually.


You will learn that businesses look for candidates with a variety of data-related experiences, outstanding interpersonal skills, and excellent verbal and written communication talents, regardless of the field of marketing you are interested in. In the marketing field, experts are needed who like to learn new skills, use data to help them do their jobs, and work with people from other departments.

To learn more about what others do while you consider your options, you can ask your coworkers, friends, second-degree connections, and even complete strangers to meet for coffee or do an informational interview. You might find a careers in marketing that interests you.


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