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The benefits of using a family calendar are undeniable, and if you are willing to commit to keeping all of your appointments and family responsibilities in one place, you will always have a reliable resource for planning the day, week, and month ahead. Yet, in order to achieve this, you must have the necessary equipment, so use a fantastic family calendar that will help you get and stay prepared in 2023. This article gives you the best family calendar wall, app, and shared family calendar that would be so helpful for the use of your home. Let’s dive in!

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What Is a Family Calendar?

It can be challenging to locate the ideal family calendar that works for you! You can choose from a variety of family calendars, such as shared calendar apps that let you sync with your spouse’s work schedule and your kids’ sporting events. Every member of the family can see the calendars that can be hung on a wall. Magnetic calendars and those designed for use with dry-erase markers make it easy to start fresh each month.

Furthermore, there are paper calendars that you may include in your handbag and use for all of your appointments. Or ones that allow you to rip off a sheet every month and sit on your desk. But when it comes down to it, which calendar kind are you most likely to use regularly? But it won’t serve you well if you don’t use it to track your schedule.

Family Calendar Wall

Despite the fact that I firmly believe in using electronic calendars to manage your family life, I am aware that many of you prefer a calendar that is visible to everyone in the house and hangs on the wall.

#1. Amy Knapp Big Grid Family Organizer

Check out Amy Knapp’s Large Grid Family Organizer if you’re the type of person who can’t function without a wall calendar, where everyone in the household can gaze at it while eating breakfast. Every year, viewers of MomOf6 continue to adore this calendar!

This calendar has an area for food planning and lots of room for appointments. It also has a Monthly Tasks section that includes gems like “Speak to your kids about their Halloween costume” (in August!) and “Check in on your resolutions” (in February!). You can use a variety of colored stickers for birthdays and special occasions.

#2. Mom’s Family Wall Calendar

The good thing about this calendar, aside from the lovely bears, pigs, and hippos, is that the weekly calendar view has the days of the week going down the page, and then there are five columns going across the top (one for each family member). This makes it easy to see everyone’s responsibilities for the day! There are also a ton of stickers included! A desk version of the Mom’s Family Calendar is now available for busy mothers.

#3. Wells Street Plan-It Plus Wall Calendar

This 17-month Wells Street Plan-It Plus calendar features adorable illustrations, allocates five rows per date (enough for five separate family members to keep track of their schedules), and provides an abundance of planning stickers. It features both a conventional hanging system and a magnetic attachment (so it can be used on a fridge).

#4. Families Can Do Anything Wall Calendar

The Families Can Do Anything calendar has 5 lines for each date so you can keep track of all of your busy family’s appointments while enjoying Mary Engelbreit’s family-inspired artwork and encouraging statements on every page. Plenty of room is provided for taking notes, and a pocket can be used to store other materials like fliers and invitations.

Family Calendar App

You might prefer the family calendar app because it’s one you can carry around and have access to anywhere you find yourself.

#1. Cozi

This software allows you to communicate with your entire family. Using its capabilities, you may organize everyone’s calendar in one location. Using the corresponding colors allocated to each member, the color-coding tool makes it easier to keep track of their appointments, assignments, and duties. Furthermore, you may collaborate and amend your shared menu plans and to-do lists at the same time to ensure that nothing is forgotten.


Installing it and transferring all of your current calendar data from Apple or Google is really straightforward. It syncs two-way with widely used calendar apps like Apple Calendar and Google Calendar, so if you’ve already set up sharing with other family members, you can leave everything in place and just take advantage of the extra features. You may configure your device to use the home screen as your calendar, and we really appreciate the lovely look of the calendar layout.

You can choose from numerous calendar views within the app (our fav is the three-day view) The calendar and to-do list components of are also compatible with Alexa. We adore the convenience of never having to touch our phones while adding items to our shopping list while preparing dinner.

One tool included in the app’s Premium version is called Moments, and it allows you to spend a little time evaluating all of the activities and to-dos for the day, assigning them to specific time slots and adding reminders. A wonderful way to begin each day!

#3. TimeTree

You can tell the individuals who are important to you about your plans using this app. Create your schedule on a single calendar and collaborate on activities with your family. Consider the coordination required to plan a camping vacation for a family. It is necessary to select an appropriate location. It is necessary to choose the best day for the activity. Moreover, a packing list needs to be prepared.

There will never be an opportunity for a sit-down meeting if everyone in the family is busy. This is where family calendar apps’ practicality is useful. Family members can discuss the upcoming schedule and voice their thoughts and concerns via the built-in chat function. Photos can also be submitted about an event, offering a more memorable experience for all users.

And what about that? A solid set of values for goal-setting are instilled through family planning. They can face difficulties and succeed later in life if they develop this positive habit.

#4. Apple Calendar

If you possess an Apple product (or products), your email, contacts, and calendar are all preloaded and made to sync with one another without any additional configuration on your part. With all the crucial elements of a family calendar app, Apple Calendar is a very potent calendar tool.

It supports numerous calendars with different colors. You can create different calendars for work calendars, to-do lists, and family appointments. You can also sign up for public digital calendars (like those for your children’s schools). It “plays well” with Google Calendar, so you can easily share your schedule with loved ones, and it syncs to iCloud so that all of your devices are always up to date.

You can print your calendar in a variety of ways with Apple Calendar, which I believe sets it apart from other electronic family calendars.

#5. OurHome

There will come a time when you must instill in your children the value of responsibility. You can use this app to check on your children’s performance of their given tasks. You are capable of organizing daily domestic activities and managing household duty allocations. Kids may be inspired to follow instructions thanks to its gamified approach.

Assign responsibilities to family members according to a schedule. Monitor their progress, remind them, or impose fines for incomplete work. Your children can establish goals using the app’s goal-setting feature, which helps them stay focused. The family calendar gives information about all activities so that everyone is aware of their roles and obligations.

#6. Google Calendar

Due to the fact that most people are pretty familiar with Google, Google Calendar is most likely one of the shared calendar apps that are used the most. Gmail users can access it for free with their Google accounts, and it will appear in their main menu.

Microsoft Outlook and Apple Calendar, for example, are easily synchronized with Google Calendar. It’s simple to set up recurring appointments, which makes it simple to include the season’s soccer sessions. You can also alert others of events you desire to book with them.

#7. FamilyWall

You can share information with other family members using this app with complete confidence that it will remain private and secure. You can browse the activities and interactions of each family member using the chronological depiction of all posts on the Family Wall.

Using the assigned color for each family member, the calendar is color-coded. Everyone is informed of any changes to their personal schedules or any group events in which they must participate. When the locator is turned on, you can view a member’s most recent location check-in or current location.

The gallery is a collection of all unforgettable event films and pictures that may be shared with close friends and extended family.

#8. 24me

You must increase your workplace productivity while keeping care of your personal affairs. Use this software to perform both simultaneously. To help you accomplish your goals, the app makes use of artificial intelligence. It combines your schedule so that it is kept in one place and enables you to sync all of your calendars.

The app notifies you of the optimal time to leave for meetings and appointments based on the traffic situation in your region, so you never have to worry about missing or being late for a child’s recital, doctor’s appointment, or business meeting. Your grocery and to-do lists can be shared with family members at home, where they can be changed in real-time.

The micro-gifting feature of the app might help you save a lot of time if a special occasion is approaching and you don’t want to go to a store to buy a gift. You can choose a present with a single tap, and links to the item and an associated gift card will subsequently be delivered to the recipient’s email.

Shared Family Calendar

Having a shared family calendar might be the best option for you. Here are some you can go for:

#1. Cozi

There is a solid reason why Cozi is one of the most widely used shared calendar apps available today. It offers a single shared calendar that can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device, making it the perfect option for families. Each member is informed daily or weekly of their future events once this shared calendar is divided into individual schedules and color-coded.

It’s a highly comprehensive app with many features you’d anticipate, such as shared events, individual and overall schedule views, and collaboration tools, but it also has some interesting and original elements. The things that make meal planning the simplest and easiest are the recipe box and shopping list tools (which can sync with one another).

#2. FamCal

FamCal is fairly similar to Cozi in terms of capabilities, but it addresses a significant issue that Cozi does not: the need for each user to have their own email address. There’s a chance they don’t have one if you have young children. FamCal eliminates that requirement while retaining shared events, grocery lists, task lists, and a cool shared note function.

#3. TimePage

The ideal option for you is TimePage if your family needs severe discipline to stay organized. An individual member-sharing feature is not available in this family time management tool. The user of the app itself has complete control over it.

Great authority entails tremendous responsibility, and TimePage strives to make it as simple as possible for the family’s decision-makers to stay on top of matters. The “heatmap” visual reminder of the month’s busiest times is a particularly neat feature. Also, a built-in weather widget and special departure reminders for families on the go (which calculate journey time automatically) are available.

#4. TimeTree

You’ll find TimeTree near the top of any list of suggested family calendar apps if you search for them. You can manage several users and views simultaneously with this traditional shared calendar, enabling you to keep track of who is doing what, when, and with whom.

One distinctive aspect of TimeTree is the ease with which users can plan events even with those who do not utilize TimeTree. There are invites for one-time event sharing that may be sent by SMS, Facebook Messenger, email, and other methods as well. Useful for informing extended relatives and friends of upcoming activities.

Why You Should Have a Family Calendar to Manage Your Home

The following are reasons why you should have a family calendar to manage your home:

  • Appointments, meetings, and other irregularly planned events are less likely to be forgotten while using this calendar (when used consistently).
  • To know what is actually on your plan for the day, you will be able to see not only what you individually have to complete but also everyone else’s calendar (i.e., carpooling, helping with homework, etc.)
  • Your loved ones are your support system and should always pitch in to aid. Having a family calendar ensures that everyone is aware of upcoming events.
  • When you know what you’ll have time to cook and whether you’ll need any special meals or snacks, you may plan your meals, grocery list, etc. by looking at the schedule for each evening.
  • When everyone is on the same page, it’s easier to spot when one member of the family is overbooked and figure out how to make adjustments for everyone’s sanity.
  • Easy planning means you may prioritize quality time with the family.
  • Instead of keeping a “secret” calendar in your handbag that only you consult, everyone in the family can see the calendar, which makes it impossible for anyone else to claim they missed the due date for a library book, an upcoming spelling test, a doctor’s appointment, or anything else that is going on.

How to Use the Calendar App’s Family-Sharing Feature

Here is how to use the family calendar app:

  • Once you’ve enabled and configured Family Sharing, open the Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • To add an event to the family calendar, either create a new one or touch on an already existing one.
  • Click the calendar.
  • Choose the “Family” calendar.
  • After finishing, click Add in the top right corner of your screen.

How Do I Create a Family Calendar?

The following are ways to create a family calendar for your home;

  • On your computer, open Google Calendar.
  • On the left, next to “Other calendars,” click Add other calendars. …
  • Add a name and description for your calendar.
  • Click Create a calendar.
  • If you want to share your calendar, click on it in the left bar, then select Share with specific people.

What Is a Family Calendar?

The tool enables everyone who has been added to the “family” group to see, add, edit, or remove events from the calendar. But, you can still invite them to an event even though you cannot add non-family individuals to the calendar.

Why Is a Family Calendar Important?

Calendars are practical tools for remembering impending appointments, due dates, and achievements. These can assist you in seeing your schedule clearly and serve as a reminder of significant occasions, including work holidays and vacation days.

How Do I Plan My Calendar?

Here is how to plan your calendar:

  •  Identify Available Time
  • Schedule Essential Actions
  • Schedule High-Priority Activities
  • Schedule Contingency Time

Final Thoughts

Time is valuable. Knowing that everything in your home is functioning properly and at the appropriate times also brings a sense of tranquility. Achieving the peace and quiet you seek at home is possible with the best family calendar software for your needs.


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