LinkedIn Sales Automation Software: Uplift Your Revenue and Reduce Costs

LinkedIn Sales Automation Software

Sales automation is the computerization of time-consuming, usually manual sales tasks using digital tools, software, and artificial intelligence (AI). It aims to own or manage responsibilities that the sales department must frequently complete, which benefits a business’s bottom line.

LinkedIn sales automation software seeks to eliminate problems associated with the platform, such as communication challenges, lead management, and consistent network building.

First, let’s look at these problems more in-depth. Then, we’ll determine how LinkedIn sales automation software will help you reduce overall business costs and uplift your revenue.

LinkedIn Automation vs. Spamming

Spamming and automation are two different things, but it isn’t uncommon for marketers to equate the two. In fact, some agencies will avoid automation altogether because they think it’s inefficient at best and a bannable offense at worst. When done correctly, automation works.

To make automation work for you, you need to beef up your LinkedIn for sales by avoiding spamming at all costs. If you’re doing the following, you’re spamming your network:

  • Pitching your company in unrelated post comments.
  • Constant and blatant “self-promotion.”
  • Poaching email addresses instead of inboxing clients.
  • Endorsing people you’ve never met or worked with.
  • Over 3 follow-ups after no-response from the user.
  • Sending a sales pitch immediately after a connection request.

Never, ever spam your connections, as that won’t make you any friends or earn you clients.

LinkedIn Automation Problems

Now that we know what spamming is, let’s see how automatization fixes Linkedin issues.

Privacy and Safety

Most clients aren’t keen on giving marketing agencies their password details. Identity theft is a consistent problem, even on Linkedin, but there are ways your business can circumvent safety issues. The best solution is to use an automation tool that lets you manage multiple roles.

However, Linkedin isn’t fond of automation software, and you may get banned if they detect a bot. You’ll need to find automation tools that mimic human behavior to get around the spam filter. To completely ensure your safety, use a cloud-based tool that uses a dedicated IP.

Managing Permissions

Automation allows businesses to access multiple profiles simultaneously thanks to shareable customized links. When a user can log in using custom URLs, you don’t need to set up multiple accounts and delegate roles or permissions. Users can also see reports and campaign insights.

Managing Accounts

LinkedIn makes it nearly impossible to manage multiple accounts on a single web browser because you stay logged in. While you can manage permissions by using custom URLs, you still need to find a way to initiate each task to all of your accounts without logging in and out.

The best LinkedIn automation software allows you to see, manage and track post shares, likes, and all of your activity. What’s more, your analytics and key metrics can be sorted by account, so you won’t get confused or stuck. Through software, you can reduce account overwhelm and frustration.

Sharing Results

Unless you want to print screen your or your client’s results every time you require them, use automation software to view and send general profile summaries. Populating spreadsheets also takes a lot of your time that could be better spent networking or building client relationships.

The Best LinkedIn Automation Features

More than 30% of sales-related activities can be automated, but you won’t make the most out of your sales funnel without premium automation features like the ones included below.

Smart and Customisable LinkedIn Inbox and Chat

Being able to populate pre-designed email and chat templates can shave several hours off of a sales representative’s day. A LinkedIn automation software should come with an extensive library of preloaded templates to choose from that account for various scenarios and audiences.

Unlimited Follow-Ups 

The recommended standard for follow-ups, via email or private inboxes, is one hour. Although most customers are okay with a 24 hour response time, you may lose a few leads if you wait that long. The best LinkedIn software should follow up quickly but not frequently to avoid spam. 

Easy to Use Platform/Interface

User experience and user interface design play a big role in the success of any application. 53% of mobile users leave websites after 3 seconds, while 90% will stop using an app due to poor performance. To ensure you keep using your software, find one that’s easy to use and navigate.

Analyze and Create Reports

Using automated sales analysis gives sales reps a total view of their form competitions, sales conversions, click-through rates, email open rates, contract engagement, and marketing performance. Instead of sifting through piles of data, use software to monitor them for you.

Live Key Campaign Insights

LinkedIn sales automation software should give you the ability to see a live feed of your campaign insights. At the same time, it should also allow you to customize which key insights (KPI) or metrics you wish to track so you aren’t wasting time reviewing unneeded reports.

Customer Success and Support

52% of customers will abandon online purchases if they can’t find the right information they’re looking for. Since acquiring new customers costs 6-7x more than retaining them, you need automation software to provide easy ways for your reps to deliver the correct answers.

Find Linkedin Sales Opportunities Everywhere

When implementing your Linkedin sales strategy, it’s essential to understand your total opportunity and identify your most promising use cases. Some examples include:

  • Sales Strategy and Planning: Automation can accurately determine your customer/client/network profile to ensure you’re only speaking to your audience.
  • Lead Identification: Chatbots, when integrated with Linkedin, can use natural-language processing to answer their leads accordingly to drive conversations.
  • Quotation Configuration: Businesspeople can use automation to create, send, and sign proposals to clients, eliminating human errors and missed opportunities.
  • Order Management: Automation can produce a smarter workflow by initiating customer billing, inventory management, and SLA monitoring for contractual agreements.
  • Post-Sales: Linkedin automation software can monitor every step of the buyer’s journey to see where improvements can be made. It can also distribute review emails.

Your Linkedin automation initiative will look different depending on your industry. However, most Linkedin members will need automation software to make the sales process more manageable.

Final Thoughts

Linkedin is an incredible social platform and high-quality leads generator for your business. However, you’ll have to automate your LinkedIn marketing strategy if you want to see sustainable growth. Thankfully, there are many ways to fulfill your automation needs in 2023.

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