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Management team
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In every organization, the management team is in charge of the setting of organizational strategies and goals. Also, there are several positions in this team. However, this article will discuss self, project, incident, and the crisis management team. Not forgetting management team tasks.

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Management Team

In every organization, a management team is a group of top executives and leaders. However, their function is to set strategy and run the operations of the organization. Nevertheless, they meet from weekly to monthly, or quarterly depending on the type of organization. 

The management team is a collection of top managers and a team whose teamwork and contributions affect the organization’s growth. However, management is a process, you plan, organize, direct and control organizational resources for goal attainment. 

Nevertheless, they are always leaders from different sectors of an organization. They come together to ensure that the goal of the organization is achieved. Moreover, the objective of every organization is to achieve its goal. However, goals can be long-term, medium team, or short team. 

Objectives of a Management Team

 Depending on the type of organization, the following might also be included in the objective of the management team:

  • Creating and sharing of vision to the organization
  • Merging the efforts and plans of all the vital functions into the performance of the organization’s long-term plan and strategy. However, to ensure proper governance structures of the organization, a  transactional approach might be needed.
  • Risk analysis, risk assessment, and risk mitigation activities
  • Monitoring external factors and reacting to those in a proper way in order to safeguard the organization for the future.

Different Positions in a Management Team

Here are certain positions held by members of a management team in any organization. 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The CEO is the boss, he is in charge of the whole organization. However, he determines the overall strategy of the organization. They hire and build the senior team. Also, they make the final call on how resources and activities are allocated. 

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

 A COO handles a company’s complex operational activities. He is like the low-level manager who manages the day-to-day activities. However, in a retail outlet, the store manager is effectively the COO.


 No one really knows what a president does. However, people say a president performs staff functions such as human resources, finance, and strategy. While the COO carries out daily operations. Also, others say that the president is a synonym for COO, especially in smaller companies. 

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). 

The CMO controls the marketing strategy and the sales strategy and he oversees its implementation. The CMO is in charge of all the marketing operations in the organization. However, without the marketing team, the organization cannot function. Moreover, the CMO sends his team to the marketplace to know the demand of the consumers. 

Furthermore, it is what the CMO report from its marketing evaluation that the production team use in production. 

Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

 A CTO follows technology trends, integrates those trends into the company’s strategy, and also ensures the company keeps current. However, they don’t use leading-edge technology just because it’s the latest or greatest thing out there. Nevertheless, a CTO impacts business or industry strategically. 

Management Team Task 

The management team task is an organized system for identifying, monitoring, and managing the operation of an organization. A simple checklist template can be used to achieve this. However, here are some of the software used by the management team tasks. 

Click Up

This is the one of world’s highest-rated project management tools. However, it is used by big companies like Google, Webflow, and Airbnb. Also, it has various features that help in the smooth management of organizational resources. 


Todoist is also a task management solution. Also, it is used by many organizations. However, it has a simple, no-frills interface built around a classic design. This task-tracking software is good for individuals. Nevertheless, it has expanded into teams and adapted to small business needs. 

Any. do

This is an exciting to-do list app and task management app. However, Any. do also has an intuitive calendar that helps in seeing how events and tasks fit together. This task management solution can also create tasks and refine the team’s workflow by due date or category. 


The Things app is another wonderful management team task software. However, for the Things app, you can select a core focus for each day. Things rely on a small layer of project management that has sections on comments, tasks, and subtasks. Nevertheless, Things are only obtainable on Mac and iOS.  


For a project manager who likes using a Gantt chart, Flow could be the best task tracking software for you. Additionally, templates and repeat projects help users when they need to do a project repeatedly or stage another event. 

Self Management Team

 A self-management team (SMT) is a group of people who use their various skills, knowledge, and expertise to achieve a common goal.

Additionally,  a self-management team performs supporting tasks, such as planning and recording the workflow while managing annual leave and absence. However,  Management and technical responsibilities are generally switched among the members. 

Functions of a Self Management Team

Here are some of the responsibilities of a self-management team.

  • They take ownership of sales targets
  • Also, they respond to complaints and queries
  • They also direct and implement the various marketing approach
  • However, they collaborate with other teams and share lessons learned 
  • They are in charge of proposing price improvements 

Now, let’s discuss brief project management team.

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Project Management Team

A project management team are group of people with similar expertise coming together to achieve a common goal. Nevertheless, organizations have project team members for a long term and sometimes for a long term. However, the success of a project is dependent on the project manager and also members of the project. 

Furthermore, a project manager is someone who plans, organizes, communicates and successfully executes any project plan alongside his team members. Generally, the basic function of a project manager are planning, orgainzing,directing and controlling. 

Incident Management Team

The incident management team is a term used in the US to describe a group of trainned individuals that responds quickly to emergency. Before now, the incident management team was only intended for wildfire response. However, it has evolve into what is called “All hazard incident management team”. 

Crisis Management Team 

This is also similar to incident managemnt team as it also responds to emergency. However, it is also known as corporate incident response team.  

Nevertheless, it also executes and organizes the response in the event of an actual disaster. Also, the crisis management team has a selected leader, and other team members are given certain responsibilities. These responsibilities include planning or logistics. Collectively, this team has the authority to make decisions under dire circumstances.


In conclusion, management teams are always leaders from different sectors of an organization. They come together to ensure that the achievement of the goal of an organization. Moreover, the objective of every organization is to achieve its goal.

Management Team FAQ

What does a management team do?

The management team is a collection of top managers and a team whose teamwork and contributions affect the organization’s growth. However, management is a process, you plan, organize, direct and control organizational resources for goal attainment. 

What are the types of management team?

Types of management team

  • Project Management Team
  • Incident Management Team
  • Crisis Management Team 

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